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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. Opinions on what to feed my pup
  2. Fromm Large Breed puppy formula or Adult formula?
  3. Poor quality kibble woes from Pakistan
  4. Confused about dry & raw feeding
  5. Puppy has Diarrhea
  6. adult food for a pup
  7. Switching food
  8. 7 months puppy... question.
  9. 9 week old. Loss of appetite.
  10. I'm doing it all wrong!
  11. food question
  12. honest kitchen food,
  13. Puppy food questions.
  14. New puppy eating like crazy!
  15. Who feeds raw?
  16. Blue Wilderness issues
  17. Dr. Dodd Results In...Help Choose food?
  18. 14 Weeks Puppy needs to gain weight
  19. My pup doesnt want to eat, HELP!
  20. When to transition to adult food?
  21. Is Royal Canin itself enough for a show quality gsd male pup?
  22. What canned food
  23. 10 weeks, Small, Picky eater
  24. Have you tried Merrick Backcountry aw Infused Puppy Food
  25. toppings
  26. feeding a 1 year shepherd
  27. how much do you spend on feeding your dog per month?.
  28. 7 month old sore pup
  29. Limited Ingredient foods
  30. Just a link!
  31. Food
  32. Fromm vs blue buffalo vs natural balance
  33. Changing puppy food
  34. Foods to fatten up my boy just a tiny bit
  35. Slowfeed bowl/puzzles for feeding young puppy?
  36. Why giardia is so hard to get clean?
  37. Jetta hasn't been interested in food this morning
  38. How's my weight looking?
  39. For those who can't afford extremely expensive food!
  40. different foods AM and PM
  41. Is this normal? First bone and runny stools
  42. Am I feeding my dog wrong?
  43. Food For 45 days old German shepherd male pup?
  44. Natural Balance Synergy for a 6 month puppy?
  45. large-breed puppy food and high-protein training rewards
  46. Questions on feeding my puppy
  47. Food ? Commercially Processed food VS Raw Diet
  48. Multiple dogs don't eat their own food
  49. How do I add more protein to natural balance??
  50. Not eating his food
  51. Got new pup and breeder rec's adult dog food. Advice?
  52. Vet told me I need to switch Bella food to Natural Balance help ??
  53. Sardines
  54. Question about Orijen LBP
  55. Recommended Puppy Foods
  56. Food Questions Please Help!
  57. Judging how much to feed..
  58. Adding extras at meal time?
  59. When to switch from puppy food to adult food.
  60. Strange New Eating Obsession
  61. Recmonded nutritional intake for the GSD
  62. How many times a day do you feed your Dog?
  63. Diarrhea... Again
  64. All life stages suggestions for adult dog and new puppy
  65. Barnsdale farms bones.. Good or bad?
  66. Itching after feeding Royal Canin...
  67. Puppy finally eating
  68. My breeder gives pups Canidae ALS
  69. Need experience people's opinions.. grain free
  70. Puppy underweight
  71. Hyper after switching foods
  72. Eating Habits / Exercise
  73. Totw high Prarie and soft frequent stools
  74. Switching from puppy to adult food (Fromm), thoughts?
  75. Puppy eats too fast....
  76. GSD puppy won't really eat
  77. What are your puppy's favorite treats?
  78. Reoccurring question - Puppy to Adult Food
  79. Suggestions for a wheat free, large breed puppy food?
  80. Carrots and boiled eggs for lunch ?? advice
  81. How many feed their puppy Orijen??
  82. Switching from Orijen LBP to Six Fish
  83. Fromm Vs. Eagle Pak Holistic
  84. feeding my 5 month boiled chicken
  85. Trying to figure out what to feed our soon to have new puppy
  86. New Puppy Food + Poo Issues = Nasty
  87. Feeding 2 or 3 times a day
  88. Healthy gains or no
  89. Switch back to kibble? or try RAW again?
  90. Puppy weight doesn't match size.
  91. What and How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?
  92. When to switch to adult food
  93. orijen LBP questions
  94. 1.5 year old GSD weird eating
  95. How much to feed our puppy
  96. rate my puppy
  97. Upset tummy- Need help/advice
  98. Puppy food?
  99. Puppy over weight or under weight ??
  100. When To Switch To Adult Food? Brand? 7 Month GSD
  101. Best All stage food for the price
  102. Rice
  103. Lower Your Dog’s Risk of Hip Dysplasia & Food
  104. Changing puppy's food/stool issues
  105. Kirkland Signature (Costco) Nature's Domain dog food
  106. Royal Canin?
  107. Food Dilemma
  108. Kong Stuffers
  109. 8 Week Old Rottweiler
  110. Adding green tripe
  111. Treats, what kind?
  112. a little blood.
