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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. switching from 3 times a day to 2 times
  2. Blue or Wellness for 9 week pup?
  3. my 7 week puppy dont eat enough
  4. Feeding guidelines....????
  5. Smelly coat; Sweet potato and Bison?
  6. What age to stop feeding puppy food?
  7. questions on growth after switching to adult food
  8. New Puppy....Blue Buffalo LBP?
  9. Dog dry food ingredients... Are these good for Bruno?
  10. Has anyone heard/fed Holistic Blend?
  11. What to wean pups too from nursing? And identifiying collars help.
  12. 6 m old puppy -- Not an eater???
  13. Is it that important to feed a 5month puppy puppy food?
  14. Puppy food
  15. Switching food...ok to change right
  16. How much to feed?
  17. Food woes: Similar food to Orijen?
  18. 9 1/2 week old eating (2 cups enough?)
  19. What should I feed future puppy?
  20. Thoughts on 4health @ tractor supply
  21. Lots of Gas!
  22. Itchy spots..wondering if it is food
  23. not eating a lot
  24. Free feeding/food aggression
  25. Always hungry!
  26. Can bones be too large?
  27. Restricting play
  28. Fromm LBP or Innova LBP?
  29. 7 month old puppy too skinny? Pictures.
  30. Naturediet
  31. adult food to puppy
  32. Getting annoyed.
  33. Good grain-free kibble with the right Ca/P ratio?
  34. Victor the German pup food questions
  35. Wellness
  36. How much Orijen?
  37. Premium Edge vs Fromm
  38. Looking for good wet food
  39. Puppy Food question
  40. Calcium sources?
  41. How Does this Food Sound?
  42. How is your 7 or 8 month old's appetite?
  43. Oh dear lord... I'm running short on breath!! Please help!
  44. Best puppy food brands?
  45. soft stool back!!!
  46. question about orijen
  47. Do you use kelp?
  48. 12 week male over or under fed...don't know
  49. 6 month old pup having diarrhea. Too much food?
  50. yet another poop question.
  51. Raw for not?
  52. Best deal I have found for those on a budget and still want a decent quality food.
  53. what dog food
  54. Meet Loki! Is he skinny?
  55. 9 Week old w/soft stool & won't eat much
  56. Puppy Food/Weight questions
  57. dog food
  58. Tummy trouble!
  59. switching off puppy food to als food
  60. Longevity product
  61. How to put on weight
  62. Are dogs lactose intolerant?
  63. The difference a food can make...
  64. Raw bones?
  65. 5 month GSD Raw Diet - Am I doing ok? (Long Read)
  66. Diamond Naturals LBP vs Diamond Extreme Athlete
  67. Bully sticks antlers or something else
  68. How much is too much for poops
  69. quality food for sensitive stomach?
  70. Orijen LBP to Orijen 6 fish
  71. Fast eater
  72. Soft stools, what to food?
  73. Taste of the Wild
  74. RC Medi pup v/s Maxi pup
  75. Feeding expanded kibble
  76. How much to feed
  77. Milk in water
  78. Grain Free diet
  79. What do you think of this treat?
  80. Puppy Food Issue! *Help*
  81. Puppy Food Ingredient and Nutrition Spreadsheet
  82. 9 week old puppy food question????
  83. looking to switch to adult dog food
  84. Raw Food?
  85. Puppy is hungry ALWAYS
  86. One smart girl. :)
  87. Dog food in India
  88. 13wk Kuno
  89. Not sure if my 8 week puppy is eating enough?
  90. IF You Are Feeding Canidae, Or Did Feed Canidae At One Time
  91. weight at 5.5 months
  92. feeding advice
  93. Victor Dog Food
  94. When to let more calcium in the diet
  95. Hip Joint Vitamins
  96. Adult for puppy
  97. Eggs, meat, etc..
  98. REALLY need help w/ foster dog food.
  99. How much food for my 7 week old?!
  100. Supplements instead of Large Breed Puppy Food?
  101. Treats for Puppies?
  102. elevated bowls or on the floor??
  103. Confused and Frustrated....
  104. Does anyone feed with Natural Balance..?!
  105. Puppy Food.....how long
  106. Orijen or Acana
  107. What should i choose?
  108. 9 week old GSD eating like a horse (long)
  109. Gaining weight...?
  110. Raw Frozen Vs. Raw Canned
  111. Am I really starting another thread about poop?
  112. Homemade puppy food
  113. Calories?
  114. need help
  115. Need ideas re: consumption
  116. Adult gets Blue Buffalo Wilderness, options for puppy?
  117. Switching puppy from RAW to something else?
  118. Is there a grain-free choice appropriate for 6 mos old?
  119. Picky, scratchy, and itchy--it's my dog not the 7 dwarfs!
  120. Puppie Advice
  121. Wolf Cub goes fromm 33 to 28.5 pound bags ?
  122. Poor health - Want to try switching to a new food
  123. Feeding My 5 month GSD Orijen Adult
  124. my german shepherd wont eat alot
  125. Eukanuba large breed puppy formula?
  126. Breakfast skipper?
  127. 16 weeks old puppy didnt eat anything today :(
  128. Need help-changed food
  129. Need suggestions; puppy diet
  130. Grams of Calcium per day.
  131. When to switch from three feedings to two
  132. Switching to different brand
  133. Upset Stomach, Bland Diet
  134. puppy too skinny
  135. 6 Week old Pup and I need some help !
