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  23. First trial!
  24. Agility Foundation Trainining
  25. trying to start Agility any tips?
  26. 4th GSD WC
  27. Wile E's first trial!!
  28. Spring Agility Training
  29. Westminster Agility on TV tonight
  30. Aroual/Impulse Control
  31. I'm I too late?
  32. First Blue Ribbon!
  33. Agility Question
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  35. 19 weeks old, too early to start?
  36. Agility at the National
  37. Julius K9 IDC harness
  38. First day of agility - for both of us
  39. Weaves & Teeters
  40. DIY Emmco style peanut holders
  41. DIY TipAssist for Teeter Training
  42. Etiquette for Taking Pup to Trials?
  43. Simba won't weave
  44. So we started agility.
  45. Beginner's Agility; where to begin?
  46. Those dag weaves arrrggghhh!!!
  47. Getting Started: Where to buy/what to buy equipment (Canada)
  48. Running dogwalk with box method?
  49. Jump drill suggestions for advanced beginner?
  50. Anyone recognize the owner
  51. Bars!
  52. Getting back to agility after an operation
  53. Rain's agility
  54. 3rd WC for GSD
  55. Which organization is better? (Canada titles?)
  56. New Title!!!!
  57. Cat agility!
  58. Odin at the UKI Fall Cup
  59. New GSD in the house
  60. Tuck sit as foundation for proper jumping
  61. Feeling very discouraged...
  62. Is he ready to start an agility class?
  63. Anyone know what's happening at the GSDCA agility ?
  64. Second & Third Run
  65. Agilty
  66. Starting Beginner's Agility!!
  67. GSDCA Nationals - Agility
  68. DOCNA nationals
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  71. A little puppy teeter
  72. Flooring
  73. GSDs vs the BCs
  74. First Agility Run! (video)
  75. 2014 World Agility Championships
  76. Slow Motion Agility: Pimg
  77. A few photos from our recent trial
  78. Jag gets 2Q
  79. PDCH Solstice!!
  80. stretching / conditioning
  81. Calming down and focusing during runs
  82. GoPro agility footage
  83. Weave pole and teeter training
  84. Recallers 5
  85. Good Luck to those at CPE Nationals
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  87. Mayhem's First USDAA Trial. Starters Q.
  88. Jerry Lee's 1st USDAA trial
  89. Weaves for a 15 month old?
  90. 18 week beginning agility
  91. Agility for fun?
  92. Not a "sport prospect"?
  93. Cover of Clean Run
  94. Mulch as an agility surface?
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  97. Handler Sensitive Dog & Agility
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  106. Pre-Agility
  107. AKC FAST class questions
  108. Agility Classes in Pensacola Florida?
  109. Enzo's MX and MXJ
  110. Recommendations for AGILITY classes near Palm City, FL ?
  111. Puppy 'agility': What should we be working on ?
  112. Opinions re: class expectations?
  113. How high should I jump teddy?
  114. does my grandparents dog like agility
  115. can my dog do the A-frame if his growth plates arn't closed
  116. how do i check if my dog's growth plates are closed
  117. Agility is sure changing!
  118. Odin moves up to Masters!
  119. A boy and his dog agility video (if you just love dogs you need to watch)
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  123. Cynosport 2013 Masters Challenge practice
