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Rescue, Foster & Adoption Information (General)

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  1. Hoarder Case Rescue. I was a fool. Need advice.
  2. Typical for rescues to want dogs already in your household speutered?
  3. Carolina Rescuers: What do you need?
  4. Nervous to adopt adult
  5. Just adopted 15 month mix
  6. Purchasing Older Dog
  7. Worried
  8. Need help deciding New member
  9. Looking for rescue in NE Arizona
  10. Just adopted 10 month old
  11. Anyone looking for GSD in NE Indiana area?
  12. Fosters Needed (Maryland)
  13. Just rescued GSD from the streets of Katmandu: Questions!
  14. introducing new dog
  15. Hurricane Harvey -- What's going on with sheltering?
  16. Louisiana Rescue, HW+, scared, not potty trained (?)
  17. Looking for Older Female Shepherd - Ontario, Canada
  18. VGSR's third charity run video - Lots of GSDs
  19. Rescuing an adult GSD
  20. Just venting, but where do they find these people?
  21. Please help with possible GSD adoption
  22. Malinois rescue recommendations please
  23. Arctic German Shepherd Rescue (Alaska)
  24. Retired MWD
  25. Can't Hit Send on the Rescue Application...
  26. First-time GSD owners getting dog from bad situation
  27. It's with a heavy heart
  28. Rescue Resources: Corporate Brand Support for 501(c)(3) orgs!
  29. Why is the GSD a bad choice for 1st time owners?
  30. Our rescue
  31. Experiences of an abused rescue dog
  32. Check out VGSR's snow dogs
  33. Considering adopting in the near future
  34. Rescue Counselor exposed my family to Parvo with no warning!
  35. Soon to be new foster mom, who wants some opinions!!
  36. What to do? New foster's owner is dying
  37. Quincy (continuation of my acquiring a washout thread)
  38. Not sure what to do
  39. Expecting to bring home a 6 yr. old rescue next week!
  40. Sight unseen rescue?
  41. Looking for advice/tips on bringing new dog to our home that has a dog..Asap.
  42. German Shepherd friendly apartmental rentals
  43. Rescue Fund-Raising: What works?
  44. Torn, to accept or decline
  45. Found Dogs - Options?
  46. Frustrated with people who can't care for their dogs
  47. So check these plans out!
  48. 9 month old male--socialization?
  49. Got them home. Now what? (UPDATE)
  50. Got them home. Now what?
  51. Does my GSD need a buddy?
  52. Guessing puppy age based on teeth and other physical attributes
  53. Senior GSD Rescued From a Shelter
  54. Good looking rescue dogs
  55. urgent Advice please, Follow up on Kiara
  56. Has Anyone Heard of Randy's Rescue in AL?
  57. Help Bad news Everyone
  58. Thoughts about adoption procedures?
  59. JoJo's story
  60. Advice on getting a new dog.
  61. GSD urgent foster care needed (moved to rescue section)
  62. Looking to adopt this guy. Pure bred?
  63. Best sites to search?
  64. Fostering with a puppy?
  65. Craigslist question (not puppies!)
  66. Adopted male GSD
  67. You just can't predict!!!
  68. The rescue application
  69. Have to give up my baby girl
  70. Visit to local Humane Society was surprising
  71. Rescues: can a retired PPD be placed in a pet home?
  72. Why won't a rescue place a spayed female into my home with in tact males?
  73. Fosters needed in Texas!
  74. Holiday Update Photos from Rescue Adopters (slideshows)
  75. This is so hard
  76. GSD No. 2: Rogan!
  77. Preparing for GSD No. 2!
  78. Questions for those who foster
  79. Abandoned GSD family help please.
  80. German Shepherd Rescue Network of Ontario
  81. Coastal GSD Rescue CA
  82. Things I have learned.....
  83. First rescue and first GSD
  84. Looking for advice with my first GSD rescue
  85. Great way to end a vacation!
  86. shelter/rescue fundraising apps - "ResQwalk" and "WalkforaDog"
  87. Any rescues in North Carolina for GSDs?
  88. Questions for the foster parents
  89. Breed Rescue OR "The Pound"?
  90. Commercial transport by air (rescue) - need advice
  91. Breeders involvement of shelters and rescue organizations
  92. Adopting from shelter - tips for evaluating dog?
  93. Rejected but feel belittled
  94. First day volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society. I almost cried.
  95. Rejected by Rescue - AGAIN :( Why????
  96. Foster and Cats
  97. possible effects of dog parks on shelter dogs
  98. Marketing Foster Dogs
  99. Found a dog I would like to rescue
  100. New Foster with Kennel Cough
  101. Rescue Volunteering
  102. Rescue tips (moved from Chat)
  103. Should I try to foster this dog?
  104. Military/police dog adoption
  105. 2 year old German Shepherd.
  106. Adopting 4 Year Old GSD Male
  107. WWYD? Worried about dogs w/ particular rescue
  108. Desperately need of help!!!! DC area dog respite needed
  109. Frustrated with GSD Rescue - SAD STORY :(
  110. Welcoming new GSD (2 yr old rescue) to family
  111. Is this dog even half GSD?
  112. Brokenhearted but in need of a rescue
  113. LONG story over bad rescue experiance. (moved from chat)
  114. 1st GSD rescue!
  115. should i return my rescue?
