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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Need Some Training Goals
  2. new pup question and ankle biting
  3. leerburg training
  4. Training a working dog with positive methods?
  5. Please help me know if I am on the right track...
  6. Very prey-driven GSP
  7. Best approach for 2 dogs?
  8. Dog wont come back
  9. Leash Training question
  10. Free Run of the House
  11. New member! I would love some help please..
  12. Crate training
  13. Making progress on chasing cars
  14. How to get her to come to me?
  15. Question on chain choke.
  16. Gentle leader vs. Halti?
  17. Training at home.
  18. 4mnth Old Puppy Trouble
  19. When you're emotionally less available
  20. Stay, how long would you expect it to last?
  21. I just wanted to puke
  22. Does sit mean sit or did you train stay/wait?
  23. "Playing with Prey Drive"
  24. training sar
  25. "Come Game"
  26. Panic stricken sisters
  27. Clicker-training heel-- without losing my hands!
  28. Car lunging -- Update
  29. Help w/ Hesitant "down"s
  30. When to begin training older puppy? (long)
  31. How to get focus out in public with many .........
  32. Dual Purpose training?
  33. Separation Anxiety Tips (article)
  34. Teaching Polite Greeting Behavior (article)
  35. HOw to teach a heel with eye contact .........
  36. Teaching not to lunge at cars
  37. Need Advice adopted GSD and Housecat problems..
  38. Aleadership quest
  39. training without treats - resources?
  40. what effect has lure course on prey drive?
  41. Recall Training - fitting it into a hike..
  42. Keilan and the lambs
  43. If you pull the doggie will pull.....
  44. A good Trainer is worth their weight in gold
  45. Teaching not to fear public places?
  46. GSP Pooing through the night
  47. Dex will be a FORMER reactive rover soon
  48. Teaching drop it
  49. New guy here.
  50. To those who clicker train: recommend some books!
  51. The retrieve
  52. Clicker training question and where to buy one?
  53. Athena's Home Trainer experience
  54. helppp!!
