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The Senior Dog

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  1. Old Dog's Syndrome
  2. Deramaxx vs. CBD or other aides for OA/myopathy
  3. Pinched nerve - did x ray make it worse?
  4. Sudden restlessness and panting
  5. ALT liver enzyme
  6. Good news and some worry
  7. She loved the chiropractor
  8. Luc starting gabapentin
  9. Sudden back right leg limping
  10. MSM for senior dog with arthritis
  11. Digestive Enzymes for the Senior Dog?
  12. Prostrate Issues- options
  13. 10yo with hair loss and paw chewing
  14. Stiffness in back legs
  15. Leg weakness in my senior boy
  16. Weight loss
  17. Heart Broken
  18. 8 year old with a hip issue now???
  19. Joint and Liver question
  20. Itchy skin / coarse fur / Constantly sleeping / Outside issues?
  21. DCM and hip dysplasia
  22. New rescue, some night troubles
  23. Best Beds for Seniors
  24. CCL tear in my 11year old.
  25. Is incontinence normal for aging German Shepherd's.
  26. Allergies or Not?
  27. CannaPet results for pain/arthritis?
  28. 12yr old loss of appetite and hind leg weakness
  29. Sudden onset separation anxiety/ dementia?
  30. Surgery or not given her age?
  31. Senior Health Insurance
  32. Best Brand of Turmeric for GSD's
  33. What To Do - My Senior Need A Job!!
  34. Conditioning an older dog
  35. Jumping an old dog
  36. When you're dog is a senior....
  37. One Senior, about to add another
  38. Cataracts
  39. Senior GSD unable to standup
  40. sudden change in 9 year olds behavior
  41. At a loss with 12 yo with weak back end - wheelchair advice?
  42. Luc...dragging rear feet
  43. High Liver values
  44. Rabies vaccination
  45. Help me decide...11yo arthritis/incontinence
  46. Rough Patches on Tip of Ear
  47. Human Glucosamine Supplement for my 12 yr old with HD
  48. DM unikely, but possible disc issue
  49. Looking for new orthopedic bed
  50. I guess I should be thankful
  51. Beginning of Arthritis
  52. Please advise buying 5yr retired breeding dog?
  53. Spleen hemangiosarcoma
  54. Eye issues.. age or PRA?
  55. Running for exercise, 8 y.o.
  56. Dog 'Shoes' for seniors
  57. Congestive Heart Failure
  58. Sundowning/dementia
  59. What's YOUR definition of a senior dog?
  60. any suggestions? 10yr spayed female deteriorating, changing character, wetting
  61. 8 year old with the "wobbles"
  62. ++ Thoughts for our old pup, Shane, Gingival hyperplasia :-(
  63. A 15 year old girl with weakening back legs and bowel incontinence...
  64. Kayos Has Cancer
  65. Mystery - anyone seen this before?
  66. Lucky fractured a tooth
  67. Too old for kibble?
  68. A change for the better and a question.
  69. Whining when standing up
  70. Dog Door suggestions for seniors
  71. Give me the low down on Supplements.
  72. To Chemo or not to Chemo
  73. Limping on front left paw
  74. Acupunture?
  75. I thinkI know what to do but God Im not sure I can
  76. DM in 9 year old lady
  77. Senior Playmate - Puppy
  78. 12 year old German shepherd, red eyes
  79. Bathing senior GSDs
  80. Just a couple questions
  81. Dementia
  82. Senior Dog issues, does it warrant an old age panel/xrays
  83. Canine Angels
  84. Bora is unwell :(
  85. NEEDED wheelchair for my 12 year old shepherd
  86. Back/joint popping
  87. Raspberries for Health!
  88. Update on Bora (Video)
  89. Coconut oil for DM
  90. unknown ear issue
  91. Need help with the decision
  92. Spondylosis Options
  93. Mystery bladder issue
  94. Did your senior stud lose alot of weight?
  95. Glucosamine/supplements for seniors
  96. Should I spay my senior GSD
  97. I think we are getting close
  98. yeast infection on throat
  99. He is limping
  100. decision about integrating Heidi and foster terrier
  101. DM...the sucky, unstoppable GSD disease...
  102. Heidi bad day today
  103. How to tell if your dog has DM?
  104. "Bed Sores" on elbows?
  105. HD/DM and itching???
  106. What can I do to help Lucky
  107. Booties for DM?
  108. What arthritis? (Sort of a forum thanks)
  109. Subtle Signs of Hip Problems
  110. Accidents in the House (Non GSD)
  111. The Old German Shepherd and the Rabbit
  112. Breast cancer or something else?
  113. coat problems
  114. Heidi has a lump, am I a terrible dog owner?
  115. which shampoo?
  116. ominous feeling, can't shake it
  117. Embrace each day with your dog
  118. Heidi is eating dirt!
  119. How to help my senior, pain management etc.
  120. New to senior dogs - walking and sleep
  121. Resolution to bloodwork dilemma
  122. Does my dog really need a blood panel?
  123. Myasthenia gravis
  124. to swim or not to swim
  125. 8-year old refuses walks...
