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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. Two Dogs - trying to leash train
  2. 26 wks of training over , now what?
  3. not to chase deer
  4. Off leash training
  5. Too friendly 9Month Old GSD
  6. She won't stay down! This is a new thing too!
  7. doesn't respond to food lure
  8. Once again Daisy got out and wouldnt come...
  9. Stop barking at passing dogs.
  10. Potty issue
  11. How do you keep a dogs attention when all he sees are squirrels and
  12. leave the chicken alone!
  13. Roki Learns SPEAK and WHISPER!! 16 weeks
  14. Lay/Down
  15. Should I start over??
  16. How to crawl?
  17. Not get up on the couch?
  18. find it
  19. Use the stairs
  20. Wait for Recall
  21. Stop barking?
  22. Focus Help
  23. Herding question
  24. Here are some new trick ideas.....
  25. "Throw live chickens at your dog"
  26. Heel
  27. "Spank your dog with a dead chicken"
  28. Stop knocking over her water bowl!
  29. To Close Doors?
  30. not have anxiety
  31. Living with Rats!
  32. Vehicle Chasing...
  33. Down at a distance...without looking at me
  34. I need "power steering" for Abby
  35. surprise german shepherd
  36. help with e-collar smart dog
  37. Going in circles and jumping when someone comes into the house.
  38. Jumping on doors and a few barking issues
  39. Walk on a leash
  40. Crate aggression question
  41. Post your before & after training videos...
  42. Clicker training various animals in the house with the same clicker?
  43. 8 month old GSD puppy - socializing question
  44. Rear end awareness- Critique?
  45. best way to teach a dog to let go of ball
  46. Training Help: Jumping/Face Licking and Won't Stop!
  47. Brining the puppy home tomorrow, just a few questions
  48. Counter Surfing
  49. Advice on teaching dogs to Swim!
  50. What to know about City Dogs
  51. GSD won't stop pulling on leash/ has no manners in public
  52. Dog slow to release toy while playing (any advice?)
  53. How do I get him to like toys?
  54. Speak!
  55. Do I need to socialize my dog with a neighbor I don't like ?
  56. "Watch Me" (Focus) in a food driven pup
  57. Terrified of children
  58. Sit, Stay, Retrieve and Return (Repeat)
  59. How To Teach Your Dog to Sit
  60. Check out this brilliant little mutt. Non GSD
  61. How to release??
  62. How to open the fridge?
  63. Stop Digging
  64. We did it!!! Fun pet trick.
  65. Clipping nails
  66. Crooked sit...
  67. Release to eat?
  68. Crazy dog
  69. HELP!! He chews my walls!
  70. Recall?
  71. Loves to use the treadmill but....
  72. How do I: Speak? Bark on command?
  73. Scoot back legs under and into a sit rather than rock back
  74. Jumping, jumping, jumping...!
  75. To poo and pee in one spot.
  76. How do I train myself to relax more
  77. how to stop resource guarding before it starts?
  78. How to stop her from jumping ...
  79. Teaching "stay untill called" questions
  80. Running with my GSD
  81. Need "re-teaching" help!
  82. eating waaaay too quickly!
  83. Frustrated...
  84. Toooooo excited to meet new people...
  85. Garage Training
  86. Socializing an older pup
  87. Mouthing not really biting but sort of
  88. Flip Finish
  89. Treats vs. Praise vs. Clicker?
  90. This is a lot Harder than I Thought.
  91. not jump on counters and table to steal food?
  92. whistling up your dog
  93. How to: Whining and Whimpering
  94. Mature Cats with new Puppy
  95. She wont come when off her tie out..
  96. Dog and Cat
  97. Treadmill training
  98. To not go on sofas
  99. teaching to stay down
  100. Winter Training Ideas
  101. Just Adopted Need some HELP!!
  102. I'm curious, what are some of the oddest
  103. Teaching Names of Family Members?
  104. Best way to teach "the owner leaving" is OK
  105. Please critique my training method. Will it work?
  106. Proper fetch techniques?
  107. How do I teach my dog to walk on a leash better?
  108. Coming to a stand from sit?
  109. How do I teach her to sit still and stop jumping?
  110. How Do You Teach A Dog To Stay Out Of A Room?
  111. Afraid of metal!
  112. So the last 3 nights she goes and urinates in the kitchen?
  113. Is it Counterproductive to....
  114. sphinx down?
  115. herd the other dog to the door
  116. Ok this is a weird one
  117. How do I teach my dogs to focus on me and to heel.
  118. Howdo I teach my 2 year old male GSD to play gently with little dogs?
  119. Jumping
  120. Training 2 dogs together.
  121. Cover your eyes!
  122. Reactive Dogs - How to stop from "charging" and barking at dogs?
  123. loud noises
  124. Stop going after our food
  125. Go get the puppy
  126. Puupies and Kids
  127. Potty training trouble, any ideas?
  128. 4 month old with drinking problem
  129. Jumping on my small 4 year old
  130. doggy trainers...
