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Miscellaneous Dog Sports

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  1. Combining swimming therapy and NoseWorks?
  2. Laser pointer
  3. ZZO title
  4. Roller skating with Dean, I've got some questions
  5. FastCAT
  6. On the heels of others just because
  7. Wolf Earned His DDN!
  8. Trust your dog, trust your dog
  9. Started Noseworks
  10. k9 ninja challenge on Facebook
  11. Competitive Dock Diving, anyone?
  12. Woo Hoo, just got the news
  13. Help with canicross/bikejoring traning
  14. Harness for Bikejoring?
  15. Wolf Killed Day 1 of Scent Work Trial!
  16. Got smacked in the butt but kept working
  17. NoseWorks: I think it's called detailing
  18. Getting Started with barn hunt!
  19. USCSS Trial Today!
  20. USCSS trial this Saturday!
  21. We did it NW1 title!
  22. ORTs and First Trial!
  23. Coursing ability tests
  24. Intro to Nose Work
  25. Nosework motivation seems lacking
  26. NW Thinking/doing outside the box
  27. First Trial this weekend
  28. Nose Work ORT
  29. NW ORT. Ugh!
  30. Intro to Dock diving!
  31. Nose Work Practice
  32. Volunteered for a NW trial
  33. GSD+bikejoring competitions
  34. Skijor Video
  35. Nosework Bruno-style (pics)
  36. How long to pair odor with toy
  37. Skijoring Training
  38. Beginning flyball tips?
  39. How did you get started in Nosework?
  40. Nosework Fun
  41. Parkour First
  42. Lure Coursing
  43. Learning bad habits at dock diving
  44. Kit Kat's Barn Hunt Debut (8 months)
  45. Barn Hunt Conflicting with Nose Work?
  46. Barn hunt?
  47. K9 Parkour/Urban Agility
  48. Rats & Sheep
  49. Need help on building yard course
  50. What sport should Kody and I do?
  51. Nose Works class
  52. What can he do?
  53. Question for pool-(w/chlorine)-swimming-dog-owners :-)
  54. When should we start flyball and agility
  55. Rommel's Beginning Nosework Adventures
  56. Nose work clinic with Carly
  57. Enumclaw Expo Center in WA, Anyone?
  58. Wanna Camp!
  59. Why aren't you doing Barn Hunt?
  60. Anyone Ever Hiked "the Wave" with their dog?
  61. Ultimate Air Dogs/Dock Jumping
  62. Getting into Trick Dog
  63. Jinks courses with Whippets!
  64. Nose Work - What is your dog's indication?
  65. Nosework box drills
  66. Scent Detection - Need help with team name.
  67. Looking for advice on a dog sport!!!
  68. The Westminster Dog Show
  69. Newlie Playing Tetherball
  70. Sacramento dog sports
  71. Winter dog sports/games
  72. Need new challenges
  73. obstacle course race
  74. Lure coursing and Barn hunts....
  75. Getting a good passive indication
  76. Canadian Sport Scent Detection Federation
  77. What is this sport called?
  78. Dock Diving fail..:(
  79. Too early for Nose Work imprinting?
  80. Dog sport people, do other dog owners think you and your dogs are crazy?
  81. Kids age for "bikejoring? "
  82. UKC Registration
  83. Anybody into Frisbee?
  84. Flyball discussion thread!
  85. Fama Nosework thread
  86. Signed up for an Intro to Flyball class - what to expect?
  87. Halo flyball brag! (with pics)
  88. Bikejoring
  89. Running with you buddy
  90. Life jacket for pup
  91. Weight Pulling
  92. New UKC Coursing Aptitude title
  93. Looking for a harness
  94. SWO Urban Mushing
  95. Nosework speed of progress
  96. Starting Nosework today!
  97. Barn Hunt
  98. joined a new club
  99. I made a skijoring belt and towline
  100. Question About Pulling
  101. Good sports for prior injury?
  102. Flyball Question
  103. Does anyone do Search and Rescue? if so, could you tell me more?
  104. How did you come to chose your sport?
  105. Urban Mushing with your GSD?
  106. What exactly should I expect from this event...
  107. Dog Scootering
  108. Frisbee Tricks?!?!
  109. Online Nose Work Class
  110. How should I say this?
  111. First weight pull of the 2013 season
  112. Weight Pulling
  113. Kip earned his Novice Dock Jumping Title (pics included)
  114. Attention Frisbee Enthusiasts!
  115. Need help... how do I change my dog's indication in nosework?
  116. Upcoming dock diving events in KS or MO?
  117. Shane the Dock Diving Dalmatian
  118. Dog Sports-How Competitive Are You?
  119. Odin on the FAST team (video)
  120. Do you Dance with your GSD?
  121. GoPro camera and dog sports!
  122. Dock Diving : How to start?
  123. Halo's flyball box turn, in real time and slow-mo
  124. UKC Titles?
  125. Indy's flyball training
  126. Halo rocks the Pawdemonium flyball tournament!
