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  1. Spring Seminar
  2. Search & Rescue Dog Equipment Design
  3. IPWDA SAR Land Cert
  4. The nose knows
  5. Have not posted much...
  6. Cadaver dogs
  7. Meet Hokhmah (Rayne Von Wolfstraum)
  8. SAR - Getting Started
  9. Small Brag in sad conditions
  10. Trailing Progression
  11. New puppy
  12. New at the forum
  13. Proud of my dogs
  14. Really really new to SAR
  15. 4 legged heroes
  16. Small Brag.. God is good
  17. Tracking Question - Well sort of for sport but who knows
  18. HRD question.. Need help please
  19. Difficult Decision
  20. SAR Bay Area Nor Cal Suggestions
  21. Dog backpacks. Need recommendations?
  22. TNP replacement
  23. SAR Cert Avalanche Brag
  24. Finally started my Blog...
  25. Thinking about starting SAR
  26. SAR Wish List - Budget Time
  27. Well, I am not a FEMA handler but....
  28. My pups have their PhD and Master's..
  29. SAR Volunteer Shot
  30. Search and Rescue/Tracking
  31. Where to start - SAR Texas
  32. A tiny humble SAR brag
  33. Finding source...
  34. Full Body Cadaver Work (SAR)
  35. Search and Rescue Dogs of Pennsylvania
  36. Beau on the boat
  37. Booties for SAR dogs
  38. NAPWDA Re-Cert
  39. SAR requirements in WA
  40. We did it!- SAR certified
  41. The science and law of detection
  42. Could I be back at SAR?
  43. It's officially official. Tilly is my next SAR partner
  44. K9 Diego
  45. Buying a trained SAR dog
  46. Trail vs. Area
  47. Do SAR tests reflect actual missions/call outs?
  48. Slow but certain progress (SAR)
  49. Scent specific air scent
  50. Using prey drive vs play drive in reward for detection/SAR
  51. We are operational!
  52. Anyone going to CSAR?
  53. I passed! I am now a SARTECH II !!!
  54. Anyone an ASCT (k9) member?
  55. Taking SARTECH II test in less than 2 weeks, any advice?
  56. Question for SAR experts...
  57. Coconut Oil and Scent Discrimination (SAR)
  58. SAR training question (live cross trained for HR)
  59. NAPWDA seminar
  60. first SAR seminar
  61. New Owner, question about specialized training...
  62. How much do you travel for SAR?
  63. Imprinting puppies with SAR in mind
  64. My prospective SAR puppy is home!
  65. Tracking /trailing dogs: working negatives
  66. Remembering Oso landslide in WA
  67. Book: What the Dog Knows
  68. 3rd NAPWDA HRD for Beau
  69. Five years ago
  70. Pretty Cools video
  71. Puppy evals
  72. I think I might have 2 SAR dogs :)
  73. What lines to look for in a prospective SAR pup?
  74. Finding SAR group
  75. Astro GPS Collar
  76. Guess what Beau is getting for xmas
  77. Favorite book
  78. Is a SAR dog a service dog?
  79. Training Schedules
  80. Hey All
  81. Help finding a mentor
  82. Hey Forum friends i need your help!!!
  83. Evaluating a dog for SAR/detection work
  84. For those of you on SAR teams
  85. It's been a good year.
  86. Sar
  87. SAR Advice
  88. Any ways to ensure (or increase chance of) dog's approval in SAR?
  89. Insurance and the Working SAR dog
  90. SAR seminar weekend
  91. Muzzle Recommendation for SAR dog
  92. any suggestions for training reward ????
  93. I want a helicopter
  94. Which path to take?
  95. What age?
  96. Count down to pups: ~ 77 days
  97. Ideal Characteristics for SAR K9
  98. How's training going?
  99. Looking for a starting point
  100. My truck set up
  101. Air scent ranging question
  102. SAR Org. Questions
  103. Search Dogs/Oso, WA
  104. Dog is Okay, Handler Sucks (longish)
  105. Found myself taking a break...
  106. Living with a SAR dog
  107. Developing Hunt Drive?
  108. NAPWDA recertificaiton
  109. Search and rescue questions.
  110. K9 Training Grounds
  111. Starting to integrate Alerts... Ideas?
  112. Sar
  113. Should I continue training?
  114. How much time do you dedicate to SAR training?
  115. The Dutchie SAR
  116. Trouble in parallel searching
  117. Reward Ball Tug
  118. Looking to Join
  119. beginning training for a young SAR prospect?
  120. snow problems
  121. Victim in tree.. scared.
  122. Search!
  123. Ahhh Frustrated
  124. Airplane search
  125. New Book - What the Dog Knows
  126. Diabla is lost - (found!)
  127. ...annnnd we're back!
