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Guide, Therapy & Service Dogs

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  1. Schools are Under Title II
  2. ADA/DOJ ADA Business BRIEF
  3. Reading with Rover and other programs
  4. Can I make up a...
  5. I have an Autistic little boy...
  6. Service Dog is addicted. Ideas?
  7. Leaving your SD on a stay in a business
  8. Resident dog & Therapy Dog question
  9. Therapy Dog for Autistic Children??
  10. The first steps to take?
  11. Just not interested?!??
  12. AIR CARRIER ACCESS ACT OF 1986 as amended ACAA
  13. TDI testing
  14. Building prey drive in a therapy dog
  15. How to stop whining from standing still
  16. Airline travel
  17. Dozer got his Canine Good Citizen last night!
  18. Hole in my heart tonight.
  19. Best Places to Get Therapy Dog Vest
  20. Question about service commands etc.
  21. German Shepherd Serves Warriors in Transition
  22. Another Acess question
  23. Research Project for Service dogs
  24. SARA Registered?
  25. Urgent Sable SD? WVA- Any groups that could help?
  26. Psychiatric dogs
  27. Tips for the Rusty Therapy Dog?
  28. Question: Delta VS TDI
  29. Service dog question
  30. Winter brings many challenges for Seeing Eye GSD
  31. Did you see the Seeing Eye Dogs on CNN?
  32. Rehoming Service Dogs
  33. Blog link- against Fakers
  34. Service Dog/behavior modification
  35. I hate to ask, but...
  36. Would I qualify?
  37. Rejected for therapy training.
  38. Hearing Disabled Assistance Dog Training
  39. Thearapy dog question
  40. Service Dog Designation
  41. Proposed ADA Regulations Withdrawn from OMB Review
  42. Pulling wheelchair
  43. Emotional Support Dogs are not Service Dogs
  44. DOJ Ban On Non-Dog Service Animals
  45. Why I Want to Raise A Therapy Dog
  46. Eye surgery for Loki
  47. . I have been reading around in
  48. Interested in Therapy training...
  49. Stepping out of the box and into the unknown
  50. What do you tell people?
  51. Too much to ask of a service dog?
  52. dog as tax deduction?
  53. Keeping people from petting your SD
  54. interested in therapy/service for beamer
  55. Help???
  56. Thank Goodness for Sheena
  57. President Bush Signs S. 3406 Into Law
  58. How has your SD helped you?
  59. Currently raising my 5th Fidelco guide dog pup.
  60. Occasional Service Dog?
  61. Want to make my little girl a service dog
  62. Service Dog Info Requested
  63. Age limit on therapy dogs?
  64. Where is the humor?
  65. Never have I been more angrier...
  66. Happy Natl Assistance Dog Week (Next Week!)
  67. TDI Title Certificates
  68. Self-training of Service Dog
  69. Retired seeing eye dog
  70. how to handle grumpy resident?
  71. How I got whiplash
  72. I am back
  73. Service dog discrimination
  74. SDIT Access Question
  75. Types of Animals to be Restricted
  76. Proposed Language for ADA Reformation Act
  77. How to pursue service dog fraud?
  78. Seeking info/education
  79. Muslim threats force out disabled teacher with dog
  80. Stupid, stupid people!
  81. Alert / Response Dogs Discussion
  82. Heaven Scent Paws in MO
  83. First Seeing Eye Dog Anniversary
  84. Show Dogs passed as Service Dogs
  85. What is a Hugger?
  86. Isa, my psychiatric service dog
  87. certified vs registered?
  88. Adventures of flying w/SD
  89. TDI or Delta Society?
  90. I am beside myself
  91. Therapy Dogs in Iraq
  92. Virginia Bills in the News
  93. Traditional color for therapy dog vests?
  94. WalMart gives service dog the boot
  95. stress level of the dog
  96. Service Dog Question?
  97. Is Schutzhund incompatible with therapy dog work?
  98. Misc. State Information