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  1. GSD SD questions
  2. Evaluating adult vs pup
  3. Looking for a SD Trainer around Chicago.
  4. Physician Letters
  5. Getting a service dog
  6. Vasko’s service dog training
  7. GSD Service Dog at Zoo
  8. Breeding my Service dog...thoughts?
  9. Assistance Dog - Workling line or Show line?
  10. Still Considered a Service Dog?
  11. beautiful gal GSD on Returning the Favor
  12. Anyone adopt a "failed" guide/seeing eye dog?
  13. Therapy Dog Program at Work
  14. Esa?
  15. Delta Airlines - More Stringent Requirements
  16. What's The Difference Between a Service Dog, Therapy Dog and an Emotional Support Dog
  17. Which Law Do We Use For Airline Travel?
  18. Does anyone have a seizure response dog?
  19. TSA question flying in cabin
  20. Choosing a GSD as a Service Dog?
  21. Need Advice ASAP finding an SD
  22. Suggestions for Breeder/Trainer for Multi-purpose SD
  23. Need advice choosing a prospect
  24. itty bitty brag...
  25. Do I need a service dog?
  26. Can an aggressive dog get emotional support dog certification?
  27. Needing help in regards to SD
  28. What to expect for Therapy Dogs International testing?
  29. Got questioned about my SD at 7-11 took me by surprise
  30. Possibly getting a GSD for a service dog questions
  31. Dr. Phil Show, Dec. 14 Warren Retrievers
  32. About service dogs
  33. PTSD/Anxiety Service Dog Video
  34. Names for your SD
  35. Discussion: Military Housing and Service Dogs
  36. Contacted neighbor about dog attack on our 5-yo. This is their reply:
  37. Discussion: Allergies and Phobias and Service Dogs
  38. What do you say?
  39. While we're discussing aggressive service dogs, dobermans, pit bulls, etc...
  40. Discussion: Wonder the SD & SCOTUS
  41. Discussion: Owner Training Service Dogs
  42. Our 5-year old son was attacked by our neighbor's supposed "service dog”!?!?
  43. Discussion: Contact With Poorly Trained Dogs
  44. Yet another Question
  45. Discussion: Large Dog on Plane
  46. Topics of Individual Interest
  47. I am back.
  48. Oyara's first day on the job!
  49. Guardians Of The Night K9 Service Dog Organization?
  50. My 10 month old GS has been attacked help
  51. PTSD GSD in Alberta Canada
  52. For a Program Dog, Read Your Contract Carefully
  53. Bonding for service dog
  54. Arizona and a New SD Law
  55. A Chance For Your Opinion To Be Heard -- SD Law
  56. breed restrictions?
