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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. 15 Minute Sit/Stay -
  2. Our new instructor is...
  3. She sure is gettin there!!
  4. confidence.. focas??
  5. Am i exercising my dog too much?
  6. Socializing
  7. Crate Training??
  8. Making a happy puppy
  9. Crating puppy during the day.
  10. Info Please on NILIF
  11. Teaching your GSD to not jump up
  12. clicker help??
  13. Bison hates his crate at night! Help!
  14. OK...Here we go...Sophie & Ryder
  15. Josie's turning into a wonder dog :)
  16. Is tug-of-war bad?
  17. Mia started basic obedience yesterday...question
  18. Which class would be best??
  19. Clicker!
  20. a very unique pup...
  21. Chet Womach, professional dog trainer?
  22. Positive Training Sites and Info
  23. Second Time is the Charm
  24. ** Share your favorite training bags **
  25. Crate Training?
  26. He collapses under non-existing pressure
  27. Training a GSD in german
  28. what words do you use?...
  29. Building Trust...
  30. Logical Order of Training Methods ?
  31. Our first dog obedience class!!
  32. German Commands
  33. German Shepherd Training Commands
  34. Josie scared of water hose
  35. Training Multiple Dogs...Together?
  36. Don Sullivan's "The Perfect Dog"
  37. teaching leave it with get it. won't it confuse my GSD?
  38. Please help I have many questions about my dog
  39. Confused
  40. Hanging.
  41. Swimmers help needed...
  42. Proofing the stay command
  43. Feeling and Scientific Dog Training
  44. So I signed up for a training class.
  45. High distractions
  46. Spray collars for barking?
  47. Nilif
  48. Guess what?!
  49. Myths and Truths about 'Dominating' animals
  50. Good mental jobs?
  51. Fiasco at class and prong question, *long*
  52. Good Trainers
  53. Info advertised on this site
  54. tracking in the winter...
  55. Butthead Rookies latest training video (semi-brag)
  56. Akbar's beginning perch training
  57. Reactive dog class for a baby? (long)
  58. Dog classes, there seems to be no middle ground
  59. Book recommendation request
  60. too much time/info from internet.
  61. How to combat boredom
  62. Keep Going Cue or Bridge
  63. ScH vs. "regular" dogs around kids
  64. housebreaking
  65. Clues to what kind of titling a dog will excel in?
  66. recall for a hard of hearing dog
  67. Good obedience training DVD?
  68. *Control Unleashed Book Discussion*
  69. Going through training withdrawal Pains
  70. Suggestions please - things to do with paws
  71. How do the trainers handle the truly
  72. First Night OB...Frustrated Kinda
  73. The "Place" command ?
  74. Finally a Trainer that gets dogs!!! YAY!
  75. My GSD is star of OB class (LONG)
  76. Why do you train?
  77. HELP!!!
  78. Do you useTraining LOGS to track you DOGS Sessions
  79. He knows the word "kill"????
  80. Teaching him to be more aware of his body?
  81. Release Word
  82. ARG! VENT RANT Stop bugging me about Cesar Milan!
  83. Reuniting after 1 year - What's the best approach?
  84. High Value Treats
  85. Getting a Deaf GSD's Attention
  86. Taking Ownership of the door
  87. GSD Add-a-Job!
  88. "Veterinary Behaviorist" for behavior problems?
