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Other Protection Sports

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  1. Mondio Nationals Highlight Video
  2. Crank is US Mondioring National Champion!
  3. Differences between PSA, French Ring and Mondio
  4. Crank Mondioring 3
  5. Fighting Burnout
  6. Lasso Bett Mondioring and Schutzhund Training
  7. Crank Mondioring 2 done
  8. First dq :)
  9. The Dakonic Girls
  10. First trial
  11. Crank Update
  12. New PSA Club in Miami
  13. Working working
  14. Getting ready for PDC
  15. New to the Sport
  16. Working to get my dog to be more serious
  17. Win some, lose some. We lost this time.
  18. A little fun at club (video)
  19. No more sleeve for D'jango
  20. Midwest PSA Help?
  21. KNPV Seminar
  22. PSA pup prospect
  23. First time
  24. Would there be conflicts in training for mondioring and french ring brevet together?
  25. More Summer fun
  26. Water Bites
  27. Crank is almost 3
  28. Areli vom T17
  29. Kimbers 2nd session back after puppies (video)
  30. SDA National Championship May 6,2017
  31. K9 hard dog contest highlights
  32. What draws you to your favorite protection sport?
  33. Bites into a moving car?
  34. She Flies!
  35. Your Favorite Seminars
  36. Protection trianing near Ventura CA
  37. Service Dogs of America (SDA) Eastern Regionals
  38. New to Protection Dogs
  39. Service Dogs of America (SDA) Wester Regionals
  40. SDA Alaska Seminar/Trial pictures and video
  41. Streaming 2016 United States Mondio Ring Association National Championships
  42. Training advice
  43. PSA Trial Dallas TX April 16-17-2016
  44. Some Trial Prep (video)
  45. Crank Crank Crank
  46. Ever heard of NADF sport
  47. Facility Rentals
  48. Okay totally excited to work with this guy!
  49. New PSA Club in Indianapolis, IN!
  50. Bitework Membership Fees
  51. Beginning Stages of Article Searches
  52. Team True Haus SDA trial April 29,30, 2016
  53. Southern California SDA Trial March 5, 2016
  54. Some fun suitwork with a SL
  55. Flashy sport dogs
  56. Has anyone else heard of this? USA version of KNPV?
  57. ccdl
  58. Who's in Reno and wants to work some dogs with me?
  59. psa obedience questions
  60. Canadians in Australia?
  61. I am interested in personal protection training, can someone answer 3 questions?
  62. Team True Haus SDA trial December 5, 2015
  63. West Coast KNPV Workshop
  64. I'm just going to leave this here...
  65. PSA clubs Southern California?
  66. SDA trial May 16, 2015 Fenton, MI
  67. Give away 8 year old Mal protection trained
  68. West Coast (California) PSA Decoy Camp
  69. Remote Positions
  70. Got Bite work? New PSA/Bite sport group in Nicolaus, CA
  71. New girl....
  72. Should dogs that show weakness/bad nerve, still earn the title?
  73. Newbie GoPro Protection footage
  74. River Bend Park Oroville, CA SDA Trial
  75. German Shepherds and Mondio Ring
  76. Hosting a trial at a park or fairgrounds?
  77. Just some OB and Protection of Kimber 15 months old
  78. Trial decoy work video
  79. Our FO video
  80. Any Protection groups in New Mexico?
  81. Video Collage
  82. What is your pre-trial field routine?
  83. First ever SDA Championship! Trophies and Cash prizes!
  84. East Coast SDA Trial
  85. November SDA Trial, Lancaster, CA
  86. Okay suit guys and girls, whats your favorite....
  87. My puppies worked well this weekend :) (video's)
  88. A little protection work
  89. October/November SDA Trials!!!
  90. K9 Pro Sports Int. Certification trial
  91. Team True Haus Fall 2014 SDA Trial
  92. Boise/SE Oregon Mondioring?
  93. K9-Unit at the fair-->left something to be desired
  94. Some puppy OB (video)
  95. Started a little control work with Kimber
  96. First time visiting a club training day
  97. Protection Sports in Phoenix, AZ
  98. Malinois Breeder for PSA dog
  99. The danger of video..
  100. Just a few pictures of the puppies training from today
  101. My theoretical new sport
  102. PSA/SDA or Mondio/French/KNVP near Denver?
  103. Milwaukee, WI SDA Trial July 5, 2014
  104. 4-26-14 SDA Trial pics
  105. Watchdog Title (WH) Still A Thing?
  106. Started Kimber in protection (video)
  107. Corrupting our IPO dogs
  108. Oklahoma Clubs
  109. Pattern, Pattern, Pattern, Pattern, Pattern....
  110. Looks like there are two decoys in this house :)
  111. 5 weeks until trial and I changed titles. Am I crazy?!
