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Equipment (how to use/where to find)

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  1. Dog Crate- recs?
  2. Blue cheese
  3. Best fan for your dog
  4. Tug selection
  5. Dog Boots & Injury Research.
  6. Prong Fitting Question?
  7. Experienced Trainer But New to E-Collars
  8. Kong toy as a tug... how-to?
  9. Crate for the Car?
  10. Dog ramp. Narrowed it down but need opinions
  11. Ecollar contact point don't hurt??
  12. Everyday Collar
  13. Which boots for GSD for hot pavement/hiking in Las Vegas?
  14. Difference between shock and e-collar
  15. Weight Pulling
  16. Fitting Dog Backpack
  17. eCollar contact question
  18. Help me verify this is a legit Herm Sprenger prong collar
  19. Light color vs dark color pack harness.
  20. Muzzle advice
  21. Ecollar Suggestions?
  22. Educator PE-900 Pro not working
  23. Prong/pinch collar question?
  24. herm sprenger size
  25. Ball substitute?
  26. Walk'r Elctronic Leash Dog Walking Training Collar
  27. Robot vacuums?--Do they work?
  28. iFixit or Instructable for Building a Puppy Crate?
  29. Thick collar recommendations?
  30. Do you think it's rude to...
  31. Bag to Carry Everything for Walks...?
  32. Tether/bungee/sled dog
  33. Good pricing on Aluminet (large car sizes)
  34. Recommendation for a slender, lightweight, non hair pulling, muzzle with good airflow
  35. Girth Estimate of 80-90 LB female
  36. Positive Isn't Working (Prong Question)
  37. About to buy another collar
  38. More Than a Prong Collar
  39. Great ball
  40. Comfortable muzzle
  41. Flirt Pole
  42. Any ideas how to keep pup from jumping up onto gate?
  43. Agility Equipment Ideas
  44. E Collar
  45. Grass mat on exterior patio for emergency use.
  46. Travel and Folding Crates -Best? Worst?
  47. everyday collar recommendations
  48. Jute Tugs
  49. Alternative to the Prong Collar
  50. Carpal paw protection sleeves?
  51. Outside toys
  52. Puppy anxiety while walking, considering leash and collar change
  53. Bite Sleeve Recommendations?
  54. Equipment/Toys for to alleviate anxiety/boredom
  55. Ball on a rope that won't break?
  56. What Crate do YOU use/Best for travel
  57. Rex Spex
  58. When Do We Use Muzzles?
  59. Looking for Recommendations on Misc. Equipment
  60. Wanting E Collar Advice
  61. Vibration collar???
  62. Airline travel to Europe ( Crate size)
  63. Puppy snapped at me when using prong collar
  64. Safest Car Restraint Harness
  65. sketch with efence - need help
  66. Martingale collar
  67. Muzzle training
  68. prong collar and long hair
  69. Ecollar advice
  70. Suggestions please
  71. Looking for a frisbee that will last
  72. Equipment to Challenge the Noggin
  73. Car crating options for large GSD
  74. No balls
  75. Kennel Decks
  76. scratch pants, what's good and what's the best.
  77. [X Pens] - thoughts?
  78. Prong Collar ~ I thought I had it right?
  79. Prong Collar on Puppy, Yes/No?
  80. Crate size for traveling
  81. E-Collar for Two Dogs
  82. Crate for the car
  83. What collars do you all use?
  84. Walking my GSD
  85. Quick Release Herm Sprenger?
  86. What Is Your Dog's Favorite Toy?
  87. Proper prong collar use for teaching loose leash walking?
  88. Muzzles with best comfort and breathability for jogging?
  89. Insulated jacket?
  90. Your favorite collar that doesn't mess up neck fur (non fur saver)
  91. Backpack and Harness
  92. Prong Collar Information
  93. Training tools
  94. Easy walk harness
  95. HOW TO: Springpole
  96. Dog Joring? Scooters and bikes?
  97. GPS trackers
  98. Training Collars?
  99. Alternates to Jolly Egg/Jolly Ball
  100. Winter jacket
  101. Is my prong collar causing fur loss?
  102. Need recommendation for training treats
  103. E-collar opinions
  104. Metro Large Animal Vac N Blo
  105. Trying to get "Buckle Down" (L) pink camo collar in Canada
  106. Muzzle Chafing muzzle
  107. Collar for tags?
  108. Any ideas on how to break in bite tugs?
  109. Whats the best ecollar
  110. Flea/Tick collars - Seresto & alternatives - $$$
  111. Need help on best way to build a position box
  112. Dog toys that are easy on the teeth?
  113. New trend of rope leashes are bad for training
  114. Equipment vs trainer?
  115. Prong collar size
  116. Pack Leader Collar
  117. Prong Collar
  118. Thoughts on Slip Lead
  119. Is chain leash good
  120. Has anyone tried backpacks?
  121. Silver mesh tarp for cooling
  122. Wide doorway gate
  123. Boundary Training
  124. De-Shedding Brush
  125. discussion: what hiking pack do you have on your dog??
