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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. Staying Away from not-so strangers
  2. Problems teaching "roll over/play dead"
  3. GSDs and Children
  4. Crying when my child leaves him
  5. Young male and females in heat
  6. How to teach bark
  7. Barking at fence excessively with neighbour's dog
  8. How to maintain focus during initial excitement/reactivity from meeting a dog.
  9. Ideas to help new destructive behavior
  10. Train an Overprotective GSD mix?
  11. Teaching GSD to bark
  12. How do I get my GSD to stop jumping and "biting"?!
  13. E collar experiences, and versus a leash or verbal correction
  14. Balancing Act: Housebreaking, Sensitive Tummy, and Reactivity
  15. How do I train to NOT jump over the fence?
  16. Not be terrified of the vet.
  17. How do I teach my GSD to go slow on hardwood stairs?
  18. Distracted when playing?! Need help
  19. Tips for potty training an 8 week old GSD in Winter?
  20. How would you sequence biking/jogging training?
  21. i have a 18 month rescue GSD
  22. My new 3 year old rescue
  23. Leash training
  24. Dealing with distractions
  25. Can not train heel!
  26. "Tightening up" heel
  27. Who's your best friend trick?
  28. jumping and biting
  29. Stopping high pitched whining
  30. Stopping Submissive Urinating
  31. Still Leash Pulling...
  32. well trained but goes ballistic when...
  33. My German Shepherd sits on my head
  34. Recall around wildlife
  35. Potty Training. HELP!!!
  36. Too much barking
  37. Leash walking/pulling with distractions
  38. Teaching Fetch
  39. Tail chasing
  40. Is it a common GSD trait to bolt?
  41. Big pup, Prey drive and Kids
  42. Bark on command?
  43. How do I teach my dog to play?
  44. Puppy trys to herd/jump on me when running together or working on recall?
  45. Teaching the send away (voraus)
  46. How to stop lead anxiety
  47. Working with cats..
  48. Recall tips and tricks
  49. Rattlesnake avoidance training
  50. Working on leash reactivity, advice welcome
  51. Walk on a lead with my family around
  52. dog charges at people or other dogs
  53. jumping on people
  54. Toy Drive and "Stand for Exam"
  55. "Go With Another Person" command?
  56. Climbing the stairs
  57. How do I train her to get along with cats?
  58. Chickens and kittens?
  59. Catch a frisbee
  60. Need help with potty training
  61. swimming in the pool
  62. Advice please.
  63. How to make her bark?
  64. Surviving the puppy
  65. How to teach tracking?
  66. Barking in the garden
  67. Demanding shrill barking during training
  68. very excited/ jumping up
  69. How to teach respect of personal space?
  70. How do I teach my dog to recognize the difference between his stuffed animals and NOT
  71. Looking for advice on getting puppy used to mouth touching
  72. 6 month old GSD female.. spoiled by my dad
  73. Stop barking at moving objects?
  74. Not Bark at other dogs
  75. Lets talk focused heeling, and maybe some more Front?
  76. Stop biting?
  77. Problems with possession and focus
  78. Teaching to Accept Strangers
  79. Going to need support and advice - Arman
  80. constantly haunting our other dog
  81. Tug I do most the work!
  82. Extremely anxious dog
  83. Heeling
  84. Teaching down
  85. Whining During Obedience (Heeling)
  86. BERSERK in the Truck
  87. Front Command - Closing the Gap
  88. Leash Reactive and Protective Behavior...
  89. Trouble With Barking On Command
  90. How do I teach my dog to wipe his paws (or let me clean them)?
  91. How to teach my GSD to respect my toddler
  92. How do I teach my GSD to stop marking in the house?
  93. Water Bowl Slobbery Mess
  94. Teaching how to use a doggie door
  95. Teaching Dogs to Pick Up Toys
  96. Possessive of ball and 2 ball
  97. Fetch! Am I alone?
  98. Walking.... Pulling....
  99. Eat problem
  100. Down And Sit From A Distance
  101. Cat and Dog....
  102. Down while playing
  103. Save My Face!
  104. 6-Month Old Just Wants to Go Home when Walking
  105. Possible resource guarding of owner
  106. ...accept not meeting other dogs onleash?
  107. How do I teach My Shepherd not to accept food from "Strangers"
  108. Controlled Distraction Recall Practice
  109. bites when playing
  110. Help/Advice.
  111. E collar on off leash hikes?
  112. Train for better socialization with humans
  113. How do I stop my GSD from biting?
  114. How to structure and teach the Family (pack) walk?
  115. How do i stop from stealing toys
  116. Making sure everything is in order?
  117. Staying in his bed
  118. Possessive wth toys
  119. Training Exercises for Pups
  120. Tips on how to get the dog to come back when off the lead.
  121. Walking on Lead
  122. A little too mellow???
  123. How to release watch command without fully releasing?
  124. Puppy talk
  125. Barking at other dogs
  126. Structured walk
  127. Jumping on Handler with Reward (How to Teach?)
  128. Off Leash Training
  129. Focused Heeling
  130. Loose leash
  131. Training and potty training an adult dog
  132. My 1 year old dog will only listen if I have treats/food
  133. How do I teach my dog to help me walk?
  134. Teaching her to FOCUS
  135. Help! New Working Dog Coming Home to House with Two Established Other Dogs
  136. stay calm outside when I go in a store...
