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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. What age do I switch to adult and lower amount?
  2. Easy Question About Food
  3. what is good for puppy
  4. Breeder was Feeding Raw but I want to change it
  5. Puppy Poop
  6. Feeding alternatives
  7. What is the "just" of puppy food?
  8. 6 Month old only eats at night...picky eater or a free feeder?
  9. Soften the food?
  10. Our food plan, questions + when to switch?
  11. will she catch up?
  12. Fromm LBP vs Fromm Surf and Turf
  13. Raw Diet... but cooked? And other questions.
  14. How much does your pup eat?
  15. Feeding my 7 month old.
  16. 9 month old wont eat anything...?
  17. Food program for my puppy !
  18. Dog Food Questions!
  19. Vegetable
  20. Dry vs Canned
  21. Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Large
  22. 6 month old is sooo thin!
  23. Taste of the Wild
  24. Eggs nd Kibble
  25. 9 month old GSD pup not eating, time to switch food? what is best?
  26. 4 month old puppy Orijen Adult or large breed puppy I heard adult was better ???
  27. When to switch to adult food?
  28. What the heck do they put in Iams?
  29. another dog food recall - Evo, Innova, California Naturals, and HealthWise
  30. At what age did you go from two meals a day to one??
  31. What age do you stop giving puppy food?
  32. Will feeding Large Breed adult food be ok?
  33. Adjusting food during a growth spurt?
  34. Puppy can't get enough food...
  35. 8 week old puppy keeps eating adult dogs food.
  36. Frustrated!!
  37. Salmon Oil? Coconut Oil?
  38. Orijen vs. Fromm
  39. Overwhelmed with food choices!
  40. Orijen
  41. What the best diet for a 3 month old pup? **Please HELP**
  42. 3 momth old puppy eats his food all up one day than the next day picky helpp
  43. How's 4health?
  44. Picky Eater or Not adjusted yet?
  45. He likes the food that mommy doesn't like
  46. Foods and stuff our dogs should never have
  47. underweight puppy
  48. Blue Buffalo - CONSUMER REVIEWS - not good.
  49. Puppy isn't eating - worried
  50. My 4 month old puppy is not eating
  51. Feeding Parvo Puppy
  52. better quality food then switch to raw
  53. Free feeding
  54. Vet doesn't like blue buffalo
  55. Buffle bone !
  56. New Puppy. 6 Weeks old. Need help with food Choice
  57. Help PLEASE!!!!! puppy feeding questions
  58. What do you mix with kibble?
  59. 1 cup food per day for 8 weeks???
  60. My puppy goes mad when preparing meat...
  61. Low Protein Food?
  62. dog food recall
  63. How many cups are you feeding your pup?
  64. Diarrhea problems??
  65. Best Food for German Shepherd?
  66. Feeding Issues?
  67. What to feed new pup?
  68. Eukanuba large breed puppy food?
  69. Feeding amount help?
  70. Adult food already???
  71. Diarrhea? Colitis? Runny stool? Normal?
  72. Should I switch foods cold turkey?
  73. Growth rate
  74. Merrick Beef, Barley, & Carrots...
  75. Casablanca, Morocco.
  76. Bringing home my new pup
  77. Protein Fat Percentages in Kibble
  78. is this good for my GS ?
  79. Fatty puppy.
  80. Skinny, Skinny puppy!
  81. Taste of the Wild food for new puppy
  82. Freeze dried raw
  83. 6month old seems not interested in food
  84. Royal Canin Starter
  85. Smell of cooked goat meat scares my dogs?
  86. Food conversion formula?
  87. 8 month old not eating as much, losing weight
  88. Time Consuming Treat
  89. Good bones, bad bones, lol
  90. Gets fed up with same food after 2 weeks ?
  91. Wet food mixed with hard food at 11 weeks-
  92. Changing food- random poop
  93. Changing form Iams in 9 month old
  94. Not sure what to think!
  95. Teething bones
  96. 9 months old no appetite
  97. Costco kirklands brand vs ts 4 health
  98. Puppy eating once a day?
  99. Dry Skin Due to Food?
  100. Orijen Questions
  101. need help with homemade puppy food!
