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Bloodlines & Pedigrees

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  1. DDR Shepherd?
  2. Optikas D litter working lines
  3. Pedigree opinions - what should I expect?
  4. Thoughts on pedigree?
  5. Thoughts on these bloodlines?
  6. Gazzy Vikar? Gringo Ja na ka?
  7. What litter?
  8. DDR lineage inquiry - Torheit's Tosca
  9. Pedigree
  10. Pedigree
  11. Info on pedigrees?
  12. breeding outcome of Cinco de Marchamalo and Jen-Ager's Tia
  13. WGSL's from Eastern Europe
  14. Any thoughts on my new little girl?
  15. Qvido
  16. Pedigree, what can I expect?
  17. West German working line
  18. Norbo Ben Ju
  19. Thoughts on this pedigree too please. Is this czech and DDR?
  20. Thoughts on pedigree of these 2
  21. Famous IPO Bitches
  22. Inbreeding Question
  23. Looking for more info on a recently purchased dog
  24. Quick Question
  25. Puppy Color Predictions
  26. z pohranicni straze lines
  27. Horand von Grafrath pedigree
  28. Obtaining Pedigree
  29. Any Idea what bloodline this beautiful male is from?
  30. V Ucon vom Patiala
  31. Trial Breeding Database?
  32. How is her pedigree?
  33. Pedigree of Mother
  34. Rex's background please!
  35. What male from older lines would you like to breed to
  36. New Litter - Thoughts on Pedigrees
  37. Purebred or Mix?
  38. Looking at 2 litters - thoughts on pedigrees
  39. Chicco
  40. Pedigee analysis please
  41. Curious about this Pedigree
  42. Is my dog pedigree good
  43. Thoughts on this Pedigree
  44. Show me your Czech/WGWL pups-adults
  45. New to pedigrees
  46. Inexperienced with pedigrees, needing an opinion!
  47. What do you think of this pedigree?
  48. Insight on this pedigree
  49. Is she a working line
  50. Is my puppy a purebred?
  51. Curious about my dogs pedigree
  52. Thoughts?
  53. "Throwing Strength"
  54. Registration Help
  55. can someone help me better understand my new puppy
  56. Pedigree/bloodline questions (Czech line)
  57. Thoughts on this pedigree?
  58. Pedigree help
  59. Quanto von der Wienerau
  60. Working line or showline
  61. thoughts on Luna pedigree
  62. Xoltan von Peroh. Anyone has a pup from this dog? What does he throw?
  63. Older working line dogs winning in the show ring?
  64. First GSD Puppy
  65. Input on Pedigree?
  66. Opinions on these lines?
  67. Feedback on this pedigree?
  68. One more request for this pedigree
  69. input on this pedigree? (Tatum Kennel)
