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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. Training 14-month-old to whine for outside ... help!!
  2. How do I introduce my fella to friends dog?
  3. Belle isnt getting the concept of "no" or "stop"
  4. 13 mo old pee errors
  5. 2 GSDs-- moving from big house to small apartment
  6. help me teach my dog some tricks
  7. Ignoring parrot
  8. Training a Dog to Cue for Alarms/Buzzers
  9. Teaching my dog to go up and down new stairs
  10. VERY bored dog while recovering from a leg injury, mind game ideas?
  11. Anxiety when pack separates
  12. House Training an Adult Rescue
  13. Teaching the "Back" Command...Please Help!
  14. Having a hard time teaching the retrieve
  15. Still having problems with fetch?
  16. 2 ball game/ out command
  17. Leashed walks for both
  18. Only wants to CHEW on tug
  19. Am I doing this right?
  20. Driveway Gate Training???
  21. Czech 8 month puppy
  22. Puppy mouthing/biting (e-collar for 15 wk old puppy?)
  23. counter walking
  24. REtraining?
  25. need new games to play
  26. Name of various objects?
  27. Barking on Command!!!
  28. Xena Loves Our Sheets to Pieces! How Do I Keep Her From Eating Them?
  29. 'Down' and pulling when there's another dog
  30. Does anyone know what is a 'food herding game'
  31. Need help with Leash pulling
  32. Teaching a pup to use a dog door?
  33. Favorite trick/command
  34. Teaching a dog to climb stairs
  35. Training this morning...
  36. Help with jumping
  37. Listen to me?!
  38. When to start puppy training
  39. How to teach stand command
  40. potty training
  41. How do I teach my 2 year old to get along with a cat?
  42. Faze out the treats?
  43. How to make car rides bareable?
  44. Extremely Cat Reactive? How to stop this?
  45. Sit pretty - removing assistance.
  46. Loud young male and people
  47. Loose leash walking, worth hiring a trainer?
  48. Tug
  49. How to get my dog to leave the cats alone...
  50. Proper heel position
  51. Dog Scared & dont listen to me.
  52. Whining, Growling, and Barking from Crate
  53. How to teach "Shake"
  54. How do I teach my shepherd to jump into the car
  55. Paw Targeting GENTLY??
  56. Biting habits
  57. Seperation Anxiety on Walks
  58. To not bark/hurt my cat
  59. How do I teach my dog to not hump other dogs?
  60. Bark collar??
  61. Thats not a ringsport position!
  62. How do I teach my dog..(the 'watch' command?)
  63. Ignoring food?
  64. we almost lost dexter this morning (how do I teach safe behavior)
  65. Moving back to issue
  66. To do inside with dogs outside house (teach my dog to)
  67. Not excited when training??
  68. "out" command
  69. Jumping when on recalls.
  70. Leave command
  71. Should I expect my dog to learn this through observation?
  72. Need your advise. Teaching dog to bark.
  73. So I'm taking my dog to a trainer
  74. Positive Reinforcement training questions
  75. How to train sit and stay
  76. Turning Around On Walks
  77. Softer mouth...
  78. Distraction proofing on a long line
  79. Undesirable dog park tendencies.
  80. Focus and barking
  81. CGC help
  82. My shepherd doesn't listen when around other dogs?
  83. Cat/Dog success stories
  84. Digging and play biting
  85. Car accident?
  86. Training Tips to Help Lessen Fear of Cars Going By
  87. Help me with this biting nipping
  88. Wiping feet?
  89. House train. Please help!
  90. leave it command for deaf dog
  91. Leash walking! (how to stop pulling?)
  92. Stay away from someone who lives with us
  93. Teach my dog to calm down with my kids
  94. Leave It, without a clicker
  95. how to train the long down under distraction
  96. Looking for a good set of training videos
  97. How do I get her to walk loose without using the leash tighten queue
  98. Listen without treats and clicker
  99. My GSD has started "stalking" -- ideas to stop it?
  100. Fixation on cat's path
  101. How do I get my GSD 100 % potty trained??
  102. How do I get my GSD to stop attacking his food before I set it down
  103. To know when its play time
  104. How do you train to sit calmly in the hall when answering the door to a stranger?
  105. How to resolve this issue?
  106. Fading out the foot target?
  107. Questions About Teaching Heel
  108. How can I control my GSD from excessively barking or running towards people?
  109. Left circles and hind end awareness
  110. How to get this neglected/mistreated trouble GSD to warm up with my cats??
  111. Stop Humping Everything!!
  112. How can I house train my dog?
  113. Video I just love haha (non GSD)
  114. Evie hates having vistors
  115. How to teach: No Counter Surfing
  116. Old dog new tricks (adopted 9 yr old pulling!)
  117. Frustrating Walks
  118. Feeding off my anxiety.
  119. Jumping and general excitement
  120. Protective behavior=non existent
  121. Focused heel
  122. Cat and Dog. What to do?
  123. Does anyone have a video of playing tug with their dog?
  124. teach INSTANT out?
