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  1. Help naming my puppy
  2. Mutt Or A Purebred??
  3. Puppy food to adult food. When do you switch?
  4. Favorite GSD coat color?
  5. Favorite mix?
  6. Which (blood)line would you recommend?
  7. How do you think of your dog?
  8. What do you do with your pets remains after they cross the bridge?
  9. Which catagory does your dog fall into?
  10. What do you like better??
  11. Have Puppies??
  12. Feed Your Dog Human Food??
  13. Poll-Do You Dress Ur Dog?? -revised-
  14. Poll:Dog Treats
  15. Any Other Pets Besides A Dog?
  16. Lucy82's Poll: Male or Female Dog?
  17. What Do U Prefer: Big Or Small Dogs?
  18. Exercise, training & work...where do you fall?
  19. Have you ever?
  20. How long did it take you to obtain your first title?
  21. How far apart in age are your Dogs
  22. Longest Living Shepherd?
  23. If raw wasn't an option........
  24. How long have you been a member?
  25. Poll-Do You Dress Ur Dog??
  26. Allow photo alterations in monthly contests?
  27. Raw, Cooked, OR store bought?
  28. His dog or her dog?
  29. What training certificates does your dog have.
  30. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan...love him or hate him?
  31. Dakoda's Coloring? Any New Ideas??
  32. For or Against: Spaying/Neutering Your Children
  33. What is the coldest temperature you have ever experienced?
  34. Treats - what quality do you feed?
  35. Pet Insurance
  36. CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
  37. What commands does your dog know?
  38. What is your status?
  39. Would your dog survive in the wild?
  40. Favorite GSD Coat Color???
  41. For or Against: Cross breeding
  42. For or Against: Using physical punishment on dogs
  43. For or Against: Punishment or Roughness in Training
  44. Collar VS Harness
  45. Would you reccomend GSD for kids?
  46. Do you save your puppies milk teeth?
  47. Ever tasted, sampled, a piece of your dogs food?
  48. Rate My dog Food
  49. Please rate my choice of dog food!
  50. Leaving A Puppy/Dog Alone For More Than 16 Hours A Day?
  51. How Many Hours A Day Is Your Dog Left Alone?
  52. Licking?
  53. Do you believe dogs have souls?
  54. What registration does your GSD have?
  55. What dog food do you feed you GSD?
  56. How Many Times a day does you dog go #2
  57. For or Against: Raw Meat Feeding
  58. AKC Full/Limited Registration
  59. How many dogs do you have?
  60. For or Against: Spaying/Neutering
  61. What is the sex, height and weight of your GSD?
  62. If they were drowning - your dog or a stranger?
  63. Could you lift your dog in an emergency?
  64. How much did your puppy weigh
  65. Your dog and the vet
  66. What is your favorite GSD color and coat type?
  67. Do You Brush Your Dog's Teeth?
  68. Why Schutzhund?
  69. Obedience Competitors Poll
  70. Crazy feeding routines, NOT RAW!!
  71. Politics and religion
  72. How many are expecting 4th of July issues?
  73. If you had to choose between your dogs
  74. Breeder May Have Gotten My Puppy's Color Wrong?
  75. Importing
  76. does you gsd like cats?
  77. Opinion- Ruger's breeder a BYB or no?
  78. What country are you from?
  79. Female vs Male
  80. Do you practice car safety with your dogs?
  81. Is your dog(s) allowed on the couch?
  82. How much money do you spend on Gsd's a year
  83. Question about Water
  84. OK. another who is your favoite question.
  85. How did you find out about this board?
  86. Do you use a clicker when training?
  87. Who is your favorite ???
  88. Final Vote Please! For Ruger's registered name!
  89. Nail trimming time
  90. Collars
  91. What is your Dog's favorite toy...
  92. Why did you look for and find this site?
  93. Do your dogs have a bedtime routine?
  94. Vet visits in 2009?
  95. 2010
  96. Which leather color do you prefer for collars?
  97. I found a GSD on craigslist. 5 Year old Female--??
  98. GripWork?
  99. Bonding in a multi-dog household
  100. what kind of dog do people think your GSD is?
  101. What do you adore about your dogs?
  102. What do your dogs know?
  103. Poll for those who work their dog(s)
  104. Does your Dog like meat....
  105. Do you make up songs for your dog?
  106. Where will your gsd spend Thanksgiving?
  107. Which car would you choose?
  108. Are you mom and dad to your dogs?
  109. do female dogs bark more than male dogs?
