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  1. Most Intimidating GSD Color
  2. How many brush GSDs teeth?
  3. Does your dog sleep with you
  4. Elevated bed for the German shepherd. Yes or no?
  5. POLL: January Book Discussion (Vote by 12/31)
  6. Snow Boots?
  7. Does Your GSD Bark?
  8. Do you take to Dog Groomer or do yourself?
  9. Microchipped
  10. ears , down, what is going on
  11. TPLO Versus Tightrope
  12. For Multiple Dog Households, Preferred Age Gap?
  13. Do you wrestle with your GSD?
  14. What Pet Insurance do you use?
  15. How many pets are your limit?
  16. mistreated pets
  17. Check your GSD's toes now...are they webbed?
  18. Does your GSD like to swim?
  19. IPO and Working Dog Training Yay or Nay?
  20. Which Kibble do you prefer/use?
  21. How many dogs have a purpose?
  22. Poll Results for "Is Your GSD Healthy?"
  23. Is your GSD healthy?
  24. Poll on Common Hereditary Diseases in GSD's
  25. Stuck on a name...
  26. HELP! What should we name our pup?
  27. Prong small 2.25 vs medium 3.0
  28. TOTW vs Fromm Gold LBP
  29. Do You Baby Talk to Your Dogs?
  30. Arrangements in the Event of your Death?
  31. Does anyone else's dog actually sleep on them?
  32. Attention RAW Feeders
  33. How many go insane and buy your puppy everything?
  34. Puppy Names
  35. Potty Training... Bell/no bell/another method
  36. Your beloved German shepherd color consensus
  37. Your beloved German shepherd color consensus
  38. Do you share food with your dog?
  39. How many "names" does your dog respond to/do you call your dog?
  40. Do you let your dog sleep on your bed?
  41. Dry skin remedies!?
  42. Weirdest place you've found hair?
  43. Does your dog have SchH titles?
  44. Weight
  45. How long are your dogs in their crates during the day?
  46. Male or female: Which sex do I get
  47. Husband VS Wife (Car)
  48. Poll to help with registered name
  49. Emergency Evacuation Plan?
  50. Spencer or Klaus?
  51. Adopted GSD
  52. Poll: Puppy Names
  53. Indoor or Outdoor?
  54. How Does Your GSD Act With Strangers?
  55. How Is Your GSD With Strangers?
  56. What Color Is Your GSD('s)?
  57. Did You Buy Your GSD As A Puppy Or Did You Adopt?
  58. Has Your GSD Ever Attacked Someone?
  59. What do you use for fleas/tickets/HW?
  60. What do you use for fleas/tickets/HW?
  61. How often do YOU scoop?
  62. How often are you on this website?
  63. What color is your favorite?
  64. To spay before or after??
  65. Survey from CA about finding dog friendly housing
  66. Within the LAST 10 years, have you lost a GSD to Hemangiosarcoma?
  67. plastic travel type kennel or wired type crate/kennel???
  68. Do You Walk Your Dog In The Cold And Snow?
  69. Do you
  70. Fear Aggression.. Do you believe you can totally change or is it mainly management?
  71. Does you dog need to play with other dogs to be fulfilled?
  72. Does Your Dog 'Mingle' With Guests You Have Over?
  73. Whither height of your GSD male adult?
  74. Do You Think Aggressive Dogs Can Be Rehabbed?
  75. Is Your GSD Good With Other Dogs?
  76. What is the number of dogs on this forum with issues of some kind
  77. Name for female longcoat
  78. Tell me what your think
  79. Dog dog GOOSE!
  80. HELP! Final Round!
  81. Poll
  82. New Puppy Name?
  83. Male name for red and black!
  84. Which breed for first time dog owner?
  85. Names??
  86. Inside vs Outside dog for Me?
  87. Female Names!!
  88. What is the best joint supplement?
  89. Spay/Neuter, Leave Untouched, Breed then Spay/Neuter
  90. Kill Shelters: Useful, Not Useful, Needed, Cruel
  91. Dog Names!
  92. Inside Or Outside?
  93. Is it a bad idea for someone with Depression to own a dog or any other animal?
  94. Does Your Dog Wear Tags Or Are They Chipped
  95. Do You Expect Your Dog To Accept Certain Behaviors From Kids?
  96. Would you use a site dedicated to selling GS supplies and accessories?
  97. Do you have a Beware of Dog sign posted?
  98. Dogs At Festivals/Summer Events
  99. Police or Note?
  100. What Flea / Tick Meds do you use?
  101. Do you play rough with your dog?
  102. Did your dog have it's dew claws removed?
  103. Do You Think Any Dog Can Do Well In Apartments?
  104. Do You Let Your Dogs Play Inside?
  105. Where did your reactive dog come from?
  106. What would you do if you hit a dog?
  107. What bloodline is your GSD
  108. wich season is your faourite for taking your fury friend out
  109. what is the best games to play to bond with yr dog
  110. How much??
  111. Does Having A Dog Make You More Active?
  112. Do you feel guilty for leaving your dog at home?
  113. Do You Tip Your 'Dog People'?
  114. Is Your GSD A Groaner?
  115. Is one of the reasons you have dogs is because you don't have kids or feel lonely?
  116. medication and vacation what would you do?
