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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Training to tolerate explosions and gunfire
  2. How to teach a down/stay out of sight.
  3. Will a dog that NEVER been introduced to bite inhibition grow out of it naturally?
  4. Collars? Leashes? Books? Oh My!
  5. Clicker Training?
  6. Find It - Underwater Version
  7. The tongue
  8. At what point did you do OFF LEASH?
  9. How to Start Clicker Training
  10. Fascinating E-collar Training Article Review
  11. Training books!
  12. So.. What's next?
  13. Best training method for timid dog
  14. Good obedience training games for his mind?
  15. shut up and show us yr dog day-mainly aussies
  16. Choke chains?
  17. properly trained humans
  18. teenage rebellion after training?
  19. Training Issues
  20. Muzzles that just shut a dogs snout? really?
  21. Fixing the recall....
  22. Doesn't like treats or toys.
  23. Who should be in charge?
  24. Very simple question.
  25. Training issue with husband
  26. timid/reactive/nervy dogs thrive on obed???
  27. How to teach my puppy to walk next to me?
  28. Need advice on trainers and experience I had.
  29. Importance of corrections - balanced training
  30. I love Lou Castle
  31. Chiefs Training Progress (long)
  32. Unmotivated dog?
  33. Proper Training Methods-Tools Q/A & Opinions
  34. Uh Oh we are in trouble!
  35. gsd ignoring me but is attached to the bf severly
  36. My dog ignored me totally.
  37. dangerous tricks
  38. Setting up for success / Maintaining Alpha Status
  39. A Silent Killer.... Death better than some training methods?
  40. Prong for correction
  41. Alternatives to professional training or classes
  42. Teaching Manners?
  43. this style of training and dog, old school.
  44. I have a jumper!
  45. How many times a week do your train your dog?
  46. E-collars
  47. Do you let your dog bathroom on leash?
  48. My Dog Has bit 3 people
  49. NILIF - does it make you feel like a bad owner??
  50. Preparing our GSD for our newborn
  51. building puppy confidence in the environment
  52. wow, found an unused dog agility park built by unemployed people
  53. Need to resolve a proble with my neighbours dog.
  54. Barks at other dogs on walks
  55. "State of mind" on casual walks..
  56. dew claws - well i never, must see all.
  57. Teaching the dog to grab the toy, not my hand...
  58. Establishing yourself as a leader
  59. fading the lure in heeling - progress?
  60. Training Opportunities
  61. BAT and LAT and Idiot Owners
  62. please critique the focus work
  63. Great demonstration on how to play tug
  64. prong/pinch coller and other methods
  65. How long should "work" sessions be at 14 months?
  66. when to start biting training?
  67. Is pain (prong/choke) effective at fixing a problem?
  68. energy V drive, i apologise for another definiton thread
  69. Sending your dog away for training??
  70. Crate and behavior change
  71. German Commands
  72. Demo Dogs
  73. Training treats and Doctor Dunbar
  74. Developing respect and partnership
  75. "working in prey"
  76. bubbles needs a hobby?
  77. Training Problem- can't keep focus
  78. Need Help - Long line tangling all the time?
  79. Jay Rapp deceased 1997 any info?
  80. Re-training
  81. How to 'fire' your trainer.
  82. Ignore or correct?
  83. DogSports!
  84. what Is your dogs favorite reward while training?
  85. NILIF Qestion
  86. Why don't some trainers like head collars?
  87. how to learn real pack structure without books, vids or forums
  88. Suggested training materials
  89. People who have a problem with prong/pinch
  90. Potty Training the Un-Pottytrainable Dog?
  91. Training a dog with High Food Drive
  92. Bias against tools rant
  93. Emma and Horse training
  94. Dog and cat?
  95. Establishing Pack Leader
  96. anyone got good how to links for turns in heeling?
  97. Clicker Training: is age 3 to old to start?
  98. Learning while in the "hind brain"
  99. Bad behavior for treats?
  100. How to be interesting
  101. Trouble Walking on a Leash
  102. Anyone here use remote collars?
  103. Training Emma - the fireball
  104. Is this a weird/wrong way to train?
  105. Trainers
  106. Is Your Dog An Opportunist?
  107. Question For Trainers
  108. There are no such thing as drives in dogs
  109. HELP with focus/recall etc
  110. Off Leash Training
  111. What kind of tricks/commands does your dog know?
  112. how did you train your dogs survey
  113. Get more GSDs to walk and sit for my business
  114. I need help, new owner!
  115. Conflicting Advice on Harness/Collars
  116. I need your opinions!
  117. BowWowFlix & Micheal Ellis
  118. Time of recall--how fast?
  119. When does positive reinforcement become permissiveness?
  120. Do I have to use german for commands?
  121. Potty training older rescue, sigh
  122. Fetch question
  123. Is Your Dog Dramatic During Corrections?
  124. Recall to "front" ...Need help
  125. Anti chewing spray - on a dog
  126. Sit Means Sit - collar enforced training
  127. About E Collars
  128. Training and Time investments - from pet to K9
  129. Great Training Morning; sqeezing in training and play
  130. Fun little Video of Blitz
  131. List of Training Commands
  132. Crate Troubles
  133. Got a Prong Collar for 6m old, and didn't get the results...
  134. Are 2 walks per day enough?
  135. Peeing in the basement.
  136. so much whining!
