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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. Transitioning from raw to kibble
  2. New GS Owner... Feeding help.
  3. Help with new dog diet
  4. Still Skinny Puppy
  5. Should I switch to a higher calorie food, and feed less?
  6. List of LBP foods
  7. Blue buffalo vs Nutro vs Totw
  8. Help pick his food! Morpheus has hip dysplasia
  9. I feel like my puppy is underweight?? Help!
  10. put water on the food or not?
  11. Picky Puppy! Suggestions?
  12. Switching from Blue
  13. Amazon Prime buying dog food
  14. Adult food choices/recommendations
  15. Opinion on Authority Brand?
  16. How to increase the ratio?
  17. Just got a very young puppy
  18. Best diet for a puppy
  19. Fromm LBP food questions
  20. Rant and a question? (moved to feeding puppy)
  21. noncommercial treats
  22. Canidae for our new pup?
  23. 3 month old German Shepard Mix (feeding Benefil for puppies?)
  24. Taste of the wild or Earthborne Holistic?
  25. Need help selecting food brand
  26. What do u people feed ur growing puppies ? :) :( Moved from Gen Info
  27. Strange behaviour after spay
  28. What supplements do you give your pup?
  29. 9 week old weight?
  30. What to feed my puppy
  31. 11 week old not eating as much. Feed 3x a day or leave food down all day?
  32. how many cups a day?
  33. Should i worry about my puppies weight!
  34. 7 months and 83 pounds!
  35. 11 week old pup suddenly not eating
  36. How much water?
  37. 3 month old pup not eating as much
  38. Earthborne Puppy
  39. Puppy kibble advice please
  40. Puppy kibble question
  41. Bored with her food? Distracted? What's up?
  42. Teething
  43. New to GS Forum, Suggestions, ideas, etc. on Food
  44. How much should I feed her/ What is a good food for her?
  45. Afraid to open can of tripett!!!
  46. Am I not feeding enough??
  47. Low residue dog food.....
  48. I think my puppy is dieing..!
  49. Switching a Puppy from RAW to kibble
  50. What's a five star dry puppy food that puppies like also?
  51. My puppy is underweight
  52. Taste of the Wild
  53. Food help
  54. Puppy not chewing
  55. when to change my puppy to adult food
  56. Free feed?
  57. EVIL evil dog farts... Toxic!
  58. Why feed 2 instead of 3 times
  59. Feeding Question
  60. Is my GSD allergic to krill oil ?
  61. Puppy weight
  62. Puppy problems
  63. Puppy stool
  64. Decreasing feeding?
  65. Food transition problem
  66. Mixed reviews on food?
  67. Changing foods...picky eater...big poops
  68. Offering some hope...
  69. Dr. Tims???? Picky eater
  70. Calcium Pills?
  71. Calling all TOTW users
  72. Nupro for my 12 week old
  73. Not eating
  74. how soon for a firm poo after a food change?
  75. Diarrhea in 4 Mo Old
  76. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain
  77. Food + probiotic help.
  78. Anyone using FROMM large breed puppy? What do u think?
  79. How much food for a 15 week/4month puppy?
  80. 5 mos now, too early to go to 2 feeding daily?
  81. Help..my dog acts like she's STARVING!!
  82. When to switch to Adult food..........?
  83. I have a skinny dog
  84. Diamond Naturals Grain Free or Taste of the Wild Dog
  85. Fromm puppy gold - normal vs LBP
  86. Mixing this pre-made raw with kibble?
  87. eating habit change
  88. Can I give maxx some peanut butter inside his kong?
  89. Feeding Advice for 7 1/2 week old puppy.
  90. Should 10 m/o be fed by 'puppy' or 'adult' guidelines?
  91. 5 month old on Blue Basics... how much food a day??
  92. Gassy on Blue Buffalo LBP. What food to try?
  93. best food for my puppy on a budget
  94. How long to keep puppy on large breed puppy food?
  95. Sick puppy
  96. rice and chicken
  97. Need help...food allergies? (long post)
  98. GSDs Require Large Breed Formula?
  99. Not eating his dry food
  100. Help!!! GSD Puppy... Breeder not helping me... pup not eating much
  101. Not gaining weight?
  102. My New GSD Puppy not eating much
  103. He's ALWAYS hungry!!!
  104. skinny?
  105. Too skinny?? Let me know
  106. Coinsidence? Or Is There Something To It? Dog Food Storage.
  107. When should I swap to adult food
  108. BB wilderness vs Fromm large breed
  109. Is this kibble good for my puppy?
  110. dry pup food
  111. Getting Enough? He doesn't think so...
  112. Any experience Merrick classic puppy chicken with brown rice
  113. Lower protein food for GSD Puppy
  114. 8 months....still runny stool.
