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Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)

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  1. Two bites in one week... am I in denial?
  2. Incident with a small dog yesterday.
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  6. Protective Mother
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  8. People walking at us
  9. Sudden Dog Aggression
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  12. I don't know what to do anymore
  13. Selective aggression.
  14. 5 month old GSD showing aggression towards other dogs
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  19. My moment of being down.
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  21. Possessive / Resource Guarding owner
  22. White German Shepard
  23. Leash reactivity help!!
  24. Help... need advice
  25. Puppy attacked older dog
  26. Sweetest pup turned reactive with strangers after 20 months...Help!
  27. Help - 4 yr GSD Suddenly Aggressive When He Wakes Up Like He Doesn't Recognize Anyone
  28. Bells, Beeps, Phones Inside & People Outside the Window
  29. Food/ Toy Aggression
  30. Incident with 10-year old
  31. My dog is causing me serious distress.
  32. My gsd does not let me handle him. What to do?
  33. incident with stray cat
  34. Food Aggression/Dominance
  35. 3-4 yr old male GS hates my teen daughter
  36. My two Shepherds have started fighting ...
  37. Aggressive gsd
  38. Introducing fear-aggressive dog to teen children
  39. Aggression I need help
  40. Aggression?
  41. New Years Aggression
  42. Suddenly overprotective
  43. Reactive GSD under 1 year old (suggestions)
  44. Incident with 14 month old GSD
  45. "attack" on neighbor dog
  46. Dog Aggression
  47. Bad Recent Aggression
  48. Truck Rides- Visible Dog Aggression
  49. Aggressive & Biting Puppy
  50. 18 week old puppy growling, barking at strangers on walks
  51. 2 Dogs; 1 dog aggressive, 1 dog friendly
  52. Gsd's and mals
  53. Anti-anxiety medications not working for vet visit...
  54. Food aggression and new aggression
  55. is euthanasia the only answer at this point?
  56. Headed for trouble?
  57. Dog Fights? New behavior...
  58. I need HELP
  59. aggressive and afraid at the same time
  60. question on aggression and heat cycle
  61. 6 YO GSD Mix newly aggressive
  62. When to call it quits?
  63. Agression from Small Dog
  64. stuck on Stranger Danger issues
  65. Bitch being a bitch
  66. 10 mo old girl and dog neighbor aggression
  67. Aggression towards small/toy breeds
  68. Horrific find- My dog killed my cat!
  69. New Here and looking for advice on biting :)
  70. Dog aggression after heat cycle?
  71. Success Stories!
  72. Aggressive when mum’s around!
  73. Confident but Fearful
  74. Dog aggression - feels like a crossroads
  75. Pack Mentality?
  76. Fearful Aggressive People/Dogs
  77. Fearr aggression
  78. 11 month old black sable I can’t handle
  79. Is there a Link between Dog Aggression and Aggression towards Children?
  80. New owner of a 4 month old GSD aggressiveness? Territorial?
  81. Aggression and biting new people
  82. Sudden Attack
  83. Red zone dog-on-dog aggresion
  84. Dog Park/Neck Biting/Pinning Behavior
  85. Dexter at the Vet's Office
  86. I am at lost what to do with my German Shepherd he's being very aggressive
  87. 4yo shepherd/lab and territory aggression; exhausted and need help
  88. Hello my dog is 6 years old feeling problem of aggressiveness
  89. Past Aggression Towards Cats (Present Unknown?)
  90. Over the moon!
  91. constant barking and lunging on leash at other dogs
  92. Very dog aggressive🐕
  93. Aggressive fearful since I got him
  94. GSD Biting/Attacking other Dogs/People
  95. Total 180
  96. Aggression/Resource guarding around small child
  97. Desperately Need Help
  98. Suspicion - how much?
  99. 4 year old GSD gets really aggressive/wound up with other dogs.
  100. Thoughts on Muzzles.
  101. Non-stop barking in crate.
  102. 9 mo. nipped younger girl, how to move on?
  103. GSD nipped neighbor.
  104. Sad final update on Klaus (random bouts of aggression in the home, sudden death)
  105. Adult dog socialization and agression
  106. Was this aggression? Or something else?
  107. Food aggression in puppy
  108. Protective instinct and aggression?
  109. Aggression Without Signs - Need Advice!
  110. Life with new adoptee Gavin; Week 2
  111. I have to surrender my GSD
  112. Fearful and Defensive
  113. Defensive Aggression
  114. I got distracted, my pup pays the price.
  115. Need help finding the link to or actual study
  116. Article - Neutering Causes Behavior Problems in Male Dogs
  117. Aggressive 14wk old Male; No bite inhibition
  118. Growling and lunging at vet
  119. Older dog getting cranky with other dogs - advice?
  120. Threating My Neighbors
  121. What Changed his Behavior?
  122. Dog has bitten kids
  123. The good, long easy read of me & my dog reactive dog
  124. Dog attacking puppies
  125. mouthy... appears attempt to control?
