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Genetic Issues

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  1. sable coloration
  2. My baby has Spinal Arachnoid Diverticulum and the breeder won't refund me
  3. Mei's wavy curls!
  4. Question in mix breeds
  5. Where's the Liver and Tan GSDs at??
  6. GSD Coating Help
  7. Color Outcome of puppies from pairing
  8. Sable? black? dusty? what coat does my dog have?
  9. Bicolor or black with brown specks?
  10. Curious about white spotting gene.
  11. Recessive coat color linked to skin issues & shorter Laborador Retrievers
  12. Recognize the mix?
  13. Black and tans with banded hair???
  14. Blue Eyes?
  15. DNA Samples needed for Mega E research
  16. What will my puppies look like?
  17. Hi
  18. What color would you classify my 5 month old puppy as?
  19. Genetic testing
  20. Coat Color Prediction Game
  21. Black and Tan puppy?
  22. German Shepherd Puppy Tail Curled Question.
  23. Is deep chest/barrel chest genetic or can we build chest muscle?
  24. SV: HD a-Ausland(a6)? German SV?
  25. What's wrong with her ear??
  26. GSD puppy coloring
  27. Future color of my Pup
  28. Genetics and WGSL colors
  29. pure breed?
  30. Bicolor or Black Tan
  31. is my gsd bi color? or black and tan?
  32. German Shepherd Got Back
  33. Color of pups
  34. Cow hocked puppy
  35. Inherited Heart Issues
  36. Hip dysplasia is not a congenital defect:By Carol Beuchat PhD
  37. puppy the nose connected with the mouth
  38. Large Male plus Small Female Equals?
  39. Genetic testing tool - Optimal Selection?
  40. Over bite /under jaw
  41. Undercoat Genetics?
  42. most unusual thing I have ever seen
  43. Genetic of the Bend and Straight german shepherd
  44. Expanding the Gene Pool
  45. Confused & worry
  46. DM test through OFA vs other places?
  47. Question About Mixed Eye Color
  48. "Pure" Curiosity
  49. 2YearOld, can't tell if he's mixed?
  50. Discuss the genetics of Cryptochid and Monorchid
  51. How do you acquire a washout?
  52. colour issue in pups
  53. My 4 month old German shepherd is supposedly product of a neighbors chocolate Lab too
  54. Mature faced German Shepard puppy
  55. Sable? Bi? Black and tan?
  56. Color/genetic chances
  57. Achondroplasia in the GSD?
  58. Bleed through of color in offspring of two white GSDs?
  59. OK someone help un-confuse me about bi-colors
  60. Color question - how likely that black/white dogs are siblings?
  61. Is my Shepherd Black Sable
  62. Dark Mask Question
  63. Is roached back a dominant shape
  64. breed
  65. Unknown German Shepherd?
  66. Anyone else out there???
  67. Video's of pup with HD (???)
  68. "Best to the best can be worse"
  69. Question about black and tans
  70. Cow Hocks - Do They Affect Working Ability?
  71. Color and gentics
  72. White spotting gene- or what causes a white chest and paws?
  73. Working line mixed with show line??
  74. Sables from two blck and tan?
  75. Color inheritance question. (moved post)
  76. My GSD has blue eyes!?
  77. ASL gait question
  78. Fascinating epigenetics article
  79. Coat colour
  80. Green puppies (non GSD)
  81. fair to good hips/ litter has issues
  82. Canine Hip Dysplasia genes identified
  83. Canine HD genes identified
  84. EPI--Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
  85. Going nuts and not over the dog
  86. Genetics and the gsd
  87. Breeding my German Shepherd
  88. What color is little Ned?
  89. Breeding long hair to short hair?
  90. german shepherd of another color
  91. breeding black an tan with a white???
  92. Dominant Black German Shepherd [Mix] project thread
  93. Coat Color Genetic Testing
  94. Testing for JRD through Dogenes
  95. Miniature German Shepherd
  96. Black and Tan or Bi Color?
  97. Anyone remember this post/dog?
  98. Deciding breed worthiness based on hip scores
  99. Bi-color, right?? Color gene confirmation please
  100. Color genetics questions
  101. Genetic Capability
  102. Preventative Meds the cause???
  103. Coat color and temperament
  104. Is she purebred?
  105. What color am I?
  106. OFA database question
  107. German Shepherd Coat/Saddle Fading
  108. Ankylosis
  109. 7 1/2 months old only 46 lbs.
  110. Litter with anomalies. Need advice.
  111. What coloring are my dogs considered
  112. How early would you see DM?
  113. Congenital Cataracts
  114. Genetic Testing Report
  115. breeding white and white
  116. Confused about long hair/short hair genetics
  117. Bone and head size related to confidence
  118. Drive vs. Energy vs. Neurotic
  119. how do bad ear genes work?
  120. Interesting video regarding GSD breeding...
  121. Mixed GSD puppy with Brindle/Tan patches?
  122. black gene traits in sables?
