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  1. Purebred?
  2. How likely/unlikely is a Long Coat Blk WGSL?
  3. Looking to breed my boy
  4. health clearances
  5. Breeding
  6. 8 months old first heat
  7. What is Eastern European Shepherd - ВЕО
  8. Mating
  9. Breeding two WGSD's
  10. puppies with different parents?
  11. will unexperienced dog hump a female ?
  12. Genetic diversity
  13. Help
  14. Breeding Process In Finding A Female?
  15. Serious problem
  16. Coat color question
  17. Breeding question
  18. Sable x Sable Breeding
  19. Casual Breed
  20. Silver or Blue? Can you guys tell?
  21. Any help with identifying whether our dog is working line?
  22. color question
  23. Anyone familiar with jack vom noricum
  24. 6 years old male
  25. 1 year old german shepherd pregnant
  26. To breed or not to breed that is the question
  27. Season February and now again
  28. 1st time breeding...
  29. DNA test kits reliable?
  30. No longer coming in Heat
  31. Color question
  32. Shameless breeder brag ❤️
  33. breeding question
  34. Black Long Haired w/ White Long Haired
  35. Evaluating puppies for the right homes
  36. My dogs breeding
  37. New Breeder Needs HELP please
  38. What Type Of Color Coats Do You Get?
  39. Not old enough?
  40. Advice Please
  41. What a breeder needs to know
  42. Question for breeders
  43. Reputable Breeder in CT/NY/NJ/PA areas
  44. breeding software for android phone??
  45. How to read a pedigree online ?
  46. Genetics come from Dam?
  47. What breed is he??
  48. Frozen embryos.
  49. New Federal Regulations on Breeders (proposed bill in Congress)
  50. The new owners of a bitch I rehomed registered a litter of puppies in my name!
  51. Males are all afraid of my female
  52. Testes Drop
  53. Finding a Female to Breed With
  54. breeding
  55. Communication with my breeder
  56. Leasing a bitch to get started?
  57. Should I let my GSD have a litter
  58. Short term vs long term breeding programs
  59. Black & Tan the same as Black & Red?
  60. Breeding
  61. Breeding
  62. Hipscoring - Tests - Costs - Recommendation
  63. safe breeding age for male GSD?
  64. Titan
  65. Does your dog look like his/her parents?
  66. Possible pregnancy
  67. American bred GSDs used for breeding in Europe?
  68. Frozen sperm AI insemination...
  69. Where to find a female to breed with our full blooded male?
  70. Reputable Breeders for White Shepherds
  71. what type of gsd is this dog?
  72. What's your opinion on green eyed GSDs?
  73. Will a Yorkie be able to mate with GSD
  74. Illinois/Midwest breeders for companion/therapy
  75. What eliminates a dog from breeding?
  76. Breeding for Show/Sport
  77. What is " lower drive German Shepherd?"
  78. Linebreeding or Inbreeding?
  79. Is breeding a cause of OCD behavior in our breed?
  80. Back to back breeding vs
  81. Teperament testig for Show line dogs: As a criterion for breeding
  82. Do people hate silvertips?
  83. How far will a breeder go to stop mixing?
  84. Looking for a male for my rare coat/marking black/white pure GSD
  85. Breeding dogs capable of herding?
  86. What is more detrimental?
  87. Reverse mask
  88. Anyone Have a Retired Brood Bitcha That Needs a Home?
  89. Favorite Line?
  90. Concerned about a Breeder
  91. Gerberian Shepsky breeders
  92. False negative relaxin
  93. Accidental breeding of older female?
  94. The Value of a Health Guarantee?
  95. Mother-son breeding
  96. Wesson's Last Litter
  97. Kraftwerk GSDs vs others
  98. Irresponsible Breeders?
  99. Looking for reputable GSD breeder in WY,ID, MT
  100. Help with Virgin Stud
  101. Size of crate
  102. Puzzling heat in 9 month old bitch - opinions please
  103. Separating the breeds gene pool?
  104. Frustrated with breeder
  105. Help understanding pedigree
  106. How many breedings from one female?
  107. AKC dog but still no papers?
  108. Ear Tattoos
  109. Reputable Breeders
  110. Culling
  111. Belgian Malinois breeders
  112. Breeding a Canadian type with a European type
  113. Anyone have a boy who goes off his feed
  114. Why breed Sable with Solid Black
  115. Number of litters a breeder has in one year
  116. I may become a backyard breeder....
  117. The Limits of OFA Certification
  118. How long are heats, how often are heats, etc.
  119. How often does your female go into heat?
  120. Whelping Box = hip dysplasia?
  121. Breeding a dog with PTSD
  122. vets, why do they...
