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Take a Poll

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  1. going DOWN
  2. Who holds the chew bone?
  3. "OH, he looks just like my GS"
  4. How many of your posts are DOG related?
  5. workingline or showline
  6. Car Rides and Junk Food
  7. if your dog was in a movie
  8. Emergency water anyone?
  9. Dumbest Comment
  10. what are paying in gas prices??
  11. what breed do u love but would not own?
  12. Is your GS a sexist?
  13. wouldn't do it again
  14. Whats your PUREBRED GSD "mixed" with?
  15. Hot or Cold!
  16. color of your gsd
  17. When did you notice your GSD becoming protective?
  18. How often should a person excersize their GSD?
  19. Input on New/Used Car
  20. Age, Weight, Health, Photo
  21. How affectionate/close to you is your dog
  22. How does your GSD drink?
  23. What is your favorite website to buy dog gear from
  24. Docking and cropping
  25. How'd you describe your relationship w/ your GSD
  26. House/Yard size vs # GSDs
  27. Safe zone
  28. How much snow did youy get?
  29. What is your favorite dog shampoo/cond and why?
  30. Where are you from?
  31. What breeds do you dislike?
  32. Which of the top ten.....
  33. what IS the best name for a GS?
  34. What's your preference?
  35. Silly non-GSD Poll
  36. Do you always want more GSDs?
  37. For German ppl here
  38. need scary names for female pups
  39. Do you have a poop eater too?!
  40. Activities w/ more options!!!
  41. Activities
  42. Is it just me?
  44. Is your GSD a Herder?
  45. How many times have you....
  46. Spay and neuter question
  47. How Often Do You Bathe Your Dog?
  48. Where do you get your poultry
  49. Who cuts their nails??
  50. What's your favorite nickname for your dog/cat?
  51. Where Did You Get Your GSDs?
  52. Does you spouse/SO love dogs?
  53. Does your gsd sleep in a dog bed?
  54. what do you do when you see a gsd?
  55. Do you have a pure GSD?
  56. Favorite Dog Movie?
  57. What town/city were you born in?
  58. what are you feeding your dog
  59. Do you give your pets Heartworm Preventatives
  60. Do you vaccinate your dog/dogs?