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Puppy Behavior

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  1. Biting
  2. Impulse control
  3. Pup goes in the house when I am taking her out
  4. Pup and Cat
  5. Puppy peeing in crate!
  6. pees all at once?
  7. socializing puppies
  8. Submissive peeing? HELP PLEASE!
  9. Landshark
  10. Jumping on Counters
  11. Does anybody else's GSD sleep like this??
  12. separation anxiety - :( HELP
  13. Submissive GSD @ 10 months
  14. No sleep
  15. He is scared to death of my best friend
  16. Will Xyla go through land shark mode?
  17. Impossible to pet?
  18. How often should you let out a six week old German Shepherd puppy?
  19. First Experience At Local Dog Park
  20. GSD New Puppy
  21. Should my puppy be on a schedule for house training?
  22. In car growling
  23. 7 months - what should I be expecting?
  24. Are Puppies protective too?
  25. lost my cool ...feeling bad
  26. 8 month old puppy barking at strangers and other dogs
  27. Orapup?
  28. Do German Shepherds get along well with other dogs?
  29. Appropriate puppy play with older dog???
  30. Samson is lying down in bathroom spot
  31. does not want to be in the rain :(
  32. biting people but not playing (7mo)
  33. When should I start walking my GSD puppy
  34. How much food should I feed my gsd puppy?
  35. Indicative of fear aggression? Need behaviorist referral in Northern NJ.
  36. Is this budding dog aggression?
  37. Bad dog!
  38. When should I start training?
  39. When?
  40. Pack dynamic changes advice
  41. Can he sleep in my bed?
  42. How should I pick out my puppy
  43. How much exercise is too much
  44. Loves the Hose!!!
  45. Desperate licking
  46. Wants to be out all the time?
  47. Trainer recommends halti type collar
  48. Cratting my puppy
  49. Digging up the yard and chewing on everything
  50. Is playing rough with pup ok?
  51. Is this normal for a 4 month old?
  52. Finally home! But depressed..
  53. tell me your favorite interactive treat/toy
  54. 10 weeks old
  55. Remembering they are pups
  56. How to stop problem biting?
  57. 15 weeks Barking at other dogs?
  58. Oi -- help
  59. Separation Anxiety
  60. puppy food aggression?
  61. Help with LandShark issues!!!
  62. 15wk old puppy biting & barking only at me!
  63. energy drive or lack thereof.
  64. Electronic Training coller as a backup?
  65. Trouble walking puppy
  66. Landshark question
  67. How to judge a puppy's temperament and energy level.
  68. Is this the correct way to deal with rule breaking?
  69. 5 Month old wont leave 11 year lab alone (Video)
  70. Pottytraining
  71. Normal 7mo behavior or time to neuter?
  72. My GSD shows no sign of aggression
  73. Hyper yapping barking like someone is killing her
  74. Tired owner, energetic pup :-)
  75. Snow Bites
  76. Need advice on troubling behavior
  77. I need help with my 8 weeks old GSD i dont know why he bites and growls at m
  78. Please Help! 4 month old biter.
  79. Hello....
  80. OK< time to have an honest discussion about correcting the "landsharking"
  81. How does my dog feel about me?
  82. Lisl Solo Today Out of Her Crate
  83. Is it normal for a 4 month old to be timid..
  84. Puppy won't play, seems sad?
  85. 13 weeks mean to 12 year old
  86. Puppy growls and doesn't wag tail
  87. Need some help - STILL barking at other dogs
  88. 11 week old puppy - really need advice, please.
  89. Likes to eat dirt
  90. Puppy getting possessive?
  91. Help, puppies interactions with cats.
  92. 6 month old pup behavior change
  93. 7month old Shepard Rescue starting to not want to go in his kennel
  94. Issue With Submissiveness?
  95. 6 month old - Timid of carrying objects.
  96. 8 month old hates kids?
  97. Traumatized of stairs!?
  98. I'm So Proud of Tess
  99. The Stubborn Stage!!!!!!!
  100. Constantly nipping at my 3yr old!
  101. weird behavior from pup
  102. hyper after neutering
  103. A few rescue issues.
  104. Laid Back/Lazy Puppy??
  105. Playong with other dogs questions
  106. Worried 8 week old puppy will not eat but is drinking water
  107. Help! Have read sticky, but have question on biting.
  108. Question on Behaviors of my 9month old
  109. And we whine and we whine and we whine...
  110. Concerned about starting socializing with young children
  111. Argumentative!
  112. Puppy Won't Play With Herself
  113. 10 week aggression??
  114. Car Sick??
  115. Random yelping
  116. Help! My dog hates little ginger kids!
  117. Random hysterical lameness...suggestions?
  118. Need Advice and Guidance for Tess and new Cairn Terrier Puppy!
  119. Why does he bark??
  120. 4 month old puppy being lazy!!
  121. Neighbor walked into house, dog didn't bark...
  122. New Puppy
  123. Normal or Fearful?? (Long)
  124. 8 wk old GS puppy play behavior with my other dogs
  125. Submissive Urination
  126. Socialization with other animals
  127. 10wk Old Won't Stop Crying Sound/Throws Up
  128. Bad behavior, is there no sloution?!?
  129. Too attached to me - What can I do?
  130. Doesn't like the hugs!?
  131. Reactive to other dogs? Help!
  132. Emma Mad / Avoiding Me
  133. Gunnar chews everything - muzzle him?
  134. Opionion on Wolf Character? Is this serious or normal behavior in my new Puppy?
  135. 7 month old pulling
  136. help! puppy agression while on walk??
