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  1. Does my pup have CDA?
  2. Good Tip.....Really ???
  3. Walmart Enters the Veterinary Market
  4. FAmily Hero dogs of 2019 in the news
  5. Counter surfing dog skewered through heart.
  6. Australian state to enshrine animal mental well-being into law.
  7. 450 German Shepherds seized
  8. Governor Jerry Brown Signs California AB 485; begins TODAY!
  9. DNA testing, the start of a new way to breed/adopt?
  10. Senator Deletes Pet Food Safety Law
  11. California GSD owners (fires)
  12. DCM and grain free QnA
  13. Officer Forced to Shoot K9 After it Attacked Him
  14. Dog Hero Saves Lost Dog
  15. Bounty on a drug sniffing German Shepherd
  16. Discount Adoption Fees ?
  17. Mandatory speuter
  18. Will the service dog nonsense never end...
  19. Kansas "breeder" FINALLY gets jail time for abuse of GSD. AnezkaK9
  20. Dog Rescuers Buy Dogs from Breeders They Scorn
  21. A Good story about our beloved breed!
  22. YES!!! Guilty Verdict in the Puppy Doe Abuse Case
  23. Study for those with Dutch Shepherds
  24. Not Neutered? Not allowed.
  25. Question: What do your clubs do, in the face of the AR movement?
  26. Westminster Dog Show
  27. Keep your Vets and Groomers Safe!
  28. Mandatory speuter?
  29. Heartwarming story
  30. Cleveland infant killed
  31. German Shepherd Protects Home from Intruder
  32. Happy Retirement for K9
  33. Very Sad News - And a Warning
  34. Dogs being seized from breeders
  35. German Shepherd dogs dying in misery due to intensive breeding
  36. Girl gets attacked by wolf dog on camera
  37. GSD and guy attacked by a Rabid Bobcat in Arizona
  38. Are European Dogs Born Well-Behaved?
  39. Dog bites lover boy.
  40. GSD breeder charged with animal cruelty
  41. Rescued Husky saves a woman from an Abusive Relationship
  42. Lab Saves 51-Year-Old Woman From Robber In South Delhi
  43. Yulin is possibly being cancelled
  44. Transporting Dogs from South to North
  45. PetSmart Buys
  46. Amazing Dog Performs CPR, Squats and Press Ups
  47. New MWD Movie in June
  48. MORE Pet Food FRAUD!
  49. Moving to Arizona - *Sigh* Again with the "Bully Breed" stuff
  50. New bylaw in Toronto, Canada
  51. "Dumb" reasons pets are surrendered to shelters list includes some reasonable reasons
  52. breed Specific Law is raising its ugly head GA
  53. Congrats to Rumor, but I don't think I'll be watching Westminster again
  54. Warning for dog owners if police come to the door
  55. DNA Clears Service Dog
  56. Sustainable Ownership of Carnivores
  57. For breeders
  58. Training Police Pups, in the news CBC
  59. Child Dead, Mom Hurt-Doberman Attack
  60. Montreal Pitbull Ban
  61. How will this GSD puppy grow up to look?
  62. She Will Find A Home Now!
  63. Vet Suspended for Choking/Punching Animals
  64. 14 dogs pass away in a Doggy Daycare
  65. Adopting out aggressive dogs
  66. Dog swims 6 miles and walks 12 miles......
  67. Is it a training issue or just crazy dogs?
  68. Another Wonderful Dog Dies While Trying To Help Others
  69. Dogs die from heat.
  70. World Dog Show- Moscow
  71. Arkansas police officer killed, another wounded, K9 wounded and missing
  72. Police dog
  73. Boarding facility partly blames owners for dogs' death, disappearance
  74. Stray GSD saves lost man, buddies furever
  75. Rescue shepherd mix saves Humming bird
  76. Dog and mailman
  77. AR people want 3-year-old Prince William jailed for
  78. Thieves accidentally save dog from hot truck
  79. Officials rescue German shepherd
  80. California, Fresno, 3 day old baby killed by family dogs
  81. GSD puppy stolen at gunpoint from 14yr old boy
  82. Dog dies at Petsmart while in care of groomer.
  83. German Shepherd Rescues Children
  84. Upton's dogs
  85. More Than 30 German Shepherds Found Abandoned in Highland
  86. Rightful Ownership - Shelters and Rescues
  87. Question about how to send a FB post to Police.
  88. Aspergillus in GSD study - U.C. Davis
  89. Positive feature on GSDs
  90. That idiot...
  91. Future of SAR- Wolverines?
  92. Help stop the Yulin Festival
  93. Deputy shot Family GSD in OK
  94. German Shepherd Waits Weeks For Murdered Owner To Come Home
  95. British Columbia to license pet breeders
  96. Now it's Malinios On the Way Out.....
  97. Uber Thread?
  98. Dog casually runs half-marathon
  99. Beware alleged scam artist
  100. Officer Hickey and K9 Ajax- Marietta, OH
  101. cop shoots dog, Good!