  116. Irritated
  117. Thinking about a rescue this year but hesitant...
  118. Rehoming two female dogs into a one female home....glup*
  119. Have to rehome almost 10 month old
  120. Iowa/Border States Rescues
  121. ISO: young female
  122. Anyone assist in rescuing GSD's from Puppymills?
  123. Thoughts of Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR)?
  124. Adoption Quesitons (moved to General Rescue)
  125. Advice on adopting a sheltered GSD?? (moved to gen rescue)
  126. Setteling in time?
  127. Posting Home(GSD) Available?
  128. Bonding with my resuce (moved to general rescue)
  129. Question for Georgia GSD rescuers...
  130. My first foster....
  131. Adopting from outside US
  132. Rescue with an ear tattoo
  133. How do you tactfully offer to revamp a website?
  134. "Green fosters" and their expectations
  135. Value of a one-year-old
  136. Adopting a Black female shepherd
  137. Does Anyone Foster 'Project Dogs?
  138. Fostering, again?
  139. GSD rescues in Ontario?
  140. Female, 5 yr old, NH.
  141. Rescue health/hips
  142. VGSR 2013 Reunion Video/photos
  143. I adopted a second GSD today
  144. wolf hybrids on petfinder?
  145. Retroactive adoption contract--please advise
  146. Adopting A 4 Year Old Female
  147. Malnourished and thin rescue. Advice??
  148. Adoption Info For Military Vet
  149. Looking for reputable rescues that will ship dogs if necessary
  150. Rescues GSD
  151. Looking for a new addition to the family
  152. East Tennessee gsd looking for a new home ASAP!
  153. Do you believe adopters should be told GSDs are different?
  154. *rant* why do so many dismiss contacting the breeder.
  155. Looking for tips for rescue, eval, etc.
  156. Considering RE-homing my 11mo old. MICHIGAN
  157. First Time Foster HELP!!!
  158. Considering taking in a foster dog... advice?
  159. Opinion of this dog
  160. Whats a reasonable adoption fee?
  161. gatorbytes
  162. What to expect from rescue agencies?
  163. So where are the solutions?
  164. Looking For Dog To Foster- Orange County, CA
  165. HOUSTON- Temporary Home Needed for 2 German Shepherds
  166. Need a TEMPORARY home for my dog, running out of time
  167. San Bernardino, CA Devore animal shelter
  168. Evaluating a Rescue for Adoption Today
  169. Medical-needs fostering
  170. Adopting a rescue puppy or young adult?
  171. Question about fostering with a rescue with non-profit status
  172. Cant volunteer at more than one rescue???
  173. If you started (or run) a GSD rescue....
  174. URGENT: Grants Pass Oregon
  175. What should I do with this dog?
  176. Tell me about the teenage stage
  177. REHOMING GSD with eye problems
  178. Question on German Shep at Missouri Dog Auction May 18, 2013
  179. (Duplicate) GSD or no?
  180. Need some happy thoughts
  181. Adopting a Retired MWD
  182. The two week shutdown
  183. Looking for a German Shepherd to adopt in Maryland
  184. Rescued dog; owner doesn't want; apartment doesn't allow
  185. Help in California! Looking for a pup to adopt.
  186. Help me in California !
  187. Article: Are Dog Rescue Groups Too Picky?
  188. Not sure where to turn
  189. Rescue Works!
  190. Rescue Center Questions
  191. Acceptable to foster?
  192. Adopting an adult GSD.
  193. Home check
  194. Could this potentially risk my adoption process?
  195. Steps to finding a lost dog or owner
  196. Rescue health concerns
  197. How long do you continue to look for the owners?
  198. Want a puppy but you can't have another dog? (Caution: Photos)
  199. In process of adopting a rescue GSD with bad past
  200. Things to keep in mind while fostering??
  201. Looking for a used cart for an 80 lbs GSD
  202. Sixth Angel Rescue Marcus Hook- Dogs Seized by SPCA
  203. My problem with rescues
  204. done did it - rescue volunteering
  205. New Jersey, Delaware Area - Looking for a Young GSD
  206. San Diego: Looking for 1.5 yrs plus mellow female GSD
  207. So frustrated... please advise
  208. Purebred GSD Rescues in Illinois?
  209. 2 Days into the shutdown and seeking opinions...
  210. Wanting to volunteer in rescue or shelters
  211. Fostering Sick Dogs: kennel cough
  212. adopting retired police dog
  213. No more Chip-In as of March 7 other services????
  214. Placed my first foster today!
  215. Way's to bond
  216. New Rescue with Tatto'd Ear
  217. Seeking opinion on rescuing 2 year old female GSD
  218. Think my foster found a home!
  219. Adopting a dog in Rural WA/OR?
  220. For experienced rescuers: do you give adopters AKC papers, if you have them?
  221. Best way to introduce
  222. Micro Chip Question
  223. Is this a good policy for rescues/shelters?
  224. Required Fencing
  225. Evaluating Shelter GSD?
  226. looking for a German Shepard
  227. Getting our foster this week
  228. Iíve given up on trying to rescue a GSD
  229. Rescue available to pull in CO..
  230. How do you know rescue is legit?
  231. Reputable GSD rescues who pull from shelters in the South?
  232. Adoption question
  233. Suggesting Food To Dog's New Family-Drawing The Line?
  234. Free til tmw 12/9 Therapeutic Music for Dogs
  235. Patricia McConnell Rescue Dogs Webinar
  236. Considering a GSD from Rescue
  237. Looking for GSD female
  238. Recently adopted GSD potty issues (1 yr/o)
  239. Recently found lost GSD... Need Help!
  240. Foster needed in Long Island, NY area
  241. Sables in Rescues
  242. Need help rescuing preg GSD sched pts 11/2
  243. Rescuing from individuals?
  244. DogsInDanger.Com Do You Think It Encourages Impulse Adoptions?
  245. Trying to adopt from a rescue & frustrated
  246. Looking to give a GSD a good home
  247. Fostering a Blind Pup
  248. Ode to Tucker ( I LOVE YOU! )
  249. Queenie from Baltiimore County Animal Control
  250. Tucker Saga Cont, the search begins. (How to properly rehome?)