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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. Fetch.... Help!
  2. Training my dog...
  3. Catching something off her nose
  4. Barking just to bark?
  5. Teach to bark on command?
  6. "inappropriate herding behavior"
  7. Putting toys up
  8. Nail clipping protocol that works
  9. Fear/Respect for cars
  10. Counter surfing
  11. Chasing Strangers??
  12. How to teach "leave it"
  13. Schutzhund: Theory and Training Methods ?? Comment
  14. how to teach my dog to shake his head yes and no
  15. Socializing my 1 yr. old GSD
  16. how to teach dog to get objects and bring them??
  17. to NOT cross the garden perpendicular to the rows!
  18. help!!
  19. The different types of Sit
  20. How I got my 5 mths old to sound/look vicious ;)
  21. ignore the cats?
  22. my dog is trying to herd us...HELP!
  23. off leash training
  24. Recall (yes again)
  25. Stand from down or sit.
  26. Please Help teaching him 2 things.
  27. ebooks
  28. Down from a stand
  29. Jumping to give a smooch
  30. Teach down from a stand position
  31. Tips on walking
  32. A little scared of swimming.. please help!
  33. How can I fix this. (long)
  34. Cleaning ears.
  35. calming down before a walk?
  36. fear/respect moving cars
  37. How do you teach a GSD not to chomp while teething
  38. stop barking in the middle of the night
  39. Handling charging dogs?
  40. What is good for a puppy to eat
  41. Training not to eat potentially poisonous food
  42. How To Get A GermanShepherd Get Used To 2 Old Cats
  43. Jumping/ barking chasing people
  44. Teach my dog not to herd?
  45. Training 14 month old GSD
  46. HELP, Nico only wants to walk on his terms!
  47. Escalator?
  48. Age for Prong?
  49. Teach your dog to shut the door!
  50. Bicycle tire obsession
  51. Speaking is not a Nuisance
  52. Not pee in the pet stores!
  53. Mine
  54. stressful walks!
  55. to ignore or correct.
  56. lunging after other dogs
  57. Doggy Door
  58. Problem jumping at windows
  59. Craziness kennel to the door...
  60. Biting the leash
  61. Go to heel position
  62. Give me the ball!
  63. Teach my dog to alert me to sounds?
  64. Rosco is eating my house!
  65. How to teach quiet?
  66. I need help!!
  67. STAY! And I MEAN it!
  68. Heelwork?
  69. Hans and I have a game of kissing!
  70. Runners/Joggers drive Koch insane
  71. She doesn't ask to come inside
  72. Video of cool GSD trick!
  73. Grimm-- training update
  74. Fetch and drop the ball at my feet
  75. Greeting other Dogs in the wrong way!
  76. make "Leave it" work outside as well as inside
  77. Leave it...
  78. Harness harmful?
  79. Off leash post
  80. How do I teach down command to a timid dog?
  81. Stack
  82. New tricks (non-GSD)
  83. FAST platz in motion
  84. Crooked Sit
  85. Stay in a down or a sit without a stay command?
  86. German Shepherd Puppies Pooing and Peeing
  87. I am wondering how to teach my GSD to...
  88. Clicker training -- Teaching SHUT UP
  89. I know I got a GSD.....but............
  90. ...Bark
  91. keep his attention and not to lay down
  92. COME!
  94. Barking from the crate in the morning
  95. Need Advice
  96. Half way there!!
  97. Rollover?
  98. They're gonna break my legs!
  99. Search the house.
  100. German word for release from stay?
  101. Need Help Pottie Training
  102. He will not stop whining!
  103. fear of heights
  104. Jumping Up on The Counter
  105. Outs/holds and treats....
  106. teach to stop barking?
  107. Sitting and barking instead of retrieval
  108. Vorraus and Revier - how is this done?
  109. How to establish boundaries for my dog?
  110. How do I teach my dog to stop chasing chickens?
  111. Pulling...What am I doing wrong?!?
  112. Teaching Wini Focus
  113. Teaching dog to walk on treadmill- should i?
  114. Distraction?
  115. Why is he doing this/how to stop it
  116. How do I teach my dog "hold it"?
  117. teach her to pee and poo when its wet outside
  118. How to mark position while walking on the leash?
  119. How to teach her to sleep through the night?
  120. Scent/find it training?
  121. Jumping up (non GSD)
  122. mouthing and jumping
  123. Mouthing and Nipping!!!
  124. How do I get her to let me brush her??
  125. Quiet!
  126. Recall (yes again)
  127. Stay home and look forward to the Job
  128. The Funniest Command (Grimm)
  129. I need clicker advice!
  130. Yay! Lexi IS old enough for obedience training!!
  131. how to teach your shepherd shy(put paws over nose)
  132. Teach "snarl?"
  133. trading tricks
  134. Jumping up and nipping/biting!
  135. Getting my dog to come, or stop.
  136. Long Line Training??
  137. housework for dogs - your favorites?