  102. Service dog slammed to ground by uber driver
  103. Police K9 attacks handler's 6 yo daughter
  104. Sad news and importance of puppy supervision
  105. Ohio Police k-9 dies in line of duty
  106. A Novel Approach for the Prevention of Canine Hemangiosarcoma research study
  107. Watch the video...
  108. Felix Ho animal abuse?
  109. This happened in Michigan
  110. Dog Cloning and Would You Own One
  111. At least they caught the creatures… RIP diesel, good boy!
  112. Robbers kill vet tech's GSD
  113. $50,000 dog
  114. 21-yo GSD mix mistaken for coyote. Run over 2x by Canada Police, then shot to death.
  115. Marijuana bundle drops from the sky on GSD's doghouse
  116. Yes, but... It can't be your heart dog. Meet Robo K9
  117. Last Surviving 9-11 K9 visits ground zero
  118. Kai is home!
  119. Tragic story that happened around Philly
  120. Cop Appears To Whip, Stomp Police Dog On Video
  121. Rin Tin Tin Lawsuit
  122. Man swings leashed dog at police officer as a weapon
  123. 1st running guide dog
  124. dogs learning to sniff out cancer
  125. Dog trainer in custody after dead puppies found in trash bag
  126. Only GSD owners will understand
  127. "Onions, Hot Cars, Ponies, Panic & Greed"
  128. leaving pets in car
  129. Michigan Peeps, don't forget to renew your dog licenses!
  130. Sickening, officer beats K9.
  131. So much about this story disgusts me
  132. K9 choked by suspect passes out, but wakes up and
  133. Petition To Bring Military Dogs Home
  134. Dog Dragged Behind A Vehicle
  135. Kingston Ontario dog owners beware...
  136. Japanese Legislation Gives New Meaning To “Till Death Do Us Part”
  137. Local News Story
  138. In states with Wolf populations - watch your dogs
  139. Dog With Muzzle Taped Shut (moved from gen info)
  140. Hero K9! Good boy, Lucas!
  141. Reunited with owner after 8 years
  142. Flu Virus Now in Michigan
  143. Australia threatens to kill Johnny Depp's dogs
  144. Animal Cruelty a Reliable Indicator of Criminality
  145. Good news
  146. Super Rich Dogs
  147. I have some questions
  148. Police Dog’s Heroic Sacrifice The Inspiration Behind Aron’s Law
  149. Max-- new MWD movie-- Mal, but is there GSD in there?
  150. Rest In Peace Grom
  151. Any medical professionals explain why is this done?
  152. Rough Handling Allegations of Best in Show - Crufts 2015
  153. N.J. police pay last respects as retired K-9 put down
  154. Dog Food Killing Pets (moved from Stories)
  155. Puppy Mill Report
  156. PETA killing/kidnapping pets…?
  157. What constitutes cruelty or neglect of an animal?
  158. Man sympathizes with dog killer
  159. Terrible Puppy commercial for Super Bowl from Go Daddy
  160. Be Careful Out There!
  161. Sacramento K-9 takes down suspect
  162. Photo Pet Therapy
  163. 3D printed prosthetics!
  164. Woman died and put in her will that her dog be euthanized and buried with her.
  165. Research Paper on Dog Attack Progression Over the Years.
  166. "The Wrong Dog"-- this article freaked me out!
  167. What is this lone wolf doing at the Grand Canyon?
  168. German Shepherd saves Atlanta family-Link
  169. If this isn't proof that it's all about temperament, I dont know what is
  170. Carter watching Carter Watching Nana the BC?
  171. 37 Dogs taken in Gilmer TX Puppy Mill case. A few GSD's and pups.
