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How do I (teach my dog to)?

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  1. Best Way To Bond With New Puppy?
  2. Refuses to get into car
  3. My 9month is getting aggresive towards other dogs
  4. Leash pulling-help please
  5. Keeping Grizz busy
  6. 9 month old refuses to walk to her kennel
  7. We are making progress, but need help managing prey drive
  8. New name for rescued GSD
  9. arguing...the good and the bad to utilize?
  10. Over-Stimulation Problem
  11. Heel problem
  12. Recall most of the way
  13. Drop it and out
  14. 8 month old GSD barking at people and dogs in the street...
  15. Dog barking at stray Cat!
  16. Any tips on how to train stacking?
  17. Roxy's Recall
  18. Reactive
  19. How do I teach him not to hump me?
  20. Learning the tuck and roll
  21. Molly followed Duke's lead PLEASE HELP
  22. Tips for a closer front?
  23. Send away tips please
  24. Shrieking
  25. Leash biting
  26. Help! My gad jumped the electric fence!
  27. fence running and barking non stop/
  28. New GSD owners. Behavior Problems?
  29. Unknown obedience commands
  30. Running with my gsd
  31. Too excited in the car
  32. Licking
  33. 5 month old GSD- couple of training issues
  34. How to teach my dog to calmly come out of his crate?
  35. New 2yr old gsd and 10yr old cat
  36. Help just rescued my new friend BUT
  37. Boundary training help
  38. Need help with a few subjects for my pup
  39. Calming techniques for jumping and anxious behaviors
  40. Teaching a 3 year old rescue manners
  41. How to get my shepherd/retriever mix to not be afraid of guns
  42. Training to herd?
  43. Help teaching Play to an Adult Dog
  44. Nose games?
  45. New GSD owner, dog might be smarter than me...
  46. age to expect certain recall
  47. Big seperation issue-17 mo old
  48. Commands during playtime
  49. How do i teach my dog NOT to..
  50. Stim level for purposeful negative association
  51. GS Husky and Pitbull problem....
  52. Take treats nicely
  53. Re-crate training.
  54. Whoa Command??
  55. How to keep her closer to me on walks(off leash)
  56. Licking licking licking licking
  57. Suggestions on recall
  58. Pointing?
  59. Teaching a solid recall
  60. Teaching not to poop on walk?
  61. How to teach focus along with a focused heel
  62. Pulling on walks
  63. Airplane travel?
  64. leg nipper
  65. Asleep while the car was getting broken into.
  66. Fetching objects
  67. How do I teach my puppy to stop greeting others so friendly
  68. ...stop affectionate mouthing/biting?
  69. Help! I'm a first time gsd owner and I don't know what to do anymore
  70. Sit
  71. Training Older Dog for Service Work
  72. Problems meeting other dogs
  73. Leash training question
  74. "Heel"
  75. Barking at lawn mower and tractor..
  76. How to command my dog from steps away
  77. Troubles with "stand"
  78. Focused Heeling Questions
  79. Teaching adult to use a spot in back garden only for going to the toiler
  80. LJ thinks "sit on the dog" is a game!!!!
  81. crate training
  82. How to get my dog to stay while sitting.
  83. Too much Barking
  84. How to teach my dog to not bark on walks
  85. Jumping Problems
  86. What do you guys do?
  87. Help with 18mo male
  88. 15 week old Pup has cut older lab twice now...
  90. The "place" command question.
  91. Noisy mornings
  92. How to stop excited barking
  93. crate training with cats
  94. How can I stop hyper active playing?
  95. Teaching a 1 year 1/2 Male to bite a bite wedge Linen material
  96. Where To Keep Treats When Training...
  97. Learning the Treadmill
  98. Making use of funny behavior?
  99. Will this spoil the retrieve
  100. Treat chickens well?
  101. 2 year old little training
  102. Let me touch your paws without nipping.
  103. Front paws on my chest while standing on hind legs
  104. What Jobs to give my pup?
  105. Down on recall
  106. Stop focusing on his doggie sister!!
  107. Walking on a leash- MAJOR PULLING
  108. Why my "boy" does not wake me up to go outside?
  109. How to stop raid on litter boxes?
  110. Confidence building games
  111. Puppy isn't respecting me?!
  112. Multiple questions: Skype with dog, destroying house, breaking crates
  113. Help my sweet landshark won't stop jumping and biting
  114. Asking to go outside
  115. Two dogs and a stroller: advice for walking
  116. Pulling on people
  117. Gsd won't listen unless having treats
  118. Amazing dog tricks
  119. Taught speak. Now in a fix.
  120. Question about leash walking
  121. Running to fallen food
  122. Any tips on getting a dog to want to swim?
  123. Play time in the yard
  124. Pup choking himself on leash
  125. Doggie door
  126. Newbie Help
  127. How often are show line dogs taught bite work?
  128. 17mo old still pulling on walks
  129. What is the purpose of "place" command?
  130. training gone backwards???