  113. How often?
  114. Hot Dogs as a Training Tool/Treat?
  115. Veggies and raw in kibble?
  116. Nutro Natural
  117. Big Poop!
  118. I'm going nuts!!!!!
  119. natures variety instinct rabbit meal
  120. Puppy stopped gaining weight
  121. Transitioning Foods
  122. Feed amount question
  123. Blue Buffalo Puppy Food
  124. Puppy kibble - your recommendation between these 3 choices
  125. bought new food. looking for reviews from others
  126. Who all cooks for their pup?
  127. new food
  128. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy and BullyMax
  129. A bit confused about foods
  130. She eats!!!
  131. Annamaet Dog Food
  132. coconut oil question
  133. Need to try another food
  134. Healthy weight gain
  135. Help! What to feed me 9 week old puppy?
  136. Trader Joe's wet food
  137. 6 months old and is stubborn about eating
  138. Feeding the monster... growing pups gotta eat!
  139. Breeder recommended watering kibble
  140. Underweight puppy?
  141. Food recommendations...
  142. Put Tubby Puppy on a Diet?
  143. is this ok?
  144. hello!
  145. Moving off of Orijen Large breed on to?
  146. authority large breed puppy food
  147. Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy Chicken, Whole Brown Rice & Oatmeal Formula
  148. Soon to be GSD Owner
  149. Glucosamine in food
  150. 8 month old eating habits changing & weight
  151. When to Switch to Adult Food?
  152. I need Elk antlers shipped to Canada
  153. Help me fatten my pup!
  154. Puppy ate sand... :/
  155. Feeding frequency - 1 year old
  156. Food Question
  157. New here, Puppy food advice needed.
  158. Anyone tried this dog food? Nutra? How is it?
  159. need some help.
  160. Anyone feeding Merrick have an itchy dog? Help
  161. Acana food
  162. Amount of Homemade food to feed an 8weeks old GSD
  163. Deer meat
  164. Food quantity vs frequency
  165. Leaving food out all day
  166. How often and How much to feed?
  167. 7 week old with liquidy/explosive diarrhea
  168. Do I adjust feed until my pup is worm-free?
  169. How do I slow down her fast eating
  170. Food allergies? Food absorbtion?
  171. Changing food cold turkey
  172. 6 Month Old Ezekiel (Zeke)
  173. Puppy Digestive/Appetite Issues
  174. Wellness large breed puppy food
  175. 4 months old 23.4lbs - Female
  176. Long lasting teething treats?
  177. How much should i feed my dog?
  178. 6 month old excessively thirsty after changing food
  179. Is Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior mix no good?
  180. 5 month old reduced appettite
  181. boiled ground beef and white rice
  182. Thoughts on Blue Wilderness Large Breed Puppy
  183. TOTW Calcium?
  184. How many times should I feed my 7 months Puppy
  185. Kibble
  186. Puppy's First Night of Raw, a few issues..
  187. Switching from Raw to Kibble
  188. Adult feeding guidelines for puppy?
  189. Puppy not eating
  190. 8 Months old GSD on TOTW....Nutra Gold??? or no?
  191. Himalayan wrapped bully sticks?
  192. 600g+(1lb5oz) of raw food a day
  193. Puppy Food Issues
  194. want to switch puppy food to adult
  195. Corn free training treats recipes?
  196. Banana question
  197. How Much Should I Feed My Year Old?
  198. Calcium/phos supplement ?
  199. 7 month old Male Puppy diet and weight
  200. How Much Food To Feed?
  201. Opinions on Fromm food
  202. Soft stool on Victor GF ultra pro
  203. Opinions of food i decide as my dog food
  204. Concern of light weight.
  205. Concern of light weight.
  206. Proper weight?
  207. Orijen Large Puppy Feeding Question
  208. 12 week old German sheperd right food
  209. Blue Wilderness for 10 week Malinois puppy
  210. Holistic Large Breed Puppy Food
  211. 11 month old has stopped wanting to eat.
  212. Which Blue Buffalo for puppy?
  213. Does anyone have any puppy treat recipes to share?
  214. Best recommended puppy food?
  215. Tear tracks from left eye after raw meal
  216. pano and protein
  217. Nutro source a good puppy food?
  218. Large breed puppy food that has no chicken ?
  219. Kibble
  220. How much to feed per day
  221. What to feed puppy
  222. Almost 15 weeks and less than 20 pounds
  223. I must sound like a broken record, but my puppy WILL NOT eat! Help please.
  224. Which LBP food? Help me choose!
  225. What supplements/extras do you feed your dog?
  226. Good treats for training?
  227. Towt
  228. Raw hide bones for GS puppies? Yes or No?
  229. How many people use FROMM for their GS, and what kind?
  230. Puppy to junior to adult
  231. Calcium/Phosphorus Level and ratio
  232. 3 or 4 week old puppy feeding ?
  233. Puppy food with no grain & no chicken?
  234. Feeding a puppy TOTW?
  235. Feeding Raw or BARF
  236. Thoughts on "Hill's Ideal Balance" Puppy food; and thoughts on chicken meal?
  237. Can't Find a Food that Works
  238. Thoughts on Purina One True Instinct with turkey and Venison
  239. GSD Feed Issues and lots of Qtns
  240. Thoughts on Dr clauder's
  241. Slippery elm and puppy dosage?
  242. Best food for puppy with allergies?
  243. Recommended multivitamin with hip/joint support?
  244. I'm worried I may be under feeding
  245. 18 month old female vs. my 10 month old male.
  246. Blue buffalo ADULT kibble
  247. my brain gonna explode pls help
  248. Orijen 6 Fish Feeding Portion for 5-6 Month Puppy
  249. 11 weeks old puppy need some advice on food
  250. Fromm large breed puppy