  124. Odin Agility update
  125. AKC Agility rules
  126. GSDCA Agility Nationals 2013 in NJ
  127. So we fix one thing
  128. New to agility, looking for some info!
  129. Running Teeter
  130. First time in advanced gamblers
  131. Rather awesome agility video!
  132. Stretching and Strengthening
  133. AAC team run from this weekend
  134. puppy agility video
  135. Starting agility again...for the 100th time
  136. 2x2 with a low jump---playing in the yard
  137. Calling Marisa- Where's Tang??
  138. Solstice made it to PIII!
  139. bridges & teeter totter - no like
  140. Home made equipment and trying it out (video)
  141. Solstice and Ryker recent trials
  142. Schutzhund to Agility Transition
  143. Stick in the ground poles
  144. Jackpot adv snooker 26" Q AAC trial
  145. Odin is a rockstar at 22"
  146. Jinks does sequencing- or something like that
  147. Running a-frame and weave pole training
  148. What are some necessary obedience a dog needs for agility
  149. weekend with my girl
  150. tunnel
  151. Single step weave training
  152. Riley and I went to our first agility class today, and...(w/Stacey Hawk)
  153. AAC Regionals
  154. Solstice finished her Novice titles this weekend (video)
  155. Agility update on my dogs
  156. Jackpots second trial
  157. Agility-None GSD
  158. Workout with my GSD?
  159. Agility seminar videos... Learning those new handling moves
  160. 24 Weave poles
  161. puppy agility - reigning in the puppy energy
  162. Pimg runs first Masters Challenge courses- USDAA
  163. Calling BoTaBe! Agility video
  164. Agility seminar video
  165. tracking points
  166. Dog Agility Research - The Results of the Exercise Study
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  168. Mecklenburg Jump Foundations Parts 1.2 and 1.3
  169. Share your focus skills with agility distractions!!!!
  170. Mecklenburg Jump Foundations Part 1.1
  171. Huge Brag for my 9 yr old Bretta Lee
  172. Odin agility trial videos
  173. BrettaLee & GloryB's agility runs (video)
  174. buying equipment
  175. Jerry Lee earned his first Exc JWW Q
  176. Some video from Jackpot's first trial A.A.C
  177. Calling out MaggieRoseLee
  178. A few of Odin's runs from today
  179. starting formal stuff - please critique
  180. How to get started with agility?
  181. Jackpot 18months agility seminar
  182. Nadac Chances video
  183. WAO Agility Fundraiser Trials
  184. What a great commentary & comparison between 2 dogs and the same course
  185. Agility Class Video
  186. GSD Mix WINS AKC Agility Nationals in 24"
  187. Agility Blog with discussion about 'Internationalization' on the sport
  188. What's International? International Two Jump Drills
  189. I will never complain about not being able to run with my dog again
  190. Silvia Trkman's best DVD yet?
  191. Agility runs from this weekend!
  192. Excellent C coming to AKC agility
  193. Agility trial video- CPE Level 3
  194. Should I...?
  195. AKC breakaway tire approved
  196. Over and over what I say about training agility..(weaving)
  197. Agility Trial Videos
  198. Recallers - worthwhile?
  199. Wobble board lunch (video)
  200. Agility World Championship bloopers
  201. Daisy Peel video
  202. jackpot after 1 week of training weaves
  203. Considering a change of sport...
  204. Wildo and Pimg are famous!
  205. Jaakko turn vs Ketschker turn
  206. More time? Or time to give up?
  207. Is the dog walk and teeter safe?
  208. Lisa Frick- what a show off...
  209. Foundations and Firsts
  210. Practicing backside jumps and 270s
  211. Manners Minder ?
  212. Agility University
  213. Snow tire?
  214. Agility Christmas Presents?
  215. This might be a dumb question..
  216. These are probably silly questions...
  217. Getting Back to Agility - small brag
  218. Agility Pictures (& a question about weave poles)
  219. How do i know whats right for my dog? (sports)
  220. For those who follow Susan Garrett, scary time for Encore :(
  221. Agility Brag: Your best "Yards per Second" time!
  222. Odin's first AAC trial (video!)
  223. 2o2o- what do you call it?
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  225. AgilityNerd "Challenging" Course
  226. Thinking about this
  227. Hey Willy/Wildo get ready to be jealous...
  228. Fast weaving! Thanks channel weaves!
  229. Knocking bars. What do you do?
  230. How far do you travel to go to trial
  231. DIY Agility Breakaway Tire
  232. 2012 WAO Tryouts- Jumpers Opening
  233. training 2x2 weaves
  234. brand new to agility
  235. Class tonight, with video
  236. Classes & that puppy brain.......
  237. Getting started in agility
  238. Distance work
  239. Pimg's first ketschker- more blind cross drills
  240. Bentleys first Q =)
  241. Running Contacts Progress (non-GSD)
  242. Could use some help with contacts!!!
  243. Agility in the rain- hard!!
  244. Back in the game...
  245. Timing of Agility Cues
  246. Question about jump height
  247. Anyone try latest AgilityNerd for small spaces?
  248. Crate grumbles at shows.....
  249. DSH Cup, Thalfang Germany Nov 16-18
  250. training collars and agility