  126. Cholodin supplement for senior dogs (sometimes worth a try)
  127. Please help! Sep anxiety or dementia?
  128. Heidi ate pork bones
  129. possible fecal incontinence
  130. Adopted a very old girl, no muscle, all fat, badly overgrown nails
  131. Heidi's annual vet visit a mixed bag
  132. Hip dysplasia suddenly worse
  133. Best Recommended Diapers
  134. Senior male with the runs
  135. Senior German shepherd
  136. Anything else to try? Trying to exhaust all possibilities...
  137. Has anyone tried acupuncture
  138. What age do you start treating as a Senior?????
  139. Hard to Wake Up my 13 Yr Old
  140. My boy Chance. I just don't know what's best for him.
  141. How much are you feeding your Seniors
  142. 11 year old
  143. What bed does your dog like?
  144. Could my dog be getting dementia?
  145. Anxiety attacks
  146. Is my 11 year-old german shepherd dying?
  147. Limping on Right Front Leg
  148. Severe Urinary and Fecal incontinence
  149. 10-hr road trip with senior GSD, hip dysplasia
  150. Vestibular Syndrome and my beautiful Occa
  151. Rescue e excessive Panting
  152. Heidi and my big revelation
  153. Adopting a senior and integrating him into new home. Help?
  154. At what age.....
  155. Dementia
  156. Wow!!
  157. Incontinence
  158. For the first time ever today, my dog did not get up when I asked her to.
  159. 13 yo pooping in sleep
  160. Incontinence in a 10 year old GSD
  161. Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) & arthritis
  162. Mattie is vomiting sewage
  163. Bites at hips when attempting to pooh!
  164. Our baby is nearly 14
  165. wheelchair for 13 year old GSD
  166. Thoughts on metacam
  167. Fractured Hip
  168. 13 yr old GSD recovering from Tumor operation
  169. Lazy sleeping dog!
  170. Can you help him to poop?
  171. GSD Lays on side alot....
  172. Adequan backorder!
  173. Liquid Health Level 5000 glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, any good?
  174. adaquan sq or im???
  175. Is this age/behavior related? Or something else?
  176. At what age did your dog go grey?
  177. Taz can barely bark!?
  178. having more then one senior at the same time.
  179. Not sure what to do....
  180. Wisdom Of GSD Tribal Elders - Aging Immune System Question
  181. My Emma turned 14 on Wednesday!!
  182. Ramp or Stairs?
  183. Muscle mass back legs
  184. Facial twitching (non GSD)
  185. What would you use as a supplement for your Senior?
  186. Extremely Watery Eyes/Allergies
  187. Cremation
  188. Going in for tightrope surgery this Friday, need advice please
  189. Walking problem
  190. new dog bed for our senior
  191. So sad that our long walks are over
  192. Are you experienced with wheelchairs and harnesses for senior dogs?
  193. Adopting a senior dog?
  194. Tips for dog ramp for senior dog
  195. Trying to decide
  196. Leg issues
  197. Couple things I like about my senior, how bout you?!
  198. unusual shedding, 7yr GSP long hair
  199. I like this senior food
  200. Getting another dog with a senior GSD?
  201. Help with Aging Dog Smell
  202. Am I just being to sensitive?
  203. Murphy
  204. Melatonin for my senior?
  205. White Muzzle?
  206. incontinence issue
  207. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis in hips
  208. Adequan Rebate
  209. Who has blind (or nearly blind) dog(s) ? Any tips? Cataracts... (non-GSD)
  210. 11 year old drinking water excessively
  211. my paper thin old man
  212. EPI and the senior dog
  213. 14.5 is tooo old!
  214. Cruciate Ligament Torn
  215. Pictures Before/Right after Zeke's Back Surgery
  216. I don't think I can do this anymore.......
  217. Help any use dog shoes/boots for dragging back paws
  218. Anyone have experience with Ataxia?
  219. non GSD potty training
  220. Deramaxx no longer available - alternatives that work for your senior?
  221. senior dog losing nerve?
  222. Question about stiff joints in older dogs.
  223. Confusing symptoms in 13 yo GSD any thoughts?
  224. Question re piddle pads..non GSD
  225. Senior food-- what do you think about this information?
  226. When their mind wants to, but the body can't keep up
  227. If At First They Don't Like It....
  228. Losing control of back legs
  229. Food question for seniors
  230. Vomiting clear fluid and white foam but not food?
  231. Jake hiking and swimming at 11!
  232. Daisy may have DM ,questions
  233. Soooooo.......
  234. Another Bad Day
  235. Teeth--
  236. She's getting old--Its breaking my heart--
  237. Is this a little dementia?
  238. Senior Dog - story
  239. Assistance in dog getting up
  240. Senior Vet Care
  241. Watching your best friend get old sucks.
  242. Senioritis eating disorder?
  243. renovations for Daisy
  244. Possible ACL tear - senior girl
  245. Introducing a New Puppy to an 11 year old?
  246. age
  247. Senior dog exercise sugestions needed.
  248. Senior dog food
  249. Back legs tilting inward
  250. Supplements for Arthritis/Hip Dysplasia