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Weekly Discussion Topics

  1. A New Way To Buy A Puppy???
  2. Prong collar in Germany
  3. Nature vs nurture
  4. Teaching Engagement
  5. How do you feel about dogs being used in LE?
  6. How about those Breeder, Breeding threads.
  7. To breed or not to breed, that is the question...
  8. What is the hardest part about owning a dog?
  9. What is dignity?
  10. Just out of curiosity, what did you think about gsds before owning one?
  11. Is this the perception of German Sheherds today?
  12. Songs that remind you of your dog?
  13. Ever felt like you failed a dog?
  14. The perfect day with your dog?
  15. Where does your love for dogs/GSDs come from?
  16. Hypothetical: Better for an homeless dog to have no home or be euthanized OR go to..
  17. Predictions… what will the GSD be like 100 years from today?
  18. What have you learned about GSDs since you joined the forum?
  19. Levels of knowledge for the average pet owner.
  20. Is It Wrong to Have a Favorite?
  21. How Much Value Does Your Dogs Have?
  22. Ever wonder why some people have dogs?
  23. What I like/love about my dog... [ everyone ]
  24. What has your dog taught you?
  25. Talking Dogs (for fun)
  26. Taking your dogs everywhere
  27. Raising dogs in the 1960s Poor owners, better behaved dogs
  28. Do you think puppies establish their personality based on who they're raised by?
  29. How Did You Come Up With Your Dog(s) Name?
  30. What purpose does your dog serve?
  31. What is a back yard breeder ?????????
  32. Does Your Dog Make You Feel Safer
  33. If your dog could talk for 1 min what would he/she say to you?
  34. Will you buy your dog a Christmas/Holiday gift?
  35. Is it bad to allow your GSD to sleep in your bed with you?
  36. Dog Parks - Good? Bad? Indifferent?
  37. What makes a breeder ethical?
  38. You can tell a lot about a person by where they choose to get their dogs
  39. 'Bettering the Breed?'
  40. What attracted you to the GSD as a breed??
  41. So what breeds of dogs do you have?
  42. If you could change 'anything' about your dog, what would it be?
  43. Owning A Dog Pack
  44. Opinions On Leash Laws
  45. How much exercise does your dog require each day?
  46. Health & Training- Does the internet make us paranoid?
  47. How Many is "Too Many"?
  48. Dogs and Jobs; does yours???
  49. Money saving tip-Buy a "Used" puppy ?
  50. What would your GSD do on this forum?
  51. My puppy is challenging me/defiant/dominant - let's discuss.
  52. GSDs and human emotions
  53. Why Dogs?
  54. Things you didn't know about GSDs
  55. Do You Have A Favorite Amongst Your Dogs?
  56. In your opinion, what constitutes neglect?
  57. When do you become experienced?
  58. How do you play with your dog/s?
  59. Making Big $$ On Dogs
  60. Is there ever a good time?
  61. Humanizing our dogs and asking them to share and play with non pack members?
  62. Shipping puppy vs picking up in person
  63. Disappointed in your dog?
  64. Accepting Responsibility as a buyer when things go wrong.
  65. Let's talk about drive. . .
  66. Multiple Dogs
  67. Breeders and buyers.
  68. Introducing a puppy to a resident dog
  69. Do they really "want to please us"?
  70. On this day...remember the military and police GSD
  71. Why is she scared of water?
  72. Taking A Dog To The Beach Experience
  73. How to make a dog think?
  74. Charging
  75. Would you breed YOUR dog?
  76. What would you do if you had two dogs that did not get along?
  77. How have your life experiences prepared you to be a better GSD owner?
  78. Share examples of good nerve!
  79. Funniest things said about your dog
  80. Why did you choose to own a GSD?
  81. I seriously want to slap my uncle.
  82. Growls
  83. Growls
  84. Road trips with German Shepherds
  85. Road trips with German Shepherds
  86. What made you choose your username?
  87. Dog Park Etiquette
  88. Things to do with your GSD to strengthen your bond.
  89. Your dogs' Christmas
  90. Anybody have any tips for.....
  91. How did you decide? SL vs WL
  92. Rehoming a pup
  93. Would Max be Proud of what his Breed has Become?
  94. Why are you thankful for the GSD.
  95. Can They Really Understand Us?
  96. A Better Person?
  97. What is a GSD Looking for in You?
  98. Choosing a Veterinarian
  99. FYI - Weekly Discussion Topics