  123. breed = not science
  124. selective breeding is subtraction not addition?
  125. GSD's with blue eyes
  126. Coat colors?
  127. color genetics website worth bookmarking!
  128. Guess the color ?
  129. OFA or PennHip?
  130. German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry
  131. anyone heard of
  132. 1 year old GSD limping?
  133. Is sable really the dominant?
  134. Coat pattern question: What controls a pup being bi?
  135. runt or dwarf??
  136. Clemson Mega-E study Participants/Sample Collecting
  137. Genetics of Fear.... "Experts", please chime in:
  138. Not really an "issue" but a question about genetics?
  139. Dam is Black, Sire is Bi-colour... what is the likelihood of bi pups?
  140. Is Pano Genetic?
  141. Irresponsible Breeders and Genetic Issues - Rant
  142. WGSDs...
  143. Having second thoughts about our former breeder...
  144. Color Genetics Question
  145. DM test - Which one?
  146. Thuringian GSD lines- nervy but fast?
  147. Litter of 9 - only 2 are white, how can that be?
  148. Juvenile Renal Dysplasia
  149. dog could never put her tail that high?
  150. Sable owner question: Striping, tar heels, etc...
  151. Megaesophagus and Breeding the Carrier
  152. Black and White GSD
  153. How does this happen?
  154. Question about the purity of my GSD puppies
  155. What Do Breeders Do With Returned Dogs
  156. Temperment of long haired shepherds
  157. Question about knowing the temperant in a puppy
  158. Problems in the German Shepherd Dog
  159. is my gsd blk/tan or blk/red please help....
  160. In Virginia ( Southeast), looking for OFA ( and questions)
  161. How do you decipher the letters??
  162. Health testing/Cardiac questions
  163. Infamous Hip Dysplasia
  164. PANDA shepherd?????
  165. Solid Black WGSL??
  166. Who's my 4 month old puppy's dad?
  167. Sister with otitis
  168. health testing
  169. Color and genetics-Sables
  170. How much of a dog's grip is Genetic?
  171. AKC Registery question. How do they *prove* it?
  172. Is my puppy a purebred GSD?
  173. Is my puppy a gsd?
  174. White Spotting Gene
  175. DM
  176. Genetic Diversity
  177. What's a Guarantee Worth?
  178. "Horned" ears
  179. My GSD's tail
  180. Genetic Testing?
  181. Nervy Dogs versus Dogs with Bad Nerves
  182. Dwarf German Shepherd Dog
  183. Disclosure
  184. Cancer in 3 y/o rescue
  185. Feminine and Masculine
  186. American Show line GSD questions
  187. Jowls n Paws
  188. How do you breed for a pure White GSD?
  189. Genetic Obedience
  190. How much do genetics play in temperment?
  191. Opinions on my dogs OFA hip/elbow prelims
  192. soft ears - loose ligaments
  193. Puppy DNA/Identical twins
  194. Is She Pure???
  195. Hipscores?
  196. Explaination for Strange Coat Color
  197. DM Question
  198. Straight Legged GSD's - is there knowledge what lines they are from?
  199. Question for you breeders
  200. Genetic results are coming in!
  201. Working Line Breeder Question on Temperament
  202. Bi Color question will be answered soon!
  203. Schutzhund Titled Parents and puppy temperment
  204. Bloat or Torsion in GSDs
  205. Health of father influences genetic contributions
  206. bi-color question of the day is He?
  207. Could she actually be a bi-color?
  208. Black pup question
  209. Curled Tail... Is it normal?
  210. What other breeds show in my GSD from the shelter?
  211. German Shorthaired Pointer in DNA?
  212. Throwback?
  213. Question for you breeders on genetic illnesses
  214. PennHIP, x-rays, OFA ...
  215. Genetic diversity
  216. The Long Coat Gene or Allele
  217. Breeders day in Olympia, WA
  218. Suggested Health Testing Sites
  219. DNA testing
  220. Color types?????
  221. Food Allergies?
  222. Health Tests
  223. Megaesophogus- how common???
  224. Genetic Diseases and phenotype (coat)
  225. Puppy DNA testing
  226. Critique Color Please (pic heavy)
  227. Question about color pattern
  228. BAD Breeder
  229. DNA Testing
  230. confusion!!
  231. Is there a thread/site with pics of all the color/coat variations?
  232. Black/B&Tan
  233. What does a3, a4, a5 mean? (HIPS)
  234. Hip and elbow xrays... thoughts?
  235. Dog Aggression
  236. Curly coat...
  237. Zuerkannt
  238. GSD relation to other breeds
  239. Researchers ID Genes
  240. Owner's Affect on Genetics
  241. Nervy Traits
  242. tracking down Bo's papers?
  243. Lymphoma
  244. Anal Fistula
  245. snow nose is it genetic?
  246. Is this dog a sable?
  247. DM Questions
  248. My pup seems to have trouble walking
  249. White Spotting/Irish White Spotting
  250. Linebreeding question(s)