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Feeding Our Puppy

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  1. Help! Need food ideas for Puppy!!!
  2. New puppy not eating well
  3. I Know This Topic Has Been Beat To Death (food/poop) HELP!!!
  4. What age do you switch from puppy food to adult?
  5. It's official.....We are going RAW!
  6. undecided (Orijen vs. Wellness)
  7. Wellness Super 5 Mix Just For Puppies
  8. Bully stick
  9. WOW!!! There is no answer
  10. GO natural
  11. Feeding the GSD puppy
  12. GI Probiotic for diarrhea?
  13. Rawhide
  14. Orijen 6 fish for pup?
  15. wellness large breed super 5 mix
  16. Solid Gold - Soft Poop
  17. Another BB Food Question
  18. At what age is it ok to put pup on adult food?
  19. how much to feed my puppy?
  20. Diet for new shepherd owner
  21. Canned food for pups?
  22. purina puppy chow?
  23. How much to feed my 4.5 month old GSD..
  24. Puppy eating coal
  25. Hello, Issue with my GSD
  26. I Blame his Food
  27. Food question
  28. Dishes for Food
  29. Working for Food
  30. Wants to inhale the food
  31. Treats
  32. Blue Buffalo and active Pup
  33. Need recommendations for food to avoid runny stools..
  34. Vet said feed more food
  35. Transitioning foods
  36. Food driven need help !!!
  37. When do you move your puppy from 3 to 2 feedings...
  38. I visited a "natural pet supply"...
  39. Dark poop
  40. Constipation??
  41. Should I be feeding him more?
  42. My 10 week old porker! HELP PLEASE!
  43. You'da thunk he was Starving to Death
  44. Not a big morning eater.
  45. Best wet foods
  46. Orijen gas is going to be the death of me:)
  47. 9 week old being picky?
  48. How much to feed 8 month old on adult food?
  49. Canidae = Itchy skin?
  50. Using a different Kibble as treats?
  51. Bought Royal Canin 32 Today, Please Tell me I made the right choice
  52. 7$ off 30lb Royal Canin Puppy
  53. Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs RECALL
  54. 4health puppy chow or a "Large Breed"
  55. Infinia Holistic
  56. First post, first puppy - need help choosing between these three kibbles.
  57. Won't eat breakfast
  58. Best brand of puppy food.
  59. All in his head??
  60. Puppy vitamins and supplements while on bland food
  61. Is 7 months to young for wilderness?
  62. Innova Puppy Food (Not eating it all)
  63. Is my pup gaining too much weight too fast?
  64. Which Blue Buffalo is the Best for my Pup?
  65. puppy raw
  66. Hey there! Large breed puppy food question
  67. How do you know when to switch to adult?
  68. How much to feed?
  69. Blue Wilderness for a Toy Breed?
  70. The Egg Recall and Dog Food
  71. Blue Buffalo food
  72. Raw Diet questions
  73. Mixing kibble with raw patties???
  74. Food For My Gsd Puppy..? 6 weeks puppy..now starting to eat...
  75. I thought it would be Harder! (I also have a Question).
  76. Switching TOTW formulas
  77. Extra Calcium & "Hills"
  78. how much to feed my puppy?
  79. Hills LB puppy food
  80. Puppy or Adult Food?
  81. how to fix upset tummy?
  82. I need feed back on Acana
  83. New Puppy isnt eating much
  84. Need help with puppy feeding please
  85. 10 wk old GSD puppy won't eat??
  86. Puppy kibble??
  87. Trying to feed my new puppy good
  88. Antlers and calcium
  89. Feeding raw eggs
  90. switch making it worse?
  91. Recent Change in Eating Habits/Can't get him to eat on his own
  92. New puppy Feeding advice
  93. New to forum and would like advice.
  94. switching back to puppy food..?
  95. How much Chicken and Rice for a Puppy?
  96. Slightly thin puppy
  97. Ordered me some Tripett Green Beef Original Formula..
  98. Opinion on switching food
  99. Switching to adult food at 6 months old
  100. Picky Eater Now LOVES Mealtime!!
  101. Need Some Help
  102. Feeding my puppy
  103. Food for a 4 month with Hip Dsyplsia??
  104. Want to switch puppy to RAW-- Mom disagrees
  105. puppy food vs. large breed puppy food
  106. Cal/Phos levels-HELP
  107. Dont Know If Orijen Is Ok? Please
  108. Raw Meaty Bones
  109. need help with puppy feeding
  110. Won't eat his food, wants dads and moms.
  111. So I've decided to switch to raw
  112. Blue Buffalo Just isn't working...now what?
  113. another "picky" eater
  114. How much to Feed a Pup?
  115. Stool question Please
  116. My puppy wont eat!!
  117. upset stomach, wont eat kibble after
  118. Homemade Dog food vs. Store bought
  119. Edible chews for an 11-week-old puppy
  120. Am I feeding enough? (Pics inside)
  121. A Couple Of Questions
  122. Opinions in mixing food....
  123. Switching to BB...
  124. Water pooh after BB adult whitefish with lifebits
  125. Mixing Wet into Dry food..
  126. cooked or uncooked meat in dry food
  127. grain free vs RAW
  128. cant get orijen
  129. Food choices in Australia
  130. Recommendations for food
  131. TOTW High Praerie, RC Large Breed Puppy, etc
  132. Feeding my pup Kirkland Chicken & Rice adult - That ok?
  133. food or fish oil ?
