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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Clicker questions
  2. Thoughts on sending a dog away for training....
  3. Do You Think A Dog Can Be "Too Trained"?
  4. Impeccable performance.
  5. A small problem
  6. Just want to say thank you...
  7. Trainers and Obedience
  8. Trainer corrections
  9. Ceaser millan vs Victoria Stilwell?
  10. Are we over-analyzing our training and making ourselves and dogs crazy?
  11. Question about clicker training
  12. Freeshaping
  13. To muzzle or not to muzzle?
  14. Best way to train for future PSA?
  15. SNIFF, don't BITE!
  16. Training Problems (Biting and Aggresion)
  17. Good trainer in OKC?
  18. Need help training an older dog
  19. Clicker + Tricks + World Championships
  20. Mentally Stimulateing Games
  21. Diminishing Crate Aggression
  22. Training dogs in public places
  23. Dog trainers school
  24. Dominance theory vs. PR (interesting article)
  25. Remote collar question
  26. Never Seen This Before
  27. Being possessive
  28. The hardest trick i have ever taught to my dog.
  29. CGC - now that I've done it, let's talk :D
  30. Daily training
  31. Fear In Obedience?
  32. Feeling Lost
  33. Tracking fields
  34. Which DVD?
  35. Taking Crate Games to the next Level
  36. invisible fence
  37. Hose as a training tool?
  38. Confused with the best way - choke chain or positive method for dog to dog aggression
  39. Kennel Chewing
  40. Raising drive
  41. "Hier"
  42. Shock Collar Training
  43. Getting my dog to go in the right place
  44. What do you think of "When Pigs Fly" by Jane Killion...?
  45. Behaviourist Question
  46. need advice on how to stop german shepherd guarding
  47. Zak George, and why Cesar is a trainer of the past
  48. Suggestions on when to start clicker training!
  49. Will Be Meeting With a Trainer Next Thursday
  50. Teaching a beginner obedience class
  51. Lazy
  52. Two Week Shut Down Debate...
  53. Treat Training
  54. My Parker needs a job!
  55. Getting my GSD to completely submit and relax
  56. How long should I ride my bike with my dog?
  57. Operant vs Classical conditioning
  58. need second opinion on behaviour
  59. help with focus!
  60. Managing Play Sessions Between Dogs
  61. Abby goes to school
  62. Favorite games for mental stimulation
  63. Off the wall training techniques
  64. So how do behaviorist work?
  65. Why the word NO is the WORST word to use
  66. Clicker Training Without Treats
  67. Once an e-collar, always an e-collar?
  68. Would you proof your dog like this?
  69. Aggression - fear - protecting ???? Help
  70. Much Needed Advice, Please.
  71. Shelters/Rescues Against Correcting Dogs
  72. Setting them up to Fail?
  73. CGC test
  74. Article Search class question
  75. John Soares Seminar
  76. What Did Your Dog Learn at 9 Months?
  77. Lycan related-How do you train a blind dog?
  78. Do dogs understand the word "no"?
  79. Science behind two females fighting
  80. Separation Anxiety Driving Me Crazy!!!
  81. Thunder Training is Helping!
  82. Control unleashed progress
  83. Help! All I am to them is a treat dispenser.
  84. Does anyone know if Animal Behavior College is a good school?
  85. Your experience with expert wannabes
  86. What are your training videos of choice?
  87. Intake on abused dog - help with ideas
  88. Correcting fear?
  89. KPA, K-9 Learning Center, Triple Crown or Tom Rose?
  90. Details/Big Picture..which should be taught first?
  91. Runaway
  92. E-Collar Training Theory....Need Help
  93. Susan Garrett has some FREE training videos up!
  94. Life with Lycan
  95. Help! My dog hates children and I have a baby!!
  96. Puppy only does tricks when treats are involved.
  97. How to get focus....
  98. Recall or "come" frustration. Tips please?
  99. Theoretical situation...
  100. Eye Contact
  101. What next?
  102. More 2 week shutdown questions
  103. E-Collar Training - Need Advice
  104. I have a question...
  105. dogfather dvd
  106. 2 week shutdown questions
  107. 2 Dog Training Sessions
  108. Teach Bite Inhibition!
  109. How long are your training sessions? and Heeling.
  110. I LOVE this guy!!! He is so great.
  111. E-collar: Training or Controlling?
  112. Snake!
  113. How to desensitize to sound.....need advice.
  114. Critique from what you can see? LOL
  115. Why everybody should do Crate Games
  116. Random training thoughts
  117. Aggravated with trainers (long rant)
  118. Clicker Training.. the moment it clicked.. hehe :D
  119. I would like to help my Petco trainer / friend... Question:
  120. 8 month old shep
  121. Too Overprotective
  122. The bite work!
  123. Dog Reactivity
  124. "attack" training
  125. Finally getting this dog into obedience classes
  126. Dominance Article/Good read for Aggressive Dog Owners
  127. Breaking Focus
  128. Opinions on this method?
  129. Dog Commands In German
  130. How long for CGC?
  131. Started new ob classes and they confused the heck out of me!
  132. Newbie help!!
  133. Your Dog is your Mirror
  134. How do I socialize a wary dog
  135. Different training methods?
  136. Should I try to get the CGC?
  137. how to stop him from being Overly excited while training
  138. Learned a new trick for my training bag
  139. training help needed..
