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The Breed Standard

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  1. Is it just me?
  2. Input on type of GSD? Rescue pup
  3. What is my GSD mixed with?
  4. What GSD standard color is my boy?
  5. 1 y/o GSD: Tilly
  6. Is my puppy a mix?
  7. When does ticking appear?
  8. Reverse Masks
  9. Working line or show line background. questions about my rescue
  10. Versatility - "Prove It Or Lose It"
  11. weak back legs.
  12. Anyone know the breeder?
  13. Ipo-r
  14. What mix is my dog?
  15. 2nd edition of The Illustrated Standard of the GSD
  16. Unusual color
  17. Is my German Shepherd mixed?
  18. Puppies with Pink Nose
  19. 5 1/2 month old male size.
  20. Is my GS working line or show line?
  21. WUSV Harmonisation
  22. What is she mixed with?
  23. Trotting question
  24. Reason behind stacking?
  25. Many working dogs with sloping backs - why?
  26. Does she need more muscle?
  27. Black and Tan VS. Liver and Tan
  28. Short for 8months?
  29. What the requirements in order to enter and do breed survey?
  30. Why does my dog have brindling?
  31. Are we/us/they not being tough enough??
  32. Looks like a Mal!
  33. Tail and scar question
  34. Is 100Lbs too big for the GSD Standard?
  35. Oversize GSD's
  36. Puppy Eye Color?
  37. Curious about how much my GSD should weigh
  38. Why is there an entire type of this breed that looks more similar to the hyena?
  39. Is my white GSD pure bred?
  40. Sable, patterns, pigment?
  41. Working Line Size Standards
  42. My puppy is 18 weeks and only weighs 19.2 lbs
  43. Do WGSL look roach backed when ot stacked?
  44. What line? Here's our story.
  45. What line does she look like?
  46. Was told he is a dutch shepherd...
  47. Blue eyes GSD
  48. What type does he look like
  49. Normal Size for a 14 month male shepherd
  50. Far reaching?
  51. GSD Mixed With??
  52. opinions of these puppies
  53. Difference between Standard coat and Plush coat
  54. German Shepherd? or
  55. Breed standard **height**
  56. What percentage of growth @ 10 months.
  57. Show line conformation
  58. Tail standard.
  59. What color is my GSD?
  60. Baby Judge
  61. Small German shepherd
  62. Purebred?
  63. My German shepherd is very small
  64. Purebred white GSD?
  65. Mixed breed?
  66. Is this really what the Breed Standard calls for?
  67. barrel chested boy?
  68. Deciding whether or not to show...
  69. Tell me about Chandler
  70. Silver sable coloring
  71. Papers say Black and Tan but...
  72. Purebred or mix?
  73. Purebred Czech/East German??
  74. "Old fashioned" GSDs
  75. Can he possibly be a Byelorussian or?
  76. Is my GSD mixed?
  77. Does anyone here have Max Von Stephanitz book?
  78. SV Judge on "The True Back of the GSD"
  79. Puppy Pics, coat help
  80. Need Opinion on this pedigree
  81. Purebred puppy? Opinions
  82. TEMPERMENT difference between DDR&West working line
  83. Possible Pure GSD or Mix
  84. Tan or red?
  85. Can someone help with coat type?
  86. Civil vs. bad nerves
  87. Coat colors
  88. White/Swiss/BBS -
  89. Talk about a true black sable... wow!
  90. white Full breed gsd, eye color??
  91. pure bred rescue?
  92. Help me determine if this puppy is full blooded please
  93. What color/breed is my dog?
  94. Looking for good breeders
  95. What coloring are my Gsds?
  96. What type of sable is my GSD?
  97. Huge GSD
  98. B&T with a LOT of white
  99. Coat Color at 5 months
  100. Captain isn't what he appears!
  101. Stacking
  102. Is my GSD a Good Representative of the Breed?
  103. GSD With Webbed Feet. Normal or NOT?
  104. Is this a good representation of the breed IYM?
  105. German shepherd breed, lets keep them original with a straight back
  106. Question about my GSD/Lab mix?
  107. German Shepherd - The ultimate guard dog
  108. What is this called?
  109. Critique please
  110. Panda??
  111. is she Belgian/German shepherd mix
  112. Question about coat color inheritance
  113. standard size
  114. German shepherd description, history, and tribute
  115. What is Exceptional?
  116. Is she black and tan or sable?
  117. our new rescue... what kind of shepherd is she?
  118. Miniature German shepherd
  119. Question about coat color (bicolor)
  120. Have yet to figure out why...the coloring on my pup
  121. Doc's Book on the Breed
  122. wait thats. not a German Shepherd.....or is it!?!?! (beautiful animal inside!)