  134. Ground Beef (cooked) & Wellness Super 5
  135. Still no food
  136. thin stage or a problem????
  137. Puppy Chow, blahhh
  138. House food help!
  139. Supplements??
  140. 11 month old how much to feed and how many times a day
  141. How much to feed?
  142. beneful puppy's food
  143. What is w/ this food thing?
  144. 11-week old isn't eating as much...
  145. HELP please
  146. My 3 month old GSD doesn¯t eat his food
  147. Switching Max over to Orijen today
  148. Food for a 9 month old GSD
  149. Solid Gold LB Puppy
  150. turkey bones and puppies
  151. she's got a big penis
  152. Chew toys for a 4 month old puppy
  153. Orijen Large Breed puppy
  154. feeding problems
  155. grain-free safe for puppies?
  156. BB Wilderness or BB
  157. So many kibble recommendations; its overwhelming!
  158. reusing raw bones?
  159. Feeding Salmon
  160. Eukanuba puppy large breed
  161. Trying to switch....
  162. Sore gums?
  163. Bully sticks causing sickness????
  164. Feeding guidelines for lanky 7 month old
  165. What to feed?
  166. Innova Large Breed Puppy food
  167. Puppy is FINALLY eating!
  168. Bully Sticks for puppies?
  169. diarrhea is back! HELP
  170. pepto amount HELP?
  171. Breakfast Time
  172. Ok, pup will barely eat! GRR - Need some suggestions
  173. Puppy is a Health Food Nut
  174. Blue buffalo and diarrhea
  175. urinating frequency
  176. how many bowel movements a day???
  177. Help me out with allergies, please!
  178. Super skinny puppy?
  179. Two 7 Week Old Brothers Food Amount?
  180. 4 1/2 month old german shepherd diet
  181. Feeding a picky eater and a garbage gut
  182. how much is on target??
  183. NRG dog food.
  184. SKINNY New Puppy-Satin Balls?
  185. Feeding my 4-month old adult food - how much to feed?
  186. slowly losing her apatite?
  187. 10 week old poor eater
  188. Home cooked meals, help?
  189. Orijen LBP, how much for 9week old?
  190. 11 week old puppy wont eat
  191. Royal Canin Vs. Eukanuba
  192. raw eggs for 7 month old puppy ?
  193. Cut the chicken up?
  194. My puppy is home!
  195. Innova LBP, Artemis FM LBP, Chicken Soup Puppy???
  196. 9 Month old how much should he eat?
  197. James Wellbeloved puppy food
  198. Is this food OK for my foster pup?
  199. Once a day question
  200. 19lbs at 9wks & 3days...adult food soon?
  201. TOO Much Protein??
  202. Honest Kitchen?
  203. 9 month old puppy weight
  204. Acana VS Blue Buffalo LARGE BREED PUPPY
  205. Puppy Food Problem
  206. This is what you should be feeding !!!!
  207. Does this collar make my butt look big? (Am I feeding her to much?)
  208. When to switch to adult food?
  209. Is Taste of the Wild ok for my pup?
  210. Personalized Puppy food question...
  211. Alright new food suggestions
  212. When does weight gain slow?
  213. butcher bones
  214. Bellas food problem
  215. How much does a cup of kibble weigh?
  216. Josera Kids puppy food
  217. feeding a puppy
  218. Growing too fast???
  219. Can somebody please post
  220. dairrhea again omg
  221. Feeding a GSD/Mix
  222. Cullen isn't eating!!!! Why???/
  223. How much Orijen?
  224. He licks his food but only nibbles it
  225. Store vs. Homemade:What is better for them?
  226. Blue Wilderness for Pups?
  227. Pup Diarrhea.. fun
  228. Blue Wilderness... puppy worthy?
  229. Feeding Authority and now having issues...
  230. Do GSD have delicate tummys??
  231. weight problems
  232. Help! Calcium levels, TOTW, All these ????s!!!
  233. Natural Balance Rolls??
  234. Whats the BIG Deal??
  235. This OK for training treats?
  236. Back to snubbing the food...
  237. Eekkk, my cousin just got an Italian Mastiff
  238. Ear's and food ?
  239. puppy food,"I am stunned"
  240. Anyone have experience w/Iams Probiotic Puppy?
  241. He has no appetite with the food changeover!
  242. Help with Allergies
  243. Considering Orijen LB Puppy Food
  244. Changing my puppy's food
  245. Feeding Raw, Doing Great
  246. Treats vs Stools?
  247. supplementing with yogourt?????
  248. How much is too much, of a good thing?
  249. switching from Innova Large breed, no solid stool
  250. Training treats