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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. how do I get my dog used to our neighbors
  2. hello, problem, need help
  3. How do I teach my puppy to "like" her crate?
  4. Bird Hunting
  5. Excitment Barking
  6. How do you train to stop barking
  7. Nightmare to walk!
  8. dog herd nipping how do I stop...
  9. 'Chase' is more fun than frisbee
  10. chasing cars at night
  11. The return command
  12. Stop shoving the ball at me
  13. Hide and Seek
  14. The Retrieve: motivation?
  15. Is my dog class dangerous?
  16. Open the Fridge!
  17. Hold-and-carry
  18. kong a champ?
  19. kong and summer
  20. Teaching Stay
  21. can somone tell me ................
  22. Using a ball when training "heel?"
  23. I'm teaching the "heel", have a question...
  24. the
  25. Assertiveness training
  26. Off leash training and boundaries...
  27. Three times and she's done!
  28. Not pee on the sidewalk when I walk her!
  29. Not bark at dogs while inside the house.
  30. Barking at neighbors and house guests
  31. Stacking, am I doing it right?
  32. "Play dead"
  33. What should I teach him next?
  34. Big problem without a solution. HELP!
  35. it's a stampede!
  36. my dog is herding nipping....
  37. Help? She's still...
  38. how to prevent my dog from biting others
  39. Chewing
  40. What to do when a pup tries to bite you
  41. No Drive?!
  42. ...Return the ball
  43. Flip off his nose
  44. My Dog Chases my Kids
  45. Faster downs, moving downs
  46. New foster will not potty on leash
  47. Help with "Stand"
  48. "really reliable recall" training -- worked for us
  49. Not lose bladder controll...
  50. Scared of Water..
  51. Refreshing the coarse
  52. not eat shoes or clothes anymore.
  53. Scared Dog
  54. Need help with "Sit" from "Down"
  55. ...not run off?
  56. My GSD...normal?
  57. Small-dog proofing your dog
  58. Workinglines, semi-wimpy owners?
  59. treadmill training?
  60. Dog chews on leash on walks
  61. Clicker question
  62. HELP ASAP BIG cat and dog problem
  63. Leash Training
  64. Boy do I need help,,, newbie
  65. How to introducing visitors into the house?
  66. O-wise GSD parents, help! I'm going in the crate!
  67. Modifying "Wait" into "Stay"
  68. HELP - Very bad behavior..
  69. How to praise your dog?
  70. How do I teach my pup his name?
  71. team work destruction
  72. What's next?
  73. packleader inside..outside is a different story
  74. Speak?
  75. Really disgusting
  76. Teaching HEEL/NOT PULLING once and for all????????
  77. He's chewing off his softpaws
  78. How about "Drop It"?
  79. Warning me before she stops?
  80. Introducing a new puppy to adult GSD
  81. Suggestions on stopping barking
  82. walking backwards
  83. get the heck out of the garden!
  84. To stop him from running in the house?
  85. Ignoring Other Dogs
  86. Tracking!
  87. Need advice on how to correct the "come"...
  88. teaching stay
  89. Driving me and my wife crazy
  90. Puppy digging
  91. How do behave! (long)
  92. Loose-lead walking Gurus-- weigh in!
  93. Enjoy a bath
  94. My fiance's Jaguar!
  95. 10 w-o pup still pulls at the leash. Any advice?
  96. Coming into the door.
  97. eal dog friendly.
  98. Counter Surfing
  99. This might be a dumb idea
  100. remote collar to teach come command?
  101. Need Help Housebreaking Adopted Adult
  102. How to get him upstairs?
  103. Our cat and dog story so far
  104. Ignoring me when called
  105. Barking & Growling
  106. I've tried everything
  107. GSD Bad Feeding Habit
  108. How can I get my German Shepherd used to cats
  109. Keeping a very intelligent dog occupied
  110. how do you teach a dog to ignore
  111. Teaching speak
  112. call it target fixation
  113. Teaching 'Stop'?
  114. How do I teach the stay command??
  115. Introducing someone at the door?
  116. Walking off lead
  117. How to train the "heel"?
  118. Is there a way to teach to get along with a cat
  119. Assistance Needed
  120. WHEN will a puppy obey the command "COME"?
  121. Training Hand Commands
  122. Bullet proof recall?
  123. Big dogs run over small dog
  124. PLEASE HELP-House Training & More for Chained Dog
  125. Give me her paw!
  126. OK he knows "come". . how to teach "stay nearby"?
  127. I Can't Teach Her Anything!!!
  128. Teach to sleep beside my bed at night?
  129. Trainers...
  130. crate training
  131. She's offering heel - now what?
  132. Training Pictures
  133. Laying down problem.
  134. I may have trained something bad to him,but....
  135. Supervised Separation -- Help!
  136. Ring a bell to go out?
  137. longer time without going potty
  138. need help
  139. dog and horse
  140. bad habits
  141. Excitement
  142. Teaching heel without jumping
  143. getting a fearful dog to focus
  144. Sits and sits and sits and sits
  145. Dogs who adore their master
  146. How do I get my pup to stop barking at everything
  147. My GSD won`t pay with toys.
  148. Passing Other Dogs on Walk
  149. Purely Positive Reliable Recall
  150. Puppy stages and training goals...
  151. Problem with the cars...
  152. bolting through doors
  153. 100% reliable recall
  154. walking up and down ladders
  155. Velcro Dog!!!
  156. Target?
  157. Just a crazy pup
  158. Chasing the cats...
  159. Training at Age Four
  160. Training -- good ideas, regrets?
  161. Teaching Stand
  162. Barking problem when in yard
  163. Let me know when she has to go potty?
  164. CRAW
  165. Down
  166. stay command
  167. Jumping on People
  168. Bicycle Dog?
  169. I really don't want toys in my lap! Tell me how.
  170. Scratching door for inside or outside
  171. getting everyone to participate!
  172. How to stop jumping on grandkids
  173. Question re: length of time on "watch me" command
  174. How do I teach myself not to be hyper sensitive
  175. Under ground containment system
  176. I am having a hard time potty training 4.5 mo old
  177. teach them to speak.
  178. how do I stop him from barking all the time?
  179. Scratches when Given Commands
  180. Too Friendly?
  181. Teaching Focus