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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. How do I teach my dog to not charge people?
  2. Introducing GSD to backpack
  3. does anyone have any ideas to help get rid of separation anxiety?
  4. house breaking a 18 month old
  5. 2 issues...
  6. greeting guests?
  7. holding items
  8. puppy sometimes stops during heel
  9. Intorduction to horses
  10. Vader ran off
  11. my dog wont do anything
  12. How to teach my dog to bark?
  13. wont fetch???
  14. 3 month after rescue
  15. Changing the Newbie's Name?
  16. How can I correct my dog when I'm not even there?
  17. Doesn't know his name?
  18. Teaching them to wake you up?
  19. Lots of New Barking
  20. Max keeps knocking stuff off counter
  21. sloped walk
  22. shilo never..
  23. teaching a dog to jump.
  24. Anyone have experiencing training a dog to walk with a wheelchair bound person?
  25. Kennel for my room
  26. affection question
  27. Restore/build Confidence in Rescued Dog.
  28. Fear of large objects?
  29. Walks...
  30. How can I teach Koa to Howl?
  31. Teaching a dog to growl?
  32. Barking at neighbors
  33. Anyone use German commands?
  34. Best training treats?
  35. Crazy greeter
  36. crate training a rescue GSD
  37. Games/Toys for mental stimulation
  38. How do I stop my GSDs from going after other dogs?
  39. How can I stop begging?
  40. Just rescued 2 2 yr old GSD's, need advice
  41. Need Fetch help
  42. Teaching to potty in one area only
  43. house breaking
  44. treat problem!
  45. Training on youtube
  46. Might As Well Drag Me There
  47. How do I stop my 9 month old GSD/Husky from...
  48. Crate training / separation anxiety
  49. Tanner and taking off at the beach....HELP!!
  50. Cool tricks anyone?
  51. Stop Barking and scaring the crap out of eveyone that wallks thru the door...manners
  52. Teach a Dog Dressage?
  53. Closet Monster
  54. Teaching our dogs to stay out of the garden.
  55. Play fetch?
  56. Whats your opinion...
  57. Warning shot
  58. Happy Family Needed
  59. training for the Timid
  60. Random training questions. :)
  61. how do I teach my 9 month old male GSD to come?
  62. How to socialize my dog if off leash wont come
  63. Again stuborn 18 month make
  64. Teaching your dog to retrieve
  65. Training off leash (front yard)
  66. Not go in the street
  67. Playing Question
  68. Stuborn male 18 month german shepherd
  69. How to teach her to play
  70. Stacking / Posing question?
  71. How do I keep my dogs attention on me?
  72. Walk better on the leash and not pull!And Walk/run with me while I am riding my bike?
  73. Door Dashing
  74. Baths
  75. House Training in an Apartment
  76. On our walk today....
  77. German Shepherd Bike runs
  78. Help with dog confusion
  79. Behave NOT ON a leash...
  80. New to training, need some advice.
  81. what is recall?
  82. sitting in tight spaces
  83. Stop the biting?
  84. Breaking into cats...
  85. To start all over?
  86. Is it a good idea...
  87. My puppy wont give me a paw! :(
  88. garbage
  89. need to teach a trick please
  90. Ball drive?
  91. GSD questions.
  92. Balance!
  93. Explosive detection
  94. New Rescue Dog
  95. Not to pull on the lease
  96. Heel
  97. Some problems with down
  98. How do I encourage my dog to play fetch?
  99. Teaching Stay
  100. Well, I'M not ready to go inside!
  101. how do i increase my dogs courage.
  102. Teaching the random down.
  103. How do I stop the barking?!
  104. Have I created a monster??????
  105. poison proofing
  106. Finding deer sheds
  107. Follow Me
  108. Crating Problem...need help/ideas
  109. How do I teach Zoe to avoid my reptiles?
  110. She thinks I'm kidding
  111. Barking
  112. Training One Action to Several Commands?
  113. Pooping in back yard, but not everywhere
  114. Front to Left Heel position
  115. walk up a ramp
  116. ...Stop herding the horses???
  117. train for cgc - meet other dog
  118. Discouraging Escape? (Non-GSD)
  119. How should we go about doing this?
  120. Basic Obiedence
  121. Training an older dog
  122. have experience with Weimaraners? training issues
  123. Perch training
  124. Put away toys and pick up trash
  125. Clicker and teaching a Stand command
  126. Indoor training activities for winter!
  127. Teaching to walk on the treadmill
  128. How do you get a dog to heel like that?
  129. encouraging play time breakthrough - what next?
