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Training Theory & Methods

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  1. How to teach 5 year old GS to socialize with other dogs? HELP!!!!
  2. Marine Air Horn - How Do I Use It? lol
  3. Ivan Balabanov training videos
  4. Long line recalls
  5. Let dog carry toy on walks - increases toy possessiveness?
  6. Snake Avoidance Training - Advice Please
  7. Toy Reward Training -Capping drive/normal obedience
  8. Public corrections
  9. High prey drive: commands in slow motion
  10. Muzzle Training?
  11. Realistic training.
  12. Dominant dog collar
  13. Intelligence vs. Trainability
  14. T- Touch training
  15. General questions about using ecollars
  16. Training a Challenging Dog...
  17. People aggression in house.
  18. Help with the 'out' command for a shelter dog
  19. What can you do when someone tries to steal your dog?
  20. Engagement
  21. Dominating or protecting my children?
  22. Time for Ecollar?
  23. Training - Just a series of short linked commands? Or - where is the reasoning?
  24. Opinion on a dog's mentality
  25. Training maturity? How old was yours?
  26. E collar was too strong now what
  27. first training class today!
  28. Expectations in training puppies and dogs
  29. Invisible fences
  30. Luring (Michael Ellis) + It's Yer Choice (Susan Garrett)
  31. Training to stay and heel
  32. Do you stick with one trainer?
  33. what is the best GSD "working level" for an e-collar?
  34. Those proffesional begging eyes - delaying my decision maybe?
  35. Relaxed pet dog training
  36. Do you take your dog everywhere with you?
  37. Group vs Individual Classes
  38. No prong collars allowed?
  39. Training Journal for Kody
  40. Wouldn't you know it?
  41. Differing Opinions on Car Training
  42. Therapy dog training
  43. Thought you might enjoy this video :)
  44. Short Clip Made by Newlie's Trainer
  45. Aus command
  46. The power of training your dog with food
  47. Help with LouCastle recall
  48. Could positive reinforcement be reinforcing bad behavior?
  49. multiple GSDs - command training
  50. Advice needed, please!
  51. Walking versus Fetch
  52. Leash & 2 collars (one back-up)?
  53. Hand signals
  54. Bed time!
  55. What do you guys think about this training method?
  56. dog training schools for people that want to be trainers?
  57. Trainer in Northeast Georgia
  58. What do you know about Sit means Sit as a training program
  59. Thoughts on Ceasar Millan?
  60. Desert Dog Training Journal #1
  61. Responsible way of using an E collar
  62. 2 week shut down questions!
  63. Stubborn Dog!!!
  64. Brain stimulation - toys, etc.
  65. Personal Training or Trainer Training
  66. Adult training
  67. Is my dog too submissive?
  68. German Commands
  69. Front Door Manners
  70. Rescuing 9 year abused junkyard vs
  71. 2 year old rescue recently started peeing in the loft
  72. Are bite work and personal protection the same thing?
  73. Advanced Training in New York/CT
  74. **** Staal seminar
  75. The Koehler Method of Dog Training
  76. K9 military pack
  77. Too much obedience in IPO?
  78. You've just been given an 8 week old puppy . . . Create-A-Training Schedule
  79. Only respond to me
  80. Help with Field Work introduction Please
  81. GSD specific training book(?)
  82. Ecollar do's and don't's...
  83. Aha Moment! My trainers methods worked!
  84. Ball drive vs old time work ethic
  85. Grabbing by the Scruff - Bad? (Couple Questions)
  86. SHE KNOWS - but sneaks -how to train?
  87. What to do with SUPER protective instinct/hunts cats
  88. Mondioring and Schutzhund?
  89. Dog walking behavior
  90. Tether or e-collar for up north vacation?
  91. Automatic Sit/Lay anticipating routine...
  92. Weaning the E-collar; need some input
  93. Increasing speed of execution
  94. Training Protocol for Flirt Pole
  95. Will not go potty except in backyard!
  96. could really use the advice
  97. Need Some Constructive Criticism
  98. Debunking popular protection video about untrained dogs
  99. Vohne Liche
  100. Socializing a Reactive Dog?
  101. new to the forum quick question
  102. Question about e collars
  103. E-collar Help!
  104. Basics for a send out or away??
  105. Do I have a working dog and not Know it
  106. Advice please? My pup only behaves when wearing his prong collar.
  107. getting another male?
  108. Best correction methods?
  109. Who wins in tug ?
  110. Training question
  111. Choosing E-collar training method
  112. E-Coller and Michael Ellis training methods?
  113. Am I cheating ?
  114. looking for trainer northeast pa
  115. Best E-Collar
  116. Caesar Milan video? Eye contact/disobeying
  117. Her crazy hunting drive
  118. Tug / Bitework
  119. Adopting 9 Month old
  120. weaned of prong and martingale
  121. Dog Training planning/tracking spreadsheet
  122. Letting Kids Train and Compete
  123. Big Steps for Bob Barker
  124. How do I make my GSD bark and growl on command
  125. Love this music video. Strong message on why do you train/have fun with dogs. :)
  126. Help please- wrong association with commands.
  127. Training with Ball reward advice please.
  128. Losing interest in balls
  129. you might just relate to this story
  130. When not to use the clicker(?)
  131. TEAM DOG by Mike Ritland
  132. Jumping up
  133. Training problem
  134. How to recognize a good trainer
  135. "Social Isolation" ??
