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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. How to not run out if the door is left open
  2. 20 months old GSD - Recall training
  3. STella likes to rip things up
  4. Having trouble with bolting and spazzing when seeing the leash
  5. How to stop dog from lunging for treats?
  6. Inconsistent ball retrieve
  7. Methods for dealing with counter-surfing, please!
  8. how to- teach OUT ?
  9. Poop rolling
  10. dog thinks open lot next dr is "his"? &neighbor has new dog
  11. Stop Crying and Yelping when on tieout?
  12. This is too glorious not to deserve its own thread!
  13. Leash Dilemma..Yikes
  14. Will this work with potty training?
  15. Hold, Grab
  16. Fetch. Will this work for me?
  17. Need a little help potty training an 11 month old
  18. How do I stop my puppy to jump over me?
  19. Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
  20. What is the coolest trick your dog can do?
  21. How do you get that perfectly trained dog?
  22. Crate training at 16 months too late?&Introducing the dog to cats for the first time
  23. The "stand, stay"
  24. How do i get my girl to walk on a leash without dragging me!!
  25. So it would appear Tucker *can* scale a five foot fence... now what?
  26. Avoiding Snakes
  27. Is my dog showing signs of aggression?
  28. scared to ride in car
  29. Pack dominance issues
  30. How does your gsd 'Help' you with everyday activities?
  31. Training help!
  32. ...slow his pace?
  33. Walk down an aisle
  34. Avoid Chasing Deer
  35. Waiting - How to teach?
  36. tips for training?
  37. Shadow is lunging when he is on his line
  38. needs to mouth every article of clothing I put on---eww.. slobber
  39. how to stop counter surfing
  40. retrieve
  41. Trouble with walking my dogs together
  42. need help with clipping nails
  43. Pulling on the leash
  44. German word for "around" command
  45. Begin to leave in house alone
  46. come command
  47. My dog doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence
  48. scared of going downstairs?!?
  49. Teach her to carry my purse?
  50. Dog Door Training
  51. Green tripe treats & transitioning to tug
  52. Teach GSD to find morels?
  53. Loose leash walking?
  54. Would like your suggestion:
  55. Back pedaling on things he knows!
  56. Differentiating Work and Play Time
  57. Schutzhund training Beverly hills/west LA
  58. need help with teaching Rocky
  59. How do I teach my dog to be more protective/aggressive?
  60. How do you train to relax?
  61. Clicker training the "straight sit."
  62. Stopping fear of...
  63. Help with Training 1yr GSD
  64. Talkative Guy
  65. Stopping Bad Behavior
  66. How to teach the "Speak" command?
  67. Better control when I am going out the door?
  68. Too Busy to Train
  69. Meeting and Greeting while out and about or in my home..
  70. Training new pup with Harley in house?
  71. dog parks and beach manners
  72. My aunts dog got hit by a truck last night
  73. What do ya'll do with your GSD if they can't go outside with you?
  74. A bit too protective
  75. Cats!
  76. How to stop him from putting squeaky toys in my face at 3 A.M.
  77. Help with focus!! Please!!!
  78. Crate barking/lunging
  79. How do I teach my dog to NOT try to 'kiss' people?
  80. How do i stop my dog from peeing/pooping on the deck
  81. How to train 5 month german shepherd to poo/pee in one area
  82. Improving response time
  83. Am I pushing? What's his reaction saying? (heeling issue? perch trng question?)
  84. Good Dog Trainers
  85. Dog doesnt bark enough or hardly
  86. help i have a runner
  87. Heeling issue
  88. Food drive - too high?
  89. New tricks...?
  90. I know YOU can help me :)
  91. Boarding dogs across the street
  92. Time To Start Teaching Being Home Alone
  93. Straight fronts and heel position
  94. Jump into the car
  95. Big dog with big fears
  96. Sitting straight down help
  97. Relax when getting to a Destination
  98. Sheep Herding
  99. Need to build a BULLETPROOF sit/stay--down/stay
  100. When to walk on a Leash???
  101. Bulldozing the kids
  102. How to Train the drop it command
  103. Easing the prey drive?
  104. teach him to tell other people he is a GERMAN SHEPHERD!!
  105. Teach me how to do this:
  106. Pulling..but only during the morning walk?
  107. it's JUST a ball!
  108. Help with yelping/ whining around babies
  109. How Can I Teach??
  110. How can I teach my GSD using a command to go to the kennel?
  111. excitability
  112. A wee bit of scent obsession?
  113. Jumping.....
  114. Tried lots, but Zeppelin still growls when eating and we are near him
  115. Teaching GSD at 11 month
  116. walk calmly past the cat vs. dart towards it?
