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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Boosting confidence
  2. How do you track your training progress?
  3. Ian Dunbar on dog-friendly dog training (video)
  4. Training for correctness vs training for attitude
  5. What age to start training?
  6. Can I use a little bit of both? (Positive/Traditional)
  7. Teaching a strong heel
  8. General Training Question - how to respond when the dog just isn't going to do it?
  9. Update - trading dogs at OB classes
  10. Crate training suggestions?
  11. What do I do? Treats work inside, but not outside. Help!
  12. Leave
  13. Training at pet stores
  14. Stupid owner, bored mutt - please help!
  15. Do you think your "Alpha"
  16. Differences with training techniques
  17. Obedience classes in WV?
  18. Help with NILIF/Social Isolation
  19. Just watched a training video...some questions
  20. Dont Eat That!
  21. Training ideas
  22. Natural Dog Training
  23. New Training Method for GSD: Get Rid of Spouse
  24. NILIF--No instructions?
  25. ? For Other Working Dog People (SAR/or SchH)--Growling
  26. New training club
  27. Suggestions please?
  28. Catch 22
  29. E Collar Questions
  30. Remote Trainer
  31. Ok to allow pup on lap or not?
  32. Barking, Lunging....Light at the end of the tunnel
  33. diff training methods per bloodline
  34. potty training.
  35. Struggling with rewards
  36. Nilif
  37. thoughts of the "potty place" grass pads
  38. Dog Trainer Meets Typical Dog Owner (humerous video)
  39. Answer Phone Message for Dog Trainers (humerous video)
  40. What can I do with prey drive?
  41. Trg 2 Dogs
  42. Clicker Question
  43. Help! Trainer gave me such a rigid schedule!!!
  44. All the Ways to Housebreak
  45. The trainer popped my pup on the nose
  46. I need help - Potty Training!! Please!!
  47. Treats for clicker training
  48. Praise or Correction?
  49. How old is TOO old to begin formal obedience training?
  50. Thoughts on Cesar Millan Method
  51. Clicker training and my new puppy
  52. What do dog trainers do that the owner can't?
  53. Books
  54. Is rocky going crazy!?!?!?!?!?!?
  55. Poison training
  56. UCDcrush - Request Your Help
  57. training hlep!
  58. What do y'all think about pinning/alpha roll
  59. Truly authoritative source of training theory?
  60. Different training certifications, and what they mean?
  61. This might be a durk a durh question!
  62. 50% off Sale at Tawzer video!!
  63. eCollar - what age to start & why GSD needed it
  64. My first Michael Ellis training dvd
  65. Barking (I don't get it)
  66. Electric collar training
  67. Whining at Petsmart (and other places)
  68. Sloppy Sit. Why? and is it a big deal?
  69. I just fired my trainer and am in need of some advice...
  70. Constant Jumping Up
  71. is training really that important?
  72. Crate for 8 month old - How to start?
  73. 17 week old tracking on her own
  74. CGC & feet
  75. Need help with Fetch
  76. he keeps biting (attempting)
  77. Roll over
  78. Trading puppies at obedience class - Dante was terrified
  79. ideas?
  80. Using Older Dogs to train Pups?
  81. Monks Of New Skete Training Theory
  82. Help: Going down stairs.
  83. Just need some tips (hyper -2yo lab)
  84. Is it possible to have a GSD that isnt protective/too nice?
  85. Will this work or be too confusing for the dog?
  86. Barking at people.
  87. Training Without Treats?
  88. Boot camp!
  89. Do pure positive dog Obedience classes normally kick out the bad/aggressive dogs?
  90. Watching the Dog Whisperer and noticed something..
  91. Crazy dog at training!!!
  92. training books ????
  93. Crating your dog Good/Bad?
  94. Here We go Again
  95. Petsmart Training?
  96. Any suggestions about which way to go
  97. 1 year old adjustment period
  98. CGC test questions
  99. Question About NILF
  100. Suggestions on type of training for my puppy?
  101. Training Questions.... Troubleshooting....
  102. Quick response??
  103. Trainer wants to take my dog without me!!!!!
  104. How do you teach "Leave it" or "Drop it"?
  105. Is the "Stay" command really necessary (not as stupid as it seems... read on)
  106. Critique Our Off-Lead Heeling!
  107. my very friendly puppy
  108. Crate Training? How?
  109. Clicker training - should it be done in "group" setting
  110. Using Time Out
  111. Can I clicker train if I haven't used a clicker before?
  112. Well, he bit (non-GSD)
  113. How do you train your GSD to do the more challenging tricks??
  114. Establishing Me as the Pack Leader or Ripping Me off?
  115. Training with or without treats
  116. Training Me
  117. Come here!
  118. Question about my training class
  119. Training with distractions
  120. Kicksled?
  121. Hey Don't touch me there!!!
  122. Training Questions: crate, potty...
  123. schutzhund trainging or pet trainging?