  126. Off Leash Dog Attack
  127. Hi guys. I'm asking for some really good input...not a good day.
  128. euthanizing an aggressive dog
  129. Dog aggressive? For real?
  130. Agressive towards me?
  131. Aggression towards me and people walking by
  132. Aggression, Guests and being Overprotective
  133. Possession Aggression & relentless biting/mouthing
  134. 9 month aggression doesnt understand were not playing
  135. Redirected aggression issue/not bitten but could have been
  136. Abnormal Aggression
  137. Aggression at the vet
  138. My pup hates my inside cats
  139. Aggression towards neighbors/people passing by while on a walk
  140. Female to Female aggression
  141. New Here, just adopted a Rescue :)
  142. Help! 5 month old puppy. Fear aggression.
  143. Dog Bite and Homeowners
  144. Aggression in 7 month old GSD
  145. My dog hates attention
  146. My training appt at Ivan Balabanov's training center
  147. Fence Aggression
  148. In season and false pregnancy. Aggro.
  149. Please Help!
  150. HELP-aggression towards anyone walking by
  151. 1.2 year old male showing bad behavior randomly.
  152. Introducing new dogs
  153. New aggression??
  154. Help with aggression
  155. My GSD bites other dogs!!! help
  156. Frustration Biting
  157. Help with dog behavior
  158. worrying about today's growl
  159. Protective or jealous/aggressive?
  160. Re-establishing Trust as a Leader After a Fight
  161. Owners of Fearful/Aggressive Dogs: Did you test pups?
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  163. Help!!!Suddenly growling at me!
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  165. Advice about prong collar, neutering and a reactive dog
  166. What Happened??
  167. 6 month old barks at everything !!!
  168. Need solid advise and thought process critique
  169. Handling one growling trigger?
  170. Aggression towards strangers
  171. Help possible fear Aggression towards me
  172. Letting my reactive dog make friends?
  173. My dog is very rough
  174. Strange dog aggression
  175. Is this fear agression?
  176. Sudden aggression towards other dogs - HELP!
  177. Dominance or just agression ?
  178. Zelda (the biter) has possible UTI
  179. Help! My dog bit me
  180. 1.6 year old female tried attacking someone without a warninf
  181. Issues with 3yo GS and 6 month old baby
  182. Dog aggressive/guard dog trained. Any advice welcome!
  183. My pup keeps getting attacked
  184. Spontaneous nipping?
  185. Aggression or adolescent behavior
  186. Aggressive by Nature?
  187. Took in foster with my dog-aggressive GSD
  188. 1 year old boy is to aggresive
  189. My GSD loves everyone, but wants to attack my brother
  190. Barking in the car, car anxiety?
  191. Perfect dog but reactive to other dogs when on Leash
  192. Our dog oscillates between wanting to attack and rub up against our son
  193. Aggression, not listening... help!
  194. Impulse biting
  195. is this fixable?
  196. Aggressive towards siblings
  197. Reactive w/kids? Help please.
  198. 10 week old - biting
  199. jumping/chewing
  200. Acepromazine
  201. Is it possible to fix this type of dog agression?
  202. Looking for advice
  203. Newly Adopted 5 year old GSD
  204. Bad living situation with aggressive family dogs
  205. Chief needs a Village
  206. Zeus has issues with people of color? + other aggressive behavior issues, help!
  207. My 11 Month male GSD attacked the neighbours dog
  208. Growled at me??? (Had her over 4 years, she is about over 4.5 years)
  209. On Leash Aggression/ Some people aggression. Help!
  210. Is this aggression?
  211. long read but please help!
  212. Help!
  213. Recent Growling at Kids
  214. Brief use of shock collar for cat chasing?
  215. Aggression against husband - 4 y/o male we have had since 8 wks
  216. Bike and some dog aggression
  217. Introducing German Shepherd to an old, deaf, angry dog
  218. Help with aggression
  219. Aggression towards single small dogs
  220. Need some advice on aggresion
  221. Prey Drive and Killing Animals (Calves)
  222. Is Protective dog Aggressive ?
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  225. Many issues with newly adopted 9mo GSD
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  227. Food aggression in 18 month old
  228. Help! Out of my League
  229. Aggressive Barking When I Leave
  230. How to correct dog barking at strangers who vocally approach me while sitting?
  231. Help with 18Mth GSD dog dominance aggression please
  232. Can You Train a Reactive (possibly aggressive) Dog to not be Reactive?
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  234. food and other dog issues
  235. Aggresive female not GSD
  236. Fear Aggression or just a phase?
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  239. Looking for advice. This is a long one.
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  242. Explain this behavior
  243. Curious-Postive vs Balanced
  244. Help! Vet wants to euthanize!
  245. Advice please. My dog bit my niece.
  246. Adult Dog Biting, Please Help
  247. Worried he will become dog aggressive
  248. Please help
  249. Resource guarding against another dog at the dog park
  250. 7 Year Old New Behavior