  89. If heel is a position, what word....
  90. Heeling issues
  91. Confused ( What else is new)
  92. Help with dog introduction??
  93. Treat Distraction and Biting???
  94. Ridiculously distracted by smells
  95. 8month GSD overly excited when he sees other dogs
  96. Home alone during the day?
  97. confused about clicker training
  98. How many Commands can a GSD Handle
  99. Can teaching my GSD to "speak" backfire?
  100. Overly Excited ALL the time
  101. Last Resort Question
  102. Dogs walk nicely individually but not together
  103. Shock collars....grrrrrr
  104. When your GSD does what she shouldn't for treats
  105. How to know if they use positve methods
  106. Wanna help out a friend
  107. Keyzah- Training a thinking dog
  108. Hand signal for release command?
  109. Dropping "perfectionism".. such a relief!
  110. Electronic Collar Signal Detector?
  111. Leerburg question
  112. An interesting take on wolves and dogs
  113. Optimal Placement Technique No-Force Obedience
  114. Scamming me
  115. CGC Supervised Separation
  116. Dr Sophia Yin
  117. compulsion training
  118. Marker as Release or Marker and Release
  119. Why use Treats/Toys in Training?
  120. Manners Minder
  121. E Collar Dilemma
  122. Question for Castlemaid
  123. Herding
  124. Wow, Clicker Trained GSD videos..
  125. A Nice Clicker trained Shep
  126. Inventively stupid... LOL!
  127. some general questions
  128. Solution for prey obsession?
  129. Very hyper
  130. Really BAD dog....
  131. When is it time to say no more?
  132. Tonight's class with the crazy collie lady
  133. Dumb bell retrieve - kicking it before pick up
  134. Training Treats
  135. Opinions on pinch collars
  136. Socialization
  137. The Spotty Boy attention heeling (video)
  138. This is hopeless!
  139. Discipline??
  140. Can I "train" her to enjoy events?
  141. Help he bites!!
  142. Training brag video - 6 months
  143. First Pup Vacation Question
  144. Walking in balance with TTouch
  145. mental exercise game ideas
  146. Sassy during training-- am I handling this right?
  147. Being a bully
  148. Distinguishing Left and Right
  149. Hmmm... what to do.
  150. People are so lazy
  151. It's snowing! Training/housebreaking in the winter
  152. Any ideas ???
  153. Now THIS is training!!!
  154. Puppy training confusion
  155. Biting the fingers that treats him
  156. Frustrating dog owner I met today
  157. Benny's first class day
  158. Alex Beyer Workshop/Seminar
  159. can't keep him focused
  160. Training collar/no bark collar questions
  161. Schutzhund clubs in the Louisville, KY area?
  162. too late for german commands?
  163. Incorporating different techniques-suggestions plz
  164. Development question: To ScH or not?
  165. Dog Training Item
  166. Annette Neff Clicker Seminar
  167. Neighbors complaining...Anti Bark
  168. Free Training Articles from Whole Dog Journal
  169. E-Collar: Working Stimulation Level
  170. Human-dog Communication: Breed Is Important As
  171. I am stifled, embarrassed, anxious about my dog.
  172. Ears back
  173. Help with going bye~bye .................
  174. Need help
  175. Is anyone familiar with the Don Sullivan Training
  176. I want to know your opinions...
  177. Gaining Focus
  178. Right Side Heel. Oops.
  179. Voice command in German
  180. Training brag video - 4 months old
  181. Crate Training?
  182. Things to do with the dog on a rainy day...
  183. How much can you "throw" at your dog at once?
  184. Hyper GSD bitch, need advice please! (LONG post!)
  185. So disheartened with my handling ability
  186. So territorial but friendly?
  187. it is so nice seeing a dog finally "get" something
  188. Training for Invisible Fence
  189. PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer?
  190. Good article on positive reinforcement research
  191. Excellent. Worth Book marking!
  192. I LOVE the clicker
  193. Basic commands - can you train in 2 languages?
  194. What treats do you use for training?
  195. Positive training & corrections?
  196. Training Video In Fun and Games Section
  197. Dogs names sound too similar... help change?
  198. Training for Bath
  199. Not signaling when its time to go outside
  200. NILIF dog wants out. Do you let'em out right then?
  201. How to introduce the clicker?
  202. Suggestion for Training forum
  203. Clicker training, pros and cons?
  204. Do "Dog Whisperer" methods work for GSDs?
  205. It's my Dog and I can train where I want
  206. Suki is going to boot camp
  207. Unconventional Drive (I think) -- Please advise
  208. Advice on retraining a dog
  209. help with recently rescued shepherd
  210. Anyone else doing hand signals with their dog?
  211. Service Dog is addicted. Ideas?
  212. Is 2 years too old? I need help!!
  213. Helping Rehab a Young Rescue w/ No Previous Owner
  214. Introducing Cairo to a new home..
  215. Incompetent owner has no clue!
  216. I am confused
  217. Shy dog leading to aggressive behavior!?
  218. Don Sullivan infomercial
  219. Ian Dunbar - Effective Dog Trng Video Clip
  220. Fear of handheld objects
  221. Help - question about prey/play drive
  222. Nilif
  223. Dog Kennel Training
  224. What am I doing wrong?
  225. How do you define loose leash walking?
  226. Basic tracking
  227. Question About Trainer-Agility
  228. Need advice from spitters
  229. Free time outside?
  230. Jethro's new mental stimulation
  231. Choke Collar for Puppies?
  232. Keep going or wait??
  233. Keep going or wait??
  234. Right amount of play time for a pup??
  235. What do you guys think of this website?
  236. Choke Collars OK?
  237. Finding a trainer
  238. Tracking Progress
  239. Order of teaching commands to the dog
  240. For Thunder Phobic Dogs
  241. Finally I talked to a trainer......
  242. Problem sloving skills....
  243. Putting an end to the mouthing?
  244. GSD Phobia !
  245. Strong/excitable dog, weak owner mismatches
  246. Good game?
  247. Update on prong collar training
  248. Training in the DC metro area (NOVA, DC, MD)??
  249. Working on recall now my dog will not stay
  250. Evaluating food drive