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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Natural training
  2. What kind of training
  3. Got our step??
  4. Hard dog *requires* firm hand: +R training?
  5. Is there a "Command list"?
  6. Starting to let your GSD out of the crate unattended
  7. CGC failure (pending)
  8. I want to train my lab to hunt
  9. How would you fix this problem WITHOUT using an e-collar?
  10. Establishing dominance, really?
  11. How NOT to train your dog
  12. Is it a bad idea to try to train a GSD in Shutzhund without out a professional?
  13. I'm feeling more confident
  14. Training a 3 year old GSD adopted from a rescue group
  15. Size of class?
  16. What training method is going to make results better... Sorry long read
  17. Harry Potter Dog Training
  18. BH Training - with a lunatic
  19. Where to even start with my son's adult WGSD?
  20. Games for my GSD
  21. Retraining in german commands
  22. Teaching dog to poop in one spot.
  23. I'm Stumped
  24. Stay or Wait? Which is it?
  25. Old dog learning new tricks?
  26. Mental Training help
  27. Exercises for fun that can work his tracking nose
  28. Stepping on handlers foot in basic position/during heeling
  29. A good article about growling
  30. german shepherd training tips?
  31. What tone do you use when you talk to your dog?
  32. clicker training
  33. trainer in Bay area?
  34. out of control
  35. Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)
  36. Fetch!
  37. Beginning Dog Aggression
  38. CGC book.
  39. A Great Explanation of How Dogs Learn!
  40. PLEASE help <3
  41. Potty training
  42. I really need help with a Training Schedule!
  43. Training for a 10 month old problem barker
  44. Board and Train ?
  45. Help, dog is urninating and pooping again/still
  46. Positive only versus a Balanced approach
  47. Biting the Muzzle
  48. putting his nose in his popo?
  49. For the more Open Minded trainers to
  50. question for e-collar people
  51. can your dog be stolen?
  52. Barking issue getting better, plays for 1st time ever!!
  53. New owner of 12 week old GSD.
  54. Positive Training vs ?
  55. Barking dogs and Bark Off..
  56. In Defense of Dogs- John Bradshaw
  57. Cesar Millan is Yesterday's Dog Trainer (Part 1)
  58. Wish us luck
  59. Turn your back!!! what??
  60. A little too smart
  61. Aspen thinks he lucked out today....
  62. Having a hard time with "leave it"
  63. Research article -- frequency of training sessions
  64. How to REALLY get her to like this tug?
  65. Will a GSD become more obedient after becoming an adult?
  66. Tracking/Herding training
  67. Alpha Roll
  68. Raw Food with Training
  69. Mt trainer wants to keep
  70. USe a command before i throw her ball? clicker/marker training
  71. ABC certificate?
  72. Sitting / Lying on top of A-frame during training
  73. Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwell
  74. Clockwise or counter-clockwise turns
  75. Barking & jumping
  76. Controlled separation for the CGC?
  77. Ideas on this barking behavior?
  78. Sending 'bruiser' to Canine College
  79. Bad night at training :-(
  80. how did you teach your dog to walk on a leash ?
  81. Lerarning to mis-behave?
  82. Ugh im tired of this, Please help !
  83. Ugh im tired of this, Please help !
  84. Open and Utility References?
  85. Cats and Dogs
  86. Schutzhund Vs. Behavior Counseling
  87. 5 month old guards water bowl
  88. Testing
  89. HOT dog- what's this mean?
  90. Choosing a Training "Template" **CONFUSING**
  91. Petsmart "Trainer" gives me advice..vent
  92. Listening outside of training
  93. Ask the dog
  94. When a treat is not enough!
  95. while at puppy class, new way to clicker train.
  96. markers/clickers
  97. can you have 2 go free commands?
  98. wont fetch
  99. DON SULLIVAN training dvd's???
  100. should i do protection training
  101. Corrections does not equal brutality
  102. Question for people who have dogs with "issues"
  103. Some trainer!!!!!
  104. Back to OB 101 for me.
  105. (video) walking my dog?
  106. Prong Collar or something else?
  107. Invisible Fencing & Prey Drive
  108. How important is the match up?
  109. Boarding school for dogs
  110. Back biting
  111. Looking for ideas to help with a dog that has been abused
  112. Great Thunderstorm Training Session with Brutus today!
  113. Using name as attention word?
  114. heel questions
  115. What NOT to do
  116. Open to suggestions
  117. Mind games
  118. Translation?
  119. What type of guard dog training is this?
  120. Michael Ellis - Remote Collar Theory
  121. CGC tests this needed on #10!
  122. At wit's end deal with kennel/separation anxiety
  123. If your dog goes after or attacks another dog during obedience class,
  124. Training a very strong "Out" command
  125. Car issues...
  126. Barking Problem
  127. Job
  128. What is "training" and when is a dog "trained"?
  129. Heelllooo Everyone!!
  130. Your thoughts on my training session ...
  131. being dominating to other dogs
  132. Not sure how to proceed... nervous behaviour - opinions wanted.
  133. Michael Ellis Videos
  134. How our dogs are supposed to look when starting training! (video)
  135. Anyone use OffLeash K9 Tulsa, OK
  136. Cambridge Ontario anyone? Need practice meeting others
  137. The sneaky game.....
  138. Nipping when taking treats...
  139. I'm having trouble with the sit command
  140. off leash
  141. old school stay proofing?
