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Puppy Behavior

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  1. Excitement peeing??? Please HELP!!
  2. Help me....
  3. broken tooth because of crate antics
  4. Attempting to teach bite inhibition...
  5. Reversing "shake"
  6. puppy loves to play, maybe too much?
  7. Existential Sprinkling Problem
  8. emotional frenzy around people and dogs??!!
  9. I'm Worried About My GSD Tess' Behavior
  10. GSD Jumps On EVERYONE!!
  11. I'm alpha... Pup and boyfriend fighting over...
  12. Defiant little boy!
  13. How do I get my puppy to see me as Alpha?
  14. Puppy only bites other people, help!
  15. Agression problem between two brothers
  16. Barking, hackles raising, with tail wagging?
  17. Bad Manners! Help!
  18. Having problems with puppy and the cat
  19. I'm so ticked of right now!!
  20. First day with litter mates
  21. Resource guarding?
  22. 11 Week Old GSD Puppy Eating Other Animals Poo
  23. Shadow boxing
  24. Submissive peeing or excited peeing?
  25. Another "dog eating poo" thread
  26. Bathroom rugs!
  27. 1st Christmas
  28. Does anyone else have a puppy who is a "collector?"
  29. Puppy and dry heaving in the morning
  30. Eating the gate and the wall
  31. My dog sleeps funny
  32. Puppy overly excited with wife and daughter
  33. Seperation anxiety, or more?
  34. Fights? Do we get more upset then the pup?
  35. 12 Week old GSD agression.
  36. My dog pees!!!...
  37. Suggestions wanted for our weak nerved 8 month old GSD.
  38. reaction to christmas tree
  39. What is acceptable puppy biting?
  40. Bored already???
  41. Is this normal for working line? Spin off of Velcro dog
  42. Lulu is sleeping a lot normal??
  43. 10 week old puppy suddenly afraid of food bowl and me
  44. Concerns about a "velcro dog"
  45. Digging up a potential problem
  46. Afraid of little dogs!
  47. Puppy won't walk with leash on
  48. My puppy is traumatized
  49. Couple issues, I NEED your advice!
  50. Wow! Can't do that anymore!!
  51. Puppy poo'ing in the house all of a sudden?
  52. What in the world?
  53. Do you guys think...
  54. Toilet Seat Training
  55. Puppy choosing: Dominant vs Vocal? HELP
  56. Puppy rolling with the big dogs
  57. A third wind
  58. How do I stop the biting?!?!
  59. Fearful Puppy?
  60. Puppy Rebellion?
  61. 4 months reverting help!
  62. 10 week old pup lunging at our kids.. HELP
  63. Urgent : Issues with 2 young GSD pups
  64. Any helpful tips?
  65. New Behavior
  66. Aggressive Biting
  67. Scared Pup / Am I doing it right?
  68. Need Some Heavy Duty Advice Quick!
  69. Tess Refuses to Leave Her Comfort Zone - My Yard
  70. Puppy prey drive
  71. 5mo old barking at barks and barking to play.
  72. Resource guarding at 3 months
  73. Appropriate time to hold potty for puppy age?
  74. Anyone play tug?
  75. Do puppies have sleep cycles?
  76. occassional puppy growling
  77. Scared of the Ceiling fan
  78. You can call her miss trouble
  79. increase in whining crying while crate training
  80. 10 month old biting habit
  81. Submissive Peeing?
  82. Doesnt Know how to Play?
  83. My barking 3 mo. old GSD
  84. Puppy Issues
  85. Don't wanna jinx it... When did your puppy become manageable?
  86. What the...(Help please)
  87. What is my puppy doing??
  88. Please help- When will this phase end?
  89. A day and change in... mixed results! Is this OK?
  90. Puppy Whines On Walks
  91. Growling-Angry too?
  92. Need Some Advice!
  93. Playing rough
  94. potty training question and correcting,sorta long
  95. Is it normal for puppies to eat leaves and barks?
  96. new pup
  97. At what age does a puppy get affectionate?
  98. DESPARATE !!!! Potty Training
  99. nipping or biting?
  100. Am I doing things wrong?
  101. Puppy Energy... I NEED IDEAS
  102. If he doesn't react now, am I safe?
  103. Hip popping?
  104. Questions on Puppy Behavior
  105. Puppy full of energy super early!?! HELP!
  106. This is interesting...
  107. barking at bigger dogs
  108. True or False about stuffed animal toys
  109. Nipping/biting
  110. Barking
  111. Misbehaving with New puppy? (kinda long)
  112. Growling at my daughter
  113. 8m old peeing to submission
  114. Growling & Jumping
  115. Is this normal? 6 month male puppy
  116. Barking for attention
  117. Oh the adolescent issues...help!
  118. Not sure what to think
  119. digging in the crate?
  120. Obsessive behavior(s)
  121. 15 Week Puppy Dominance over 9 Year Old?