  123. Wonder if you agree
  124. SL,WL,ASL.... How do you tell?
  125. The Back of the German Shepherd Dog - Evolution, structure and function
  126. So you think our breed hasn't changed (specially their backs?)
  127. Topline/Body Length
  128. Bi-color w/ white chest patch
  129. My puppy's Coat
  130. Breed Standard Ratio
  131. Breed standard in Breeding
  132. AKC Standard Regarding Gait
  133. quick question
  134. Question on coat color
  135. My "German Shepherd" puppy...
  136. Chest- Broad, not Narrow
  137. Breed test
  138. Short haired?
  139. Stacking and Height measurement?
  140. Question about coat color (bicolor please comment)
  141. Cow Hocks, growth phase or permanent?
  142. Dumb question - "upper arm"?
  143. Prey monkeys?
  144. Question about tail
  145. Begian Malinois vs Dutch Shepherd
  146. Questions about conformation
  147. Questions about 12 week old teeth
  148. Is my female German Shepherd pure breed? please help.
  149. Opinions ??
  150. Opinions on this silhouette?
  151. Is this healthy? (Sorry if this is in the wrong spot!)
  152. I need help determaining my dog's breed
  153. 13 week old Nova
  154. Color?
  155. Long Coat Question
  156. Submitting PAL photos. Which should I choose?
  157. Opinion welcome!
  158. What Would The Pups Look Like?
  159. Black and tan coat question
  160. Opinion on Color
  161. Black Sable, show quality?
  162. My GSD X Breed HELP!
  163. I can't take it anymore!!!!
  164. Article: "Sound Dog"
  165. My pups father, please explain structure of him compared to true working line
  166. What is normal development
  167. Purebred or Mix?
  168. Rare colors?
  169. Help with identifying lines
  170. New Standard?
  171. Bitch stripe just starting to show at 20 months?
  172. roach back?
  173. Long Haired or Short?
  174. What is more likely
  175. The brindle pattern in the GSD.
  176. GSD Growth
  177. Purebred or mix?!
  178. This dogs coloring?
  179. Newest pics
  180. I found a very interesting old DDR pedigree!
  181. Examples of conformation that you like.
  182. My shepherd is a shepherd, but still not a shepherd. Need some insight
  183. How do you tell your mother she is a BYB?
  184. just wondering
  185. First GSDs compared to modern day working line
  186. Showline or Working line? American or German bloodline?
  187. Plush/short coat WL?
  188. A TRUE breed test
  189. A Comparison Worth Noting(no showline bashing)
  190. Working structure: Malinois vs. GSD
  191. Conformation - Beneficial or Detrimental?
  192. Which line?
  193. Does my dog have german shepherd in her?
  194. Suspicion in Czech Shepherds, what exactly does that mean?
  195. Just a silly question I had.
  196. Should the breed standard be re-written?
  197. White GSD Mix??
  198. Urgent !!! How to identify White German Shepered?
  199. What's your guess?
  200. Black and Tan?
  201. Pure GSD or GSD mix?
  202. Help! Man wants our boy to sire his GSD... Is her coloring true to the breed?
  203. Can working lines have long coats?
  204. Difference in drive/energy/temperament of Working vs German Show Lines?
  205. Bone structure ?
  206. White Spotting!?!
  207. Average size/growth 4 month female?
  208. GSD or MIX?
  209. Question about SV registration
  210. Show Me YOUR GSD's!
  211. Silver German Shepherds.
  212. Tell Me About Our Puppy
  213. Mutt or GSD?
  214. GSDs and reactivity???
  215. Is Dexter a purebred
  216. "OMG! She's so TINY!"
  217. GSD trot - Neurological problem????
  218. Coat Question.
  219. Is my dog a GSD?
  220. Titan
  221. Vet said not purebred
  222. Need help with breed history
  223. all the recent "my dog is scared of everything" threads?
  224. German Shepherd or GS LAB Mix?
  225. Breed survey and a floppy ear
  226. Pure bred?
  227. Stock Coat, Plush Coat, or Long Coat?
  228. Conformation Rating
  229. genetic timidity versus fear
  230. My Puppy's coat type?
  231. Are my dogs pure GSD?
  232. Is the new style a smaller, sportier Gsd?
  233. assessing without titles???
  234. Is she a pure bred or a mix ?
  235. Is he PB or mix
  236. Are there responsible white shep breeders???
  237. Help needed with determining
  238. What colour would this GSD be considered?
  239. Curious about American Show Lines
  240. Has anyone seen a pup like mine?
  241. Gathering insight on instinct
  242. Overweight or oversized
  243. (not yet another thread about) purebreed puppy ?
  244. German Shepherd vs White German Shepherd vs White Swiss Shepherd
  245. What constitutes a well bred GSD?
  246. Breed Height and Weight Standard
  247. Defensive drive and threshold..
  248. Why all that bone and substance?
  249. AKC Weekly Winners GSD
  250. Imagine the German Shepherd in 20 to 30 years... what do you think you'll see?