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  1. K9 Ride-Along
  2. Trump on German Shepherds
  3. Passive Alert vs Aggressive (Active) Alert In Narcotic K9 Sniffs
  4. Dream to raise from a puppy to my next dual purpose patrol dog
  5. Two Handler Household
  6. Question about becoming a k9 handler.
  7. Certifications by NPCA for Sheriff dept.
  8. Australia: Police dog dead, eight more sick
  9. Raising Police Working Pup
  10. Do police dogs ever breed?
  11. Police K9s at home
  12. European GSD bloodline?
  13. Narcotics Detection- input and advice!!
  14. American working dog /K9 Olympics.
  15. Narcotics detection training?
  16. Police dog's living arrangements
  17. How to get K9 training?
  18. k-9 Dogs overdose fentanyl
  19. Boise K9 officer Jardo dies after shooting :(
  20. K9 Jethro
  21. K9's and use of force
  22. Question about police tracking
  23. Building Searches. How do you do it?
  24. Sad news from New Zealand
  25. K9 save's officer
  26. Kennel services dedicated to LE community?
  27. K9 Remy tracks his suspect down
  28. Another K-9 Death
  29. Meet K-9 Boru
  30. Drive-Hectic Behavior-Nerve
  31. Last Call for K9 Argo
  32. Civilian Handler Questions
  33. RIP K-9 Krijger
  34. RIP K-9 Jethro
  35. Photo
  36. Police dog in hostage action!
  37. Retired military dogs find new purpose in US meth wars. (just found this on yahoo)
  38. 14 weeks old police K-9 in training
  39. K-9 officer saves deputy's life during ambush on dark road in Mississippi.
  40. Seattle K-9 officier
  41. xMalinois
  42. Male vs Female as Police Dogs?
  43. The sport world can learn a lot from the K-9 world
  44. gsd vs other dogs for serious street patrol work?
  45. Training logs
  46. what do you make of this dog?
  47. Police K9 kennel insert- Dodge Charger/Magnum
  48. "Tail gate" to beat local k9's
  49. Maverick starts academy tomorrow.
  50. Familiar toy for detection work?
  51. Scentlogix training kits
  52. Personal encounter with Security K9
  53. Choosing your K9 Partner
  54. Police K9 Test Vids
  55. Danny will continue to work as RCMP police dog Images of dog sniffing late master’s S
  56. RIP Bosco
  57. Iwould like to donate my GSD to A police Dept
  58. A Quick Question For PP Dog Trainers.
  59. Article: Using Canines to detect invasive mussels
  60. How are working dogs really treated?
  61. Neat Video on Vapor Wake dogs
  62. K-9 Proposal
  63. Abuse?
  64. Question on K9 dogs
  65. Rocco
  66. Polizei Diensthundführer Jacke
  67. Anbody Know if there is a K9 Boxer in the US...anywhere?
  68. K-9 Training around children
  69. Question on male-female bite force
  70. Stormfronts Brawnson police dog
  71. New Handler Question
  72. K9 Selection
  73. Book
  74. One police dog and one non police dog.
  75. Retraining a guard dog
  76. Bomb detection Dogs
  77. K9 redirects up leash
  78. Do we really need Police K-9's that Bite?
  79. mal gsd cross? why?
  80. pd 1?
  81. Article
  82. Freedog K9 Documentary
  83. Wanna see one of the Boston K9 team members?
  84. new k9 for our department
  85. Hey, Renee!!
  86. Help with retired bomb dog
  87. advice??
  88. Detection handler requirements
  89. St. Paul Police K9 killed in line of duty.
  90. K-9 leads deputies to drugs hidden in woman's bra
  91. Retiring PSD
  92. Verbalization
  93. Love the show K-9 cops
  94. Police Dog Tracking/Trailing
  95. What certifications are needed?
  96. Police Canine as a Career
  97. Certification
  98. Savvy experienced Police dog
  99. US Police K-9
  100. halloween mask
  101. Towards Personal Protection Dog, allow strangers to pet and fondle puppy or not?
  102. Schutzhund to PPD a natural possible Progression ?
  103. potential serious side?? - vid
  104. drug sniffing dogs to go to court...
  105. K9 Officer Down Memorial Page
  106. When to neuter a "working dog"
  107. court cases
  108. Proposal for k9
  109. Deputy Jynx's retirement
  110. Starting up police k9 unit
  111. great ball drive need advice
  112. Need help getting started on protection work
  113. Sean M. Walsh Memorial Foundation for the purchase and maintaince of Police K-9s
  114. How to teach aggressive alert
  115. breaking up fights on instinct alone
  116. Differing opinion on the Bite.
  117. Are puppies training to be K9s allowed to socialize?
  118. good job!
