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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. Natural Balance vs Fromm
  2. Hopefully this question has not been beat to death...
  3. Im worried he's too big for his age.
  4. Switching over breeder food
  5. Diamond Natural LBP Safe?
  6. How many calories?
  7. Does he look too skinny?
  8. Question about the "numbers" ...
  9. 6 month old GSD - food questions.
  10. "I'm hungry Mama, I'm really, really hungry!"
  11. Sick every 7-14 days
  12. Puppy switching to adult food after spay
  13. 12 week old boy has running stools...Please help.
  14. Underweight? Stunted growth?
  15. puppy food question
  16. I'm making the swith.
  17. Chance
  18. Making the switch
  19. 13 Week Old puppy- switching to adult food?
  20. The Quest for the Perfect Poop
  21. Hesitant to change brands, your thoughts?
  22. My Puppy isnt Finishing his Food
  23. Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy
  24. Feeding a diet that makes my puppy less active/anxious
  25. Big bones
  26. Should I switch his food?
  27. RAW diet - Is my pup the appropriate size/weight for his age??
  28. Just how much should I be feeding?
  29. Food and Poop
  30. Taste of the Wild Puppy
  31. Adding raw meat to kibble?
  32. increasing my puppies immunity threw food supplements!
  33. 3-month old puppy problem
  34. Is it ok to mix [email protected] puppy food with quality?
  35. Never ending qwest... Candidae ALS *vs* Diamond Naturals
  36. Diamond Puppy
  37. My Kong Revelation! Happy Days!
  38. Not Eating....advice needed :)
  39. She wont stop eating dirt
  40. Raw Feeding?
  41. Anyone ever try one of these to help with a fast eater?
  42. Switching from Blue Buffalo.. need advice!
  43. How much should I feed my 8 month old gsd?
  44. California Natural grain free
  45. Sudden diarrhea
  46. Is your puppy having diarrhea?
  47. Puppy won't eat in the morning
  48. Eating Too Fast!
  49. Innova LBP
  50. How fast is too fast?
  51. Is TOTW Pacific Salmon okay for puppy?
  52. Blue Buffalo (Chicken/Rice) ~VS~ Canidae ALS
  53. Raw Diet just once a day
  54. Thor's eating habbit
  55. Loose stool (Is the Blue Buffalo too rich?)
  56. Food issues
  57. 6 months and 50 lbs?
  58. Raw and kibble
  59. My puppy is underweight
  60. blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy food
  61. Greenish poo
  62. Just a question about protein...
  63. Did I ruin him with my choice?
  64. TOTW vs Kirklands
  65. (First Post) GSD Puppy Food
  66. Wimpy appetite while in heat?
  67. Loose stool and looser stool
  68. How Much Water and Food?
  69. What age from 3X a day to 2X?
  70. From “Once” to “Twice’ a day
  71. loose Stool with innova lbp
  72. Switching to Orijen and fish oil question
  73. Kirkland Signature food
  74. sudden loss of appetite?
  75. Satin balls??
  76. Food allergy?
  77. I am so confused!
  78. In the turkey... Can I use anything?
  79. Gaining weight
  80. VERY fussy eater
  81. GSD Puppy food in Los Angeles / Beverly hills
  82. Feeding schedules and amounts
  83. Underweight? Is this bone safe?
  84. What size "cups" for food?
  85. Total Calcium vs Percent Calcum
  86. When to make the switch?
  87. Can a dog be allergic to only certain fish?
  88. Larger kibble size and grain free??
  89. HELP!!! Still having diarrhea issues!!
  90. Going grain free?
  91. Food Transition
  92. Nutro small bites
  93. delete
  94. Pup Menu/Feedback Please
  95. Fish oil, cottage cheese...?
  96. Kirkland Signature Adult Food
  97. Wellness LBP feeding guideline
  98. Dry irritated skin - should I change food?
  99. Acana Wild Prairie for 8 week old? How long to transition?
  100. 5 Month Old Puppy Switch From Wellness Puppy To Wellness Adult?
  101. Food hypocrites ??
  102. TOTW Puppy calcium content.
  103. Possible watery stool culprit
  104. 9 lbs in 2 weeks!
  105. foods for sick puppy
  106. Am i feeding too little?
  107. Huge favor to ask from those who have researched good pup foods....
  108. Why would a food make a puppy constipated..?
  109. New TOTW Puppy formulas.
  110. Hmmmmm what about this
  111. Venison Hamburger cause an upset stomach?
  112. want to switch puppy food?
  113. Switching food to what?
  114. Blue Buffalo
  115. Dog food for puppy and adding meat
  116. Good Puppy Food?
  117. Acting differently when eating meat?
  118. 4 month old food obsessive...