  123. Breeding query
  124. Need Help with Female in Heat - Behavior
  125. Canadian Breeder Suggestions
  126. Helppp
  127. Why the sloped backs?
  128. Isn't this just wrong?
  129. Everyone wants to breed their dog.
  130. Are traditional color patterns not common in working lines?
  131. Guarantees Under 2 years
  132. Thoughts on this pairing?
  133. First Heat Question
  134. keeping pups warm
  135. Question about number of litters
  136. Inherited traits
  137. Plans to breed a bitch whose littermate/s have serious issues?
  138. Great read, visual and clear breakdown.
  139. Getting a Deposit Back
  140. Newbie would like to breed my black male
  141. how much exercise??
  142. Puppy Parents Pedigree
  143. Puppy deposit in Northern Ca
  144. Unfortunate young breeding
  145. Wanting to breed GSDs to truely better the breed. Opinions Please
  146. First heat - when?
  147. T17 Working Dogs
  148. Breeder Thoughts Please?
  149. One time breed. No papers.
  150. breeding our female Gsd
  151. Heat cycle
  152. doubt about heat
  153. artificial insemination
  154. Possible Oops breeding WWYD?
  155. What happens to the dog with a poor temperament?
  156. Help
  157. What is a successful breeding program?
  158. Failed mating attempt
  159. Titles, certificates and pedigree
  160. Mating Instinct
  161. Breeder help
  162. Biology of a OS German Shepherd
  163. Breeding question
  164. Question about breeding
  165. Allrothaus first litter... observed color and coat questions
  166. The Official German Shepherd Breeder's Hall of Fame Thread -
  167. Line Breeding
  168. Crossing American and West German Show Lines?
  169. I would like to breed my shepard
  170. Dumb question... Do runts grow slower?
  171. Aggressive toward small animals
  172. Keeping puppy from litter
  173. My German Shepherd had 9 puppies and one of them doesn't have a black mask what will
  174. german shepherd puppy colors
  175. Breed questions
  176. What's the most upsetting breeding advertisement you have seen?
  177. DM testing
  178. Healthy breeders In UK
  179. Heat induction in a bitch
  180. Many heats.....
  181. rejected by a breeder
  182. Dog Breeder Disappeared
  183. searching for a long coat gsd
  184. Have we succeeded?
  185. Loaning out your female to the breeder for a litter (moved from gen info)
  186. The smallest PB GSD you've seen
  187. QUESTION on pregnacy
  188. Too closely related?
  189. Schonheit's
  190. How long does it take for a dog to become pregnant?
  191. working line belgian malinois breeders in the states
  192. Questions for GSD breeders/experts
  193. Slip tie?
  194. Question for breeders, am I being cheated??
  195. What is a BYB? (backyard breeder)
  196. Asked to breed
  197. 2.5 yrs Pure GSD female : Heat Cycle Issue
  198. Dam went into heat early? Am I screwed?
  199. How should I prepare to breed?
  200. Prolonged heat?
  201. Tail Flagging?
  202. Safe age for solids
  203. seeking male for non-AKC female "wrong"?
  204. Who's my Mum and Dad?
  205. False pregnancy or not?
  206. Urgent (need advice)
  207. Frozen Semen?
  208. Lupo Italiano
  209. Demodex
  210. Breeders, since no dog is perfect, how do you...
  211. Why deposits?
  212. ATTENTION BREEDERS! Would you recognize an adult dog that you whelped 3 years ago?
  213. Linebreeding--Common Ancestry
  214. AKC litter registration when using CKC stud
  215. Looking for some input from experienced breeders
  216. Brisco the beast
  217. Breeding Chief
  218. breed worthiness and picking pups early on
  219. Downsides of taking a pup from the litter too soon?
  220. Registering my litter question?
  221. Psa Titles as breeding titles
  222. mating with her father?
  223. Bred to crippled in future for profit?
  224. Breeding Again!! How much is too much?
  225. Blue
  226. relation to benji
  227. My male and female GSD :(
  228. Local Noise Ordinance
  229. Co-owning for breeding
  230. Co-Ownership Question
  231. K9Kraftwerks
  232. Information/ help please
  233. Looking for liver coat gsd breeders
  234. Confirmed there are buns in the oven!
  235. Breeding more for the moderate.
  236. Has any body here used alpine k9 stud service
  237. Can you sell puppies for different prices in same litter? (w/wo papers?)
  238. Honest answer from breeders please..
  239. Contact to WUSV or SV microchips
  240. Selecting for or against traits when breeding
  241. breeding dogs with problems
  242. What do you Think About this Breeder?
  243. Some interesting reading on PennHIP
  244. Sperm evaluation...
  245. GSD Pregnancy and Prenatal Vitimans
  246. Question for breeders about hand-washing
  247. Question on breeding
  248. How old can a male breed
  249. Need help developing a puppy contract.
  250. GSD Weight/size