  136. Prong Collar - Awesome!
  137. help with obedience training toy-obsessed dog
  138. General training methods- your preference
  139. Shock collar or no....
  140. Leash aggression DS/CC
  141. How I "Taught" Confidence to My Puppy
  142. Preventing Chuck It Burnout
  143. Buying a Puppy
  144. Physical discipline ?
  145. I admit right now I hate my dog.
  146. Don't want to, don't have to!
  147. Mike Ritlands book
  148. Posting by Ivan Balabanov
  149. Finding a responsible trainer
  150. E-collar question
  151. I'm out of ideas!
  152. My dog gets frustrated when we train.
  153. Professional Dog Training: Mis-Information Thread 2015 - 2020
  154. Physical Play with dogs.. Getting Primal with dogs.
  155. Discuss: Clicker/Marker Training vs Invoking drives
  156. Help me get past his bathroom problems!!
  157. Fenzi Academy Tricks--Finnick
  158. 2 1/2 year old female GS
  159. Training Books/DVD Recommendations?
  160. Did Electronic Collar Make Your Dog Paranoid At First?
  161. help with training golden ret.
  162. Fenzi dog academy
  163. Dinozzo training....with a jolly ball....
  164. Helo im going nuts!
  165. loose leash walking / plastic prong and other questions
  166. don sullivan method
  167. Underground fence training
  168. Drives and training
  169. Is an Easy Walk positive punishment?
  170. Dare I Say... Petsmart Training!!
  171. Obedience classes/CGC...separate classes or together?
  172. Transferring Ball Drive
  173. What Form of Corrections Do You Use?
  174. Online courses on protection trianing
  175. Leerburg Article
  176. How to transition from food to toy reward?
  177. Is my trainer too harsh? Or do I need to man up?
  178. GSD club/training in Bristol TN
  179. Liars!
  180. week 2 of nose work
  181. HELP, very reactive GSD
  182. How to train for Constant Eye Contact during Heel? (And to hug my leg during heel?)
  183. Compulsion in ipo training.
  184. Training without coercion
  185. Training questions
  186. PetSmart dog trainer interview
  187. Why Title A Dog?
  188. Thoughts on this method of training aggressive dogs
  189. What is the benefit of getting a CGC?
  190. Multiple Sports
  191. CGC? questions
  192. One minded for food
  193. Looking for drive, I think I found it.
  194. A very smart GSD!
  195. Just putting it out here !
  196. Growling problems! Please help!
  197. Drive building critique (videos)
  198. do police units own the title K-9?
  199. Alpha Dog!
  200. first day work the ecollar
  201. Leerburg Vids...
  202. Question about Command Meanings
  203. yet another piece of worthless gear bought
  204. Training treats? Freshpet vital grain free complete Meals
  205. how to teach "play"
  206. Resource...defecating?
  207. Stubbornness or inability to work?
  208. Leaving for a Month, best trainer in MA?
  209. Shaping the perch- handler role
  210. leash pressure
  211. a thread that says treats are not good
  212. Collar types
  213. Online Courses For Dog Behavior/Training.
  214. questions about e-collar functions
  215. Feeding my GSD after we eat how long do I do this?
  216. name that training treat
  217. Let the dogs fight, even bite, even a puncture wound.
  218. E Collars, what are you using?
  219. Need to know if I'm Ball play / training properly?
  220. Training "looked" ridiculous.
  221. First session with an E-collar Trainer Today (3 HOURS)
  222. Is training for protection a waste?
  223. composure has anyone tried it? Does it work?
  224. SATS (Syn Alia Training System)
  225. Good book on training a GSDs?
  226. e collar leaving scabs
  227. medication for fearful pup?
  228. Teaching the sit....
  229. Can I teach my adult pup to have toy drive?
  230. Stonnie Dennis!
  231. E collar for correction use only...thoughts?
  232. Would you use an e-collar on a dog with epilepsy?
  233. Best Training Course Online?
  234. Michael Ellis training questions
  235. Download Michael Ellis videos to the phone
  236. Destruction Prevention
  237. Jack Links
  238. help with 150% prey driven walks
  239. Prong,pinch, shock collars
  240. How to turn a dog into a protection dog theory
  241. Reinforce fear and stuff
  242. Looking for particular training methodology
  243. Pulling help?
  244. Any body went to or know some one that went to tom rose training school?
  245. Finding a trainer and what age is too old for training
  246. GSD Trainer in Kalispell, Montana area?
  247. GSD lines are genetically different
  248. E-collar vibrate
  249. Introducing distraction safely
  250. Service work, protection, normal dog?