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Guide, Therapy & Service Dogs

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  1. Service Dog & Landlord Issues
  2. Guardian Angels Service Dogs Inc. (VA)
  3. Fidelco Guide Dog
  4. Saw this today, a little unbelievable???
  5. DOJ Enforcement Funding
  6. looking for info
  7. boots
  8. TN - Goodwill Changes Policy On Service Dogs
  9. Can my dog become my service dog..and if so where do I start?
  10. Bite-work and St.John Ambulance Therapy Dog evaluation.
  11. American or German line for therapy dog?
  12. FREE Workshops, Seminars, Meetings for Assistance & Therapy Dogs
  13. SD Handlers & Therapy Dog Team
  14. Therapy Dogs
  15. Information on "therapy dog" training
  16. GSDs as PSDs - Working Lines?
  17. Service dog hero
  18. Animals for Autism Scam (Illinois)
  19. SD Source & Training?
  20. the teathering debate
  21. Washing out Pippin
  22. Pursuing therapy with Dakota?
  23. Would like some info about service dogs for autism
  24. Washing out
  25. SD Buyer Beware
  26. IRS and SDs
  27. SDs and Breed Bans
  28. Free Eye Exams for Service Animals!
  29. AKC STAR Puppy
  30. Proud Papa Gavin !!
  31. Certified vrs. Registered Therapy Dogs
  32. Service dog saves woman
  33. 6 Year Old Killed By Service Dog
  34. Attention friends, help
  35. Pawsitive Reading Program!
  36. Fidelco Protectiveness?
  37. Service Dog in Training
  38. The caption says it all!
  39. Service Dog or ESA?
  40. Service Dog Candidate & OTs
  41. Assistance Dog Appreciation Day
  42. Book promotes understanding of service dogs
  43. U.S. Important Phone #s & Links
  44. PSD or ESD???
  45. 28 CFR Part 36 - Public Accommodations / Commercial Facilities
  46. Seizure Dog Training have a few questions
  47. FL Proposed Revision Bill
  48. I hope he wins!
  49. PTSD dog article
  50. Owner Trained Dogs, Underlevels
  51. Speaking of New York Service Dog Laws
  52. is this legal?
  53. "professionally trained" Service Dogs
  54. Lucas and Juno (Kill shelter service dog!)
  55. question about esa dogs and therapy dogs?