  55. Two Classes Too Much?
  56. Take it?
  57. Citronella collar
  58. Clicker Training - I love it!
  59. Heeling - Reducing the distance to leg
  60. Runners/Joggers drive Koch insane
  61. 3 Behavior Modes
  62. confrontational vs non-confrontational training
  63. "Teenager" Flipping/Switching Commands
  64. going to the beahvoirist
  65. Need Ideas
  66. Training if ill
  67. I must be an IDiot
  68. Training was perfect not so much now
  69. High Value Treats
  70. Help -- GSD Aggression and Visitors at Front Door
  71. Angel is going for her evaluation tomorrow!
  72. Treadmill exercise?
  73. Need advice training Ace.
  74. Multiple dogs...
  75. Help me with a fetch problem....
  76. ways to ease coming to work with me
  77. Going too fast
  78. Is e-collar training appropriate?
  79. Questions on Leerburg
  80. age to starting training
  81. Dozer has low drive/motivation...
  82. Teaching to ignore other dogs
  83. prong collar
  84. Dozer is ruining Scooter's life...
  85. LisaT thought this would be a good thread
  86. Out of Sight "Come"
  87. Question about heeling
  88. Broke down and hired a dog trainer
  89. Update on choke collar situation
  90. Need info on choke collars
  91. Still HORRIBLE on the leash!
  92. Housebreaking advise?
  93. Training to a target wand
  94. Training Reminders (why isn't this working??)
  95. Teaching her to ignore others on walks
  96. Finished Our First Control Unleashed Series
  97. Overly sensitive?
  98. Can adult dogs be trained?
  99. New book recommended by Pat McConnell - clicker
  100. Mortified!! What do I do?
  101. OK, I need help
  102. Only one collar allowed?
  103. Barking and Jumping
  104. Whats the best way to train the Come Comand?
  105. Taught Sasha "Find it"
  106. I love obedience classes
  107. What treat to use?
  108. Training need Refreshing?
  109. We quit our dog obedience class!!!
  110. I seen it happen, but never experience my self.
  111. Will you dog obey a "come" command from a stranger
  112. fear-based/punitive training=Aggressive Dog
  113. Lexi training update and thanks!!!
  114. Controlling Prey Instinctf
  115. What to do when she refuses to move??
  116. How/when/where do you guys train?
  117. Funny Story, Training at the Pet Supplies Store
  118. voice pitch & dominance perception
  119. Chat Tonight with Patricia McConnell!!!!!!!!
  120. Can't house train GSD
  121. Lexi did SO much better at dog obedience!
  122. Patricia McConnell's Blog
  123. Its Me Or The Dog: 2/7/09 episode
  124. Socialization help!!!!
  125. Barons on his way to liking dogs.
  126. How to mark position while walking on the leash?
  127. new dog
  128. Turid Rugaas Seminar in New York
  129. He must be relaxed
  130. Poor Lexi had a rough first day of obedience class
  131. Schutzhund training question
  132. No Bark Command limit....
  133. How Old is Too Old?
  134. What would you do with this dog?
  135. Training Challenge #5 - Leg Weaves!
  136. Clicker reward Q
  137. Gentle vs Tough training results
  138. Training myths?
  139. Clicker training Questions
  140. Is your dog's obedience collar-dependent?
  141. Anyone familiar w/ "Sit Means Sit" shock training?
  142. Leerburg marker training.
  143. Give your dog a Job!
  144. Tiring that brain out: Mental stim!
  145. New owner, stray pup
  146. Why use the "stay" command?
  147. list of commands
  148. Track
  149. do you use german commands??
  150. endurance training
  151. Failing Obedience Class...HELP (long)
  152. Training Challenge #4
  153. maybe should I try a new training approach??
  154. Hey Melanie (IliamnasQuest)
  155. reactive dogs
  156. Puzzling basic pet obedience class LENGTHY
  157. First Control Unleashed Class!
  158. Can anyone recommend a good training book?
  159. Reward for doing tricks not on cue?
  160. Training Challenge #3 - Tick-Tock/paw tricks
  161. Natural Dog Training
  162. Any Experience With Leslie McDevitt?
  163. Most Unique Tricks
  164. Training Challenge #2 - Item Discrimination
  165. How can I curb the excitement? Long...
  166. Growling at children
  167. What to do next?
  168. ANOTHER Ecollar Discussion!
  169. At The End of My Leash show
  170. Juggling the retrieved object.. help!
  171. Training Problem
  172. transfer of loyalty?
  173. Sit Means Sit Training
  174. Training Challenge #1 - Collar
  175. anyone adopted a GSD over the age of 3?(advice)
  176. clicker trainers - breakthru? what next?
  177. Bark on Command
  178. No Bark Collars
  179. Crate training!
  180. cesar millan
  181. Ever have "off" days in training?
  182. there is a cat in my house! (LONG!)
  183. new baby and dogs
  184. what is most important command for gsd to learn
  185. Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell thoughts
  186. Question on training to fetch
  187. Third Way?
  188. What is the Canine Good Citizen?
  189. How do I get my GSD to Sit faster?
  190. How do you..
  191. Mental and Physical Exercises for Rasa
  192. GSD and kids & dog park - Ed Leerburg
  193. Canine Good Citizen Program Questions
  194. Crate training help needed
  195. Expectations Setting
  196. Anyone else annoyed by Leerburg (Ed Frawley)?
  197. AVSA position statement on Dominance
  198. Taking Treats on Command...?!
  199. Ian Dunbar "Dog-friendly dog training" video
  200. Storm Jumping Fence
  201. clicker trainers - share your success stories?
  202. How do I acclimate a very timid cat to a new puppy
  203. How do I acclimate a cat to a puppy properly?
  204. Terrified to go to the vets and panics completely
  205. Training Methods, (mine and hers!)
  206. how to increase confidence in foster
  207. Electroic Training collars
  208. Exercise and/or Dysplasia
  209. On Alert
  210. Potty Training
  211. What kind of GSD do I have ?
  212. "Non-violent" training vs. older-school training?
  213. Some advice on socializiation...
  214. Tap-N-Tell Method by Ami Moore
  215. Clicker + "Come!" questions
  216. Need tips for building drive & confidence
  217. Can I ruin a dog?
  218. Rescue dog, excitement barking
  219. play time indoors???
  220. Equipment-dependent (long)
  221. Mental stimulation
  222. Differences with trainers - quick opinion question
  223. Went to our first training class!
  224. E-collar people, help with prey drive ...........
  225. Training/Socialization/Pack behavior
  226. For those of you with reliable recall
  227. Hand Signals & German Voice Commands
  228. What Games for training in doors?
  229. Treats sizes
  230. Strange actions
  231. The concept of "stay"
  232. If certain issues, what is best ?
  233. Treats, what is acceptable?
  234. "No longer than two hours a day in the crate."
  235. Training Class
  236. Training the Cat???
  237. I got a job working with dogs!
  238. Running with GSD
  239. Cesar Millan
  240. How to stop the jumping.
  241. Letting the dog up on furniture?
  242. Anything Special I need To Know???
  243. Clicker w/more than one sound
  244. What do you think of this "training"?
  245. Mental Stimulation
  246. To use treats or not to use treats...
  247. a few questions
  248. Training a puppy
  249. Training with a remote
  250. Please help me understand