  117. Is your GSD a tail-wagger?
  118. Do You Think Homeless People Should Be Allowed To Have Dogs?
  119. Would you eat your own dog if you were dying of hunger?
  120. Which GSD do you feel is more affectionate, males or females?
  121. Which one do you think is more affectionate, male GSD's or female GSD's?
  122. Is Your Dog A Licker?
  123. Inside, Outside, or Both
  124. Animal abuse..Felony?
  125. At what age should you expect your GSD to protect you?
  126. Do You Think Professional Trainers Should Offer Their Services To Rescues For Free?
  127. Dog's favorite music?
  128. How Much Do You Spend On Dog Food?
  129. Bully sticks smell like....
  130. gluing or taping ears
  131. How often does your companion(s) accompany you out the house?
  132. Do You Have A Velcro Dog
  133. genetic markings
  134. Names Thinking Ahead
  135. okay, need help with names!!!
  136. How Many Times A Day Do You Feed Your Dogs?
  137. Do you prefer saddle back markings or the blanket markings for a german shepherd?
  138. Whats your favorite coat color on a German Shepherd?
  139. Same Adoption Procedures For Friends/Family?
  140. Ceaser millan vs Victoria stilwell? Duplicate
  141. Would You Allow ALL DOG BREEDS?
  142. Bes - 10 months Total Hip Replacement
  143. Do you make your dog do something for his medicine treat?
  144. Massaging Puppy Ears... Yes or No?
  145. Puppies Or Adult Dogs?
  146. Can you watch Animal cops
  147. Mental Vs Physical Exercise
  148. How fast do your dog(s) eat?
  149. Drinking problem?
  150. Shelter Dogs- What Is Your Attachment Level?
  151. Need Name Opinions (non GSD)
  152. Do you like German Shepherds?
  153. Do you have any other pets?
  154. Which is your favorite?
  155. Rawhide bones
  156. What is your prefered age difference?
  157. Are you sick of Pit threads?
  158. Do You Carry Protection Against Dog Attack?
  159. Do you own a fearful, nervous, or skittish German Shepherd
  160. Which would you choose???
  161. Do you "license" your dogs?
  162. How far are you from your breeder?
  163. how would you react?
  164. Do you wait until the second round of shots...
  165. OFA Radiographs - what did you pay?
  166. Who leaves the tv on for your fur babies?
  167. Do you think a tax credit is a good idea for landlords that allow pets?
  168. Mandatory Spay and Neutering
  169. When your dog(or other animal) starts running in sleep do you...
  170. Where do you buy your pet food?
  171. The Price of a German Shepherd
  172. Which is better: 4 foot or 6 foot leashes?
  173. Is it better to start with a puppy or a trained dog?
  174. Do you take "Beware of Dog" signs serious?
  175. Okay to tie dog outside?
  176. Would you get another puppy from wherever you got your first GSD from?
  177. Does your GSD prefer to be inside or outside?
  178. Field trip to high kill shelters
  179. Field trips to high kill shelters
  180. Do you think an untrained GSD will protect you?
  181. When do you get a Shepherd Puppy
  182. What Type of Aggression is Least Acceptable?
  183. Tug toys, yes or no?
  184. What to do with Boots?
  185. Have You Ever Had A Dog Fight Between Your Dogs?
  186. Why do people treat their dogs if they were their kids?
  187. Puppy teeth. When were your puppy teeth gone?
  188. Would you buy a pup you liked from a breeder you didn't?
  189. Would/did you bring your dog to your wedding?
  190. Showing/Working/Breeding/Pets
  191. What is your (your dogs) favorite tug material?
  192. I Want To Know Your Opinion!
  193. Boarding kennel- cage free or not?
  194. Would you want to know?
  195. Would You Sell Your Dog, If The Price Was Right?
  196. Training poll
  197. Leave out or crate?
  198. Do you tie your dogs up and leave him or her outside?
  199. Do you ever regret getting a second dog?
  200. If your dog was a person, would you be friends with it?
  201. Long hair or short hair
  202. Free Feeding - Yes or No?
  203. How many dogs live in your house?
  204. When Do You Spay/Neuter or Do You Not Spay/Neuter?
  205. Does your German Shepherd have allergies?
  206. Are you active in dog sports?
  207. Who goes bike riding with their dogs?
  208. Does your dog work or is he/she strictly a pet?
  209. What Kind of GSD Do you Have?
  210. How often do you wash your dog's water bowl?
  211. Would you Fundraise for your pet?
  212. Does Your Dog Have Aggression Issues?
  213. Which One Is Better?
  214. Where do your dogs sleep?
  215. What are you doing with your dog?
  216. Helo with Doggle frame colour
  217. Does it matter to you?....
  218. What is your life worth to you?
  219. Cesar Millan thoughts on Michael Vick
  220. Bratty or serious?
  221. Puppy-Yes or No??
  222. Are you a Mommy or Daddy to your dog?
  223. Does your GSD like water?
  224. The "Family Dinner" question.
  225. Breed Standard (Yes or No)
  226. Other than GSD, your favorite breed of dog?
  227. would you buy from your breeder again?
  228. Size versus Longevity
  229. Do you take your dog to a dog park?
  230. Do you prefer a high drive puppy...or one more laid back?
  231. Where do you put your money?
  232. Black. What is he? DDR, West German working, Czech, mixture, etc...?
  233. Need Help Picking A Name
  234. Do you keep in contact with your breeder after purchase?
  235. what cute quirks does your dog have
  236. What Do U Prefer: Short of Long-Haired GSDs?
  237. Does your vet permit you to stay with your dog while he is being treated?
  238. I need help with names
  239. Do you let your GSD on your couch??
  240. compare scenarios and opinion of what the outcome should be.
  241. Spaying Indra
  242. Help me choose (again)!
  243. Feelings and emotions
  244. Types Of Dog Treats
  245. Car Chaser
  246. Is it safe to let your dog eat a knuckle bone?
  247. Injury/Disease - choose all that apply
  248. Do you use "family" words with your dogs?
  249. what does your dog fear?
  250. NILIF Poll