  70. Question for the breeders here
  71. Busecker Schloss lines
  72. What to expect from this litter.
  73. Anyone know much about old Czech bloodlines?
  74. Input on this pedigree
  75. What to expect for my pup
  76. Appropriate lineage name for registration
  77. Thoughts on this dog?
  78. Vito vom Waldwinkle's best progeny
  79. Kalimero von Kap Karthago x Debby vom Eisernen Kreuz (?)- Anyone know their breeders?
  80. Outcross
  81. Pedigree Experts - Help
  82. Queen vom Revolutionsküppel
  83. AKC Pedigree Search
  84. My turn to ask about a pedigree analysis.
  85. The DNA test results are in! WHAT IS that GRANDPARENT?!
  86. Czech 1...2 Check Czech 1 2
  87. Jen-Ager's Anni
  88. Curious about my dog's pedigree
  89. Another pedigree question.... what do you think these pups will be like?
  90. Any thoughts on these pedigrees?
  91. Thoughts on Pairing
  92. What can you expect to see in puppies from these breedings?
  93. Anyone know this breeder?
  94. Hurican von den Wölfen
  95. Thoughts on these breeders?
  96. All because of that DDR thread :)
  97. Leon is a descendant of Leonberger?
  98. Czech/DDR lines
  99. The Origin of the DDR Type
  100. Can someone help search pedigree database?
  101. German Shepherd/North American Black Wolf
  102. Working Line /Show Line Differences in IPO
  103. Typical depth of progeny for WGSL?
  104. thoughts on this pair for a prospective pup purchase
  105. Question regarding bloodlines and maturity
  106. Ida Aites Bohemia
  107. Worry about small size..
  108. Only the Strong...nerved.
  109. Expert Testimonies Wanted
  110. Thoughts on WL Pedigree
  111. Help translating/understanding pedigree
  112. Input on pedigree's??
  113. Breeding of Qvido Vepeden x Extreme Orek
  114. Long haired gsd?
  115. Sparkles
  116. Is my puppy a working or show line German Shepherd?
  117. Question about Crossing show and working lines
  118. Thoughts on this Pedigree
  119. Pedigree
  120. Thoughts on WL Pup's Pedigree
  121. Please take a look at my pup's pedigree
  122. Cero Jivo
  123. Breeders thoughts on this breeding
  124. Information on WL background
  125. When, Why and How to register GSD?
  126. Different Dog Registration Clubs/Groups
  127. Pups should be on the ground this weekend
  128. AKC Pedigree
  129. Pedigree thoughts and what might be expected
  130. Hans Bodenmeier on gsd working lines
  131. Another pedigree and litter to consider
  132. Thoughts on this pedigree
  133. Bolle Ja Na Ka just died. Anyone knows the cause of dead?
  134. Any insight on this pedigree would be appreciated!
  135. My Puppy, more in depth infos
  136. What would you expect from this litter?
  137. Steel Cross
  138. Is it possible for a purebred silvertip?
  139. Is this silvertip a mix?
  140. Are silvertips real?
  141. Should I spay my dog because it isn't pure?
  142. Is my dog purebred?
  143. old GSD lines
  144. family defender
  145. Help on "Czech " puppy Pedigree
  146. Looking for thoughts on this pedigree.
  147. What is every day life with a working dog like?
  148. Pedigree - should I have seen something?
  149. Thoughts on this breeding?
  150. My GSD Line
  151. line breeding and genetic washout.
  152. Ordering Pedigrees
  153. Any place to purchase Pedigrees with their titles?
  154. What do i say when people ask me if its purebred?
  155. finding bloodlines without papers
  156. can someone help me figure out which bloodline my GSD is.
  157. Can someone give me some insight on this pedigree?
  158. What is she, once and for all
  159. Thoughts on this pedigree
  160. Breeding opinions
  161. Type of lines of my dog?
  162. Looking for breeder info
  163. Trying To Understand Pedigrees?
  164. Questions about Pedigree
  165. Czech Lines
  166. What are the more serious GSD lines?
  167. How does this look ?
  168. Working line, but what else? Info appreciated!
  169. Help with this?
  170. Polish war dog?
  171. Thoughts on this match?
  172. Deposit on Puppy, advice on choice?
  173. Pedigree thoughts?
  174. czech temperament , guard duty
  175. My girls pedigree
  176. Thoughts on my girls pedigree
  177. Son's Service Dog's Pedigree help
  178. What can you tell me about my pup's pedigree?
  179. Help.
  180. Does anyone know much about KNPV bloodlines
  181. German VS American Show-Lines
  182. Apollo
  183. East German vs Czech
  184. Pedigree Thoughts
  185. Foundation Bitches
  186. Ian von der Ransch-Salztalblick
  187. Dog's Pedigree
  188. Breeding and Coat Color
  189. Need thoughts on pedigree.
  190. Two Breedings to Choose From...
  191. Mom bloodlines
  192. Curious about puppy's pedigree
  193. My puppy's pedigree- thoughts??
  194. Need help with AKC registration and Pedigree please!
  195. Opinion on my GSD's Pedigree?
  196. Crossing lines
  197. What is my GSD?
  198. Dario vom weinbergblick and Astel vom Ecke
  199. Pedigree help for first time GSD owner
  200. New Pup Coming Soon
  201. What do you think of this mating?
  202. Wendelin and Narnia breedings
  203. Thoughts on my dog's pedigree?
  204. Does anything stand out as wrong with this combination?
  205. Show lines and Working lines
  206. Pedigree Analysis
  207. How to determine if the puppies are inbred?
  208. Opinions on Pedigree please
  209. Have pedigree; have questions
  210. Building the perfect pedigree.
  211. Pedigree research
  212. Looking for Superioue's Zathan offspring
  213. Trying to Determine Lineage
  214. What is DNA gepr?
  215. AKC Registered dog has no pedigree?
  216. American/German line crosses
  217. What's going on with Quardes?
  218. Any West German Working dogs owners?
  219. Pedigree for potential puppy
  220. Kennel Club Registration question
  221. Need help figuring out two pedigrees
  222. What to expect out of this breeding?
  223. Anyone have an inkling of my dog's pedigree?
  224. Shiloh Shepherds
  225. Anybody knows or has seen Kent?
  226. Can Anyone Identify This GSD?
  227. All things equal would you go with a Pike or Iron puppy?
  228. East European Shepherd - Distinct line or separate breed?
  229. Puppy of choice
  230. First GSD. Unsure of what Lines he's from?
  231. WL, ASL and GSL stamina?
  232. Thoughts on puppy from tom neresnicka dolina x cora bandog security
  233. Where to begin when studying pedigrees/lines?
  234. Greatest female producers (Working Line only please)
  235. Can somebody tell me what line my GSD is?
  236. What lines
  237. ddr dogs... weak nerves?
  238. ASL- Why did I get what I got?
  239. Pedigree Questions
  240. Thoughts about this pairing?
  241. Laban vom Emkendorfer Park
  242. Another "tell me about my dogs pedigree" post
  243. Pedigree insight
  244. Comments on my new pup's bloodline
  245. Help with pedigree and breeding
  246. Inbreeding / Linebreeding help!
  247. Deconstructing a pedigree
  248. registration number search
  249. Mother and Son breeding???
  250. I need help with my pups blood lines