  131. is teaching to snarl/growl an ok thing to do?
  132. Aloha, after 3 years I am Back with Nimai
  133. Recall training
  134. Beginner heeling
  135. Never ending anxiety
  136. My GSD is too soft :(
  137. Stand up paddle board with your gsd?!
  138. Best way to reinforce a solid recall?
  139. How can I train my 1 year old to walk?
  140. Be more aware of where they're stepping?
  141. Integrating dogs and horses
  142. Reactive on her leash
  143. Potty Training Advice
  144. dog bars a lot,How can we stop it?
  145. How to teach crawl?
  146. GSD and a Cat?
  147. My GSD doesn't get the concept of fetch...
  148. Recall
  149. How to keep dog from hopping fence?
  150. Swimming and ball drive help!
  151. Teaching 6 month old puppy to bite and hold rag
  152. Barking at people
  153. How do I teach this "trick"?
  154. Homecoming, how to relax him.
  155. Parking a GSD
  156. Dogs jumping on people
  157. Issues with Captain/ protection
  158. B'Elanna learning impulse control (video)
  159. Puppy and Horses
  160. Lots of issues, Need Help!!!
  161. Help with Recall
  162. How to teach my dog to play fetch or play with a toy..
  163. Pulling Sleds, etc.
  164. Greeting People (do I need focus from my dog?)
  165. Mouthing my arm/hand
  166. Other Commands.
  167. How to teach my dog to play fetch correctly
  168. My first GSD...Good girl but stubborn!
  169. Frisbee
  170. Training Heel
  171. How to teach my dog to greet others..
  172. Training food refusal- poison
  173. 'Find it' games
  174. Lack of enthusiasm
  175. Mental exercise
  176. Awesome rescue-- except for sleeping on the couch at night. Help!
  177. How to teach a dog how to read other dogs?
  178. How do I teach my dog to target faces?
  179. The 1st and most important command every dog should know
  180. Another GSD Around Children
  181. How to teach my dog to stay calm in a car ride?
  182. walking on a lead/leadership
  183. Gsd puppy around children
  184. How to achieve a close "sit"?
  185. First night in hotel, barking
  186. Teaching sit stay for obedience
  187. How are we doing? (10 m old in training)
  188. I rescued a what? (long)
  189. How did you teach your dog to bring you the leash
  190. Get in the car
  191. How do I Get my dog to be less destructive?
  192. Calling Pongue(I think) trick question. (Anyone else that's good at tricks too)
  193. Getting along with other Dogs
  194. Mouthing other dogs
  195. Can I train him to ignore/not get too close to our Yorkie?
  196. Be quiet?
  197. running away
  198. Sloppy Execution - How to Tighten it Up?
  199. Urban Mushing/Carting?
  200. Teaching 'Platz' on Recall
  201. relaxed down vs sphinx down
  202. Sit and Stand from a down ...
  203. Dog scared of puppy
  204. Dogtra 1900 Inconsistent Stim??? Does the collar need to be replaced?
  205. Training 5 yr old to use crate again
  206. Can't get him to "Stand" without gesture :(
  207. My Puppy won't get in it's box!!
  208. Better accuracy? Punctured thumb. :/
  209. how to teach my 18month to stop crying
  210. Down stay
  211. How to teach crawl without dragging back legs?
  212. Teach to not fight back against other family dog.?
  213. Teaching GSd to tolerate small mammals
  214. How do I get my dog to respond to my BF
  215. How do I get my dog to..
  216. Platz on recall
  217. Ears...And food
  218. Nimai is back
  219. Heelwork Critique?
  220. I need more ideas!! and how to teaching him to hold things and
  221. Pack Reassignment I guess?
  222. not sitting fast enough
  223. Trainers near Oceanside, California
  224. Reactive to other dogs on leash
  225. Seek Play with Human over Dog
  226. drive for a tug and a few other things
  227. How do I get get my teething GSD to stop biting me on walks?!
  228. How to get dog to swim in my inground pool
  229. How to Stay
  230. Your kidding right?
  231. Dog digging
  232. Barking at farm animals and other dogs
  233. Taught Lisl 'Bleiben'
  234. Swimming
  235. No and Pfui
  236. Stairs, Biting and Leash walking.
  237. Chasing Animals.. Help!
  238. Relocating the crate..
  239. Lazy GSD?
  240. Socializing with small children?
  241. Train my puppies to stay with me off-leash
  242. Problems While Walking On Leash? Help!
  243. Counter surfing
  244. Listen to other people?!
  245. How do I teach my dog to use a pool?
  246. Please Help! She wont walk on a leash behind me!
  247. obedience and HD
  248. Perfecting the "hier"?
  249. shake hands
  250. house breaking help