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Favorite Links, Books and Videos!

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  1. Three GSD's with a seltzer shooter - video!
  2. Check out my friend's leather collars!
  3. for the Vick "fans"
  4. Calming the fearful dog
  5. Dunder's youtube channel
  6. Learned helplessness
  7. Dept of GSD Security
  8. Dogs of War
  9. Not A GSD but ridiculously cute
  10. Interesting Video - Will my Untrained dog Protect Me?
  11. Beagle Freedom Project
  12. Move over GSDs & BCs, Bunnies Rule!
  13. Anyone read Tea and Dog Biscuits?
  14. Cheap entertainment!
  15. My Favorite GSD Book
  16. i actually laughed out loud
  17. GSD are bad to the bone!!! (Video)
  18. Dogs in Motion
  19. Rin Tin Tin
  20. Recommedations for illustrated childrens' GSD books?
  21. Thunder Dog
  22. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  23. Meanest, fiercest dog in the world
  24. Funny dog video
  25. Good read.
  26. Mike Vick
  27. Letter from a puppy
  28. CBS Sunday Morning - Rin Tin Tin
  29. Dogs in Afghanistan
  30. Sad German Shepherd!
  31. Shawlein web site up and running again
  32. What Kind of Dog Is That?
  33. An oldie (but a goodie!) video:
  34. Guilty dog video
  35. Wonder how she trained for it?
  36. Singe videos
  37. Favorite dog books!
  38. These GSD have to be trained...this is a riot !
  39. Pretty funny. Non-GSD, but cute.
  40. Killian's day in the sun! ;-)
  41. Great video on raw diets for dogs and cats.
  42. Anyone read "Saving Zasha"?
  43. Staatsmacht is online in US
  44. must have been a full moon!
  45. One smart dog - video (Non-GSD)
  46. Awwww how sweet is this pup...!
  47. Need a smile?
  48. Standoff at the drinking fountain
  49. 13 Hilarious Dog Costumes
  50. GSD 8 wk puppy to 1 yr old
  51. Another reason people stink. (A Dog's perspective)
  52. The Maple Bacon dog BEFORE it was edited!
  53. too funny
  54. Stuff my pets ruined
  55. 40% Off Training Videos
  56. German Shepherd 'dropping' off to sleep
  57. hope this works!
  58. Dog tries to play fetch with a statue.
  59. Dog REALLY wants to play fetch =D
  60. Ultimate Dog Tease
  61. Loki and Havoc loving on giggly baby
  62. Buster's mom Xita working and more (video)
  63. Inside of a Dog
  64. He's not a professional... (non-GSD)
  65. How your dog sees the world
  66. I know it's not a GSD but...
  67. uhhh wow I am a dog nerd
  68. How to play Frisbee Fetch.....
  69. Really funny video of Smokey!!
  70. GSD~Remember the Name
  71. Singing dog! Mishka's Song
  72. Guilty Dog
  73. Echo vs. Snow
  74. Everyday trip to the vet?
  75. "A Dog's Purpose"
  76. Smokeys new trick!
  77. Puppy vs Icecube
  78. Video from just now! <3
  79. Kismet picked up sit so fast!! WATCH!!
  80. DVD Favorites- Any on Amazon?
  81. Canis Film Festival
  82. Movie Night with a GSD!
  83. RENT Dog Training DVDs!!!
  84. "Name Something That Gets Passed Around"
  85. Big rig crash on black ice
  86. Booba's new Shoes :)
  87. You Tube German Shepherd Dog Training Videos!
  88. Book for Training Working Dogs?
  89. Training Books/DvD's?
  90. What literature do you suggest?
  91. GSDs too smart for their own good
  92. The digital story of the nativity
  93. Shelter Humor Video
  94. Animals of YouTube sing "Deck the Halls"
  95. Extreme sheep herding with LED lights
  96. Short video and book information
  97. Marine's Family Adopts His Working Dog
  98. This is hilarious
  99. German Shepherd Rescue of New England slideshow on youtube
  100. Oogy
  101. I laughed until I cried...had to share
  102. 8 Month Old Deaf Baby's Reaction To Cochlear Implant
  103. A Site To Buy Food and Help Out
  104. Fluffy and Baron (book)
  105. Because no one can resist this much cute
  106. The Lost Dogs
  107. Good GSD Kid Books?
  108. Dog Bandana Club!
  109. Rose in a Storm
  110. Dog music video
  111. BBC Pedigree dogs exposed!
  112. 101 Dalmatians: Kinda makes you wish...