  140. "Heel" loose lead
  141. How many of you use non English command words to train your dog?
  142. socialising
  143. Training a rescue
  144. on to a new training hurdle need suggstions (long)
  145. Stranger Danger?
  146. what is LAT, BAT and CAT training??
  147. The ckc in my area will not let us train with a prong collar!
  148. Training session 3 with fear reactive Rey
  149. Training Exercises
  150. Tab289 Dominance Debunked
  151. Best Comprehensive Book(s) on GSD Psychology, Behavior, Training, Nutrition, etc. ?
  152. Need help with my dog
  153. Having two alternating handlers for training course: Good or bad?
  154. Building drive / Leave it command
  155. Steve Whites 8 Rules of Punishment
  156. Walking Two Dogs
  157. The importance of crate time...Please explain to my family.
  158. How to train the husband?
  159. Food Aggression
  160. How do YOU get your dog into drive?
  161. That darn nose!!!!
  162. Socializing an older dog**I am open to ALL suggestions**
  163. Trick ideas
  164. Training Hints
  165. LouCastle vs Leerburg Method for Remote Collars?
  166. Corrections for Dummies
  167. Undue Temperance by Ruth Crisler
  168. Old dog new tricks
  169. Question on crating after training
  170. Training a Handstand
  171. Advise needed on barking problem
  172. David Dikeman's approach????
  173. ways to tire out without physical exhaustion
  174. Question regarding a Flirt Pole
  175. Help!!!Obtaining more dominance!!!!
  176. Using/expanding on LAT
  177. A thought on training approaches!
  178. Has Anyone cured "Dog Reactivity" with LAT/CU?
  179. The Wolf Pack Method? Anyone?
  180. Starting Class, but have a question
  181. Is NILIF a nasty dog training tool?
  182. Why teach a dog to tug? Food is just as good (NOT!!!)
  183. First day of obedience class with new club, and they want a slip collar--??
  184. Drive and Brakes and Steering-Suzanne Clothier
  185. Advice Please - A GSD Walk Encounter
  186. Night training?
  187. Private Training or Group Training?
  188. Commands
  189. GSD questions.
  190. Crate Sizing
  191. The Results of Crate Games
  192. Command for crate
  193. Spoiled or Well Trained?
  194. Crate Games...
  195. How would you handle this
  196. Young Pup to Start training!
  197. Clicker or no Click?
  198. Cesar Millan video about separation anxiety / excitement
  199. What Is Possible?
  200. poops only in my room
  201. C-o-r-r-e-c-t-i-o-n!
  202. The Necessity Of Proofing
  203. Tight sit/down, sloppy sit/down
  204. Training for the AD
  205. This looks like fun!!!
  206. Protective of crate
  207. Sit Means Sit
  208. Please Give Examples of Different Levels of Training Distractions
  209. Overcoming Fear OF
  210. Prong/pinch collar vs choke
  211. Corrections, pressure, and the juvenile WL dog.
  212. Stop hating on The Dog Whisperer-he has saved many dogs from being PTS!
  213. Using the E-collar
  214. Dog does the grocery shopping
  215. Heavy handed???? I need help!
  216. NO!
  217. Shouldn't dog training be a dictatorship?
  218. Phobia developed after a vet visit
  219. Jumping up, pulling on leash
  220. Training Tips
  221. Here's my dilemma
  222. Is "Bite Inhibition Training" undermined by "Tug-of-War" games & pull-toy play?
  223. Ignoring aggressive dogs
  224. Amichien Bonding? Anyone?
  225. Terms for commands
  226. What can my significant other do with our trained dog to teach her how to work?
  227. Adult Dog Housetraining Advice
  228. "Cradle and Massage"
  229. Two questions
  230. She almost pulled us both into traffic today.
  231. Separation Anxiety
  232. Bringing compulsion back...
  233. Where to re-start?
  234. 9 Week old training
  235. The word NO?
  236. Ivan Balabanov or Leerburg?
  237. Praise only training
  238. I am going to attempt to crate train my 3 year old rescue Viktor.
  239. Training Drama
  240. Relationship Centered
  241. How to resolve destroying crate?
  242. High drive or high Energy?
  243. Come/Front
  244. rear-end awareness
  245. Backchaining - how did you start out with obedience?
  246. Imprinting multiple odors
  247. Interesting No-Pull Collar Attachment
  248. Uses for detecting gas leaks?
  249. Is this desired in PPD?
  250. Training after Surgery?