  125. Train to stay inside your house/property??!!
  126. Scared of treats and clicker
  127. At what age can you start training a GSD
  128. Not be terrified of everything?
  129. Emergency Down
  130. Recall, chasing and house guests (Text heavy)
  131. GSD and new kitten problem
  132. Separation for CGC exam
  133. No paddling or shifting of feet on sit-stay
  134. "Sitting" correctly
  135. just LISTEN to me!
  136. How to teach my 8 month old not to play bite
  137. Would it be possible to train to collect balls and put in bucket?
  138. Attention Seeking "Nervous" Behaviors
  139. A little help please
  140. High Ball Drive and Training
  141. How to keep her off the couch at night.
  142. Agility Training?
  143. Suggestions to fix racing through an opening
  144. Coming when called
  145. Ideas for helping horse and GSD get over their differences ?
  146. How do we teach our pup NOT to jump on people?
  147. Introducing male GSD to 5 month old baby
  148. First Time GSD owner need advice on day routine
  149. my life would be complete if...
  150. Strangers at the house - How to train not to bark when I'm there?
  151. Proper jumping...?
  152. Housetraining a 6 year old GSD
  153. Grooming issues
  154. No Jumping!!!
  155. Protection?
  156. ...Chillax during a long down?
  157. 4 Month old GSD TONS of questions
  158. Fetch problems
  159. Fetch/Apport
  160. Scared of the Pool
  161. Frustrated and running out of ideas....
  162. Keep her from entering a room?
  163. Stop her from biting things ON me?
  164. Any tips how to correct leash pulling?
  165. My dog steals his treats from my hand!
  166. Separation Anxiety
  167. Fun tricks!
  168. advice needed
  169. GSD 9 Months got out and bit passer by
  170. Squirrels
  171. She is a little madam!
  172. Staying off the couch!
  173. how do you teach a dog to "speak"?
  174. Teaching the Front
  175. Holding a down and adding distractions
  176. My dog refuses to "down"
  177. Guard dog!
  178. Eat/Chew in a single location
  179. Stop jumping at the door when I leave.
  180. Training question!!!
  181. How do i teach my dog to bounce off trees
  182. Shock Collar training
  183. Stop an Alert Bark
  184. Circling and Air Snapping on 1 Dog Exclusively
  185. A 3 and a half year old GSD
  186. Heelwork With Music?
  187. Random man giving unsolicited advice
  188. Puppy just won't help paddle!
  189. introducing toys to GSD
  190. Dogs won't walk together
  191. How do I get Kaiser calmed down before we go for walkies?
  192. Acclimate to city townhouse living?
  193. recalls perfect in training, not outside of training
  194. Off leash
  195. Prefers toy over treat everytime
  196. German Dog Commands
  197. popping his collar?
  198. first post!
  199. Cars
  200. My dog has no manners!
  201. Informal heel
  202. My 1 year old Zelmay
  203. Meet the cat.
  204. Why won't she "come" when you call her? By name or by command?
  205. how do i teach my dog to heel?
  206. How do i teach my shepherd to herd goats?
  207. How do I prepare for introducing a parrot?
  208. Biter
  209. GSD Help! Please!
  210. How do I teach Ruger to focus on ME?
  211. How Do I Teach My GSD. Not to bark automatically when someone comes to the door?
  212. Stand on an object and spin
  213. Train gsd to pee & poop in gravel pen???
  214. Chewing overnight
  215. Flying down the stairs...
  216. Gib laut!
  217. 2 year old male concerns
  218. How do I train my dog to get along with our pet rabbit?
  219. Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?
  220. Teaching your dog to 'out' (aus)
  221. Elbows first Down. We are Clueless!
  222. Appropriate guest-at-door behavior
  223. Need help with "Stay" and "Off"
  224. Can't take my dog fishing anymore!!!
  225. E-Collar or Other Method for Excited Whining in Car?
  226. Raw food or commercial food ?
  227. Accidental training
  228. Barking when I'm throwing stuff around
  229. Knock-bark-*collar*-calm
  230. Stacking?
  231. fetch - 2 ball issue
  232. Excercising a dog on a lunge line?
  233. Snatching treats?
  234. Recalling when off lead with other dogs around
  235. Pee n poop on walks
  236. heeling and standing
  237. Help with "take it" (holding object)
  238. I need to stop being mean to my GSD
  239. horses, walk, trot, canter, gallop. dogs....?
  240. She thinks being brushed is a game!
  241. Problem with playing!
  242. How to build ball drive?
  243. be calm around the pool.
  244. Tips for going from leash to off leash walking
  245. Teaching games to GSD
  246. Hello! New here :) (when can I stop using the crate?)
  247. On and off leash walking
  248. Fiona speaks
  249. Need help with "Lie Down"
  250. turn round into the ,, fuß,,- position from re-call