  113. My Dog Tulip
  114. CK out this Halloween Video to funny:)
  115. How Dogs Drink Water
  116. The Search
  117. How Pilots SHOULD talk.
  118. OK GO! with rescues
  119. What A great gift idea.......
  120. I made a website for my dog
  121. Marley and Me. The movie.
  122. 9/11 tribute painting
  123. I Wish My Neighborhood Had A Paper Route...
  124. My dogs mugen and balue playing tug o war
  125. 911 Budweiser Clydesdale Horses Tribute
  126. Faith, Two-Legged Dog Who Walks Bi-pedally
  127. Steven Seagal Trains German Shepherd Attack Dogs on TV
  128. Check these videos of Smokey out!
  129. Does your dog dance Merengue too?
  130. Too cute/funny!
  131. Not GSD but still great.
  132. Let's Take the Long Way Home - book
  133. Through a Dog's Eyes - Book
  134. America's Funniest...is this funny to you?
  135. Cute little story with video
  136. Wow ~ 19.5 Years Old!
  137. 9 week old puppies playing with mama
  138. Look at all the pretty Sheppies!
  139. Who Has A Pup That's Done This?
  140. Kindle for PC - Free
  141. German Shepherd Playing Hide and Seek!
  142. A blog written day to day about a new puppy!!
  143. Border Collie doing squats!
  144. A song for the gsd people
  145. German Working Dog Forum with an english section
  146. Great show.
  147. Coming out in June - "Stay"
  148. Dog leads lost emergence services to fire!
  149. The Story of Edgar Sawhill
  150. The Allure of the Empty Box
  151. May 2010 Dog Fancy
  152. Bark and Hold, some bite work
  153. German Shepherd Training - German Commands (pronounciation)
  154. Roxy and Trooper playing
  155. Dog Rescue Site!
  156. New Pet Friendly Website (Non-Profit)
  157. Great GSD Screensaver
  158. '04 Helmut Raiser - Obedience
  159. Dogs of all Nations 1915
  160. Dogshow Tonight
  161. Great Kid's Book: "Baron and Fluffy"
  162. Maggie and Pike playing
  163. Just One
  164. Chicken Soup For the Dog Lovers Soul
  165. The Orangutan and the Hound
  166. Hhhhmmm, not sure where this link should go?
  167. Michael Ellis Training Videos ?
  168. The Secret Life of the Dog (BBC)
  169. One smart dog!
  170. Roman the gsd/Sharky the kitty
  171. Dog playing pool
  172. God and Dog
  173. Finally Saw It!
  174. From Service Dog to "Surf"ice Dog
  175. Something To Warm Your Heart
  176. Leerburg Basic Dog Obedience - anyone watched it?
  177. Bullet-proof Vest for my GSD
  178. A dog called Christmas
  179. 4 pawsuniversity
  180. Protect against Fire, Vandalism, Flooding and Subs
  181. Caucasian Ovtcharka
  182. Brindle Bull
  183. Handy free iPhone app
  184. Anyone watched "Pitbulls and Parolees"?
  185. Military Channel- Dog night
  186. Dog Whisperer-GSD
  187. Elephant Birth~Amazing (Graphic)
  188. Rain (German Shepherd Movie)
  189. 2 Unusual Breeds
  190. From Baghdad with Love
  191. The Art of Racing in the Rain
  192. ........Bones Would Rain From the Sky
  193. Dog Talk-new book by Harrison Forbes
  194. Hyperactive dogs "Ruin" adoption (funny video)
  195. CPR for pets video
  196. GSD appreciation Video's
  197. Fun German Shepherd pumpkin stencil/Contest
  198. Car advert with GSD
  199. Ivan Balabanov videos
  200. Help Needed From German Shepherd Owners
  201. The secrets inside your dogs mind
  202. Cesar's show is about millers
  204. Pink Floyd~Dogs of War~Again :)
  205. Good "working dog" book recomendations?
  206. Happy dogs/Happy trainer!
  208. GoD and DoG
  209. The Nature of Animal Healing - Dr. Marty Goldstein
  210. This dog is too cute!
  211. What Color is your Dog
  212. War Dogs of the Pacific
  213. Great book
  214. Great Book
  215. Monks of New Skete books?
  216. whats ur favorite gsd video?
  217. fat smelly-dobe shep mix!
  218. "Dogged Pursuit" by Robert Rodi
  219. A really great article..
  220. Searching For Video...
  221. The Thinking Dog
  222. "Dog Years"
  223. worst book I've ever read...
  224. Dogread's june book MAKING SCENTS OF TRACKING
  225. Amazing Gracie
  226. Online Dog Training Lessons
  227. Simply the Best
  228. Any dog lover will like this book
  229. Just finished a book by Barbara Woodhouse
  230. Video "I need a hero" Song, Starring a GSD
  231. Extreme sheepherding
  232. GSDfinder.com new website to find adoptable GSDs
  233. German Shepherd Videos
  234. Tellington Touch
  235. Cute puppy video
  236. Brenda Aloff's Get Conected with your Dog
  237. Most Recommended Clicker Training Book
  238. V Stephanitz The German Shepherd Dog in word&pictu
  239. Puppy fix!
  240. anybody read Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer
  241. Great dog training podcast: Canine Campus
  242. Control Unleashed
  243. Feeding the dog table scraps - Funny, but true
  244. puppy and duck, too cute
  245. Roxy's Snow tricks video..sort of..
  246. GSD Specific Books?
  247. Dog Whisperer or Victoria Stillwell?
  248. New book recommended by Pat McConnell - clicker
  249. forum for australian shepherds?
  250. Which Show Book?