  110. Which "registered" name do you like best?
  111. What to use for grooming?
  112. Does the wind make your dog crazy?
  113. Hiking - off or on leash
  114. Favorite Name??
  115. Privacy Trees Vs. Shrubs -- what would you do?
  116. Does your dog sleep in your bed?
  117. Do you spay or nueter your dog?
  118. Homemade HW meds?
  119. What is He?
  120. Presents
  121. What is the most expensive thing....
  122. if the dog licked the dinner meat
  123. What is your GSD's favorite Toy?
  124. Does your dog stare at you?
  125. How many of you take your females???
  126. GSD Pure. Mali Pure or mix?
  127. Why do you walk your dog?
  128. Which Football Position Fits Your GSD?
  129. What do you consider reasonable boarding charges?
  130. How Much Do You Spend Per Dog on Food/Supplements?
  131. White/Grey muzzles anyone?
  132. Do your GSDs stack themselves?
  133. Where do you buy your dog food?
  134. Before dinner habits.
  135. Feeding Policy when Tired
  136. Does you dog like to be pet on the head?
  137. What all do you guys do when you groom your dogs
  138. Is your GSD vocal?
  139. How expensive is a GSD?
  140. For the people who have long coats...
  141. Puppy Food Options
  142. Anna's Next Top Collar...you decide!
  143. Does your GSD love or hate water?
  144. Just curious...
  145. Does your dog have a concept of time?
  146. Cost of Raw feeding...
  147. How old before you can start jogging with your dog
  148. Do you have a rain coat for you dog?
  149. Can you remember their early puppy days?
  150. risking a human life for a dog
  151. Do you board your dog?
  152. Have you ever been head butted?
  153. When is a GSD considered an "adult?"
  154. Would You Call Animal Control?
  155. Vote for Reg. Name (again!)
  156. "Q" Registration Name?
  157. Does your dog twitch in its sleep?
  158. Is your dog on the food the breeder had them on?
  159. Does your GSD have a black spot on their tongue?
  160. Male dog names
  161. frisbee
  162. How early in the morning does your GS wake you up?
  163. At what age did......
  164. How do your "human" kids relate to your GS kid(s)?
  165. How "sneaky" is your Shepherd?
  166. first dog
  167. Is your GS very vocal?
  168. How many of you have created a monster???
  169. Do we ever know what we're getting in a dog?
  170. puppy stage
  171. What line will your next GSD be from?
  172. Do you have pet insurance, and have you used it?
  173. What do you want in a training facility?
  174. garlic?
  175. Schutzhund Dogs, in or out?
  176. What toy takes the longest to destory?
  177. age..
  178. Do you have a dog first aid kit or disaster kit?
  179. Does your dog go to bed?
  180. those of you that train
  181. do your dogs howl??
  182. When did your dog reach adult weight?
  183. bloat poll
  184. How often do you brush your GSD?
  185. Vom or Von take a poll
  186. Flavored Coffee
  187. Do your dogs show off for guests?
  188. Car interior
  189. dog food costs
  190. Personality from puppyhood to adulthood
  191. how active..
  192. Just for fun ...
  193. Board Statistics
  194. how gsd size?
  195. Has Your Dog Used Your Christmas Tree...
  196. vacuum cleaners
  197. Did you spay before or after first heat?
  198. Leash?
  199. GSD standard
  200. What training methods did you use?
  201. weight after one year
  202. Which Breed Should the Obamas Adopt?
  203. Help name our newest member
  204. how do ur dogs handle the cold?
  205. What do your dogs do when they are in trouble?
  206. Brushing your dogs teeth?
  207. Just wondering...
  208. Would you ...
  209. What is your name...
  210. Crated or uncrated?
  211. Who will win the election??
  212. What should I name the puppy?
  213. does ur dog nibble or inhale..
  214. Who are you voting for in the pres election?
  215. How Much in Damage has has your GSD done???
  216. Will your dog dress up for Halloween?
  217. How many hugs & kisses do you give?
  218. Do your dogs play games together?
  219. how about those winter coats
  220. Would You Protect You?
  221. How often/far do you walk your dog?
  222. Do your pets cheat on you?
  223. How do you read this board?
  224. What kind of collar do you use to walk your dog?
  225. Do you thank your dog for obeying a command?
  226. Does your dog kiss you?
  227. Do You Let Your Dog(s) On The Furniture?
  228. Pet Insurance
  229. Vet Scrips
  230. What are your dog's names?
  231. how old is she??
  232. Do you eat before or after your dog?
  233. Quirks?
  234. Is your dog a tattletale??
  235. whats your dogs theme song?
  236. Are 2 dogs easier than one?
  237. Foster question give up/keep
  238. how many times do u have to fill the water bowl?
  239. Thunder, Lightning, and Fireworks...
  240. Favorite?
  241. High gas prices made you change your summer plans?
  242. pick-up truck dogs
  243. Do you or do you not...
  244. more than $500,000 dog lawsuit
  245. Tail Wagging
  246. Where is your GSD when you answer the door?
  247. Does your dog have a stash spot?
  248. BYB vs. reputable breeder
  249. How jealous is your Male/female GSD?
  250. How vocal is your GSD?