  137. Get our 3 year old rescue to be ok with his crate
  138. Train my GS to drink outside
  139. Training an adopted dog to play
  140. Dislike of a particular dog
  141. How do I teach my puppy to stop biting
  142. how to I teach my puppy to fetch
  143. Help with focused heeling
  144. Pulling on leash
  145. 18 week old german shepherd puppy attacking our cat?
  146. Rough Play with our New Puppy
  147. Would this work? - Canine Good Citizen Test
  148. Advanced Obedience Training?- Adolescent dog!
  149. 13 week old puppy CONSTANTLY peeing from fear/excitement!
  150. Dog hates when I sneeze, any ideas to help?
  151. Training to stay within the yard!
  152. Play
  153. How to teach drop it?
  154. My GSD does not like to be spooned
  155. Car's key
  156. Teaching to NOT guard in certain situations?
  157. The whining.
  158. Puppy crawls towards me when asked to stay, how to correct this?
  159. Jumping- I'm missing something
  160. not walking nicely when with wife...
  161. Adopted GSD - Training - No focus
  162. Solid Focus?
  163. Nose work!
  164. Puppy Biting?
  165. Help needed with GSD training.
  166. How to teach dog to bite firmly , hard and not let go?
  167. How to teach Growl & Whisper Tricks?
  168. Stop destroying things
  169. Canine Good Citizen Certification - Training Help & Advice?
  170. Halt when being recalled
  171. Help needed with GSD training.
  172. How to teach my dog to control himself around balls?
  173. How to stop puppy biting
  174. Stop biting!!
  175. Release word, am I doing it correctly?
  176. How do i teach my dog to charge at full speed?
  177. How to do leash corrections?
  178. Teach puppy to accept strangers' handling
  179. How much thinking a dog can do?
  180. Running away - e collar?
  181. 11 week old growling at feeding
  182. Camping and tie-outs?
  183. DIY Nose work - getting started
  184. Need help with training
  185. Potty signals
  186. How do I teach my 6 months old GSD not to bite ?
  187. How to introduce my GSD to another dog
  188. I need help with this.
  189. So I have few problems with my dog.
  190. Thoughts on e collar training for 10 month old female
  191. Pick up toys, place in basket
  192. Where should I start?
  193. Teaching Ronin A New Job
  194. How to keep my GSD from being agressive with our Wheaten Terrier
  195. Stop from digging under our fence gate
  196. toy release inconsistent
  197. Omg please stop barking!!!!!!
  198. I'm desperate. Please help me.
  199. Pulling while on leash
  200. Stop Barking at Neighbor's Dog
  201. GSD,s and children
  202. Getting her to focus on me.
  203. Teach dog to drop ball in hand or basket
  204. Army crawl?
  205. Barking issues. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  206. Adopted GSD aggression issues
  207. Tips for teaching my dog to track scents?
  208. introducing my gsd to cats of all ages
  209. How do i teach my dog to not try and bite that cats?
  210. Help with obsessive jumping
  211. How do I teach my GSD interactive tricks?
  212. Need serious help with engagement
  213. Suggestions on how to teach my GSD to like my bengal cat
  214. Place command, reactivity and strangers entering home
  215. 5 barks and done?
  216. Truffle hunt
  217. Need suggestions for low impact activities
  218. Heeling in right mode? - high tail
  219. Not sure how I would do this
  220. help with retrieving fetch
  221. Teaching stairs/jumping up/body awareness?
  222. Excitement Barking
  223. Pace Of Training
  224. Help with Forced Hold
  225. How To Improve Bite/Grip?
  226. The Power of the Release
  227. How to see if your dog is up for protection training
  228. How To Teach Dog To Stop Biting Wrists/ Listen to Me?
  229. What should I get my dog into?
  230. Teaching a 70lb shiloh to walk on a leash
  231. My dogs intense focus
  232. Puppy Acting Strange
  233. Teaching new pup to sleep in her crate
  234. Teaching and bonding with a 6 year old dog
  235. Barking and pulling to other dogs behind fence
  236. Focus on me
  237. Sudden reaction - 100%Recall
  238. Ideas to introduce GSD to new adult Aussie? Help!
  239. Whining, anxious, socially inept
  240. New Puppy! 10 weeks advice?
  241. Swing rear to the right when heeling
  242. Ball frenzy-need help!
  243. Dog Runs After other Dogs Off Leash extremely frustrating
  244. Best way to teach dog to not run into the street?
  245. Looks stressed while heeling. Too many corrections? How to fix?
  246. Best Way To Bond With New Puppy?
  247. Refuses to get into car
  248. My 9month is getting aggresive towards other dogs
  249. Leash pulling-help please
  250. Keeping Grizz busy