  131. Is this normal behavior for a 19 month old?
  132. Rescue adoptee marking in house
  133. Can't teach Roo to Bark
  134. HELP! lots trouble with distraction & focus.
  135. "Find"
  136. To SLEEP
  137. Teaching Boundaries
  138. Train my pup to jump into a car?
  139. "Guard" command?
  140. Timber ate $220.00-Literally! (Counter Surfing)
  141. stop my dog inhaling food
  142. Barking on leash at other dogs
  143. clicker training, strange dogs.
  144. How do you start training bark and hold?
  145. Tracking training
  146. Still Barking
  147. Need suggestions about barking
  148. Chilling Karma out when staff enter....
  149. wanting outside inside outside inside.
  150. How to stop her from digging
  151. how to teach your dog to recall
  152. Help with other dogs
  153. Training dog where to go potty...
  154. new tricks
  155. How do I teach my GSD to be around my horses without going after them?
  156. What to do if the puppy is not responsive..
  157. Stop barking at the neighbors?
  158. house training puppy when both work all day?
  159. What way is this? (Potty training)
  160. Looking for ways...
  161. My dog goes crazy when she sees other dogs
  162. Aggressive treat taking on walks
  163. How to stop leash pulling
  164. Speak
  165. how can I teach my puppy to sit,down,etc from distance?
  166. A very odd question I'm sure
  167. ...stop barking at my friends!
  168. Barking at friends in the house
  169. Basic commands?
  170. City Slicker and Country Livestock
  171. Multiple Questions -- Leave It...Flirt Pole...walking
  172. how can I get Dodger to stop barking?
  173. My puppy won't lie down with the word "down"
  174. playing fetch, he gets bored
  175. Teaching dog off leash
  176. How can I teach my dog to slow down when he eats?
  177. How Can I Teach to Potty in the Bath tub?
  178. Two unrelated questions
  179. Dealing with Impatience
  180. How do you teach your dog to catch a frisbee in the air?
  181. Any ideas on training my dog to....
  182. How do I teach Buddy to be calm when people visit?
  183. How do I teach my dog not to bark at everyone that walks past the garden?
  184. How do I teach my dog to get used a backpack?
  185. Heal a heel and speak
  186. potty training
  187. Training Progression
  188. My Boys Are Acting Like Children With Toys
  189. My little guy turned psycho!
  190. Having trouble walking on a leash properly
  191. left and right?
  192. to be alone
  193. He doesn't want to Walk.
  194. Skittish Pup...
  195. During the walking
  196. He doesn't want to train anymore?
  197. Ultimate clicker training challenge
  198. Bonding With An Adult Adopted Dog?
  199. How to Sociailize?
  200. Is it possible to teach a dog not to be afraid of things?
  201. how to teach be nice to puppy
  202. Hopefully simple enough
  203. Car rides
  204. playing alone
  205. GSD not stimulated
  206. Two questions - focused heeling and crooked sits
  207. teaching to heel
  208. Lunging at hand for treat for training
  209. That wasn't part of the deal!
  210. Stand-Stay Question
  211. 'Speak' and 'Shake'
  212. Teaching down - odd issue
  213. My pup is pooping in the house on purpose!
  214. How to teach my dog not to make a mess while eating
  215. Recall Help...again...
  216. Walking two dogs?
  217. Need help with recall!!!
  218. Off-leash Question
  219. get along with the new cat?
  220. how do i teach my dog to stop barking when people open the door
  221. Making one happy family
  222. Putting eye drops in a dogs eye...
  223. Counter Surfing....
  224. Blowing me off? Or how not to...
  225. Socialization
  226. Our cats all hate the dog
  227. Teaching a grwon up not to pull on the leash
  228. Helping my Reactive dog - The Surprise Party Game
  229. How To Desensitize A Dog To Nail Clipping
  230. lazy or too young?
  231. Uber exuberant greeting
  232. 6 Months Nervous/Aggressive Barker, HELP!
  233. Teaching a brilliant 'come'
  234. stop arm grabbing?
  235. Would love some advice on dealing with this situation
  236. Trick training together
  237. how can i start training?
  238. Riding in the car.....causes headaches
  239. Barks at Tools
  240. Mouthing/Biting - need advice
  241. CGC/CGN (Canada) Test?
  242. Dog Training Tutorial: Off-Leash Exercise (Send-Off)
  243. Poop Etiquette
  244. digging
  245. 4.5 Month old puppy losing recall?
  246. bark stauba bark!!!!
  247. Excited barking
  248. Train to NOT jump fence?
  249. The stay command has really helped
  250. How do I teach my dog to not charge people?