  126. Truck topper rear glass safety screen?
  127. Floating leash/soft lines?
  128. Back Pack?
  129. Black shade cloth 90% vs aluminet shade cloth 70
  130. 14x10 Shade Cloth Deal
  131. Keeping dogs cool in truck tips
  132. Thoughts on this harness
  133. Do Not Pet collar - bad idea?
  134. Need advice on agitation collar
  135. Good bite sleeve that doesn't hurt the wallet?
  136. Harnesses For Car Safety
  137. Sun and heat protection?
  138. GPS Tracking collars
  139. Sliding Glass Dog Door Help!
  140. Collar Question
  141. Choosing Garmin e-collar
  142. Ordering from K9 Outfitters?
  143. Best shedding brush?
  144. Collar & Leash for IPO
  145. Looking for suggestions of no-pull equipment for a somewhat aggressive dog.
  146. Looking for a starter book
  147. Martingale/Half slip collar recommendations
  148. New here, please help - Collar question
  149. Show me your walking setup/gear
  150. IPO protection, tracking line.
  151. Crates - Plastic or Wire - and what size?
  152. ? About metro blower
  153. What do you guys think of this crate
  154. GPS Trackers
  155. Prong collar types, reason for the chain?
  156. Best Hockey Balls?
  157. Bite Suit
  158. Need a tough harness
  159. Proper fit of a prong collar?
  160. custom crate at affortable price
  161. RVing with My dog Jill
  162. E-Collar --- Educator or Dogtra?
  163. Looking for a muzzle
  164. Julius K9 collar with handle
  165. How to thwart a fence jumper?
  166. Protecting paws and pads from intense heat
  167. e collar, what should i get?
  168. Suggestions for making the crate safer?
  169. Crate Size
  170. Aluminum Crates?
  171. Need a throwing aid
  172. Looking for a Quality Dog House for Large GS
  173. Time To Prong
  174. Time to stop using a prong?
  175. Backpack help
  176. Ruffwear Front Range Harness
  177. Long Leash Size
  178. Chillybuddy Silver mesh coat
  179. Anyone have any experience with this?
  180. Eats through wire crate. Help!
  181. Ball size
  182. Dog Tug Toy
  183. Prong chain hair loss
  184. e collars
  185. ecollar off-lead crazy bungee dog, non-gsd
  186. Crate bedding
  187. Crate or Expen when options are limited
  188. E collar insensitivity or??
  189. Dogtra Arc vs. Pro-Educator PE-900
  190. Ruff Tough Kennels (RTK) Crates
  191. A Good Backpack recommendations?
  192. DIY obsticle course.
  193. Coolaroo raised bed
  194. Crate to Kennel upgrade! (Pictures)
  195. Varsity Ball
  196. Best Car crates
  197. E Collar Fail
  198. 3 dog e-collar
  199. swimming pool recommendations?
  200. What treat pouch should I choose?
  201. Fancy crates
  202. Do you struggle putting on a prong collar?
  203. Muzzle Sizing
  204. Can someone explain this collar design?
  205. E Collar Question
  206. Bungee strap for e collar
  207. Training and Show Equipment
  208. MCRS training
  209. Cleaning leather tugs
  210. Prong collar
  211. How to use dogtra bark collar
  212. Short leash comfort
  213. Wheelchairs and stairs
  214. Grooming Tools: Furminator vs King Komb
  215. Dog boots
  216. Julius K9 Harness
  217. dogtra battery
  218. A Few Puppy Supply Questions
  219. Harness Sizing
  220. best tugs/balls/flirt poles
  221. Why does nothing fit her? I just want to walk
  222. Car Harness
  223. Cooling vests
  224. M1-K9 vs Signature K9 collars?
  225. What are your dog's favorite toys?
  226. Dog Beds- best size, type, advantages of a cot?
  227. Collar to hold dog tags while swimming
  228. This crate into sedan?
  229. A replacement snap collar for the typical buckle e-collar strap for 1''!!
  230. Saving grace for walking!
  231. Any hikers?
  232. Extra tall pet/baby gate recommendations?
  233. Want to bike with GSD, is there equipment that will deter him from pulling?
  234. Review: Adjustable CollarTag from
  235. Camping with a pup
  236. Well that didn't work! The prong collar lessons
  237. 1/4 inch Biothane long line
  238. Best wire crates? Kong or Midwest?
  239. yet another e-collar question
  240. e-collar advice
  241. AKC Tracking Harness
  242. dog stair suggestions!!
  243. A sun screen tarp to shade crate
  244. which crate? advice please
  245. Prong collar yes or no?
  246. dogtra 2300ncp
  247. Perimeter technologies e-fence issues
  248. Is this prong on too loose?
  249. prong collar problems.
  250. looking for collars