  119. Where did the term 'civil' come from?
  120. K9 History, Lincoln, Nebraska
  121. K-9 Units and Record Keeping
  122. K9 Cyras, K9 Chris
  123. Better Staffing in the 1950's...
  124. Some questions abut becoming an officer
  125. Heroic Police k9
  126. News story -ex K9 found emaciated
  127. Russian Police K-9 Training...
  128. K-9 Stabbed On Duty Adjusts To Life After Police Work
  129. Update on Chris!!!
  130. Advice for someone aiming to do k9
  131. police dogs
  132. Good source for pseudo scents?
  133. Case law applicable to civilian HRD handlers
  134. Dog Kicking Cop: Reinstated With Back pay
  135. Anyone know what happened...
  136. Rest now, good and faithful servant...
  137. Proud to have GSDs
  138. Why we do what we do
  139. What is the largest ammount of drugs you train with?
  140. A few pics fro the K9 school last year
  141. I want a Guard Dog but not an attack dog.
  142. Protection training starting...
  143. Blast from the Past
  144. shepherd dont bark
  145. How is personal protection training done?
  146. Is this the norm?
  147. Do you have leash/snap and collar preference?
  148. Hip/Elbow x-ray question
  149. What a day...... Storms and planes......
  150. Retrieving Metal
  151. Timid Puppy
  152. Another one assumed stolen/GA
  153. Protection for the Wifey!
  154. Personal Protection Dog and usefulness?
  155. Personal Protection GSD's? Canada?
  156. FH Champ HEX Stolen...
  157. Chris
  158. Most breed used in for Police K9s?
  159. Time to call it quits?
  160. Drug Detection Dogs?
  161. Too late for guard dog training?
  162. K9 Police dog?
  163. Working with a k9 partner
  164. what is meant by single purpose dog?
  165. Police K9 distracted by dog in backyard?
  166. Out with the PD again....
  167. Police & Female GSD
  168. Shchutzhund question?
  169. Norman Skiba K-9 Training
  170. CA Trial Dog Evidence
  171. Training "neutrality" in dogs
  172. I got to train with the police dept again...
  173. How do I trace her lines?
  174. K9s breakdown by breed
  175. PSA vs Schutzhund
  176. I got to be a decoy...
  177. Obstacle course?
  178. watch him
  179. anyone here go to personal protection classes
  180. Hoping to help my pup Eva become a K9
  181. police dog loved community member
  182. Conditioning a puppy
  183. K9 Major - Life after duty injury.
  184. Another K-9 Hero crosses the Rainbow Bridge
  185. Huh?
  186. Scent threshold - upper issue
  187. New "study"
  188. Impressive!
  189. Casey Anthony hearing
  190. Fight Drive and Detection Work
  191. Went to the police training today...Just a couple of pics...
  192. videos of my older puppy in protection
  193. Major, Hero K-9
  194. Minnesota K-9 Stabbing Brings About New Protection Legislation...
  195. My trainer does police K9 training as well...
  196. NATGEO ; Alaskan State Troopers and a GSD
  197. open stance?
  198. Bloodlines on actual Working Police K-9's
  199. JAG came out limping...
  200. Question about training a dog in protection...(prices, legitimate places)
  201. Police Dog Drop Out?
  202. German Shepherd or Malinois?
  203. Debating on Protection Training
  204. Protection Level 1 Training Methods?
  205. personal protection dog titles
  206. Major Deserves High Praise
  207. Best Place For A Working Dog Pup
  208. K9 Schultz
  209. K-9 Video cool
  210. Way to go Axel!!!
  211. Starting Training 8 weeks-6months?
  212. Help needed with working placement
  213. How Can A...?
  214. Lockhart, TX missing K-9 officer, "Chase"
  215. Are PPDs allowed in restaurants, grocery stores, etc?
  216. Why is police dog training trying to be kept secretive?
  217. Are most police dogs male?
  218. urgent info needed
  219. Suggestions for Beginning k9 Training
  220. RIP K9 Justice
  221. Is there any working dog handlers here? police, security in the UK
  222. Protection and Obedience?
  223. Training a Shelter Dog
  224. K-9 Nabs suspect first day on job! non GSD
  225. Police Force Train Dogs to Headbutt?
  226. Question about Personal Protection Dogs
  227. War/Police Dog Tribute
  228. Adopting a military police dog
  229. K-9 took me down!
  230. What questions to ask a potential volunteer?
  231. K-9, 'Bandit,' Expected To Fully Recover!!!
  232. Overseas Opportunity
  233. 1.5yr Woking Male for Adoption
  234. Madison’s patrol K-9s
  235. Neutered Dogs and Protection
  236. Considering Personal Protection Training
  237. K-9 Cop Magazine August/September 2009 issue?
  238. DANG!!!
  239. K-9 at O'Hare Airport
  240. Question about Reliability of PPD Training Company
  241. Advice on Working K9 and family dogs.
  242. civilian vs police dog
  243. PPD Question
  244. Merry Christmas
  245. Merry Christmas
  246. Importing
  247. phoenix training... pp/bitework and age...
  248. "Snarling" photo you could share with me?
  249. Quarry/helper courses
  250. K-9 Cop Magazine