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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. Leerburg scent training videos.
  2. Best Agility book
  3. Walking to heel
  4. Teaching an out on an extremely high drive 9mo old pup
  5. Sit Means Sit training/collar
  6. There are always consequences...
  7. Left side, right side, front, etc...
  8. Maintaining drive/motivation
  9. marker training and corrections
  10. books manuals
  11. First Time GSD owner with Training/development Questions
  12. what to do with a dog that shuts down/leash corrections
  13. Gave in to the prong
  14. Dog tackle (Video)
  15. Should I hang up the Flexi for good?
  16. Don Sullivan....Dealing with Aggression & Sep Anxiety
  17. The down command
  18. behavior issues
  19. What does "hanging a dog" mean for disciplining?
  20. Service Dog protocols
  21. help with focused heeling
  22. Building bond and engagement with arrogant, selfish sport dog puppy
  23. Working dog Lifestyle
  24. Dog not interested in treats during walks
  25. Peter Caine's Training Style? Name?
  26. Layering Training Methods.
  27. Dog Reacts to Other Dogs and Some People.
  28. Cuz is Reaching New Horizons. Yes, The Dog Park.
  29. Suddenly lost focus
  30. Working on Engagement with Puppies
  31. E-collar Positioning.
  32. How is pet obedience training different from show training?
  33. Nervous Aggressioin on Lead...
  34. Very interesting review I read on a clicker training book.
  35. Cruz E-collar Training Update
  36. Sick of the e collar debate...
  37. What type of leash train worked best?
  38. New training video.. Toy as reward this time..
  39. No enthusiasm when searching for articles
  40. Very interesting ecollar article
  41. Austin Area Looking for Trainer
  42. second stage of training
  43. Reactive dog in neighbourhood?
  44. New Training Starting Tomorrow
  45. Amazon UK bans Prong sales, U.S. Next?
  46. Seems shut down on promg
  47. Immersion Training idea
  48. help
  49. I found my dogs OFF SWITCH!
  50. Heeling help
  51. Adult dog, big personality and smarts! Training tips?
  52. What exactly is considered 'training'?
  53. Training video.. critique..
  54. Convincing strangers to not let her jump up on them?
  55. Help...inconsistent training methods between spouses.
  56. What to expect?
  57. German Shepherd Aggressive
  58. Mirror Method Training in Dallas!
  59. Command and control expectations
  60. Help training more prompt responses...?
  61. Pee'ing in the house
  62. I'm At a Crossroad.
  63. Stay implied during "Sit" and "Down"?
  64. Help on Walking
  65. Training yourself vs going to classes...
  66. Allowing the dog to drink water during training
  67. Which collars are best to start training.
  68. Looking for help
  69. just and fair corrections
  70. **Selzer** Sitting On The Dog
  71. Some concerns I have about starting ecollar training
  72. Training Method Concerns
  73. Tried the Weenie Walker Method!
  74. Pressure and Stress in Training
  75. Any other positive trainers of working lines?
  76. 1st day of beginner obedience class
  77. Lure and?
  78. Do puppies go through adolescence?
  79. Trainers thoughts on how extinction of behavior is achieved.
  80. Training Orientation...unsure
  81. Looking for dry work guidance
  82. You have one hour to do an obedience demo. What do you cover?
  83. calling name versus "watch me" command
  84. 10 Things Your Trainer Won't Tell You
  85. Going to be interviewing new trainer. Questions.
  86. New Skete? I don't get it
  87. Teaching Lead Manners
  88. Boy, do I ever suck at being consistent!
  89. What do you think of the new BAT 2.0?
  90. Clicker Training with a Ball
  91. opinions on crated dog during puppy class
  92. Banned E collar and Prong collar??
  93. anyone mind reviewing this trainer?
  94. E-collar using Lou Castle's methods
  95. I have an idea for elios!
  96. Engagement Training
  97. Opinions on using a prong collar?
  98. Obsessive barking... spraying with vinegar???
  99. "Loading" words
  100. Always wanted a protective dog..
  101. Advise on board train or not :(
  102. Should these dogs not be walking to heel?
  103. Getting updated on training methods
  104. Bummed after training today.
  105. Board and Train Vent not general info moved
  106. Low threshold
  107. Obedience w/o Conflict 4 DVD Set
  108. Puppy Training Stress
  109. What is the best Reward / Treats?
  110. Dog Training Question
  111. Help please.
  112. Hand Signals
  113. E-Collar or Bark Collar for Barking . . . and Training?
  114. Lead training gone wrong!
  115. How Do I Do A Proper 2 Week Reset?
  116. Operant conditioning and clicker combination
  117. 11 week old potty training issues
  118. Favorite Training Videos
  119. Opinions on these methods
  120. E Collars.
  121. Training time?
  122. Homemade Training Treats
  123. 52 weeks trick challenge!
