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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Giving a dog his lead
  2. Building drive
  3. making basic training videos easier to find
  4. Introducing muzzle to doggo
  5. Corrections in dog training
  6. I feel a little stressed today. Not sure how to handle this
  7. Lunging for critters at the end of a leash
  8. E Collar first session
  9. Introducing our senior GSD to kittens
  10. Lou Castle methods and protocols
  11. ***Training Thread***
  12. Pet containment/fencing
  13. 7 month old GSD training.
  14. Training experiences and where do I go from here?
  15. on leash or off-leash training
  16. Professional training, or not?
  17. Turn and Face
  18. Dog park training?
  19. Obedience and tricks
  20. Training Method
  21. Off leash Obedience
  22. Distance in Off Leash
  23. Creative solution to a problem
  24. Training Question
  25. Training - NEVER hand off your leash !
  26. Two Toy Retrieve Game (not "two ball, two hose")
  27. Adding a verbal cue
  28. Developing Drives (prey/ball)
  29. Ozzy 7mo old OB
  30. eCollar training question
  31. E Collar Methodology/Lou Castle
  32. Nine months old today...
  33. Working on long downs
  34. Multiple training questions.
  35. E Collar Training
  36. Is it cruel to make my dog stay for 5+ min
  37. My dog escaped yard and bit neighbour
  38. Mei's Training
  39. Opinion's on Prong Collars?
  40. Improving off leash recall
  41. Teaching the Send out
  42. In desperate need of help, I’m at a loss
  43. First session in the old style training
  44. My experiment; early prong use
  45. Podcasts about training
  46. 7 year old Knows but Ignores Down
  47. Training Schedule
  48. Training schedule
  49. Trainer wants to start off leash training...
  50. So... what's next?
  51. Improving food drive
  52. Stacking Puppy - Sieger Show! Help needed
  53. My trainer is advocating alpha rolls---- thoughts?
  54. Is your dog allowed to mark on walks?
  55. Switching trainers (positive to balanced)
  56. Barking, Growling, and Staring,.....
  57. Thoughts?
  58. Becoming a Dog Trainer - Help!
  59. high energy -high drive i think i created a monster
  60. Adopted 1 yr old male Shepherd
  61. The Truth About Alpha Rolling
  62. SEVERE separation anxiety in puppy
  63. Resource Guarding
  64. Train then play
  65. How long did it take your dog to learn a long down stay?
  66. E collar question
  67. Purely Positive Training
  68. Mounting the E collar remote control on bike
  69. Ending the Game?
  70. Please discuss:
  71. Focused Heel - Michael Elis
  72. Stand and Back
  73. Collars and Harnesses
  74. Need some help potty training!
  75. Building Drives In A 1 Year Old Dog
  76. Age to Start Training
  77. When Should I Stop Moving?
  78. Within how many repetition will he get my command?
  79. Eye commands?!
  80. Deviated from Positive Training & Feeling Guilty...
  81. SafeCalm Dog Training Collar
  82. Training resources
  83. Getting Inside Your Dog's Head (Reading Your Dog)
  84. This Trainer Makes SO Much Sense!
  85. Can you have a high drive “sport” dog with low tug drive?
  86. Removing the toy from the equation
  87. Why Treats Don't Always Work
  88. Where are the best places to sit on your dog
  89. Training essentials - acronyms
  90. Country training differances
  91. Building Engagement
  92. Thoughts on Personal Protection Training?
  93. E-Collar Training - To Continue or Not?
  94. Fetch variations
  95. Good Youtube training vids?
  96. How old
  97. 8+ Year Old How To?