  142. Favorite and Least Favorite Useless Commands?
  143. Puppy Training in Wyoming
  144. Ok...Need water bowl help!
  145. The "Pushing" exercise
  146. Question about trainer
  147. How I got my GSD too stop biting.
  148. Redzone? When Aspen hears....
  149. Is it ever to late to train?
  150. Teaching Speak....
  151. Confidence is EVERYTHING when training your GSD!
  152. bed bug trainning
  153. How were you told to teach "leave it"
  154. Training heel to front
  155. Two Important Puppy Training Questions
  156. From what I've gather training all boils down to...
  157. OK what's going on? 14 mos old and copped a 'tude?
  158. Why keep the dog's crate in your bedroom....?
  159. Training Sequence?
  160. how to get his attention
  161. Video: Working on Heel with my boy.
  162. Another brag about my trainer :)
  163. got my clicker
  164. You think petsmart trainers are bad ?
  165. Not sure the right trainging for my GSD!!! Help!!
  166. Amichen Bonding -Jan Fennell
  167. dog sit distance
  168. Dogs with Anxiety - Can you train it out of them? - Long
  169. How far along with leash training are you ?
  170. When it's better to train your dog ??
  171. Dog working for handler, because he wants to?
  172. Taking for obedience training classes
  173. Crating and establishing "alpha"
  174. Heeling and training routine questions
  175. No Drive
  176. CGC & Obedience Training
  177. Cesar Millan
  178. I dont like this type of training.....
  179. Saw this t-shirt at a training session
  180. Training with a tug as the reward
  181. How much before my puppy's brain explodes?
  182. How do you explain how you train your dog?
  183. This breeder claims his dog's food aggression is "food drive".
  184. Susan Garrett's - Evaluate Your Dog's Recall
  185. Socialize your dog???
  186. Collar uses how?
  187. Here is Smokeys crawl
  188. Tunnel Vision
  189. Dog killing chickens
  190. Dobby Starts Therapy Training-18 Weeks
  191. Defiance (help!)
  192. too excited
  193. E-Collar Malfunction? Or Sensitive Dog?
  194. Apollo is "Special." I really need advice
  195. dog trying to train me with ball?
  196. Class or Train Myself?
  197. crying in the crate
  198. Is there a uniform way to walk?
  199. How Much for Private Training
  200. Too Old to learn how to be awesome!
  201. E collars??
  202. Great speech by Ian Dunbar about our sad dog training!
  203. Bored with training - the dog not me!
  204. Oops...I knew I shouldnt play ball in the house...
  205. Hand Feeding
  206. Do Dogs Really not Know...?
  207. I can't remember what this method is called, but it works GREAT!
  208. Teaching the sideways heel
  209. Socialization-Being leery??Normal??
  210. nina ottosson?
  211. Training with multiple dogs
  212. need tips for strong recall...
  213. CAT method
  214. Socialization Ideas Please :)
  215. training goals
  216. Janice Gunn
  217. Great training treats?
  218. Captain's Obedience Demo...
  219. Is this too much training?
  220. Prong Collars
  221. Tips For High Drive Dogs
  222. Park-without a leash
  223. How bad would it be to vest a sudo service dog ?
  224. Favorite Tug Toy to use.............
  225. Teaching the "GO Out"
  226. Hondo's attraction to Welding Gloves
  227. Upcoming Obed Trial
  228. Is it easier to teach certain breeds certain tricks?
  229. Free-shaping
  230. Crowding fuss
  231. Training my 2 year old
  232. Purely Positive?
  233. Clicker? Other ideas? Slightly long)
  234. Stop a Picky Eater
  235. What drives your dog?
  236. Just Started Clicker Training
  237. Training Several things at Once: Issue?
  238. Chasing cars....
  239. How long, and how much?
  240. My dog doesn't bark...
  241. Basic Obedience $440
  242. Really, Mom? *Facepalm*
  243. Am I confusing her?
  244. Sponsor website
  245. Adopted a two year old GSD - help please!
  246. Dog Scouts of America
  247. The Key To Simple House Commands (I think!!)
  248. How to handle others who want to "train" your dog
  249. Trainer/class recommendation for Portland?
  250. Training treat bags - washable?