  127. Barn Hunt Test
  128. Lure Coursing - Opinions?
  129. Check out this new Canine Sports Center
  130. Touch N Go Flyball Seminar
  131. Leo does the CAT
  132. Flyball Braggs!
  133. what i think heaven sounds like - graphic
  134. Dog Backpacks??
  135. 1st time Dock Jumping
  136. Hiking/Running
  137. Lure Course Equipment
  138. Teaching the "swimmer's turn" for flyball
  139. hike got a bit risky
  140. Another flyball discussion....
  141. big air long jump
  142. What would be a good sport for a puppy that loves to climb?
  143. Flyball "class", and a web site
  144. long jumps with the dawg
  145. Weight pull and flyball
  146. Speeding him Up?
  147. Calling all hikers! Need advice.
  148. Tournament this Weekend is going to be CHAOS.
  149. Running: Too Much Too Soon?
  150. Flyball Regional Champions (Brag!)
  151. Another flyball question....
  152. Trick Dog Challenge 2013!
  153. Explain Your Sport
  154. Nervous!!
  155. GSD/Malinois Mix Dog sledding
  156. German shepherd sport
  157. Odin's first Box Turns
  158. Dock Diving
  159. Flyball problem...
  160. a good trainer in training....
  161. Weight Pull update
  162. Flyball Malinois- miniature?
  163. German shepherd sled dog?
  164. Interested in starting a GSD club in Ontario, Canada.
  165. Malinois Kerou and the dog cart
  166. Starting Nosework class next week
  167. Starting a non-pro sport group?
  168. How do I begin Nosework?
  169. Urban Mushing?
  170. Sooooo....no other dancing GSDs?
  171. Freestyle...anyone?
  172. Sporting Detection Dogs?
  173. Running with the dogs
  174. Working dog survey
  175. Push Board, day 1
  176. CanAm Classic 2012 Video
  177. FLYBALL: Very Upset & Looking for Advice
  178. Age for herding testing?
  179. Jaxon's first Dock Diving Experience!
  180. First dock diving experience
  181. Flyball people
  182. Running mileage and the breed standard
  183. Hunting/Flushing/Retrieving GSD's???
  184. Anyone seen this cool yahoo video?? Parkour (non gsd)
  185. Has anyone done an ORT with a dog-reactive dog?
  186. Walky Dogged Todayyy!!
  187. Stark needs something to do!
  188. Flyball/ Flygility- first trainingssteps with the box
  189. Kee search his toy
  190. Dock Diving
  191. easiest dog sport title...
  192. Ultimate Air Dogs titling vs UKC titles
  193. Hogan Dock Diving... NOT!
  194. Dock diving practice!
  195. Beginning Nosework- Update (with Video)
  196. Flyball -dog drives and getting started
  197. Beginning Nosework (With Video)
  198. Anybody doing Nosework?
  199. What a treat today
  200. Dock Jumping in Florida?
  201. do you do any stretch exercises before training?
  202. How many classes do you do a week with your GSD?
  203. Training time requirement for high level dog sports (including SchH)
  204. Flyball Ball Thrusters
  205. tennis Ball sport?
  206. Any frisbee dog people?
  207. Safe and unsafe sports
  208. Dock Diving training? New England
  209. On excercising older puppies
  210. Going carting this weekend
  211. anyone ever hear of doggy dancing?
  212. Looking for a job for my pup
  213. Anybody competing in Nosework?
  214. Lure coursing practice
  215. Texas K9 Team Classic
  216. Flyball - swimmer's turn - don't have a box
  217. Need a bit of Help with Ozzy regarding his Box (Flyball)
  218. First Tournament Today - Nervous/Excited!
  219. When do you Decide a Sport isn't right for your Dog?
  220. Skijoring 101 Clinic - Rochester, MN 01/28/12
  221. When was your Dog Entered in their First Tournament/Trial?
  222. Flyball Tournament Video
  223. Longieren with dogs
  224. PSA vs other sports.
  225. First and probably last time dock diving :)
  226. Run Dogs RUN! Lure Coursing Videos
  227. Fun Dog Activities
  228. Skijoring Training
  229. Pimg's competitive Dock Diving premiere (Splash Dogs)
  230. Dock diving... for real
  231. Treats for nosework?
  232. Tricks
  233. Flyball at Home?
  234. Lure coursing is a blast!!!
  235. Trieball
  236. Halo practicing box work-video
  237. Will nosework become an AKC event?
  238. Treibball
  239. Getting ready to start weight pulling
  240. Swimming Pics
  241. Flyball for everyone!
  242. What Is Your Favorite Dog Sport and Why?
  243. springpole : should i put the springpole higher?
  244. Help me write an article on Misc Dog Sports
  245. german shepherd springpole
  246. what should we do next??
  247. Competitive ...Frisbee?
  248. Parkour
  249. Pulling weight
  250. Starting Nosework soon