  172. Petsmart policy: what do you think?
  173. So much for the $100,000 white house protection dogs...
  174. Killed Canadian Soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirrilo's dogs wait for him
  175. German Shepherds Almost Rip Off Woman's Arms
  176. Housing Manager Attacked by Two German Shepherds
  177. Woman Attacked By German Shepherd
  178. Owner Found Guilty In Topeka Parade Attack
  179. Outcome of Ft Worth Vet Hearing (blood tranfusion guy)
  180. German Shepherd Sodomized, Shot and Left for Dead Gets Rescued
  181. Bentley the dog & Ebola in TX
  182. Dana, the malaria mosquito sniffing dog
  183. This is crazy
  184. Big News: FBI to Start Tracking Animal Cruelty Cases
  185. Anti Breeder Rescues Going too Far?
  186. Great idea!
  187. Dog covered in Hot Tar, saved by rescuers, heart warming
  188. Dr. Sophia Yin Passed Away!
  189. Genetic behavior testing for Belgian Malinois
  190. Rest in peace, Dr. Sophia Yin
  191. Do Vets Profit from Bodies of the Deceased?
  192. Police Officer helps injured GSD after accident
  193. Police K9 dies in parking garage fall
  194. Dog nipped at my child....What to do?
  195. Family awarded $600,000 after their dog was shot by police
  196. Retired Fowlerville K9 officer dies
  197. The ALS "ice bucket" challenge and dogs. Sigh
  198. soldier adopts dog that saved him
  199. Canine Officer killed in the line of duty
  200. Justice Sought for Poisoned German Shepherd
  201. Faithful German shepherd who saved his family from a BEAR faced being euthanized afte
  202. Officer Shoots German Shepherd and Then Refuses To Let Owner Take It To The Vet.
  203. AR groups
  204. Uh come the requests for Mali
  205. Pit bull discrimination hurts you too!
  206. Griffin Shepherd Kennels loses his dogs.
  207. Lillie was attacked this morning
  208. Mexico: Police officer abuses canine partner
  209. Important Change in legislation
  210. Are you kidding....
  211. UK- "Controlling your dog in public"
  212. Pit Bull Mix Shot After Attack
  213. Family Pet Killed and Officer Fired MOVED TO CURRENT DOG AFFAIRS FROM GEN INFO
  214. Hey fellow Ontario peeps!
  215. To preserve the evidence...
  216. Did anyone see this?
  217. GSD high jump!
  218. I got bit by a Staffordshire Terrier
  219. Cane Corsos kill jogger in Michigan
  220. City Pet Limit Changing - Need Help!
  221. German Shepherd Kills 73 Year Old Woman.
  222. Trapped German Shepherd Rescued From Canal in Indio
  223. Just a sad situation - Northern Indiana GSD Breeder and dogs found living in filth
  224. FAcebook turns blind eye to pages supporting dog fighting?
  225. HSUS Humane Society Charity Rating Revoked
  226. Awesome! Hero GSD!
  227. Officer Shoots And Kills Dog
  228. Deputy Shoots Attacking German Shepherds.
  229. German Shepherd Intentionally Drowned
  230. 20 Dogs Die at Boarding Facility - AZ
  231. Youtube find of the day!!!!!!!! (Mal)
  232. Baltimore police officer kills a dog that was already detained
  233. Question regarding military dogs,
  234. Georgia man was charged with dragging a German Shepherd behind his truck Wednesday
  235. Bill C-615 to Ban Electric Shock Collars in Canada
  236. UKC Premier-Kalamazoo Parvo Exposure
  237. a GOOD story about LEOs helping GSDs
  238. Fallen Canadian Mountie's GSD Says Final Goodbye
  239. So Far This Year; 36 Pit Bull Attacks In Cincinnati.
  240. 37 bags of Dead Dogs Found in Barn of 'Rescuer'
  241. Inside Edition investigates Puppycide......
  242. Six-year-old Cincinnati girl mauled by pit bulls.
  243. 29 German Shepherd Puppies Rescued.
  244. Purina Sues Blue Buffalo.
  245. German Shepherd Drives Car Into Pond.
  246. German Shepherd Kills Poodle During Topeka Parade.
  247. Woman jailed for allowing dog to eat neighbour alive
  248. Halton police dog that bit girl being assessed
  249. Poisoned meatballs targeting dogs in CO
  250. Parker County Woman arrested for Cruelty after shooting mother dog with puppies