  124. Scent Discrimination
  125. Operant conditioning
  126. 2 year old trying to "train"
  127. Favorite dog training method?
  128. E-training
  129. An article that touched me.
  130. Work FT and raising a GSD puppy
  131. Separation anxiety - but only in public.
  132. What color is your dog?
  133. Can you really expect your dog a reliable recall when so many things are more interes
  134. Holding his attention
  135. Training with a tennis ball as reward?
  136. How did you teach your dog "NO" or "Stop that!"Basically to quit the current behavior
  137. Susan Garrett on +R training (including discussion on IPO)
  138. What type of correction to use?
  139. E-collar to me is CLEARLY being used WRONG here!
  140. Just adopted an older GSD, possible behavior/taining issues.
  141. I must admit, he did a good job
  142. Do You Sign An Agreement With Your Trainer
  143. Video - POV Tugging
  144. Started Training With New Trainer.
  145. Best Breed For Demo Dog
  146. Can't get out the door
  147. Tug Training Issue
  148. Building Speed with Commands
  149. recall recall recall
  150. What to do with puppy while out and about for 1-3 hours.
  151. Progression to a random reward scheme...
  152. E-Collar help??
  153. Post 2- Rant. Rude Behavior: What else can i do? What am i missing?
  154. How Do I Teach Dog to Eat At Mealtime?
  155. Question about heeling and loose leash
  156. ok...I don't get it...
  157. Bad/Good idea to start Leeburg groundwork with adult dog- with my current dog?
  158. Training Problem: Anxiety/Panic/Frustration
  159. New Pup meeting with Adult
  160. Cross-Training?
  161. NILF training, could someone explain more?
  162. minor rant, other dog owner, last day of class
  163. E-collar trainer, wants to train my dog. Not train me to train my dog.
  164. Stuck
  165. Going Back to Basics, Which is Better?
  166. A cgc trainer doesn't recommend me to put my pup in Schutzhund training.
  167. Best treats for puppies
  168. Teething
  169. 11 month old GSD issues
  170. Fool, get off my back...
  171. Created a Couch Monster.
  172. In denial
  173. Best treat ever? (Training)
  174. Bribing with food
  175. Teaching Basic Position for Heeling
  176. Nipping when treating?!
  177. Can you reccommend a book?
  178. Thoughts?
  179. CGC prep class issues, need some help!
  180. Training a family dog to track??
  181. E-collar to prevent your dog to do something
  182. Advice needed on introducing a new puppy to a cat!
  183. Non GSD HELP.. newly fixed male humping
  184. 1 year old shepherd - how to train for new baby
  185. Pack leader with chronic pain, could 10month old see this as weakness? & contin
  186. Barking at the window.
  187. Clicker training
  188. Separating Fact from Fiction
  189. The Dominance Myth: Fearfulness, Reactivity & Aggression in Dogs
  190. Stay as a Unique Command?
  191. Training A Jealous Dog
  192. Kira down / Stay / Here!
  193. What's Your View on Feeding?
  194. Puppy walks
  195. Should I speak up??
  196. Is your dog REALLY low drive or ...
  197. CGC Pass!
  198. Supervised Seperation?!
  199. Bite work at night or low light
  200. Only Purebreds with Pedigrees?
  201. Dog training school opinions?!
  202. Can older dogs start agility training/competitions?
  203. If you have done the CGC, I have a couple of questions
  204. The two step back sit...
  205. As a trainer, do you feel unsure or unsafe training?
  206. First Training class With Senior GSD
  207. Help with the Prong collar
  208. 1st day of obedience school total shock
  209. Advice on crate training?! :(
  210. Old fashioned training
  211. CGC question
  212. Won't Respond to E-Collar
  213. What do you think is the most important...
  214. What the heck does this mean?
  215. Has a backpack limited your GSD's lunging?
  216. Training with prong collar..
  217. worth it?
  218. My dog goes crazy when exiting the car. Why?
  219. Book recommendations?
  220. Problem with 2 commands
  221. Training to stop and down from distance
  222. Your Biggest Training Success
  223. No toilet drinking plz
  224. Anyone Else Banned from Spectating?
  225. Is it to early to start training my GSD? she just turned 8 weeks old.
  226. Dog behavior
  227. How do I train a dog to shake his paw?
  228. puppy training
  229. Cesar millian and dog terms
  230. Videos on games for the mind and jobs
  231. I really need opinions-and i apologize for making another post about a similar thread
  232. is it possible to teach dog new heel?
  233. Stubborn
  234. Submissive GSD
  235. Using a dog to teach another dog?
  236. Is it possible to "train to much?"
  237. E-Collar confusion - method and theory of use
  238. board and train opinions
  239. Making yourself interesting to your dog.
  240. Myah BONKERS over Costco Pastrami
  241. Started training class.
  242. Training dogs reactive dog
  243. Distracted Puppy training
  244. Training Options-My Head is Spinning!
  245. Door Dashing
  246. E-Collars
  247. the cumulative effect/old school dominance theory
  248. Working on recall
  249. Not super excited about anything.
  250. Person Suggested I do this to help with the fear aggression..?