  137. FREE E-book, The Power of Positive Reinforcements
  138. Not sure about my trainer
  139. E Collar Questions
  140. Handling the party well
  141. Prong Collar and Cats/Walking
  142. Building confidence and trust in a fearful dog
  143. Walking Wars!
  144. What training method should I use? Help me help this sad girl!!
  145. Frequent collar taps for walks
  146. Clicker Training Experts -- Best YouTube Video Recommendations?
  147. Clicker Training ... a MOUSE?!?
  148. Prey Drive
  149. Shutting Down Dog question.
  150. Formal Training at the age of 11 months after a bite incident
  151. The Obedient Dalmatian
  152. Training programs???
  153. Prong collars
  154. For those who use E-Collars - please chime in.
  155. Messing in the house, please help!!!
  156. Do You Totally Trust Your Dog Off Leash?
  157. Clicker training at it's best
  158. 3yo Bear with some pulling issues
  159. Roger Abrantes - Let Reson Prevail Over Force!
  160. Must watch training videos from bowwowflix?
  161. Treats for Training
  162. Why won't he just pee already?!
  163. Disaster Training Days
  164. Nipping it in the bud worked
  165. Training Questions...
  166. Please Help! Barking/whining.
  167. 70 Days Old GS Training: Our Expectations and Our Success
  168. Legitimate use of Shock Collars? My experience..
  169. Obedience training some quesitions
  170. Finally figured it out!!
  171. R+ Training: Using the highest reinforcement
  172. Some more training?
  173. Michael Ellis Remote Collar Theory
  174. Fun Heelwork, Positions and Focus Video
  175. Has anyone been to the Michael Ellis School?
  176. Compulsion training/desensitizing
  177. My dog hates me?
  178. What to look for in a trainer
  179. The merits of informal training
  180. 1 Year Old Female charges at door
  181. Finding myself on the fence on two issues.....
  182. Thoughts on the Control Unleashed book/DVD
  183. What's okay and what's not okay
  184. When people insist upon petting your dog while in training...
  185. A Trained Dog Should Respond Under Any Circumstances?
  186. Rehome in Heat
  187. Training advice to get your dog to obey commands quickly
  188. Has anyone here used/uses the Einstein Ecollars?
  189. How to evaluate a dog for scent work?
  190. Prevent puppy from doing same thing
  191. What are some of your methods and philosophies when it comes to advanced training?
  192. Mirror Method?
  193. Rescued Shepherd that had been chained
  194. Physical correction and force for "hard" dogs?
  195. Afraid of Training?
  196. Zoey's training
  197. Good training/behaviour resources?
  198. Can GSDs be trained to clean my house and do laundry?
  199. When to Start GSD Protection Training!?
  200. Too Many Treats
  201. Rescheduling
  202. Socialization on walks (spin-off from "I am so..." thread)
  203. I am a human Pez dispenser of treats!
  204. I'm at my wits end :( I need some training advise please
  205. I need encouragement!
  206. Can't use treats
  207. Best sport for a hyper dog???
  208. some of the worst "training" I have seen.
  209. What kind of classes should I opt for?
  210. German Commands
  211. Big Shepherd With a Puppy Personality
  212. "Fight" Book by Jean Donaldson
  213. What are the top 5-10 things you teach your new pup?
  214. Help needed working with a Dutch Shepherd Puppy
  215. Intresting blog post..
  216. Question on prong collar for on leash dog aggression
  217. Holy cow are there a lot of training methods!
  218. Other uses for a prong
  219. Best Collar
  220. Good Dog Training schools?
  221. Slow to Mature: Exactly what is it? and how does it affect your training plan?
  222. Is a 17 Month old dog too old to train?
  223. Would you go to this club??
  224. Questions for Trainer
  225. Shake trainer??
  226. Karen Pryor Clicker Expo - CT March 8-10, 2013
  227. Constant collar corrections while heeling?
  228. Commands and confusion
  229. Jumping Stilts and High 5's at training -Molly freaked
  230. 1 dog - 2 handlers? Is it possible?
  231. To be Alpha I need to ignore and not let my dog touch me?
  232. Training, videos and books, sticky?
  233. Thoughts on the Relaxation Protocol?
  234. Others interupting
  235. Rocket and the Horses: Follow up with video
  236. BAT, CAT or LAT?
  237. Training question..?
  238. Give me some ideas :)
  239. Bite sleeve for play and reward?
  240. Leash training for two
  241. Just brought home a month old Boy
  242. Training Body Awareness?
  243. Snake Training / Shock Collar (non-GSD)
  244. schutzhund training vs. ordinary training
  245. Herding vs. Hurting
  246. Crate or kennel
  247. Ceser Millian ('The Dog Whispherer') love or hate?
  248. Positive training and positive results - long
  249. Old vs New Training Styles
  250. e-collars and other training methods