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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. turn round into the ,, fuß,,- position from re-call
  2. How i teach my dog to jump over people? ( Video)
  3. How i teach my dog to ,, bouncing off a tree,, ? ( Video)
  4. How do I teach my dog to bare teeth?
  5. how to teach to stand..
  6. Dog aggressive...Need advice
  7. How to teach your dog to close a door
  8. How to get them to talk. It's complicated.
  9. Train the dogs to pee away from house
  10. "Herding" me while jogging
  11. teaching to stay out of crate
  12. Teaching speak command
  13. Sounds silly, but....
  14. Perch training help
  15. Need snappier
  16. Polite Greetings???
  17. Treats question
  18. play tug without bite?
  19. Jumping issues
  20. 4 yr old dog please help with barking
  21. Obedience for a Conformation Dog
  22. Training to "Come" (every time). . .and not to run away!
  23. Whining in car
  24. New Tricks?
  25. Stubborn dog
  26. How do I teach my 4 month GSD to stop peeing in the house?
  27. Train to only accept food from us......but have a few corncerns
  28. Can I teach 2 male dogs to go in the same place?
  29. Question on the Place command
  30. Help please teaching my dog to tug..
  31. Down Help
  32. Just moved... Lonnngg night.
  33. Help needed!
  34. Get out of my space!
  35. charges full speed into sliding door
  36. Using the new bed
  37. prolonged stay with stranger
  38. Can't get my pup's attention!
  39. Roll - Over and Changing the "release" word
  40. Catching a frisbee
  41. Favorite Tricks & Combination Tricks
  42. 12 month anti social
  43. Dex got it right today!
  44. Can you teach a dog to have an "accident" in a designated place?
  45. laying down incorrectly aka lazy lie down
  46. Certain kind of handler?
  47. Stop/Finish/Enough??
  48. How to get my pup interested in fetching
  49. How to teach "folf" (frisbee golf)
  50. Butt out
  51. How do I ignore my dog's bad behavior (Jumping/begging) if I'm sitting down myself?
  52. mechanical noises
  53. Need Indoor Game Ideas
  54. How do I Teach Emergency Down or Stay
  55. How to stop Her from her from Plopping
  56. make a mean face?
  57. Can't get our GSD to stop chasing the Cat
  58. Focused Heeling
  59. How do I teach Zeeva to play fetch if her recall isn't good?
  60. 9 month old baby dog training
  61. Will I be able to train my smart pup to stay within boundaries?
  62. Our Adult GSD TERRIFIED of storms. HELP!
  63. Getting over fears
  64. do you jog in off leash trails?
  65. Ohhh, the whining! How much is allowed for CGC?
  66. Need help for socialization with adult strangers
  67. Recall and Emergency down.
  68. Herding
  69. Emergency Down
  70. Raising a GSD puppy around 2 untrained dogs
  71. Teaching my GSD and pet Lionlop Rabbit to coexist peacefully
  72. I Don't know if I should be concerned, please help!
  73. Stock chasing - help needed
  74. Come Around-why does she do this?
  75. Question about off-leash casual walking
  76. problems with the down command
  77. Teaching "Wipe your paws"
  78. Mold Detection
  79. Squirrel obsession, afraid she'll jump the fence or get hurt
  80. videos on training the really tight front needed
  81. backyard training and the irritating dogs next door
  82. "Ball Drive"
  83. Sleeping Place
  84. How to get my dog to ingore other dogs?
  85. Deadly conibear traps: can I teach this?
  86. Get out of my space!
  87. How to NOT lose a water toy?
  88. Huh? Duh....
  89. Jumping, jumping, jumping!
  90. heeling - baby steps, comments welcome.
  91. How do you teach "aus" and some fetch questions
  92. How do I teach my 4yo GSD to stop being aggressive, walk properly, bark, etc.
  93. We need your help
  94. 15 month old GSD extremely immature!!!!
  95. Female litter mates, 13 mos starting to fight
  96. how to play nice?
  97. New Trick Ideas!
  98. Hunt for antlers
  99. Looking for some training advice...
  100. Please critique this training exercise
  101. What command to use?
  102. formal obed compromises agility?
  103. Cat barking
  104. Tricks :D
  105. Ringing a bell to go outside
  106. Training questions
  107. Be comfortable w/ Teeth Exam
  108. walk by other dogs.
  109. Agression issues with older female
  110. No trainers in my area please help
  111. How do I teach my dogs not to jump on strangers?
  112. Over Excited During Play
  113. How Do I Teach Enough?
  114. Can you train your dog to dig a hole in a particular spot?
  115. ... Speed up the retrieve?
  116. Brick Work
  117. Won't stop pulling, even with prong corrections.
  118. Sits and downs in motion?
  119. walking my 2yr old pup
  120. Seperation Anxiety and Chewing
  121. Teach to stop barking?
  122. Singing
  123. The emergency "down?"
  124. Focus Games
  125. 11 month old male barks at other dogs when I pet them
  126. Getting 15 month old acclimated to water
  127. Good trick training books?
  128. Puppy not wanting to walk / potty training
  129. tricks for 3 month old....?