  56. Tiny service dog heals Hampshire Marine
  57. Guide Dog As Example?
  58. Guide Dog Article
  59. Federal lawsuit against law firm that didn't allow client's Service Dog
  60. Insurance Policy Restrictions
  61. Reporter Buys Fake Certification
  62. "Puzzle" helps child with autism
  63. Flying with SD in small aircraft
  64. 6 weeks into Therapy Clas
  65. Another "denied access" article
  66. Kicked out, told to come back, then kicked out again!
  67. Vet denied space in homeless shelter because of his Service Dog
  68. TADSAW anyone?
  69. For Discussion - PSDs for Vets
  70. Getting a GSD puppy soon, will be training her as a Service dog. . . HELP!!!
  71. New Bill Supports Use of Shelter Dogs to Help Veterans with PTSD
  72. Is there an appropriate place to report a "scam" registry?
  73. Ollie gets a new idea - and not a pleasant one
  74. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, VHA Directive 2011-013
  75. Dept of Veterans Affairs, 38 CFR Part 17 -- Benefits
  76. Where do I start?
  77. Hillary Swank lies about having a service dog
  78. What Do You Think??? Therapy dog for children w/cancer
  79. Service Dog Attack
  80. Diabetes Training
  81. Woman Denied SD, Company Kept $20K
  82. Epilepsy Is Like Being Drunk - Funny!!
  83. Seizure Alert Dogs for Life Inc.
  84. Guide dogs deal with more distractions than ever
  85. Questionable need for Service Dog for 5 yr old "Autistic"
  86. Child's service dog found shot, killed in driveway
  87. Temperment Traits for a Therapy Dog
  88. Discussion: OT SD vrs. Pet
  89. So Very Confusing - SD/PSD/ESA - Vent
  90. Pets Allowed in Nursing Homes
  91. New to the site
  92. unconscious response
  93. Bunny Won't be a Therapy Dog Afterall
  94. Possible Bill in the Making
  95. Therapy Dog Training in Metro Detroit Area?
  96. Proposed VA law changes
  97. Animal-assisted Therapy
  98. Sometimes I wish there was a store
  99. Living in ND and Landlords
  100. Passive protection article for SDs
  101. Therapy dog, shedding question
  102. When to start. Therapy
  103. Service dog candidate Pippin
  104. Revised Dept. of Justice Definition of Service Animal
  105. Dept. of Justice, 28 CFR Part 35 -- Access
  106. training protection work for servce dogs
  107. Need Law to Protect Guide Dogs
  108. McDonald's Manager punches woman over dog
  109. What is wrong?
  110. SDIT canadate body issues
  111. U.S. Dept of Justice - Service Animals, Revised
  112. HELP!! New to training my service dog.....having issues!
  113. Looking for a Trainer In CT ,,specifics
  114. ESA Dogs
  115. Dangerous Dog Law violates the ADA?
  116. The History of the ADA
  117. How to Earn AKC Therapy Dog Title
  118. Now that's a talented service dog...
  119. ADA Title III Complaints
  120. Is the Word *Certified* Important?
  121. Article - Restaurant owner arrested in service dog case
  122. Help a deaf owner
  123. Rescues into Service Dogs
  124. Autism Tether Video and Comments
  125. England to America
  126. For the Owner Trainers
  127. Whatever Happened To ... ? :)
  128. Need some help
  129. Are You Prepared for Emergencies?
  130. I am so mad: proof required
  131. wish me luck
  132. Why can't one pet service dogs?
  133. This section should be closer to the top
  134. I'm sorry ma'am but that is not a service dog
  135. Service dog awareness day
  136. Let's make a list
  137. US Service Dog Registry
  138. Free Eye Exams for Service and active working Therapy Dogs
  139. 10 week Old Service Dog?? Went Missing Left In Yard? Questions..
  140. Title I Employment - EEOC - ADAAA
  141. Service dogs for Lupus?
  142. Came across this article on a Seizure Alert Dog
  143. Autism Service dogs- Organizations training them are in SERIOUS need of reform!
  144. What line of GSD for therapy work?
  145. On Tethering a SD to a Child
  146. Question on medical aid and service dogs
  147. Service Dogs for Young Children
  148. GSD therapy dogs
  149. Does this sound legit?!
  150. Autism Serivce dogs
  151. Changes to ADA Service Dog Law
  152. GSD Service Dog Allowed in School
  153. disturbing behavior
  154. Service Dogs in Training...?
  155. Legality and service dogs
  156. High School bans Epilepctic Student's Service Dog
  157. Educating Landlords?
  158. seeing eye dog
  159. personal support dogs?
  160. Resources, please
  161. Service Dog Dispute
  162. Passing of pets as service dogs - from the law enforcement side
  163. Alaya Not Attending School This Week
  164. Two Sides of a Story
  165. Woman asks for help for Service Dog's Surgery
  166. SD in School Allergy Problems?
  167. Discuss Topic - Misc. Thoughts
  168. Discussion Topic - Place of Business
  169. Discussion Topic -- PSDs and ESDs
  170. School Denies Student's Service Dog (GSD)
  171. Seizure Alert Dog Article on GSD
  172. TDI/TT Testing in the Toronto, Ontario Area?
  173. GSDs Use As SDs/Guide dogs
  174. SDs In School With Young Children?
  175. Colarado co. selling untrained SDs??
  176. Your Opinions On Testing
  177. Where to start?
  178. Therapy Work -advice...
  179. FYI - Military Studies use of Therapy Dogs
  180. Certification? Boy, I'm Confused!!
  181. GSD guide dog's for the blind
  182. canadian good neighbour
  183. Quick and Easy Titles/Certifications?
  184. Remember Heaven Scent Paws ????
  185. Photos Needed
  186. Need assitance about GSD's
  187. Thorns
  188. Service Dog Needed
  189. Breaking News re: the ADA
  190. MS Service Dog training in New England
  191. Seizure Alert Dog
  192. Service dog trainers/handlers -- something to think about
  193. Service organizations that feed Raw/quality kibble?
  194. PSD versus emotional support dog
  195. PSD versus emotional support dog
  196. Flirt pole and retrieve
  197. What to do with 11 week old puppy?
  198. Breeds on Service dogs
  199. Building the bond
  200. How to train a psychiatric service dog
  201. Major - 10 weeks old
  202. Seen on a Forum - Your Opinion?
  203. German shepherd as service dog
  204. Psychiatric dog training for PTSD dog for myself
  205. Training new sdit prospect
  206. Public access "rights"
  207. Service dogs
  208. ARC Disaster Preparedness
  209. ACVO/Merial Free Eye Exams for SDs
  210. Shop owner kicks out 5yo and her service dog.
  211. Getting into therapy dog work?
  212. Access Rights and The Task Question
  213. Dear Abby and Service Dogs
  214. PTSD Therapy Dog Question
  215. Is this how you tell a dog is a SD?
  216. Question about Therapy Dogs.
  217. Make any dog a service dog?
  218. Schutzhund and Service Dogs?
  219. Dog fight /TDI requirements
  220. This ANNOYS me.
  221. Therapy Companies
  222. Potential Service Dog in Rescue
  223. Getting training started for puppy
  224. Grooming routines?
  225. TDI?
  226. Diabetic Alerting
  227. lagging behind? Mushers secret, booties?
  228. Mixed Signals
  229. Autism SD for an Adult
  230. Something to consider...
  231. Service dogs and "pet" rental fees?
  232. My GSD as a Therapy Dog at a Hospital???
  233. Non-GSD but lovely SD video
  234. Service dog ADA questions
  235. Faker Writes Article for Newspaper
  236. Want to train my pup
  237. Reading with Rover Program questions...
  238. On-line Certification of SDs
  239. Seeing Eye dogs??
  240. FEMA Improvements to Disaster Plans
  241. Feedback on Proposed Changes to SA Policies
  242. Dog Aggression?
  243. Your opinions
  244. Self-Training Pshchiatric SD and Certification
  245. Notice Concerning ADA Amendments Act of 2008
  246. Faking a SD
  247. Getting started....
  248. Courses - what's the next step?
  249. SD to detect Scented Products
  250. Service Dogs in Places of Business