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Favorite Links, Books and Videos!

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  1. Kitten and a GSD
  2. Jade The Sable GSD
  3. Little girl plays with 14 GSDs
  4. Puppy doesn't care the backyard is flooding
  5. Man & Dogs Play Tug of War With Christmas Tree
  6. Blind Courage
  7. Salsa Dancing Golden Retriever-Enjoy!
  8. Dog Park (Human) Behaviour :-)
  9. Several Cute GSD Videos
  10. Article: The Trouble With "Fetch"
  11. The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People
  12. January Book Discussion: Art of Racing in the Rain
  13. 3 protection breeds tested, German Shepherd wins!
  14. Canine Freestyle routine, GSD, 100% fru fru free
  15. German Shepherd from 1930's era video of awesome jumps
  16. 2017 Monthly Book Discussion ~ Interest?
  17. Video of German Shepherds eating a Rib Eye steak dinner with sides!!
  18. S.W.A.T. Team K-9 Video - The coolest training I've seen
  19. Military K9 Drops Puck at Hockey Game
  20. Kaiser's all grown up!
  21. Dartacan
  22. Inspector rex
  23. Books About German Shepherds
  24. Fetching Jack
  25. Video: GSD run and fun
  26. Your favourite dog training gurus?
  27. The Joy of Owning a GSD
  28. video of dogs ruff housing.
  29. Conan Trains With The Military Working Dog Unit
  30. Epitaph to a Dog
  31. Leerburg Obedience vs Michael Ellis' Power of Food?
  32. NILIF or unnecessary?
  33. Linda Shaw's The Illistrated Standard For the German Shepherd
  34. The Illustrated Standard for the GSD
  35. My dog channel YouTube
  36. This will be on my Xmas wish list this year
  37. You HAVE to see this!
  38. Some of the best dog quotes
  39. Dog body language videos & preventing fights at dog daycare
  40. stop the 77 campaign
  41. Need a source to purchase Nexgard & Revolution
  42. German Shepherd Dynamite Fetch Prank
  43. Group
  44. Book: "Stop! Sit! And Think" (Eisenmann). Anyone?
  45. "He's very protective"
  46. Common German Shepherd Health Issues
  47. Foods That Are Toxic To Dogs
  48. German Shepherd Afraid of Cat Video
  49. Newer GSD books
  50. Too cute
  51. Funny dog pics
  52. dog is real related
  53. Dog.exe has failed to load
  54. Soldier Dogs
  55. Adorable video of a GSD trying to help out in the kitchen
  56. The Barbers Dog.....
  57. Magazines
  58. GSD contest
  59. Brooke and her kittens...
  60. Adorable kittens and GSD
  61. Animal Stories
  62. German shepherd- The ultimate guard and companion video
  63. My Boys
  64. Yellowstone park wolves
  65. 2 German shepherds growing up together
  66. Hunter and Zenna unleashing their inner wolf.
  67. German shepherd history/tribute video
  68. What do dogs think of humans?
  69. Such a sweet story, thought I'd share! :)
  70. Awesome story: Adopted retired Military Working Dog
  71. favorite German shepherd movies
  72. Video of a dog and deer playing.
  73. Zack & His Friend playing with a Frisbee
  74. Hero Dogs National Geographic June 2014
  75. New York Times article/discussion on behavioral meds
  76. Pics: famous people with GSDs
  77. this is wonderful!
  78. Komissar Rex - the show
  79. We eat ice cream: husky brain-freeze!
  80. 48 days later
  81. German Shepherd Lexus... wait until you see what he can do!
  82. Peer reviewed scientific study on clicker training horses
  83. Dawg Paradise
  84. video - German TV - subject "the breed"