  138. I need help with recall!!!!
  139. Staying around the yard! O:
  140. Down in place
  141. Dog One/Human Zero
  142. games/training with CCL-tear dog in recovery?
  143. maxx is not coming always when i call him ...
  144. Heads Up Heeling
  145. 10 week old german shepherd
  146. mental stimulation
  147. To be realiable around horses...
  148. Tug
  149. Open a door with a lever handle?
  150. Recall issue: Blazingfast, but doesn't LOOK
  151. Personality Based Training
  152. Game endurance
  153. Staying in the yard?
  154. Rasa's Gold Stars
  155. To watch something / someone
  156. Get my dog to use the outside dog house
  157. Commands and Talking to your dog
  158. JRT LLW with a clicker
  159. Barking
  160. focus while heeling
  161. Pooping in the correct area..
  162. Stop Jumping up on us?
  163. Mouthing at one and half years old
  164. Rasa Becoming Aloof
  165. Territorial Barking!! Make it stop.
  166. just not getting the message
  167. New puppy & stairs
  168. Working on recall
  169. Am I Undoing Rasa's Training?
  170. Tips for a great focus
  171. GSD thought process
  172. Some tips on tricks and commands...
  173. Balls-on-strings?
  174. Horse and Dog
  175. Chewing up the garage / digging up the backyard
  176. Stubborn dog or me?
  177. Running away
  178. Lunging at cars on our street as they pass by
  179. Recall when she thinks im not interesting enough
  180. Wini is very protective, even as a puppy.
  181. hello all and a question
  182. Leave it
  183. Stay off the couches?
  184. Help with walking goofy and he lunges towards
  185. Help with chasing problems - New member questions
  186. Ringing Bell To Go Outside/Potty
  187. Deer Hunting
  188. Hardest time Leash Training.
  189. need lots o' help
  190. Help with 2 training issues (Long)
  191. Off leash heeling
  192. Enjoy Bathing
  193. How do I teach going up and down stairs.
  194. Training Your Dog to Retrieve
  195. teaching boundries
  196. She's so spooky
  197. Rewarding Using Variation
  198. when to begin
  199. Choose - make the dog pick the hand with the treat
  200. Hide and seek
  201. New Ideas, and wanting tips!
  202. Walking??
  203. Why does my dog do a behavior wrong?
  204. Sit "pretty?"
  205. CONTEST - Free Training Day with Joel Silverman
  206. How do I make my dog sit/down faster?
  207. Joel Silveman from Animal Planet's "GOOD DOG U"
  208. overcoming my Dog fears
  209. attack command!!
  211. housetrain adult dog (rescue)- how long?
  212. Ignoring other dogs in public
  213. More suggestions to boost rescue's confidence
  214. Knowing the boundries
  215. teaching to fetch/catch a frisbee?
  216. retrieving the ball!
  217. german word for NO???
  218. training a GSD??? HELP PLEASE!!!
  219. Barking at every command
  220. Tracking
  221. Jump into the back of truck?
  222. walking next to a bike not in front of it
  223. Pulling on leash?
  224. teaching out
  225. how can i stop the nipping?
  226. Teaching basic commands in German
  227. Help Goofy hates his crate.....
  228. Heeling backwards?
  229. Teaching dog NOT to knock over children? Help
  230. age GSD calm down and listen better?
  231. Teaching a dog to potty on command
  232. Property barking
  233. How did you decide...
  234. how to make dog not walk too fast
  235. Crotch Sniffing! Yikes! Help us be more polite?
  236. Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) in Dogs
  237. Wear a muzzle?
  238. Outdoor dogs/attack by wildlife/training w/a stick
  239. I need ideas!!
  240. She is actively ignoring me - how do I fix
  241. How do I teach my dog to take treats nicely?
  242. Has anyone ever tackled this issue?
  243. Training to be left out while at work.
  244. How do i teach my GSD to go outside on command
  245. Waving Goodbye?
  246. How to Stack?
  247. Signs to go Potty
  248. Alert me when she's "found it"
  249. Chasing Cars Part 2
  250. Good walking with the whole "pack"