  130. pulling
  131. Child eater!
  132. Help! Training Down without a Protest.
  133. How to stop overly submissive dog?
  134. Help with dog-any animal agression
  135. Lovely GSD but a runner (pic included for cuteness factor)
  136. Next Command?
  137. Couple various training quetions...
  138. I need help with retrieving
  139. How do I teach attention or engagement?
  140. Teaching to play dead
  141. Multiple questions..(training 'drop it' during fetch, digging issues...)
  142. Poultry Problems
  143. Any good videos (to teach a 'front' position)?
  144. Training For Backpacking
  145. Help with a very territoral dog
  146. Will my dog know to attack
  147. How do I get him to indicate by sitting?
  148. Koda just will NOT pay attention
  149. Jumping Tricks
  150. How to teach dog to cover eyes/nose
  151. I Need Help with My 5 month old - still not housebroken!
  152. Snapping on heel. I need to fix this.
  153. How to get longer stays?
  154. Train an 'Emergency Stay/Down'
  155. Play biting, in a 2 year old!?!?!
  156. Random separation anxiety!!! Pls help!
  157. Correcting Rude Behavior
  158. Howling
  159. His name!
  160. How to train dogs to not escape or dig
  161. Is this an OK way to teach heel?
  162. No focus from 6 month old puppy :( Help?
  163. Coming out of the crate (ouch)
  164. Patrolling?
  165. Just aquired a 1yr old GSD, here are my problems.
  166. Problems with Heel
  167. My GSD tries to eat my cat!
  168. stop barking
  169. Teach my dog to come?
  170. Reliable recall and Stay
  171. Sprinkler head eater
  172. Basketball
  173. maintaining focused heeling
  174. How Do I Teach "Take It"
  175. Barking
  176. How do i make my dog listen to me?
  177. Trouble with the DB
  178. Cgc
  179. 14mo pulling on lead - my arm almost got ripped out of its socket
  180. Aggressive towards neighbor
  181. 2 year old that listens but gets bored
  182. My Dog Is Finding Weird Things
  183. Puppy to PSA age
  184. Dog escapes her kennel
  185. Will this work to get 7 month old to stop waking me at night?
  186. Teaching a German Shepherd to jump into a pool
  187. How to "Say Hi"
  188. suggestions to calm excited dog that is confined
  189. How to teach dog to say "Mama", "I love you", etc.
  190. submissive urination
  191. Swimming, life jacket or not?
  192. car chasing
  193. Puppy swimming lessons!
  194. Confidence
  195. engagement and retrieving
  196. How do I train him to be more friendly around other dogs?
  197. "Speak"?
  198. Boundaries
  199. stop Whining
  200. Barking at son's visiting playmates
  201. How do you teach "take it" for the dumb bell?
  202. Help!! dog bit and not listening to daughter
  203. New tricks for fast-learning puppy?
  204. Commands and training a dog that a person is "OK"/Safe?
  205. Recall/Focus
  206. Engagement training
  207. How do I train my dog to fear respect avoid cars?
  208. Pulling a cart?
  209. Drop on Recall
  210. Need Help Teaching Dog To Shake
  211. Tracking
  212. Retrieving
  213. how do I teach her not to go ballistic in a public place
  214. How do I teach my family?
  215. Much Needed Help with 1.5 year old German Shep
  216. Water Issues
  217. walking 2 dogs at same time
  218. Weather issue ..
  219. Ideas: Mentally stimulating toys for a non-food motivated dog...
  220. Ending the tug game
  221. Distraction
  222. Bringing a 2.5 yr old male GSD home, how do I make sure my cats are safe?
  223. Can I teach my dog to destroy weeds in my lawn?
  224. training a Search and Rescue dog
  225. **No hurting cats**
  226. Behavior
  227. Teaching a Dog To Swim
  228. Would this work?
  229. Introducing Dogs to family members
  230. Use bathroom in specific spot outside?
  231. Off Leash control/ recall help please
  232. How do you switch rewards?
  233. Hind leg work
  234. How would you teach your dog to open a car door?
  235. Teaching A Dog to Listen to Me
  236. Scent Drive
  237. How do you teach your dog to recognize people?
  238. Fear Aggressive GSD and Savannah kitten.
  239. CGC test questions; it's coming up this week already!
  240. Need ideas to exercise two dogs at once.? (How might you change this routine?)
  241. make him stop hurtin ghis nose
  242. He won't get into the car?!?
  243. Lat
  244. What is the standard command to have dog sit at your left/right side?
  245. Help With Some Commands
  246. Teaching tug as a game
  247. training my dog to bark?
  248. training feedback (watch and stand)
  249. Training a Hearing-Impaired Dog
  250. Training puppy to be respectful to other household dogs