  136. Tired of Blue Buffalo--went to Orijen Puppy
  137. Innova or Authority Harvest Baked?
  138. Hello from Florida
  139. Diamond Natural Products RECALLED!
  140. Swallowing treats whole
  141. new puppy food ???
  142. 4health Small Bites?
  143. Orijen 6 Fish for 6 month old puppy?
  144. Fromm LBA + 4Star Surf and Turf for puppy?
  145. Need new food suggestion
  146. My Dog Wake Me All Night
  147. Could her food portion be why she hasn't grown much?
  148. Beef bones
  149. Puppy food from PETSMART
  150. Random Puppy Food Question
  151. What do you think about Purina Puppy Chow- LG Breed
  152. Fish based puppy food?
  153. Low Calcium Puppy/All Life Stage Foods
  154. Victor Puppy formula dog food
  155. Feeding to avoid more Pano...raw & kibble thoughts please
  156. Opinions on Loyall by Nutrena
  157. Blue Buffalo or Canidae dog food????
  158. Rescue puppy dog food advice
  159. Advice on puppy weight gain?
  160. how much chicken kirkland dog food do i feed my 65lb 6 month old???
  161. Advice for new puppy feeding
  162. Diamond Natural or Taste of the Wild
  163. Puppy Poo
  164. Natural Balance vs California Natural
  165. Need advice re: protein levels
  166. Treats for training
  167. Pumpkin??
  168. Fromm Gold LBP vs Gold LBA
  169. Inconsistent Stool
  170. What brand of dental chew?
  171. Is he still hungry?
  172. Ongoing diarrhea...food allergy?
  173. my puppy isn't eating enough
  174. Everyone says that you are skinny,aren't you?
  175. Raw Meat Diet??
  176. Question about Feeding Puppy
  177. dog treats?
  178. Hypo-allergenic Dog foods
  179. Champion sells out !!! BUMMER!!
  180. Pick between this two foods
  181. Chicken Jerky Caution
  182. All Life Stages???
  183. Feeding Raw in Oklahoma
  184. Is she too thin?
  185. Kibble advice please! loose stools + new addition
  186. Are Merrick Hungry Dog Chews Safe?
  187. Puo underweight?
  188. A grazer and a puppy?!?
  189. Getting Fish into your dogs diet
  190. Bugs in bag of food.
  191. what do you think of this food?
  192. Pup only seems to like science diet.
  193. Buffalo Blue quantity help
  194. Blue Buffalo and Loose Stool
  195. Can I feed puppy Glucosamine and Chondroitin?
  196. Hungry hungry puppie!
  197. Picky Pup - most palatable kibble
  198. Feeding Orijen LBP, switching to Regional Red...do without Missing Link?
  199. Struvite Crystals/ High pH on Innova Large Breed Puppy?
  200. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula
  201. Considering Switching Food and need opinions
  202. Going from 3 to 2 feedings a day?
  203. Laying down to eat?
  204. Hook worm or food and diarrhea. Please help!
  205. How long to allow loose stools/adjust to new food?
  206. 6 week old puppie
  207. Human food mixes you give your pup
  208. Large breed vs 'Normal' Puppy food
  209. Anything wrong with free feeding ?
  210. Orijen ALS & Pumpkin
  211. Peanut butter/yogurt in Kongs - question
  212. Grain free but high protein?
  213. adding shredded cheese
  214. Switching Jazmyn's Food...Question
  215. Looking for High Quality Food to Use as Treats
  216. Could limiting water intake help with toilet problems
  217. Am i doing good?
  218. How Much...
  219. Sorry but if this topic is stupid but...
  220. Peanut Butter, Yogurt, Cream Cheese
  221. Any good grain free foods for puppy?
  222. best value for the price?
  223. "All Life Stages"
  224. Water Intake
  225. what do you feed your puppy
  226. Puppy Diarrhea and Choice of Food. Help Please.
  227. Question About Switching Foods
  228. bones?
  229. Kira's eating habits are changing??
  230. Underweight Puppy, maybe?
  231. Lots of itching and biting his self.
  232. raw with kibble/"people" food question
  233. Gave my Zoey her first big fat raw bone today??
  234. What Flavor?
  235. Puppy Food Or Large Breed Or Regular?
  236. High Fibre! Grain Free! Protein thats Ez on the tummy?
  237. Fresh pet
  238. Help- zoey is getting thin- and won't really eat
  239. Raw Food Question
  240. Top puppy foods for growing GSD's?
  241. What is the brand of your dog food?
  242. GSD dominating 9 year old...what to do?
  243. Gastroenteric
  244. free feeding your first baby with a new baby in the house
  245. How long does your bag last?
  246. which would you choose
  247. Shedding like crazy-can she be missing something?
  248. Amount of food ??
  249. The switch
  250. 8 month old not eating