  130. How do i teach down while moving?
  131. How much to teach at once?
  132. How do I teach forced fetch (e-collar training)?
  133. Improving His Recall (advice?)
  134. What commands does your dog know?
  135. "Deep" barking vs. prey drive barking
  136. What do I teach first?
  137. Are me expectations too high?
  138. How do you teach a dog too.... BARK!
  139. Obeying commands when excited
  140. Breaking Focus
  141. Outdoor / Indoor advice & training.
  142. Book for beginners?
  143. clicker training with more than one
  144. Charging the clicker with 3 dogs
  145. Stop digging...
  146. What is the next step?
  147. Seperation Anxiety
  148. how old is too old?
  149. to "heal" to the right?
  150. Teaching my dog to go potty in our yard.
  151. can i teach
  152. when off leash
  153. new family member!! bailey! shes a handfull!help!
  154. Is he slow, blind, or just no interest
  155. how to teach him to not eat the cat??
  156. Close the door behind her
  157. How do I teach my GSD to play?
  158. Getting him to sit in the run??????
  159. Noisy exit from the house - any ideas?
  160. Tips for teaching Heel
  161. family hug
  162. Socializing without object of socialization
  163. Hold things in his mouth CALMLY!
  164. Stop barking on command
  165. Annoying barking at the door after it is answered
  166. Hide & Seek
  167. Dog to bark at door?
  168. Dog afraid to walk on tile
  169. no bark collar suggestions
  170. stop destructive behavior?
  171. Former outside dog...teach to take gentle and down
  172. I don't know what to do....
  173. how do i train my gsd to search
  174. Ginger and her biting habit
  175. Suggestions to replace ball chasing game ??
  176. Leash problems and a prong collar
  177. HELP - Getting in trash and now on counters
  178. Names of Toys
  179. Training A Blind GSDs to be Kid Safe
  180. expectations for 9 week old
  181. "speak" question
  182. Staying away from moving cars?
  183. removing the crate at night?
  184. teaching Foxy to fetch certain items?
  185. Puppy School?
  186. Bow?
  187. How to teach to not grab things out of hands
  188. Walking away from food for TDI test
  189. 3 weeks home, time to train!
  190. Inappropriate barking in the house (a bit long)
  191. How do I teach her to tug?
  192. Focus next step - Am I doing this right?
  193. Teaching heel in CRAZY neighborhood
  194. Laying and Staying....why wont he do it?
  195. Wont stop licking...
  196. roll over shake and "dead"
  197. Teaching him to protect (bite/bark) in command
  198. Training games:Impulse Control & excitable dogs
  199. How to break several bad habits.
  200. scared of people
  201. leg weave?
  202. Teaching "heel"
  203. Loose leash training; Suggestions only pls!
  204. Help! She's too friendly!
  205. How to Train a Mountain Dog
  206. GSD won't go up or down stairs in house
  207. Teaching German Shepherd not to chomp on your hand
  208. How to teach Stormy to stop barking at other dogs?
  209. Water Splashing & emptying the water bowl
  210. She is peeing everywhere!
  211. Order of titles
  212. how to teach fetch
  213. Introducing GSD to Kitten
  214. Please help me to plan next training stage
  215. Potty re-training question
  216. Dog is NOT good with children
  217. be careful what you teach them
  218. Visiting dogs w/your dogs (traveling)-how do you?
  219. Teaching the "Zucchini" Retrieve 2 1/2 pound
  220. lay on his side?
  221. cutting nails
  222. Ever had a puppy throw a fit?
  223. Un-housebroken foster - Help!!
  224. One trick after another or a couple ....
  225. How do I teach my dog to "stand"
  226. Recall with the world's worst dog (long)
  227. Leash problems
  228. Teaching to hold and carry
  229. Not try to play w/ or heard cat?
  230. How do I teach my puppy not to bite?
  231. Got a few things in here. Come on in.
  232. Any unconventional method of teaching "down"?
  233. I am new here and in need of help !
  234. How long does it take to teach your dog to???
  235. Having trouble building Miko's drive
  236. helping brothers get along....
  237. ....pull a wagon?
  238. crapping in the house
  239. Not jump on fences?
  240. Jogging/Running
  241. Un-velcroing my dog???
  242. How do I get my dog to stop chasing people?
  243. What is the worse trick you taught them...
  244. Teaching Jaia to Open a Door
  245. Screen Doors
  246. Fixing an atypical walking on leash problem
  247. Deal with double barking? Unknown rescue training?
  248. 'Preventing' Leash Reactivity
  249. Atwhat age to start trainning?
  250. Best trick for a German Shepherd?