  57. Therapy training and IPO?
  58. In-Home Service Dog
  59. Service Dogs: Intact or S/N
  60. Escalators
  61. Trading my GSD to assist
  62. Public Schools
  63. American Airlines Stops Hero Service Dog From Boarding Plane Home
  64. New VA Reg: Animals on VA Property
  65. Do you NOT exercise service dogs like a normal pet? And another question:
  66. OT - Stupid question.
  67. Clarification From the Dept. of Justice on SDs.
  68. Seizure Dogs
  69. Ninja in training.
  70. FEMA Information on Shelters
  71. Questions about training pup to be service dog...
  72. Fearful Agression in 11.5 MO GSSD (to service dogs)
  73. Maine -- New Bill on SDs
  74. FL Adding Penalty for False Claims of SD?
  75. Service Dogs and the AKC CGC Family
  76. Q&A -- What Can Put A Stop to Faux SDs?
  77. Therapy Dogs (moved)
  78. Does my dog have what it takes to be a therapy dog?
  79. New Puppy Assistance Dog Candidate For Me
  80. Q&A -- Exercise for Assistance Dogs
  81. Therapy Dog Training
  82. West Coast breeders for SD Prospects?
  83. Need Advice
  84. Possible Changes for Vets Under the VA
  85. The ADA Amendments Act - Changes to the ADA
  86. Q&A -- What checks for SD for Mobility?
  87. How the testing went
  88. Q&A -- What is the responding difference between pet and SD?
  89. Q&A -- Will your dog follow commands from others?
  90. PTSD Service Dog that growls?
  91. How do I start volunteering with her?
  92. Texas SD Organization
  93. Citation Given for Non-Leashed SD
  94. Did anyone watch Dogs of War last night?
  95. Impact of intense Service Dog Training on dog's personality?
  96. In need of help for seizure assistance GSD.
  97. Therapist classified my dog as an "Emotional Support" animal?
  98. Is this common untrained behavior?
  99. Service dog for Seizure disorder - 3 year old son
  100. Service Dog Organization Near MD
  101. Job Interview Question - bring SDIT
  102. Landlord issues
  103. CGC - An Obedience Test for Assistance Dogs?
  104. Penalty for lying about service dog
  105. Looking for a service dog
  106. Question for trainers
  107. VHA Directive 2011-013 ... VHA Property
  108. What is an autism service dog
  109. canine commrades - psychiatric aide dogs
  110. Mobility support for hiking?
  111. Service dog with no disability
  112. Service Dog?? (moved to service dogs from gen info)
  113. Breed Restrictions & Solutions
  114. Unusual Request - Assistance Appreciated :]
  115. SD Question: Can My Manager Discriminate Us Over Dog Hair?
  116. Raising a therapy dog.
  117. Airplane travel
  118. Log for the Owner Trainer
  119. Stress Relief Dog
  120. Wanting info on search n rescue/therapy dog for puppy
  121. In target today...
  122. Therapy Work and Schutzhund
  123. Store alarms
  124. CA Informational Hearing: Fake Service Dogs
  125. Training a Service Dog
  126. Should I work on it or leave it? (therapy dog training ??)
  127. Therapy Dog Activities
  128. He starts training next week.
  129. Vest Full of Patches
  130. My hospital stay with Rayne got me thinking...
  131. Available Teams for Visiting Senior Care Facility
  132. Alpha dog
  133. Task Ideas for PTSD - SDIT
  134. Anything I need to know for 1st visit to nursing home?
  135. It's official!!!!
  136. Hi, I'm looking into getting a service dog!
  137. Hi, I'm David!
  138. VA to resume study of PTSD Service Dogs
  139. nice article of how a therapy dog helped a disabled veteran
  140. Dixie doesnt like strangers touching her daddy...
  141. Courthouse Therapy Dogs for Children
  142. Discussion - Pet vrs. Service Dog
  143. How easy is it to "Register" a SD?
  144. Facility vs therapy vs service dogs
  145. Emotional Support Animals
  146. My search for a SD candidate
  147. Fellow Fidelco Friends?
  148. Guide Dogs Explained (Might be of interest)
  149. Service/Emotional Support?
  150. Therapy dogs and SchH
  151. Service dog training
  152. Looking for a Service Dog
  153. Incident..
  154. Fake Service dogs, ADA, legit working dogs.
  155. Two dog sightings.
  156. Where to buy vests?
  157. Amazing SD I have
  158. SD and Minimal Protection
  159. Revised Missouri laws regarding service dogs
  160. Service Dog Law a plain English explanation
  161. Where to heel with a power chair????
  162. service dog cert. in CA?????
  163. Even "Experts" Need Education
  164. Very thorough article on Animal Therapy from Holistic Nursing Practice
  165. Our Prospect ;)
  166. FHA and ADA differences? Is this correct?
  167. Job wanted
  168. Service dogs?
  169. Mobility harnesses? Where to get
  170. State ID Tags
  171. Epilepsy Dog Scam
  172. Official 2013 Hurricane Season ...
  173. Governor to sign new law in Texas :)
  174. Injunctions Against "Seizure-Dog" Business
  175. BH and Service Dog In Training
  176. Therapy dog threads
  177. What is an Assistance / Service Dog Candidate?
  178. SD Candidate / SDIT Public Access Training
  179. Service Dogs Working Off-Leash
  180. Arizona Bill HB 2401
  181. my blood sugar is fine , not my blood pressure
  182. Argos the Aspergers SDIT
  183. Texas Bill HB 489
  184. What constitutes a legal disability?
  185. Oregon Bill #SB 610
  186. Service dogs - how do they physically help you?
  187. Service dogs denied from b&b
  188. Anyone can have a service dog ad....
  189. Service Dog in Training Question
  190. Mother in laws dog hates new GS puppy
  191. Virginia Breeders, help me find a dog?
  192. Training Our Own Autism Service Dog
  193. Training Change: From Guide to Police K-9
  194. Service Guinea Pig?
  195. Psychiatric Service Dog Questions-warning long
  196. Therapy Dogs and Raw Feeding?
  197. BVA Against VA Involvement
  198. 2012 Change In VA Access Issues
  199. Books on Training Assistance Dogs
  200. United States Service Dog Registry??
  201. Service Dog Questions/Concerns
  202. Former US Representative Gabrielle Giffords
  203. Emotional Support Dog
  204. Missouri Bill #SB33
  205. im back
  206. Discussion on Public Access Disputes
  207. Service Dog Training
  208. Socialization With Others (Training Stages)
  209. Trained Companion Dog
  210. Flying with a PSD
  211. buyer beware
  212. Professional Service Dog Trainers
  213. Adi/dod/va
  214. Time To Pause Before Posting
  215. Service Dogs As Only Animals
  216. Travel With Service Dogs
  217. Discussion on Owner Trainers
  218. PSD or Emotional Support Dog
  219. Unsold Puppies
  220. Why not a SD that is also a visiting TD?
  221. Hello :) Happy 2013 - Help with finding trainer for Service dog.
  222. Anyone breeding a "line" of GSDs for service?
  223. Service Dog
  224. New SDIT Wish Granted
  225. Mass. Housing Discrimination Settlement
  226. therapy dog
  227. SDITs and State Statutes
  228. Mass Care Shelters
  229. new here with SDit for my son
  230. Jon Sabin, Seizure Alert Dogs for Life (cont.)
  231. Looking for a Trainer
  232. Looking for info for a trainer for seizure alert dogs.
  233. Going for CGC/TDI... advice and a few small ???s
  234. "Service Dog In Training"
  235. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - 24 CFR Part 5
  236. Recent HUD Discrimination Charge
  237. Considering Fundraising via Public Charity
  238. GSD Military PTSD Service Dog For Adoption
  239. Can I raise my own guide dog?
  240. Dept of Veterans Affairs, 38 CFR -- Access Issues
  241. Finally - Facts on VA Regs re: Benefits
  242. Petition SD Barred from VA Facilities
  243. Highland canine
  244. Dogs in Occupational Therapy
  245. VA Revised Regulations
  246. service dog questions
  247. Autism Serive dog
  248. Facility Dogs
  249. Researching breeders in MI for service dog
  250. Service Dog & Landlord Issues