  119. At the crossroads with my food obsession.
  120. Feed Schedule Questions
  121. Eukanuba Puppy Food
  122. I think I gotta ditch the Innova LBP... need some direction please!
  123. Orijin LBP and loose poop
  124. Nature's Variety - Instinct dry dog food
  125. Loud noise from tummy.
  126. How to feed a greedy pup?
  127. Growth Spurt! How to adjust raw food?
  128. Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold
  129. My puppy wont let me leave.
  130. Worried my girl is too skinny! Need advice.
  131. Vets take on foods
  132. Best to crate after feeding?
  133. She thinks she is going to be a free- feeder
  134. Can food cause redness in one ear only?
  135. Can I Still Use Orijen Puppy Large Breed
  136. Kira's farts clear the room!
  137. Ok give me the lowdown on why you don't feed your puppies puppy food?
  138. Puppy has dandruff and dull coat
  139. I ran out of food, but want to change...or do I?
  140. When to Switch?
  141. Blue Buffalo?
  142. Orijen Large Breed Puppy + 5 Months of patience = Still Diarrhea
  143. Puriana puppy chow vs smart puppy
  144. 22 week GSD skipping her chicken backs
  145. new puppy
  146. Watery, Explosive Diarrhea - Could it be Orijen LBP??
  147. Mishka almost 8 month down to only only 50 lbs!!
  148. Feeding my 7 week old pup
  149. allergy?
  150. 9 weeks old loose stool
  151. I was asked if my pup was the "runt of the litter" LOL
  152. Super solid stools.
  153. When do I start feeding my pup adult food?
  154. switching blue buffalo
  155. How many times do you think is best to feed a puppy?
  156. Dexter 6 months and 70 pounds!!
  157. Preferred puppy diet??
  158. Solid stool now from IAMs vet formula. What next?
  159. Bully sticks and pig ears
  160. What age should I stop feeding my dog puppy food? What about a RAW Diet?
  161. Natural Balance Feeding Guide.
  162. Once a day feeding?
  163. Any advice for a bad digestive system :(
  164. question for the kibble feeders
  165. a little help here !
  166. Diarrhea for 3 days
  167. Taste of the wild or diamond food
  168. 17 weeks old weight 37.47 lbs, Is it normal?
  169. I'm so confused!!
  170. Which Kibble For Puppy Should I Choose?
  171. Academic Research
  172. yummm dirt!
  173. 9 month old puppy food question..Mwguy101
  174. Puppy Barely Eating
  175. Puppy Size
  176. 9 weeks old -- diarrhea
  177. 15 week old eating help
  178. Sweet Potato Treats
  179. food making him sick?
  180. This is Bugging Me, but...
  181. Blue Buffalo Large breed puppy
  182. Veggies , fruit...ect for snacks
  183. 1 adult 1 pup - 4health
  184. Raw diet??
  185. worried about skinny, sad looking pup...
  186. Pregnant Shepard (food question)
  187. 3 month old pup feeding
  188. Aaarghhh! Confused by the experts....
  189. Is it ok to feed cooked hamburger in my dogs food
  190. How long to wait before and after meal to exercise puppy?
  191. Royal Canine for Ace?? (4 months old)
  192. Any ever hear of Flint River Ranch?
  193. Picky over bowls?
  194. Puppy diarrea (only sometimes)
  195. I'm OVER it...stupid calcium
  196. How much to feed?! Confusion from breeder and bag..
  197. Food allergy drama
  198. Orijen LBP Food
  199. Poop rant!
  200. Raw bones ok?
  201. Blue wilderness or totw?
  202. Blue Buffalo Longevity for Puppies
  203. Changing puppies food.. is a nightmare!
  204. Puppy Food
  205. poop question
  206. Raw for a 4 month old and staying balanced
  207. coupon for free small bag(6 lb) of royal canin
  208. Food aggression
  209. what to feed my 4 month old pups
  210. Motivating chew toys for allergic puppy?
  211. Another skinny puppy type Q
  212. The right food for my new GSD puppy???
  213. New pup food + found a new site
  214. Puppy may need to be fattend up??
  215. How much to feed a three months old puppy?
  216. Rec's for salmon based grain-free puppy food?
  217. #1 dog food?
  218. calcium % and phos % for pup
  219. 3 meals and still hasnt done his business
  220. Chicken Soup Brand, Adult Dog formula for a pup too?
  221. is my 16 month old too skinny?
  222. Just another itching thread...
  223. What Vegetable is fine ?
  224. Feeding Puppies
  225. Feeding Issues
  226. Looking for suggestions
  227. Fromm for pups
  228. inhaling food all of a sudden
  229. Tomato Juice????
  230. Dexter 4 months Already!
  231. Puppy food switch???
  232. Dog foods with less than 1.2 calcium (post away)
  233. How big of a mistake?
  234. Does anyone feed a complete packaged raw diet?
  235. Anyone switch from Orijen LBP?
  236. Pup doesn't want to eat (picky eater?)
  237. 12 wk old itching, vomiting
  238. Puppy Food or Not..........
  239. Constantly hungry and eating poo?
  240. Very Bad Diarrhea and Itchy Skin
  241. Loss of appetite
  242. Very loose stool
  243. Fromm??
  244. Puppy food problem thought
  245. Home feeding 9 week old
  246. Puppy Issues
  247. Looking for advice...
  248. What to Feed Our 10 Wk Old?
  249. Poop, poop and more poop!
  250. My one year old GSD afraid of food!?