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Favorite Links, Books and Videos!

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  1. Trick Book Recommendations?
  2. jan fennell
  3. Veterinary website
  4. A free online book
  5. Link to Growth Stages Website
  6. I love talking dogs!
  7. check this link,dog in shopping mall
  8. Top weirdest items removed from stomachs of pets
  9. Free Dog Art Contest
  10. Cesar Millan "boxed sets" DVDs?
  11. Marley and Me
  12. cool youtube from my part of the country
  13. some interesting info (smart dog list ATTS test)
  14. Joe Bidden's GSD!
  15. Animal wellness magazine
  16. Has anyone read.....
  17. training books
  18. Lots of great new books!
  19. We Give Our Hearts to Dogs to Tear - Alston Chase
  20. morning show stunt k9 attack
  21. Who wants to see Bolt?! He's a white GSD!!
  22. "White Dog" coming out on dvd
  23. Dog lovers must have veterinary handbook!
  24. Children's books about dogs
  25. Cesar Millan's new book?
  26. I just found this....
  27. What is your GSD's Dogscope?
  28. Look who is coming to a town near you!!!!
  29. Book
  30. Clicker training videos recommentations
  31. Coming Home
  32. giant shnouzer(sp) doing protection work(plus GSD)
  33. Pack books?
  34. I have some reading to do....
  35. The Complete German Shepherd Dog by Milo Denlinger
  36. Merle's Door (may contain spoilers)
  37. New magazine in Grand Rapids,MI
  38. Best Dog Contest
  39. Malinois puppycam
  41. Book suggestion
  42. Dog Lullaby
  43. twin moose babes
  44. Robot Dog
  45. News story on my GSD Service dog
  46. Looking for a training dvd mentioned here
  47. Have you read or heard???
  48. whats your favorite german shepherd movie??
  49. Help finding a thread
  50. story edgar sawtelle
  51. Book or link on outdoor kennel building
  52. Do you wear scrubs at your job?
  53. working dog videos
  54. lots of GSD videos
  56. Toronto Star article shelter dogs GSD on cover
  57. Online Dog Owner's Guide Site
  58. My doggie Ghost
  59. 3AM = FUN TIME!
  60. Historic DDR Video
  61. videos of Cato
  62. Frisco Finds a Forever Family - non GSD
  63. Balabanov vs. Flinks DVDs?
  64. Small video of a pups reaction to noise
  65. Video from training over the weekend
  66. Doc Ackerman: anyone familiar?
  67. bones will rain from the sky
  68. The Fully-Trainable Hubby
  69. Cool WSUV 2007 Courage Test!!!!
  70. Helper Video Basic Training
  71. New DVD
  72. Comments/Suggestions on books?
  73. The German Shepherd Dog, Diane Morgan
  74. Talking Dogs (FUNNY)
  75. i want to hit this person!
  76. Book: Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt
  77. Songs just for dogs!?
  78. Dog Show Gladiator
  79. New book on barking
  80. Can't we all just get along?
  81. Coffee Table Book
  82. 'Click to Calm' book?
  83. Excellent short history of the GSD!
  84. Quick "oops" video
  85. Historian....
  86. The adventures of Ramesy and Pablo
  87. check this out..bite competition
  88. Funny video
  89. Hiking & fun for the dogs
  90. Website Updated
  91. Training book input, please?
  92. Very Cool!
  93. White shepherd puppy antagonizing?
  94. A Good Dog
  95. Benny vs. The More Talented Puppy
  96. This is Hilarious!!
  97. My dog Tulip
  98. my fav. links? my website of course!
  99. PD Helicopters and K-9 units
  100. Max and his new friend, Roboraptor.
  101. Bringing Light to Shadow by Pam Dennison
  102. Merle's Room
  103. Good books?
  104. Book Recommendation - Please Add your Favorite!