  122. Crying while in bedroom.
  123. Puppy games?
  124. Who stole my bad dog and replaced her with this angel?
  125. Puppy scared to be outside
  126. 3 month old terrorizer
  127. Is this strange behavior? (non GSD)
  128. Hair standing up on the back of my puppies kneck?
  129. 12 Week Old Female Hates Crate
  130. Puppy rebellion stage?
  131. GSD chasing cats
  132. So I have a territorial 6 m old GSD...
  133. Really need some encouragement with our puppy...
  134. Anxiety/Fear Aggression
  135. Scared or excited?
  136. need help cant seem to show my 1 1/2 year old that all men arent bad!
  137. My 3.5 mo. old puppy.. issues
  138. Unaffectionate Pup
  139. My pup just bit someone!
  140. Vocal puppy
  141. 4 month old GSD Puppy
  142. Barking, pottying alone, puppy next door
  143. Pup Dipping His Paw in Bowl of Water Too Much
  144. New to this whole puppy thing
  145. Any idea why my puppy whines and screams to get in the house?
  146. Resource guarding RMB. Did I do this correctly?
  147. May Have To Euthanise Human Aggressive 6-Month-Old
  148. Eating cat poop!? Stalking cats?! And possible Giardia?
  149. Barking...well, actually not.
  150. 2 questions about my 2 month old Pup...
  151. How do I stop my GSD from hurting my cat.
  152. New skittish behavior
  153. 5 month old sable GSD getting very territorial against my 5 year old yellow Lab mix
  154. Pulls/runs back when frightened... halloween, and other fears.
  155. 3 Month old WGSD, normal or aggressive behaviour?
  156. Barking from fear - is this an appropriate way to handle?
  157. How strange
  158. Shower problems
  159. Barking at the dog park.
  160. 13 week old barking excessively during play
  161. Constant biting of fingers
  162. Protectiveness - what age does it start?
  163. How to top chewing rugs
  164. 4 Months old & peed in crate last 2 days..
  165. Reactive 6 month old help!!!!!!
  166. Biting the crate
  167. How to use a dog park?
  168. Cries in crate.... Sometimes?
  169. Advice please..Other dogs more interesting....
  170. Over protective at home?
  171. Peeing often
  172. 6 month old having problems building confidence and more! Please help!
  173. Back from vacation and....
  174. Need advise
  175. Help please
  176. Oh the Land Shark Stage! What fun that was! (Video)
  177. 9 week old puppy help!!! (long)
  178. Fearful/Whining Pup
  179. What to expect
  180. Whining that never stops
  181. 4 month old with resident cats. Please help
  182. Puppy playing getting too aggressive?
  183. Overcoming the Shepherd in the GSD?
  184. 5mo is scared of the cat
  185. Do most German Shepherd puppies pout?
  186. SOMETHING has to change and fast with my 11 week old
  187. Serious separation anxiety
  188. strange barking/ crying when chasing another dog
  189. Are puppys playing or being aggressive
  190. How can I deter my puppy from chewing and get her to calm down som?
  191. puppy's feels hot
  192. Trying to understand my puppy's behavior
  193. The stranger approach and loud bark reaction
  194. New behavior: Laying down and waiting before a chase?
  195. 8 month old, abnormally quiet
  196. Not what I expected.....
  197. Advice on my GS mix, please help
  198. How many of you here wrestle with your pups?
  199. Eye to Mouth Coordination
  200. Bella doesn't respect me.
  201. Yeping and carrying on
  202. 5-Month-Old Fear Aggressive Or Protective?
  203. Is He Protecting Us?
  204. 6 month old nudging poop?
  205. Question about my White Shepherd pup
  206. Puppy jumping on people
  207. 6mo Going potty in her kennel.
  208. Puppy cam? any suggestions
  209. Help with my 8 mo. GSD behavior!
  210. Toys
  211. Should I be concerned or corect?
  212. 10 week old driving us crazy
  213. Vet Visit help
  214. Too much freedom too soon? Inobedience creeps up
  215. Biting,jumping,scratching,and barking.
  216. How Much Exercise can a GSD Puppy have?
  217. OMG my GS Puppy is so needy! HELP!
  218. 4 month old GSD with a barking problem
  219. Talk me out of (or into) a bad dog and cat idea
  220. Pup biting a lot :(
  221. Is Doggy Day-Care OK for german shepherds?
  222. When Do Puppies Start To Calm Down?
  223. Today's dilema
  224. Low Energy GSD
  225. Hmmm what to do?
  226. Pees in another dogs' turf
  227. Puppy peed when met big dog
  228. Walking question
  229. Pretty Desperate - cat in danger
  230. temperament testing?
  231. Sudden Crate Problems?? Help!
  232. Need Advice for My Agressive Puppy
  233. 5 month old GSD puppy barking at people
  234. Puppy dosn't like water (HELP)
  235. Beeing too aggressive with older dog?
  236. Cats and Dog don't get along! (PLEASE HELP)
  237. 8 month old starting to bark in crate at night...help!
  238. Stopping bunny obsession
  239. Reaction to new born kittens
  240. Puppy Aggression
  241. big pups that mount adult dogs?
  242. Digging
  243. And the adolescence sassiness begins...
  244. Two week shutdown on a puppy? (non GSD)
  245. 7 month old trying to attack basketball net
  246. 5 Month Old Questions
  247. Play biting is becoming a serious problem.
  248. "Dominiating" his bed
  249. How to Chew (and Ears) / Hates the Cat
  250. Growling and biting???