  124. Training Sessions? --
  125. Family Dog
  126. Obedience Training Question - First class
  127. training class with professional trainers?
  128. Cesar Milan and Victoria Stillwell
  129. she's still not getting it
  130. How did you become a dog trainer / behaviorist?
  131. Ongoing Socialization - How often?
  132. What makes you train a certain way?
  133. Can someone explain NILF to me?
  134. Such a loud mouth while training.. any tips?
  135. Puppy Help!
  136. Enrolling in classes
  137. What are the best training treats?
  138. How to clicker train?
  139. Adult dog in group classes
  140. Started clicker training today (loose leash walking)
  141. Any good training videos?
  142. Encouragement..please!
  143. Week 1 of training
  144. Dividing a Crate for a Puppy
  145. Training treats
  146. How to turn her ball drive into the reward in training?
  147. "He's Retarded"
  148. Dog Aggression: 60% Cured! Now how about that last 40%?
  149. Training help
  150. For anyone who knows our trouble with Bison!
  151. 2 Days and Already Lots of Progress!
  152. Training help!! D:
  153. People are making it Hard.
  154. How do I teach him how to play fetch?
  155. Stosh goes to the mall
  156. When do you give up?
  157. Ball crazy! :(
  158. does he know i'm alpha?
  159. Advice re soft crate for the bedroom & car
  160. Training a 10 month old
  161. Clicker Training: From A to Z
  162. Using the crate as a bathroom...HELP!
  163. Training mistakes we've made
  164. Obedience Issue?
  165. Becoming unresponsive after correction
  166. Trouble Releasing After Fetching
  167. Do I correct or not?
  168. Sit Means Sit
  169. Crate question
  170. Training travel - Would you fly your dog?
  171. Help with charging the clicker
  172. not fully potty trained yet...
  173. This is Probably a Dumb Question...
  174. Training of Beast and Boy
  175. To old for Petco Classes?
  176. Astor, my amazing clicker trained GSD
  177. Dog Introduction
  178. A little Fearful
  179. Potty Accident or Marking?
  180. Need Ur Help To train My GS pup !!!
  181. Amazing Treats!
  182. Teaching Loose Leash Walking
  183. 5 and 1/2 month old training questions
  184. "Find it" Question
  185. severe seperation anxiety
  186. Teaching To Not Accept Food From Strangers
  187. Training them to be good with cats? And dogs?
  188. Signs of Maturing!
  189. Piddling still at 16 months?
  190. Question About Trainer and Methods and Corrections
  191. Apartment Potty Training
  192. Paws on the door
  193. Crate Training Question.
  194. What's the best way to stop chewing! And cat attacks..
  195. Adopted a retired police k-9, and she ignores me....
  196. Discipline?
  197. How do I encourage my dog to get in the car?
  198. May try Prong Collar...thoughts please
  199. remote training for fear/aggressive dog
  200. Anyone used a 'Husher'?
  201. A bit of a Problem
  202. Indoor fun on a hot South Ga. day
  203. STILL aggressive, what now?
  204. Pooping during walks.
  205. dog behavior/body language
  206. Treadmill?
  207. Need help with training...
  208. Progress in Focus Eye Contact
  209. training sessions?
  210. how should i be using commands
  211. Video of Yukon & Indra/ Eyecontact & Focus
  212. Clicker training or "old school" training?
  213. Discipline During Training
  214. commands to use for training?
  215. "The Perfect Dog"- Training Method??
  216. Help With Clicker Training
  217. Hide and Seek Question
  218. Feeling like a bad mommy....
  219. FREE or release command
  220. Marker training and luring
  221. Moving from the Kennel to the Doggie Pad
  222. Socialization
  223. selfish?
  224. Ooops. 5 month old is scared of me.
  225. Prey drive games (balls, sticks, fetch etc.)
  226. dog runs away off leash
  227. GS pees when excited or nervous inside house
  228. Teaching "Come" Command
  229. Odedience Training Questions
  230. Speed in obeying commands
  231. Electric Bark Collars???
  232. Training Imlications of Dichromatic Vision in Dogs
  233. Potty Patch
  234. Has anyone trained the "Choose to Heel" method?
  235. Teaching him not to raid the kitchen.
  236. Sit for Exam help!
  237. Spouce not on the same training page
  238. Here Kitty, Kitty...
  239. Brutus Needs a Job
  240. My GSD is always pulling on the leash
  241. Found this. What do you think?
  242. training material suggestions
  243. Training a sensitive dog
  244. DOMINANCE DEBUNKED- The Myths & Realities of Training Dogs
  245. High Drive puppy. What to do?
  246. Curious about "Don Sullivans:The Perfect Dog"....
  247. obedience training
  248. clicker training
  249. Training recommendation central Florida
  250. Help me socialize my GSD with my new rescued dog..