  117. Protection kicking in?
  118. Charging and Barking at Other Dogs
  119. Training and being off leash in a townhouse neighborhood?
  120. Woolf is at the Vet's .. again.
  121. Searching for new commands
  122. Need help with "drop it"
  123. Food agressive
  124. CGC 'leave with a stranger'
  125. GOES BERSERK when I get out of the car to go to the store,post office etc..
  126. A question for my friend - jumping up
  127. Sleep through the night?
  128. What are the commonly used command words?
  129. Problems with 2 in OB class
  130. what to do if I can't get focus in public
  131. Possessive over ball/frisbee and won't let go
  132. She gets mad when we get home late!!! HELP!!!
  133. For Vacuum Beserkers
  134. Barking at passing dogs.
  135. problem with my puppy's drive
  136. The value of 'leave it'
  137. GSD and pet bird
  138. I need to train my GSDs for...
  139. Help Teaching my dog to come to me...Again?
  140. Can anyone recommend the book 101 dog tricks?m?
  141. New way to teach 'Drop it' (w/video)
  142. Getting dominant when showing affection to other dogs in house
  143. Stops short while playing fetch
  144. Moving potty From outdoor to indoor.
  145. Getting drive back
  146. How to be calm when someone's at the door?
  147. Teach my male to be more calm and social
  148. increasing the look command while heeling
  149. GSD scared of stairs
  150. How to use Frisbie as reward.
  151. Frisbee WGSD, but won't bring back to my feet, how to change this?
  152. Dropping food/items from mouth?
  153. Advice on GSD and introduction to adult dogs and Cats
  154. Non Socalized Dog .. need help PLZ!
  155. Not chew things
  156. Im Afraid to use my hose! Help
  157. Pulls when he wants to get somewhere!
  158. When did you leave your GSD out of the crate full time?
  159. Down on recall
  160. What is your dog's CRACK.. something she cant resist, treats
  161. Could use a little help with this Problem.
  162. How to pay attention to me?
  163. "Speak" in 2 minutes!
  164. By Heel and finish commands
  165. Preparing for the CGC
  166. Retrieving Dummy Sequence
  167. How to teach him to accept kids
  168. Bark on cue
  169. question about teaching how to crawl
  170. how to get him to play tug of war
  171. pawing & attention issues
  172. Ice...Ice...Maybe?
  173. Sit, Down, what?
  174. GS and Yorkie....need them to get along
  175. Teach GSD to tolerate Calf?
  176. Stopping barking
  177. How do I teach my dog to stop spilling her food bowl?
  178. Shaping & Perch Training
  179. Teaching a Dominant Dog A Submissive Position
  180. help she wont move
  181. won't take treats outside- any motivational ideas?
  182. Flirt Pole she wont let go till I get the knife
  183. Flirt pole training question
  184. from down to sit?
  185. fetch
  186. Rescued older GSD now need help
  187. Targeting with back feet
  188. Loose Leash, forging forward after treats
  189. Lead Walking - Broken man
  190. Speak on command
  191. Hello and could use some help! (barking issues and unfriendly w/new dogs)
  192. Do I use treats for this?
  193. How to teach spin???
  194. How do I teach my dog to STOP putting his mouth on me???
  195. Transition from shaping to queuing
  196. Problem teaching Hold It
  197. speak on command
  198. Taking speak to a different level?
  199. showing ??????
  200. How to stop Xander from jumping on sliding glass door HELP
  201. Keeping your GSD occupied
  202. Go to Mat
  203. How to keep dogs from jumping up on you?
  204. Training Adult Dog Tips?
  205. how to teach my dog to tolerate other dogs
  206. Stop The Obession
  207. 6 years old rescue with fear issues
  208. Howling at night every night
  209. How to build tug drive?
  210. How do I teach my dog to NOT go crazy when the garage door opens?
  211. getting beat up
  212. Barking at Window
  213. Scoot butt while sitting
  214. Low ball drive
  215. How to teach puppy to stop crying for human food
  216. Ring a bell to go potty
  217. Dogs and Livestock Fencing
  218. Odd problem of refusal to get into car
  219. How do I (teach my dog to)... Give back rubs?
  220. Show/bare teeth?
  221. How should i train my puppy to sleep at his dog house
  222. Loose Leash Walking
  223. Would you use 'Sleep', 'bang bang', or something else?
  224. To not tear my arm muscles walking
  225. down while heeling
  226. Jumps on guests
  227. Give it!
  228. Sit and stay sit until release? (Clicker training)
  229. How do I teach my dog to run alongside my bike?
  230. Dog Door Blues
  231. How do I get Luxie to stop attacking my feet??
  232. New puppy book recommendation
  233. best way to calm or settle your dog???
  234. Bolting (or trying to) out of the car!!
  235. How to teach my puppy to leave a room
  236. High Drive Pup Questions
  237. How to get Kane to stack
  238. My GSD obeys me, but not my wife
  239. whining
  240. Sleeping out of the crate
  241. Appropriate Behavior around Cats
  242. Biting and Charging
  243. How to curb very rough play biting?
  244. cue word for head tilt?
  245. Housetraining help
  246. I can't get my pup to lay down without using hand motions
  247. Know what 'no' means
  248. bring toy back
  249. Come
  250. Concentration