  115. My puppy is not eating enough!
  116. Any suggestions?
  117. How much orijen to feed?
  118. Feeding my pup?
  119. Puppies with no interest in food, any ideas?
  120. Gets bored after half the bag is gone?
  121. Dietary Fat Intolerance (AKA pancreatic insufficiency)
  122. 6 month old fasting
  123. What age??
  124. Purina Pro Plan Focus
  125. How much to feed a 3 month old who is ALWAYS hungry!!
  126. Best dry kibble food for my pup
  127. Almond butter kong
  128. Feeding 8 Week Old Pup
  129. Advice needed.....
  130. So, About Feeding Eggs........
  131. Puppy too skinny?
  132. Food recommendations
  133. Very confused about weight after visit with the vet
  134. I am new to dog life and have a question...How Much?
  135. Should I supplement with wet food?
  136. Fiber percentage in food
  137. Question about BB and soft stool
  138. Soup Bones?
  139. Advice please
  140. extremely sensitive stomach
  141. Curious, Opinions on What Food Type.
  142. Kirkland Puppy Premium Chicken and Rice
  143. picky eater?
  144. Don't feed right after a walk/execise?
  145. Applaws No Cereal Complete Dry Large Breed Puppy Food
  146. How much food do you buy a month?
  147. Benefits to two feedings day?
  148. Is Samson thin?
  149. How much to feed 4 month old puppy
  150. My Puppy doesn't really like her Blue Buffalo food Help!!
  151. time to move up on food???
  152. Lemme see your BOWLS!
  153. Can he eats this bones?
  154. Loose soft stools
  155. 12 week old puppy breathing
  156. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Puppy
  157. His meals aren't enough
  158. Lack of Transition .. or Something Else?
  159. really ok to feed a full meal out of a dispenser?
  160. Should I feed my pup more?
  161. *** Ziwipeak AND Taste of the Wild *** (Just for some verity Yes/No) ????
  162. Not eating?
  163. Would switching to two meals help?
  164. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Pup or Wilderness LBP
  165. feeding issues.
  166. Weight Issue or Normal?
  167. Is this appropriate food for a puppy?
  168. How many of use tried Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream or Orijen 6 fish?
  169. Green tripe? Probiotics?
  170. How much do you feed?
  171. Am I feeding her right?
  172. Transition from Purina Puppy Chow?
  173. Need some advice about feeding skinny girl!
  174. Quantity
  175. Large Breed Puppy Food vs Adult
  176. Feeding and weight
  177. Help! I over exercised my dog and he is underweight
  178. good weight?
  179. Pup only eats which u watch or hand feed him
  180. Help! Is this normal?
  181. Has anyone tried TOTW Puppy formula?
  182. Picky Puppy Wont Eat Food
  183. new feeding food and schedule
  184. How much should my boy weigh?
  185. Need food recommendations
  186. Is my puppy skinny? (feeding RAW)
  187. What chews/bones for teething puppy?
  188. ** Puppy's tip of her tail is raw ( redish colour) **
  189. Curious about pup diet for 5 - 6 week old rescue
  190. Recent eating issues
  191. Gave my pup some new food to try, and now he won't eat the orriginal food?
  192. Lisl Doesn't Like Hardboiled Eggs???
  193. My puppy waist is skinny
  194. Not eating.....
  195. Bug Off Garlic (just ordered our first container)
  196. Is this normal for a 10 week puppy
  197. How much should I be feeding?
  198. Firm stool in the morning and loose in the evening
  199. When do you stop "free feeding"?
  200. Blue wilderness?
  201. Has anyone considered marketing tripe as wt. loss plan?
  202. Please critique my puppies eating habits..
  203. Rice daily?
  204. Glucosamine for bone & joints?
  205. Soup Bones
  206. Advice on Food for 4 Month old
  207. Is it safe?
  208. Picky little eater!
  209. Kylie is eating almost all her food in the evening
  210. Can I switch to adult dog food
  211. How much to feed a 5 months old puppy?
  212. Feeding schedule?
  213. Ideal for a pup?
  214. Dehydrated Raw + Kibble --- Is this ok?
  215. Runny poop
  216. Anyone else's pup unable to tolerate Blue Buffalo?
  217. So many feeding threads, not enough time..lol
  218. Sick and wont eat....
  219. Authority, pure balance, nutro max questions
  220. Change in eating habits.
  221. Raw VS Vital by Freshpet? Experiences please
  222. Additives necessary with a high quality kibble?
  223. What's the best dry food for my pup?
  224. Taste of wild wetlands for puppy
  225. How much is too much?
  226. When can I add something w/calcium to Ranger's diet?
  227. Sensitive tummy?
  228. Growing to Fast...
  229. Adding fiber to adult dog's diet when she won't eat pumpkin
  230. Wellness, Fromm or Innova
  231. Nutro
  232. TOTW too much calcium?
  233. Bison Rib Bone
  234. Is high protein & grain free really the way to go?
  235. puppy not eating much
  236. 6 month ShepardX - Scratching could it be the food
  237. Taste of The WILD Food
  238. Soooo torn on food. Advice?
  239. The ideal food for a pup?
  240. Picky eater
  241. OK....Food ideas....?
  242. What do you think is this too much? How much supplements to use, rotate?
  243. Knuckle Bone and crying when pooping
  244. Suggestions needed.. Orijen puppy dog foiod or adult.
  245. Making Bully stick safer from swallowing, have you tried anything?
  246. Large breed puppy food - what should we try next, still soft stool...
  247. Out of these two formulas, which one should I go with?
  248. What is the best food to feed your puppy?
  249. Too 3 puppy food.
  250. 16 week puppy- always seems hungry