  128. Got my SAR dog in training :)
  129. SAR Dog Tribute
  130. "Knife Hand" - Detection
  131. Went to a good cadaver seminar
  132. Been out of SAR training for 9 months.
  133. California SAR teams?
  134. Curious about search and rescue, especially cadaver
  135. Tracking v Trailing
  136. SAR trainers near Columbus Ohio
  137. Retiring Indra
  138. Gun Dogs - air scenting
  139. I'm just getting started...
  140. good job!
  141. Excellent discount for SAR members
  142. Tyd
  143. "Gaming" the alert?
  144. Books/Training DVD's - Search Tactics/Patterns etc.
  145. How do I prolong my pseudo scent?
  146. HRD - Offer - Homicide Places
  147. Reckless Dogs?
  148. Tugging Questions
  149. How low have we fallen...
  150. RH title
  151. I wonder what happened to the Trackr clone puppies
  152. HRD Question
  153. looking into joining SAR
  154. Random SAR question
  155. New to SAR
  156. Cadaver dog question.
  157. Synthetic Decompesition
  158. opinions please (:
  159. how not to work with law enforcement.
  160. Made it into the WCU Level 2 Cadaver Workshop
  161. New member looking to do SAR in NC
  162. I miss SAR
  163. Can't do SAR if you do bite sports?
  164. A retraction in the evolution of my training
  165. Diabla's first search
  166. And now I've got a new search dog (maybe)...
  167. Who was looking for SarTech II exam?
  168. To SAR dog or not to SAR dog...
  169. First SAR meeting, what to ask?
  170. Found an interesting Masters Thesis on training Search dogs
  171. Archeaology Dog
  172. Well, it's official...
  173. Beginner Questions
  174. Where to begin...? (long, sorry, but I would love the help)
  175. With all the bragging about Beau and his sound progress
  176. Aerial Search Dog!
  177. Does SAR not exist in Ontario, Canada anymore?
  178. Beau had his first cadaver search Friday
  179. Please talk to me about alerts
  180. This is just a cute story
  181. HRD demo in my back yard!
  182. SAR Article
  183. Promotional video of my team
  184. Small step back...
  185. Virginia Task Force 1 Info.
  186. SAR South suburbs chicago area?
  187. I guess that's it...
  188. Just have to tell someone
  189. "Paid" SAR trainers
  190. A good training day
  191. AKC & SAR dogs of 9/11
  192. HRD/Blood
  193. Hmmm, have not thought on this much before
  194. Schutzhund dogs and SAR
  195. How to proceed from here?
  196. NASAR revised testing requirements
  197. Working K-9 Has anyone taken these courses?
  198. Glen Thompson (Hernandez) award
  199. Going flat because of the heat.. Cooling vests?
  200. attention scent detector dog handlers
  201. This is so true...long read but worth every minute
  202. HRD water test
  203. The check is in the mail
  204. I am so blown away by this puppy
  205. Just have to tell someone...
  206. Distance Alerts
  207. Distractions
  208. Maximum age for dog starting SAR?
  209. He did it!!! (text heavy)
  210. It has begun - Certification Process
  211. Handlers permanency
  212. Passed the SAR Academy
  213. sar?
  214. Attention HRD handlers
  215. Darn, the bug bit...
  216. Life Jackets and Water Search Dogs
  217. Beau got his first boat ride today
  218. Working Dogs question
  219. hahahaha good dog
  220. what is the ideal search and rescue dog type
  221. Proud of Beau at SAR training
  222. FYI missing children
  223. Puppy Required
  224. Manners Minder Target Wan incorporated in Search Training
  225. Article Search and Re-Find
  226. SAR Academy (NASAR)
  227. sar training
  228. First aid?
  229. IRO Certification
  230. Screening test for SAR prospects
  231. Using a German Shepherd for Search and Rescue
  232. How many of you do the Re-Find?
  233. This is just one of THOSE days
  234. Wisconsin coroner stole body part to train dog, police say
  235. Sound sensitivity question
  236. Scent detector dog training
  237. I'm in the market for a GPS
  238. Training and Pedestrians...
  239. Where can I get a bright yellow reflective vest
  240. This is what we did this weekend
  241. Jumping off Buildings
  242. SAR pilot being filmed.
  243. Florida SAR?
  244. 4 day dead old body, six dogs within 50ft, open field...
  245. Nalas Hunt Drive
  246. So what would YOU do at 4.5 months old?
  247. SAR Endeavors
  248. Reality of SAR
  249. Wish me luck
  250. SAR book - Ready!