  98. Tips For Dumb Bell Training?
  99. Different collars = different moods/acts
  100. Duration marker conflicting with Praise?
  101. Changing trainers/club a bad thing?
  102. Do you let your dog sniff when on walks?
  103. English or German Commands
  104. Best Educational books on Training Theory
  105. I am failing my dog please help.......
  106. How did your teach your dog the competition heel and why?
  107. Bad night at advanced traing class
  108. How are these corrections using a head halter less aversive than a prong collar
  109. Positive reinforcement for distracted dog?
  110. Bought my first GSD... or two
  111. Using A Treadmill
  112. Anybody know if a study has been done on balanced training?
  113. Using release commands properly
  114. Male doesn't fully empty bladder so he has something in the tank to mark
  115. When to use leash pressure vs. leash pops
  116. Bathroom transitioning from grass to concrete
  117. Nosework
  118. Opening doors Pro Vs Con
  119. Teaching "Drop"
  120. You Favorite Online Trainers?
  121. She won from the vet techs: need ideas
  122. No Response
  123. Crate training a Trauma Dog (rescue)
  124. Bonkers (The training tool): Is my dog defective or something???
  125. Two Week Shutdown?
  126. Please help me figure out the American dog training world
  127. Stop leash pulling (not by heel)
  128. Demand Mouthing / Biting
  129. Puppy play at training problems
  130. Bite work basics
  132. German "No-Reward Marker" Word?
  133. No Rewards? A question for working dog handlers
  134. Your favorite focus heeling resource?
  135. Positive only?
  136. Is IPO and UD (CKC obedience) training too conflicting for a young dog?
  137. Testing me or trying a new game?
  138. E-collars, is it cheating?
  139. "Teenager" Issues
  140. Off Leash K9
  141. 3 Month Old GSD Mix
  142. Don Sullivan method
  143. Bath nightmares!
  144. Prong collars banned in Toronto
  145. Trainer's (masochistic) method
  146. Challenging training stuff
  147. a possible idea for helping reactive dogs
  148. E collars for training and corrections?
  149. PLEASE tell me this is normal.
  150. 6 month old pup is vomiting during exercise/training
  151. Is it to early to start bite training?
  152. It'll be fun they said.
  153. Leaving dog home alone
  154. Can someone explain elevated training platforms ?
  155. Hyper in Car
  156. Curbing the mouthing...
  157. Looking for training advice for our situation
  158. Found a club.
  159. Looking for good dog training videos.
  160. 2 year old female GSD Rescue, first time owner
  161. Let's try to figure out why dogs respect certain member of the family and not others.
  162. In the house training
  163. Training book
  164. Dr. Helmut Raiser Interview
  165. Finally a positive training dilemma.
  166. Clicker Training Loose Leash Walking Instead of Using Prong
  167. Multiple dogs and managing training sessions
  168. Distancing himself after training....
  169. Pointless training?
  170. Backwards
  171. went through with training..but now what?
  172. What should I be doing?
  173. Training suggestion
  174. Need feedback as a trainer
  175. Training question.
  176. Nosework videos
  177. Best Training Videos
  178. Studies suggest "less is more" when it comes to training?
  179. "Basic Dog Obedience" DVD by Ed Frawley/Leerburg... Is it worth it?
  180. E collar for dog reactivity - any advice?
  181. Corrected the dog for a wrong thing
  182. Dave Kroyer
  183. In need of assistance with dominance
  184. starting e-collar training
  185. Behaviorist or Trainer?
  186. Duration training in the crate
  187. Recall and Taking Dog Anywhere
  188. Ecollar or clicker tricks
  189. Michael Ellis is amazing
  190. Not sure about trainers
  191. How often do you train your dog?
  192. Reward and ecollar
  193. Adopted a GSD....need HELP!!
  194. Off Leash K9 vs Michael Ellis
  195. Bart Bellon
  196. New Foster Dog
  197. crate training questions
  198. Great Trainers and average dogs
  199. Advise needed Fireworks - How to Handle the Next 2 Weeks?
  200. wrapping leash around dog's waist
  201. An interesting observation of food drive and prey drive
  202. Another trainer heard from.....
  203. Food for thought
  204. Questions about getting training with my 7month GSD
  205. Nipping while playing with toy
  206. Prong or choke collar ?
  207. House Training a Grown GSD
  208. Koehler Method for 9 month old pup?
  209. Proper training schedule?
  210. When to start obedience and protection training
  211. My German Shepherd/Lab Mix Pup Keeps Chasing My Neighbor's Cow
  212. 10 month old disengaged pup
  213. leash corrections and submission.
  214. Very innovative reward system..
  215. Help or ideas for dog agression
  216. Proper hand gesture / position
  217. training before meal?
  218. Phoenix's recall is great, but...
  219. Why it's important to get a trainer to work with you on specific problems.
  220. What is the "out" command?
  221. Training a Dog with No drive
  222. Kong obsessions and boring tug games
  223. Positive only dog trainer thoughts?
  224. Trainer recommendation for san antonio TX area
  225. Trainer Recommendation for DC/Maryland area
  226. TENS Unit Collar
  227. Training Video - Thoughts?
  228. Off Leash Training
  229. Who has the most training experience?
  230. If I train this... could it be a problem?
  231. Anyone do dog biking?
  232. Nice video on leash communication.
  233. Should i schedule training?
  234. Left side heeling - an impractical standard?
  235. Boerboel
  236. wording vs end result
  237. aggression question
  238. Barking - how to stop?
  239. Too Protective GSD
  240. Prong collar on a sensitive dog
  241. Quinn almost 15 weeks old, question or 2
  242. Loose leash walking (Kikopup) - When to start giving less treats?
  243. Trainer told me my puppy was vicious!
  244. Regaining leadership....long
  245. Kennel dogs?
  246. Which method is best?
  247. Multiple languages?
  248. so many theories! suggestions?
  249. How to teach 5 year old GS to socialize with other dogs? HELP!!!!
  250. Marine Air Horn - How Do I Use It? lol