  137. Would this help?
  138. Resource guarding at the dog park..
  139. Sleeping on the bed? Yay or Nay
  140. tail chasing
  141. He won't pipe down, I'm afraid.
  142. Samson the land shark
  143. Mouthing Concerns - 8 months
  144. Is this a normal german shepherd thing? or is it the beginning of being anti social?
  145. playing alone
  146. Is he aggressive?
  147. Doesn't eat when I'm there?
  148. Puppy listening to me not my wife HELP!
  149. Teaching rescue pup to be gentle with yorkie
  150. hates his leash and collar :(
  151. Dominant Puppy?
  152. Bursts of extreme hyperactive, like the type selected for "extreme drive" ?????
  153. Submissive behavior?
  154. Rescue Puppy Advice
  155. I really dont think this is going to work... LONG!
  156. Diesel poops in his crate at night!
  157. Is this dominance or something else?
  158. Won't leave the driveway...
  159. My 6 month old dog will not even acknowledge me
  160. I am breaking down right now, in tears and confused
  161. Daddy More proud - 2nd class for Emma
  162. Various odd behaviors in my 6 month old
  163. 9 week old pup way to friendly
  164. ears back while chewing?
  165. Leash Walking Howie
  166. 4.5 month old puppy pulls hard on leash, hair stands up, barks at people/dogs
  167. 7 month old behaviour
  168. Chewing is starting to decrease
  169. Puppy still bitting. ....
  170. 8 Month Puppy Very Submissive
  171. Starting to wander...
  172. Barking at other dogs
  173. 9 weeks old - Chasing the Cat - Any Advise?
  174. Just need advice.
  175. Puppy very submissive - Confidence low? Fear aggression?
  176. 7 mo old puppy becoming landshark
  177. 6 month old puppy suddenly anxious and possesive
  178. Sleeping habits.
  179. Help: 10 week old showing signs of aggression? Did I get a bad dog?!?
  180. Puppy turned into real landshark after 9 week vaccinations?!?
  181. Daddy it Very Very proud of Emma - first class
  182. yup, definitely time for more specific training....
  183. peeing in crate when chewing on antler toys
  184. Help I need Somebody Help not just Anybody!
  185. Seperation Anxiety
  186. Jack Russell and 4 month GSD..
  187. Unusual Behavior
  188. Puppy biting to go out...getting serious, need help
  189. My 3 Month old GSD throws a temper tantrum everytime I put her in the crate. HELP?
  190. Ugh, eating more weird things, I hope she's okay this time
  191. Emma is Defective
  192. Rex is showing some fear aggression. HELP!
  193. Biting problem
  194. Incident at vet - what should I have done
  195. Puppy still hates crate after 3 months..and getting worse!..help!
  196. Peeing on legs
  197. Some behaviors I'd like to ask about
  198. Reacting to the stress of moving??
  199. Snorting like a pig?
  200. Does Your Puppy Swim or, at least, Like Water.
  201. During Fetch Puppy Finds Kong but then Sniffs About
  202. Farmer's Insurance Commercial
  203. Literally AT MY WIT'S END! BITING PUPPY!
  204. 4.5 month old puppy barking at dogs
  205. How do you walk your puppy?
  206. Separation Anxiety! ACK!
  207. Puppy rough biting and jumping on child
  208. Gentle leader or harness?
  209. Skiddish towards any new people.
  210. Sensitivity needed in raising a Bitch vrs a Dog?
  211. Poop?
  212. Is this "normal" fear?
  213. When does the sweetness come out?
  214. puppy peeing ever 10 to 15 min it seems
  215. My pup's hackles raised
  216. Separation Anxiety
  217. Little bits of progress outweighs every frustrating moment!
  218. Vet muzzled my puppy?
  219. 7 week old puppy not eating
  220. Daddy's shadow--ignores Mommy!
  221. My puppy wont sleep!!
  222. Aggressive towards one dog in particular
  223. 7 month old picking on 9 week old puppy
  224. Puppy Bonding
  225. Little to no barking...
  226. Weird Behavior for my boy
  227. HELP! Puppy Biting!
  228. 6 Month old biting me like there's no tomorrow + other problems
  229. Training with food
  230. Crate whining/ howling...HELP!
  231. Embaresed - Hate to ask - Female Humping
  232. Whining when playing tug
  233. Help!!!!
  234. 6 wk old Skylar!
  235. 18 Week Old Puppy Bosses Stay-at-home Girlfriend, Throws Fits/Tantrums
  236. We made it through the first night!
  237. I have a crybaby....for now I hope
  238. 13 week old GSD, Sura! Crate training & How can I teach her what is meant to be chewe
  239. New human and dog in the household...
  240. Pillow Love
  241. Help...he doesn't sleep at night!!
  242. How to get him to let me know he has to go?
  243. Anyone else have a digger or dirt eater?
  244. Separation anxiety!? Help!
  245. Guiding his protective intstincts
  246. Puppy now goes outside when needing the toilet
  247. Very Shy Puppy
  248. Male temperament and marking issues?
  249. Hmm- what does this mean?
  250. Am I just lucky or doing something wrong??