  112. Psa
  113. Sometimes being a decoy is a thankless job and sometimes....
  114. Northern California SDA Trial April 26, 2014
  115. Why does this dog do this?
  116. Differences
  117. SDA trial in NJ in the fall.
  118. Teach a re-bite or no?
  119. A little obedience work
  120. New PSA Club in Central Florida
  121. Training research suggestions.
  122. Some training pictures from this weekend
  123. Made the leap!
  124. Any Denver bite sport people want to play?
  125. Some of my decoy pictures from 2013
  126. Family Fun Day (Video)
  127. Kimbers firs day on the field
  128. Dogs get trial nerves to
  129. DWWDA SDA Trial pics
  130. Very Cool Sport!
  131. We did it!!!
  132. Just a few training pics
  133. ~~PSA Nationals 2013~~
  134. SDA Trial Pics :)
  135. Great Trial weekend!
  136. Competing against your significant other
  137. How do you know it's time to retire them?
  138. First Chicago PSA trial
  139. PSA West Regional Trial-- This Weekend!!
  140. Upcoming SDA Trials
  141. Knpv
  142. Please help me understand the difference between all of these:
  143. Green dogs in the states
  144. Bulvai Du Tuller Rett
  145. Multiple trials one day
  146. PSA vs. French Ring?
  147. How'd you Pick your Sport?
  148. Protection Sports = Broken Teeth?
  149. Awesome training day
  150. Kip's 1st Personal Protection Trial (pics)
  151. transfer from agility to protection sports - which one?
  152. Anyone do French Ring?
  153. Muzzle work.
  154. "You're an idiot!"
  155. "CCDL BST, CCDL OB, CCDL PPPD" What titles are these?
  156. Training today (video)
  157. My body hates me!
  158. breaks away during park?
  159. My dog doing some work a few months ago
  160. Pics of my GF Decoying
  161. PSA mock trial Dallas TX
  162. My GF wants to start decoying.
  163. Real deal no equipment, Civil scenario, K9PS, in Ark
  164. Thank you Arkansas
  165. A little suit work this morning
  166. K9Pro PP winner long send
  167. Simon Says added to K9Pro Sports Ark trial
  168. Transition from jute to nylon...
  169. Ark. K9Pro Sport certification/trial
  170. Fun, SUPER video -PSA
  171. Do you think a trial should be cancelled due to heat?
  172. Getting started: how?
  173. Recons first week in "protection" pics
  174. K9Pro certification trial
  175. Protection and family pet?
  176. SDA P1 trial video
  177. Bungee Lines?
  178. Competition bite suit = pain
  179. Trial Pics from Tue Haus SDA Trial 4-27-13
  180. ppd & leg bite, yay or nay
  181. Titled!
  182. Ring with a larger dog?
  183. Prey drive in a moving object.
  184. Our Protection Work Video
  185. SDA Long Bite
  186. What is it about PSA...?
  187. Weak bite
  188. Ringsport without a club?
  189. finally got my dog biting in prey - please critique grip and drive
  190. Self Preservation
  191. Next K9Pro certification
  192. breaking in a totally green decoy - vid
  193. My Ringsport Prospect
  194. Training pics
  195. Going to a PSA decoy camp next weekend
  196. The first US K9Pro certification of 2013
  197. What is your prefered training style?
  198. how to stimulate this part of the board??
  199. WINDSOR, ON or surrounding areas (including the US)
  200. I got laid out
  201. trying to get a read on my dog - advice appreciatted
  202. some fun stuff + first long bite
  203. Rough training week and starting to think the unthinkable
  204. Choice of protection sport - Newbie question.
  205. Doing 2 sports?
  206. what a difference a decoy makes
  207. Tell me about Mondioring...
  208. Duke tries the bite suit!
  209. PSA Nationals 2012
  210. Dallas Tx PSA trial
  211. Colorado PSA or Ring Sport?
  212. Gnash and car jackers don't mix
  213. PSA Clubs In Or Around Pitt. PA?
  214. PSA in southern Michigan? Any clubs?
  215. Our PSA Trial Results
  216. PSA Trial - Dec 1&2 in DFW....anyone going??
  217. Gnash tries out PSA
  218. outstanding KNPV dogs - results of the Dutch Nationals
  219. Jerry Lee Personal Protection Brawl
  220. Protection training question
  221. Psa
  222. Are there ANY decent trainers/clubs in Ohio?
  223. Introduction to Protection Sports Association
  224. Jerry Lee carjack photos
  225. Chicago Dog Sports Festival-Labor day weekend
  226. PSA Training
  227. Anyone have experience with Team True Haus SDA club?
  228. Pure Performance & security dog seminar
  229. Rockstar Puppy!!
  230. Cross Training!
  231. Bruks Highlights
  232. Maine Winter PSA Trial
  233. All your K9 Pro Sports questions answered
  234. PSA Pics-
  235. Is K9 Pro Sports a good organization?
  236. Can a working dog be a good house dog?
  237. Question on gun shot reaction
  238. German Shepherd French Ring Video
  239. First day at the club - Very cool!!
  240. Snap snap, chomp chomp!!! Your thoughts on raising a working dog.
  241. Wow!!! What a 180!! No more "No's" did it.
  242. Does psa exist in canada?
  243. Do working GSDs "have" to engage in protection sports or schutzhund?
  244. West Coast PSA Decoy Camp and Certification Weekend!
  245. Bite development for Mutz
  246. Update on Wolf's PSA training
  247. agitation collar vs. harness
  248. PSA Seminar-Houston area
  249. Sda?
  250. Ringsport clubs near New York