  85. A Few Outstanding Books
  86. Cool YouTube channel
  87. Amazing video
  88. Awesome Guard Dogs
  89. Dog training and rehab centre project in Peru: Check out our website/blog!
  90. Another YouTube gem-- 2 GSDs attacking an idiot
  91. Found myself in the dark side of youtube.
  92. Zack playing fetch!
  93. Anyone care to discuss Nicole Wilde?
  94. If you need a laugh...
  95. Age/Time lapse Montage for my GSD Nero
  96. Favorite GSD videos/tributes
  97. Finding Jack
  98. Haatchi-the Anatolian and his boy
  99. YouTube Channel for protection sports
  100. The Genius of Dogs
  101. Hints/tips for Books or websites?
  102. Cool video of GSD drinking water!
  103. The GSD on Dog Snobs
  104. FREE on Kindle 1/24 and 1/25/14
  105. Secret Lives of Dogs
  106. Street Cat Named Bob
  107. Leerburg Support
  108. Two favorite German shepherd videos
  109. All Rescue People - Must watch vid!!
  110. Animal Communication
  111. Recommended comprehensive training book for a beginner?
  112. my little lad n our 6 month old black sable bitch
  113. You shall not pass.
  114. Favourite place to get unique/custom dog tags?
  115. Street Dogs of South Central Clip - Dominance, submission and mating rituals.
  116. Perfect Gift for All GSD Lovers! :D
  117. hi ppl please join
  118. Cute dog paintings to brighten your day
  119. Proof German Shepherds can get on with little dogs
  120. Pay dog forum
  121. newliebug.blogspot.com
  122. PUPPYCIDE: The Documentary
  123. check out this web site
  124. Talking GSD from the maple bacon dog video creator!
  125. The German Shepherd Guide - my new project to promote the breed!
  126. Want to smile? Pitbull Puppy Vs. Treadmill (non GSD)
  127. Zeeva vs. stick
  128. Husky vs. leaf pile c:
  129. 9/11: We Were Waiting For You At The Rainbow Bridge
  130. My Dog Quark
  131. The Ultimate German Shepherd Tribute
  132. Stray dog saves woman after wreck
  133. Top Five Books for a new dog owner
  134. Huskies in the wild
  135. K-9 Scout Corps. | German Shepherd Guard Dog Military Training Video
  136. GET OFF MY DOG video, non gsd
  137. Dogs and Babies, a must see video!
  138. Veterinarian demonstrates hot car
  139. Training videos, YouTube
  140. Extreme Ball drive...
  141. Life Below Zero
  142. VIDEO: Things Dogs Teach Us
  143. Non-GSD video...Thank you Rescuers
  144. Text from dog
  145. Sad Dog Diary (Humor)
  146. The Genius of Dog by Brian Hare
  147. War Dogs of the Pacific
  148. The Communicative Approach
  149. German shepherd lovers!! who agrees?
  150. So God made a Dog
  151. I am Here
  152. VIDEO: It's Peanut Butter GSD Time!
  153. 5 year old girl with 14 GSD's (video)
  154. Zack playing with a football :)
  155. It's a beautiful day!
  156. to be 5 again
  157. Precaution while buying dog matress
  158. Dog Dancing At Crufts!
  159. Kick Ass2 has a GSD in it :)
  160. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
  161. Tough Love - A Meditation on Dominance and Dogs
  162. God made a dog
  163. Book - Hero Dogs
  164. "Suspect", by Robert Crais (moved to favorite books)
  165. Zack with KONG
  166. Pukka's Promise
  167. Question Realted to Dog House
  168. Anyone want to be Facebook dog buddies?!
  169. Berlin has a Facebook.
  170. Dog Blogs
  171. Custom pet tags
  172. Adorable Video(Non GSD)
  173. Prima Natural and Candle Bee Farms- check it out!
  174. Book recommendations and reviews?
  175. Max playing with his elders!
  176. Has anyone read this yet?
  177. Angry aliens
  178. Kittens befriend GSD...too stinkin' cute!
  179. Defense Dog of the Day
  180. Will Ferrell~ Amazing Canine training!
  181. Ramblefoot
  182. Videos of Zack
  183. The Dogington post
  184. The Oatmeal (Cartoon): The Dog Paradox
  185. Heart-Warming Story
  186. My new hero Dr Pol
  187. Roger Abrantes
  188. "Unsaid"
  189. GSD confused by talking Husky!
  190. Sitstayfetch.co.uk
  191. Tess has a new job!
  192. Heidi Watching Deer Neck
  193. Confused shepherd
  194. Dog raising kittens
  195. Movie trivia question
  196. Chinese Cresteds are SMART!
  197. Tiger Herding Border Collie
  198. Water Madness GSD vs Water Pressure "Hilarious Video"
  199. GSD & ragdoll kittens - CUTE!
  200. Where there's a will, there's a way - dog gets treat off counter
  201. Water fun
  202. Abby - GSD Going Crazy Chasing Water Hose ( Video )
  203. Amazing little dog
  204. Silly little vid, but funny... doggy bath "torture."
  205. Control Unleashed but which one
  206. Gotta see/hear/read Rin-Tin-Tin !
  207. Story books on GSD's
  208. Non GSD, but very much worth watching
  209. Reunion Between Shepherd And Soldier
  210. he RCT training Games Kit
  211. GSD and the Parrot
  212. Spoof on HSUS ads-
  213. Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam Novel
  214. 112 years of dogs in movies
  215. Hilarious photos!!!
  216. Dancing dog in Britain's got Talent
  217. Double Dutch Jump Rope Dog (who might be a GSD mix!?!)
  218. Priceless!
  219. http://www.inhumane.org/
  220. Jump Rope Dog (Non GSD)
  221. Police K9 photo shoot
  222. Dog saves puppy from pool
  223. 'Send in the Dogs Australia' TV Series...
  224. Anyone here blog?
  225. Paladin's Story - Saving an abused German Shepherd Dog...
  226. World's Greatest Jumping Dog...
  227. A story to make you smile :)
  228. A video that will make your day,
  229. Cheap doggy stuff
  230. Mayhem. Could probably be a "sticky".
  231. I might be reading Lakota all wrong!
  232. OMG, my eyes...
  233. This poor dog needs some REAL friends.
  234. Gsd related! So sweet!
  235. Suzanne Clothier Counter Condiioning/Safety
  236. Temper Tantrum? Get a dog!
  237. German Shepherd in Malta
  238. Unusual Dog Walk--Awesome Demonstration of Love toward a Paraplegic Dog.
  239. Three German Shepherds in a British Pub
  240. This is cool...herding dogs
  241. Tracking Guide by Dennis Helm...
  242. K9 Instinct - My blog!
  243. "Wolfdog" is protective of kitten!
  244. Anyone else have this problem?
  245. book about terriers
  246. Who's done this to their pup?
  247. Downton Abbey-Masterpiece Theatre
  248. New breed of sled dog
  249. Natl Geo Dog Article
  250. Three GSD's with a seltzer shooter - video!