  102. Does Diamond Food manufacture Solid Gold?
  103. Pigs Ears safe? He love them, but...
  104. Packet says this, im feeding him that
  105. How many lbs. of food (roughly) would a 3.5 m/o go through in a month?
  106. Worried
  107. Lack of Weight Gain and Dietary Supplements
  108. What is best food to feed my GS puppy
  109. About Royal Canin
  110. Vomit & Diarrhea
  111. My Vets, semi successful argument against All Raw meat diet???
  112. Changing from Science Diet
  113. Puppy body condition score
  114. Raw & Kibble
  115. Doesn't seem interested in Fromm LBP anymore
  116. Switching to diamond food?????
  117. Please help!
  118. Raw egg in puppy food once a week yay or nay?
  119. Yummy Chummies
  120. More on poo
  121. 16 week old GSD with constant diarrhea
  122. Recommended Puppy Food and Toppers?
  123. Not eating
  124. Kylie just had her first bully spring.
  125. Picky Eater, am I overfeeding?
  126. Switching Foods Faster Than Recommended
  127. Bowser is a Hoover. And he's freaking me out!!
  128. He is eating WAY too much!
  129. Feeding/Eating enough?
  130. Merrick.. safe for puppies?
  131. Royal Canin vs. Blue buffalo?
  132. Hiccups
  133. Right food?
  134. Maybe switching to Nature's Domain... Need help
  135. Recommendations for dog food
  136. I hope this isn't a bad move!
  137. Blue Freedom Puppy vs. Blue Freedom for lg. breed adult dogs?
  138. Porter no longer wants to eat his BB Wilderness Puppy Kibble...
  139. Is she underfed ? Please critique my Delilah
  140. Can I mix RAW with kibble
  141. Rash: Corn/gluten Allergy to bad kibble?
  142. Books on Canine Nutrition?
  143. simply nourish large breed puppy food?
  144. Suddenly a picky eater...
  145. Question with puppy weight and food
  146. Buying food online
  147. Solid Gold Wolf Cub LBP Food???
  148. Blending foods within the same brand?
  149. Puppy food vs adult dog food
  150. Refusing to eat!!
  151. Puppy feeding question (amount)
  152. Can you feed just raw meat, nothing else?
  153. I know it's been beat to death but I still need to ask
  154. Will a little grain free harm my pup?
  155. Bulk Him UP!
  156. Any sites that list calcium levels?
  157. Wellness Super5Mix LBP or LBA fo 8 week old?
  158. Lathems large breed puppy food - England, UK
  159. Enough food?
  160. What to do about my puppy
  161. 5wk Canned puppy food?
  162. Feeding MAINLY raw (thawed) fish?
  163. Help with Puppy Feeding
  164. help choosing food for 9 week old puppy
  165. I've read that I should feed GSD pups adult food
  166. Am I feeding them enough??
  167. Choosing food is no walk in the park
  168. Natural Balance or Blue Buffalo?
  169. A penny for your thought? Or just your advice.
  170. World's Pickiest Eater Just Ate Whole Bowl of Earthborne
  171. Puppy strange eating habit developing quickly
  172. what do i try next?
  173. Blue Diamond puppy food..
  174. How should I transition food
  175. Too much pumpkin?
  176. I am beginning my raw diet research tonight. all advice is welcome.
  177. what else is good to mix with food in kongs aside from pumpkin?
  178. My pup searches...
  179. Should I change his food?
  180. Dog/cat food aggression
  181. High Protein or Low??
  182. Puppy food recommendations?
  183. Is this good enough? Can it be better?
  184. Switching food every so often
  185. Changing food from Royal to Orijen
  186. purina pro plan?!?!
  187. Appropriate food for a Puppy?
  188. Inukshuk Pro Food Group Buy
  189. Tess is Scratching a Lot, Could it be her Food?
  190. can changing too quickly do this?
  191. sweet potato
  192. Feeding advice
  193. Deer Antlers...
  194. Food for 3 month GSD
  195. Dry skin...
  196. Stew recipes?
  197. should I change
  198. how many pounds in a day do you feed??
  199. Just switched puppy food!!!
  200. Puppy or adult food
  201. switch to which? Orijen or Acana
  202. taste of the wild or blue buffalo??
  203. Champion petfood recommendations
  204. 4health puppy food diarrhea
  205. Should I Switch Foods?
  206. Diarrhea Back, Need Advice!
  207. Not putting on any weight :(
  208. Acana Grasslands...finally something he is doing well with
  209. chews?
  210. won't eat new or old food now??
  211. type of food to feed and how much
  212. Excited Puppy at Meal Time-Need To Teach a Little Control
  213. Acana??
  214. New puppy, when can I switch...
  215. Anyone feed Timberwolf?
  216. Diarrhea that keeps coming back!
  217. Human Baby food for pups?
  218. human food???
  219. New GSD owner
  220. How many cups should you feed your german shepherd puppy?
  221. good puppy food
  222. any experience with rachael ray food?
  223. TriFlexis
  224. 5 month old puppy has diarrhea every couple days
  225. New Puppy Has Diarrhea!
  226. Puppy BARF Feeding?
  227. When to switch to adult food
  228. soft stools, pumpkin for puppies??
  229. What food
  230. Switching to adult food
  231. Diarrhea after food change, what now?
  232. Blue Buffalo Large Breed Formula -Alternatives?
  233. Thirteen week old
  234. More food & soft stool?
  235. food cost comparison
  236. Marrow Bones
  237. Extremely Puzzled...soft poop
  238. Natures Balance, Natures Instinct or Blue?
  239. Feeding Suggestions
  240. Switching to Adult food.
  241. How much should i feed my puppy?
  242. 6 month vomiting yellow
  243. Applaws : High protein for pup?
  244. My dog doesn't chew his food, he inhales it
  245. need a food suggestion
  246. How much to feed??
  247. diarrhea is back!
  248. Skinny pup, water, weeing & training. Help! (motivation!)
  249. Choking on kibble
  250. When to start puppies on solids??